April Infants & Toddlers

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    April Infants & Toddlers

    Happy April!! thought I would start this month since I'm trying really hard to keep up with this forum - and DD's 1st Birthday is tomorrow! :-) 

    we had her birthday party today, it was a success. I made an Elmo cake b/c she looooooooves Elmo. it was a mess but worth it. We kept the party small-ish with just our parents and a few of our friends with toddlers - lots of fun. 

    She is walking about 97% of the time - its crazy! I can't believe it has been a whole year. Hope everyone is doing great - happy spring! 
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    Re: April Infants & Toddlers

    I cannot believe your daughter is 1 Silver! That's insane to me, you were just finding out about your pregnancy when my daughter was born. Glad you had such a wonderful birthday!
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    Re: April Infants & Toddlers

    Happy Birthday Little Silver!  Times does fly... My DD will be 2 this month!!!!

    I feel like there have been developmental explosions in the Trouble household this past week!!!

    DD (23 months) has been using more and more full sentances!  You can practically have a conversation with her.  She also repeats EVERYTHING she hears from anyone.  Everyone also comments about how clear her pronouncation is.  Must be from her British half (dad)!  She does say some words in an English accent, like "to-mah-to" (tomato).  Super cute!  She also LOVES Thomas the Tank Engine.  I'll have to get her something Thomas for her birthday.

    DS (almost 8 months) isn't crawling yet, but he's getting places - by rolling!  He can roll across the room in a heartbeat!  It's so cute, but a little terrifying because we used to be able to put him down on a blanket on the floor and he'd stay put, but now you look away for a second and he's under the couch!  DD was never so nuts!  It's great though, I love that he's getting to be such a big boy!

    BTW, I'd recommend Happiest Toddler on the Block to all you toddler parents.  I haven't read the entire thing, but so far I think it's very insightful and helpful with "civilizing" my "spirited"  little girl.

    Best of luck to all of you this month!
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    Re: April Infants & Toddlers

    Happy Birthday Baby Silver!  Even though she is only 6 weeks younger than my DD, I cannot believe she is a year old!!

    Trouble - How have you not mentioned this adorable accent before?  :o)

    I think I already mentioned DD's most recent developments.  She says "what's that" constantly and I LOVE it!!  It's kind of funny because the only other things she says are mama, dada, no, and tickle tickle.  I think the top teeth next to her front two are coming in.

    I finally went to a fire station to have DD's convertible car seat (re)installed.  I have to say the guy wasn't all that reassuring.  He was thrown off by it not having a base, for example.  But he did manage to get it in tighter when he installed it and he reassured me that I was getting the straps tight enough.  Every morning for months I have worried that they weren't tight enough.  He said you don't want them to be slack enough that you can pinch the fabric, and I definitely am not able to do that, so I feel better.

    Of course they got a call while I was there, so I had to pull my car out of the firehouse and wait for them to come back.  A woman just happened to be arriving to visit her brother.  She said they would be gone at least an hour, so I shouldn't wait.  I waited 15 minutes, reinstalled the car seat myself, and left... Drove about 2 miles and got a call from the lieutenant saying he was back if I wanted to come back.  Fun times!!  But of course I understood that they had to go to a call and was grateful to ultimately have it installed.
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    Re: April Infants & Toddlers

    Hapy birthday baby silver!!

    It's my first day back to work ... so far so good!  DH did drop off this morning.  That will be our normal routine, so didn't see any reason to add extra drama this morning by both of us doing drop off.  It was hard enough to put her in DH's car and say good bye ... so couldn't imagine actually doing that at dc.  I have pumped twice so far ... by about 2 hours I am uncomfortable and I am not sure how many bottles DD is going to go through at dc yet, so for the mean time I'm going with it and pumping every two hours... but hopefully can make that every 3 soon.  The only problem is that the mother's room is on the opposite end of the building .. it is seriously between a 1/4 and 1/2 mile away.  Took me 5-7 minutes to walk there each way.  That is going to get old fast! 

    ok.. back to work :o)
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    Re: April Infants & Toddlers

    Fram, I have to make an appointment to do that...finally got another convertible seat for DH's car (she's been in the bucket in his car, still).  Your post reminded me!  It's sitting in the box in the hall right now, staring at me every time I come or go! 

