Anyone have experience with reflux?

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    Anyone have experience with reflux?

    My LO (6 weeks old this Fri)has been a spitter since day has been increasing in amount recently. Not after every feeding, but enough that it has me concerned. I've brought it up at every pedi appt, and pedi says all babies have some degree of reflux and spit up, and LO would only be put on medication if it interferes with her eating or weight gain or if she seems really miserable. For the most part she cries a little when she spits up, but the past couple nights during her normal witching hour, she cries and cries and then spits up, then seems to feel better.

    I'm debating giving the pedi another call tomorrow. I don't want LO on meds unnecessarily, but I don't want her to suffer either.

    If anyone who has/had a LO with reflux/GERD/on meds has any insight, stories, advice, I'd love to hear it. She's already on Gentlease formula, Dr Browns bottles, we burp as frequently as we can, keep her upright, etc...
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    Re: Anyone have experience with reflux?

    I've put an email in to my GD - her baby had it terrible for quite a few months.  She breast fed him and I know he was on some med because he too, would cry in pain.  He was such a happy baby otherwise.  I think the med he was on had charcoal in it?  I hesitate to say too much, because I may be wrong.  Anyway, will copy and post her reply when I get it - may not be for a few days - she works full time.  To make you feel better tho, here he is today 

    at 9 mos - you can see very happy and healthy.  Hang in there -  and by all means, call your pediatrician whenever you feel uneasy about it.
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    Re: Anyone have experience with reflux?

    Summer - DD #1 had miserable reflux.  She spit up but the issue was at nighttime she would be completely miserable mostly after feeding in the middle of the night.  We did try using nutramigen because about 20% of the time it can be worse with cow's milk formula . She also was on zantac and prilosec - truthfully I am not sure if they made any difference or if she just got older.  There is little evidence to support these meds in infancy but occasionally they make a huge difference in kids.  So, all of that being said, I think it is a worth a trial if she continues to be miserable.

    Also keep in mind that 6 weeks is peak fussinesss.  My DD #2 is NEVER fussy and was a bear for weeks 6-7 during those evening hours and then went back to being great again.  So, chances are things will improve even without intervention over the next couple of weeks.  Good luck!

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    Re: Anyone have experience with reflux?

    My son had some reflux, it wasn't extreme, but it was uncomfortable for him and unsettling for us.  

    It's hard to know what's up at 6 weeks, they're still adjusting to life on the outside and you're still getting a sense of that fine line between weird but normal baby stuff and a legitimate problem requiring medical intervention.  I say that with understanding and sympathy, it's a tough time for everyone.

    I'll preface our insights with the obvious TALK TO YOUR DOCTOR BEFORE IMPELEMENTING ANY OF THESE IDEAS, just to be safe, we are not experts.

    We found it helped to feed slowly, in smaller increments to give him time to digest, and to keep him upright after feedings.  For a while he even slept upright at night in a little swing seat.  

    Our pedi recommended adding a bit of rice cereal to his formula.  We blended it into a fine powder and it thickened the liquid so it didn't slosh around in his belly (again, CHECK WITH YOUR DOCTOR, I'm not sure it's a solution for such a young infant).

    I always find it helpful to really track unusual events, in writing.  With lack of sleep and experience, little things felt like big, scary stuff.  Creating an hourly chart could alert you to patterns, or give you very specific information to provide to your pediatrician who can evaluate the issue.

    Also if you're nursing, track your food to see if there's any potential irritants.

    If your baby is gaining weight and otherwise happy, those are good signs.  Trust your instincts, even if you're a newbie, mother's know best.  And call your pediatrician, it will put your mind at ease.   Over time, you'll make plenty of those kinds of calls, and you'll learn with each one.  Better safe than sorry.

    He grew into a happy, healthy, kid who loves a snack.  Hang in there!

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    Re: Anyone have experience with reflux?

    My third child had awful reflux -- it started when she was about a month old (maybe?). She spit up constantly and refused to nurse; she'd just arch her back and cry/scream endlessly. It was worse at night. The pedi referred us to a pedi-gastro doctor (forgive me for not remembering the exact title!), who had me change my diet a thousand times to try to eliminate possible allergies/irritants, but nothing worked. Eventually they diagnosed her with severe GERD, and she was put on a prescription formula and two different anti-reflux medications. That combination worked perfectly for her and she thrived. We weaned her from the formula, but kept the meds for a little while following her first birthday. She's now 7 and still doing great. 

    I agree with keeping track for a while to see if there are any patterns. Also, always call your pedi with concerns -- our instincts as parents are usually correct.

    Good luck -- I know just how hard it can be!
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    Re: Anyone have experience with reflux?

    Not sure how big your baby is or if she was onthe early side, but babies on the smaller and/or who were premature often have terrible reflux that they grow out of. Given all you're doing already to solve the problem and it's not working to your satisfaction, I'd recommend calling and giving the doc the lo down. Can't hurt, right? Even if he does recommend medication and you decide not to go with that right now, at least you know more than you would if you hadn't discussed it, again, since there have been changes since you last brought it up.
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    Re: Anyone have experience with reflux?

    Thanks for all of the insight everyone.

    Kar-LO was born at 41weeks and was/is totally average size-wise.

    She is formula fed so it's nothing my diet will help...I will track her episodes for a few days (it's weird- she has good days and bad days) and get a better idea of what to tell the pedi when I call.
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    Re: Anyone have experience with reflux?

    Summer, I just got this email from my GD, and have copied and posted it FYI ONLY.  She or I am not recommending either of these meds, or suggesting you use them, just telling you what worked for her.

    "My son was on prescription zantac from his doctor from when he was about a month old until he was five months old, he actually is back on it as of a couple weeks ago, because he started spitting up and choking on it rather frequently which is very uncommon for a baby his age so we surmised the reflux is back. The zantac back then did not seem to help nearly as much as a homeopathic over the counter medicine I found ( the one with the charcoal in it).  He was miserable, his was more of a mix of colic and reflux, when he was up and particularly when he had a feeding you could tell he was in misery.  Its called Colic Calm, (and you know how particular I am so I did my research!) It's all natural and approved by the FDA you only have to use very little and its "use as necessary" so she doesn't even need to give it daily if she doesn't want to. I am not exaggerating when i tell you he would be SCREAMING and i would give him some then his bink and he would calm down and be sleeping within minutes. It helped him so much, it was a god send, little on the expensive side as far as the other similar alternative available but worth every penny because i tried a few of the others and they do not work. You can only get it at CVS or offline."