Am I out of my mind? Don't answer that. :)

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    Re: Am I out of my mind? Don't answer that. :)

    This has already been said, but definitely make sure your spouse is on board 100%.  Speaking from the other side, my DH often takes side work, which he will do at night and on weekends.  He has the type of job he can do for a company for full time salary, and also do for private clients for some extra $.  The nights that he is on his own personal deadline, he's in his home office from the second we get home to well after DS goes to bed.  I know he's doing it for his own personal satisfaction, career growth and added financial benefit for the family (all of the reasons you explain about school), but some nights I can't help but resent the time he doesn't spend helping, or time he's missing with DS (and me!).  Its not a constant resentment, and I come back to earth when I think of the positives for him and us... but just make sure your spouse isn't supportive because that is what you want to hear, when in fact he'd really like more of your time for him and your LO.
    Good luck!
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    Re: Am I out of my mind? Don't answer that. :)

    I think there were a lot of good points here.

    Just one last thing to remember - you are looking at probably 3 to 4 years to finish your degree. So while you are thinking of your little one now as a 10 month old, remember that they will be 4 or maybe 5 by the time you are done, and hubby looking after them at that point is a bit different than when they are 1 year old.

    It is a marathon, not a sprint, so pace yourself and get in a groove that works for all of you and you'll do just fine.

    And definately look into the online classes. My degree was a bit technical at times, so I had to go to class for those. But I did virtually all of my Humanities and Social Sciences classes (and a couple of others) online. The key with these was time management. Rather having to be in class at a set time, I could get home from work and spend time with my wife and son, and after he had gone to bed I could pull out the books and get study done in smaller increments through the week.