    Bostongrl...have a great day today.  My DH is the drop off guy too, and I have only done it on days he's out of town for work.  Sorry about the hike for pumping, but the good news is that your body will start to get used to the pump during the day and you won't have to be going so often soon enough. 

    The talk of hikes for pump rooms makes me VERY grateful for my office with a door and a privacy curtain! 
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    Re: April Infants & Toddlers

    Good luck today Boston, thinking of you!  I really think the anticipation of the drop off is the hardest part.  Did you end up having that chat with the day care? Hope it went well!!  That stinks the mother's room is so far away - good exercise though!! :)

    AFM - thinking about beginning to potty train DD over the coming months (she's 27 months).  Problem is she doesn't know how to pull her pants down by herself.  Anyone have any advice as to how to teach a toddler to pull down her pants?  She wears stretch pants for the most part.  SHe is able to take her socks off on her own but can't dress or undress herself otherwise.
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    Re: April Infants & Toddlers

    Rama, for training purposes, wait a few weeks and put her in skirts and dresses?
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    Re: April Infants & Toddlers

    Happy April!  I have been locked out of my boston.com account for over a month and finally got it fixed.  Annoying!

    Happy birthday to baby Silver.  So exciting!  I'm impressed with your Elmo cake!  My daughter's love affair with that furry red monster is still going strong at almost 21 months and she would absolutely flip if I made her that cake!

    Good luck being back at work Bostongrl.  And good luck with the pumping.  I only managed to keep it up about 3 months after returning to work - so I know how difficult it is.  Just do what you can do.

    As for us, DD is about 20.5 months old now.  She is such a little kid and so not a baby anymore.  She runs at warp speed and talks up a storm.  Her vocabulary amazes us on a daily basis and I'm always wowed when she brings something up that happened days ago and says something like "Nana cook bacon" when my mom made her breakfast last week. So funny. Being able to have little conversations with her is just wild! We also officially transitioned out of the high chair into a booster seat at the table for meals this past weekend. She loves it and is so 'proud' to be sitting with mommy and daddy at the table. She is getting ready to move to the toddler 2 room at daycare and is really ready to be with the older toddlers.  And thanks for the tip about the "happiest toddler on the block". I should get that one since my DD is rather "spirited" too (to put it mildly!).

    Hope everyone is doing well!
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    Re: April Infants & Toddlers

    Good luck Bostongrl!! 
    Between you and Jennifyr, I am sorry to hear I'm not the only one who had to walk sooo far to the mother's room!!  Same problem with the cafeteria when I was super pregnant.

    DD is 13 months and still BFs in the morning and before bed.  I was going to switch one of those feedings to milk in a sippy this week, but I can't decide which.  It really doesn't seem like one is better than the other, which almost makes me think I should rip off the bandaid and switch both to milk. Any input

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    Re: April Infants & Toddlers

    Good luck back to works and happy birthdays!
    Fram, I am wondering the same thing, except my DD is now 20 months.  I always thought it would be easier to kill the AM one, but now I think bedtime might actually be easier.  However, this might be unusual, because I am not home at bedtime at least once per week.  On those nights, I don't pump and she goes down just fine without it.  We were offering her a cup of milk for a while, but she wasn't interested.  She is much more insistent in the AM, and I have always been there when she wakes up in the AM.  So I think that might be harder for us.

    20 months is awesome.  And, for everyone who has given advice on our gross motor delay issues, I think it's fair to say that DD is WALKING!
    She still falls down about 100 times a day, but she usually chooses to stand up and walk if she wants to get someplace, rather than scooting, and she can start and stop and go maybe 10-15 feet max before needing to grab on to something or sit down.
    We have been teaching her "manners" things like please and thank you, and now we introduced "excuse me" after burping and "bless you" for sneezes -- now she says bless you after *she* sneezes and "excuse me" after *I* burp.  It's pretty funny.
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    Re: April Infants & Toddlers

    Ha ha, that is so cute medford!!

    Yes, ML, that's a good idea about dresses and skirts.  I only hope you are right that it will be appropriate weather for those types of clothes in just a few weeks :)

    Fram, I breastfed my DD until she was 13 months, and we were down to just the night and morning feeding and I wasn't sure how to stop it. It sort of happened by chance.  One morning we woke up late and were rushing around and a miscommunication between my husband and I led to DD being fed milk from a sippy before I had a chance to bf that day (we had been doing a few weeks of both bf and then cows milk from a sippy with breakfast). She didn't object and I took it as a sign to stop the morning nursing.  A few weeks later I had two nights in a row where I was goign to be out at her bedtime so I decided to stop the night feed then in favor of a sippy cup (given by someone else obviously).  She really didn't have a problem with it.  I actually had a lot of trouble stopping bfeeding. I kept thinking every time i nursed about how it was one of the last times i was going to do it etc. and was sad that it was such a huge part of our relationship for the first year of her life and she'd never remember it. Bottom line was that even though I was sad, I was ready to end nursing and dd was also ready.  She really didn't have an issue with stopping, which I think is most important.  FWIW, we had tremendous difficulty switching to a sippy and she still only drinks cows milk out of a specific cup - the NUK learner/trainer cup.   In terms of your question about which feed to stop first, Id just pick one and try it out and see how she does, it may be easier than you think.  I think the ripping off the bandaid method you mentioned would work too, but only if you wouldn't be in physical discomfort from dropping two feeds at once.  Definitely don't want to get mastitis because the only way to cure yourself of that is to keep nursing for a longer period of time!!   GL with whatever you choose and keep us posted.
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    Re: April Infants & Toddlers

    Unless you are really sick of nursing, I wouldn't worry about keeping up with the morning/evening nursing for as long as you want. I was down to a similar schedule with DD, and had stopped pumping at around one year. At 14 months DD got a bad head cold and went on a nursing strike. She refused to nurse for about 4-5 days and my supply just nosedived. After that she wanted milk in a cup mornings and night, (she would try nursing for a few minutes, get annoyed and ask for milk.) 
    I wasn't quite ready to give up nursing at that point, and it really made me sad for a while.... Be prepared for the stopping to make you weirdly hormonal for a few weeks - I wasn't prepared for it, and it hit me hard.
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    Re: April Infants & Toddlers

    Thank you for your input!  I had been planning to stop the night feeding, since I am usually stuck at work at least one night per week anyway... I don't think it would faze her too much, but I think cutting the morning feeding would faze her even less, so I am going to do that.  I realized after posting that she still seems to be hungry/thirsty in the morning, so that might be the place to start.  This way, I could give her some milk, take the high chair into the bathroom, and hop in the shower!

    I really don't think I am as emotionally attached to it as other people seem to be... but then I have been planning to cut out one of the remaining feedings for a couple weeks now, so what exactly is stopping me?  :o)
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    Re: April Infants & Toddlers

    Happy Birthday Baby Silver!  Yay for walking!  
     Love hearing all the stories about what the LO are saying!  DS's favorite things are ahchoo, and uh-oh.   He'll be a year in a few weeks! Crazy!    
      Another bf question here... DS still bf 4X's a day if I'm home, morning, mid morning, afternoon and bedtime.  At work I cut it down a few weeks ago to a 1pm pumping.  I decided to call it quits at work on the pumping and didn't pump at 1 like I usually do and waited till 4 when I got home to feed him.  I have never been so uncomfortable!! Yikes, I thought I had a plugged duct too, but he just ate and the hard lumps are gone but it's still kinda painful to touch.  I know it will take a few days for my body to get used to the not pumping thing, but wondering if I should have just pumped for a shorter period of time instead of stopping pumping all together?   Should I not go cold turkey?   I've always had a lot of milk and had oversupply issues in the beginning. I don't want to end up with plugged ducts, but also don't want to draw the process out. 
       What DS will be drinking when my frozen stash is gone is another story, he had an allergic reaction to dairy when I gave it directly to him. We're off to see an allergist next month but in the mean time when my stash is gone I think the only option is to give him rice milk. Poor guy, that stuff tastes like the bottom of an old shoe. 
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    Re: April Infants & Toddlers

    I am happy to say that the first day back to work went rather well.  I am suppose to be on a 30hr week with 6 hr days ... but was there over an hour late today .. arg!  It was a combination of figuring out this whole pumping at work routine, getting all my accounts reactivated, and people wanting to chat since I just got back.  Tomorrow I am going to be much stricter about when I leave.  My daycare is open until 6, so there is no stress about being a few mins late since I was home by 4:30, but no need to leave DD any longer than I have to and it is a bad habit to get into of staying an hour late. 

    Overall I was pretty happy with our first day at daycare.  She seemed happy and content when I picked her up.  The report was that she ate like a champ, fell asleep easily, and was generally a very happy baby with about 30mins total of fussiness during the day.  There was a miscommunication about where I'd put her bibs (not in the bag, in with her extra clothes in her cubby), so the front of her shirt was all wet from drooling, and one of the bottles never made it home. But those seem like normal first day issues.  A quick question... it seems her provider uses the carseat as a convenient place to put her and to carry her around from room to room during the day. I understand that since the age range is 0-5 and the next oldest kids are over 1 that the providers need an easy place to put her and I like that they keep her with them as the move the older kids from one room to the next ... but is it normal to use the carseat? I guess I use the bouncy seat in the same manner at home (and even her carseat on occaision) so it doesn't bother me so much that she is in a seat since she doesn't sit on her own yet and has to go somewhere when not being held.  I just don't want her to develop an aversion to the carseat or something weird like that.  The provider also has a bouncy seat, but I think she prefers the carseat since it has a handle that makes it easy to relocate the baby as she is moving around. 
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    Re: April Infants & Toddlers

    Boston - congrats on the first day back being a success.  And sounds like the daycare did a great job.  I know there were some rules about being in the car seat too long, but I think that is when they are really, really litte.  I think its ok at her age now... and she'll let them know if she isn't happy in there!

    Medford... yay for full out walking.  That is so awesome!

    Wish I could give advice about stopping pumping.  I was such a bad pumper, I stopped cold turkey and didn't feel a thing.  And I recall when I stopped bfing the morning and night, also didn't feel a thing.  I think my body did what it had to do, thank goodness, but wasn't ever going to be overly good at bfing.  I got to do it for 7 mths, which for me, was about 7 mths more than I expected!

    Trouble - I would love to hear your daughter.  I think little kids with accents are just about the cutest.  Could listen for hours.  And happy almost b'day to her.

    DS is doing great.  Still get the trantrums, and I'm prepared for several more years of them, but he's starting to chill a bit when we get home.  When I just let the evening routine happen instead of moving him through the motions, he seems to be happier.  Almost like it is his decision, which I think he likes.  I am on the hunt for a small slide for him.  He absolutely loves the "ide."  He isn't ready for the big playsets, but I don't want to spend too much on something small since it won't be used too long.  I have Friday off and that is my mission... along with filling an Easter basket with bubbles (his other favorite thing).  Oh, and apparently my 17 mth old can play the harmonica.  My DH sent me a video last night (I had to work late) and I almost fell over.  The absolute most adorable thing :-)
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    Re: April Infants & Toddlers

    Yeah for all the big milestones by everyone.  Very Exciting. 

    Rama, I agree with the skirts and dresses.  I started Potty training DD when she was about 2 1/2 and I helped her with the pants.  So you could also give her a hand for a while.

    Updates on the Quad Kids-

    DD, Fingers crossed, is officially off the pull ups and p00ps in the potty!!!!!  Last Thursday when she got home from daycare I took the pull up off, put the undies on and she has been doing great.  I still am using the sticker chart which I think helps.  Over the weekend, I was not home, DH was home with the kids and he was with the baby and she had to go and she even went in all by herself and went.  We were so proud of her.  (Funny DH could not multi task).  She went to the babysitter today in undies so I am hoping for the best!

    DS is also sleeping through the night.  Last Thursday I picked up the Ferber book from my sister.  Unfortunately on Thursday night DS was up every 2 hours with what I think was a stomach ache so we started Friday night.   He went to bed at 7, woke at 1 and cried till 2:15 then, slept till 630.  That night DH was a disaster.  All he kept saying was, there is something wrong with him, he needs to eat, change his diaper, I am going to pick him up.  I just kept reassuring him that DS was fine, and he was.  Saturday night, he went to bed at 7 and woke at 6.  No middle of the night wake up.  Then Sunday he went to bed at 7, woke at 2-230, back to bed to 630.  Then finally this morning, he slept from 7 last night to 530 straight through. So I think we are on the right track.  Now, I want DH to tell me I was right in taking this approach!  Men can never admit when they are wrong.
    I also see a big difference in milestones being hit by DD and now DS.  DD did everything really quickly. DS not so much.  He just started rolling from back to front (although not too good).  He sits up great.  Has no intention of crawling (which is fine by me).    At his last checkup the doctor actually made it a point to tell me not to compare the kids because DD did everything really quickly before the norm and DS is a boy and they usually lag a bit behind.  She assured me that he was fine.  I know I should not compare but it is hard.  I just look at him and know he does not do things DD did at this age.  Last weekend we were at a birthday party and my cousins baby (born two weeks before DS) is crawling, pulling up on things, waving, clapping.  DS does none of this so it just makes me think. 
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    Re: April Infants & Toddlers

    Hi All - Great things going on with everyone!

    DS turned one last month and he is just the cutest little guy.  He is so pleasant and happy all the time.  He is running everywhere and is in to everything, he can already open doors!  We have the lever style handles on out doors and he stands on his tip toes and can very quietly open the door - its hysterical and scary at the same time.

    DD is turning three in a couple weeks and she is getting her first bike, I think she will be thrilled.  She is little miss independent and has some funny new sayings.  Whenever she likes an idea she says "I think that's a perfect idea!" she kills me.  We are trying to wean her off thumb sucking, she was doing really well but seems to have regressed a lot lately - Anyone been through this before?

    Quad - I have to constantly tell myself to quit comparing the two kids.  DD was early in fine motor skills and pretty much right on with gross but DS is early with gross and slow with fine.  I talk to the Dr about it all the time telling her about my worries that he started waving late, etc.  She basically told me to relax and he is fine...I laughed and said ok, I will find something new to worry about then.  It is very very hard not to compare though!

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    Re: April Infants & Toddlers

    ajuly - I believe I kept pumping at work a bit until DD was down to 2 nursings a day (AM and PM).  I know that many people can feed all day on the weekend and not pump during the day at work, but that did not work for me.  So I eased out pumping and daytime nursing at the same time.
    I can't remember all the details, but I know that for nursing I used "don't offer, don't refuse" and was more proactive about offering snacks and meals.  It probably took 2-3 weeks to be done with daytime nursing.  At the same time, I would pump enough at work to feel comfortable, but not be trying to really get the maximum.
    Once the LO tapered off during the day, the pump followed suit.
    Best of luck - plugged ducts are honestly hellish, so do what you need to do!

    Funnily, even though I did have trouble adjusting then, I have no trouble now missing a feeding at wake up or bedtime.  I just skip it and don't even feel overly full.  But, as I have probably mentioned, I didn't get AF back until she was 13-14 months, which is crazy late.  I think that has gone hand in hand with not getting too full.
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    Re: April Infants & Toddlers

    Bostongrl - I think I'd be kind of weirded out by DD spending a lot of time in the car seat, but at that age I suppose they have to sit somewhere.  My DD spent a fair amount of time in one of those small, low-to-the-ground swings at daycare.

    KT - I'm curious about people's experiences with thumbsucking too.  I'm not exactly worried about it, since DD is only 13 months, but I don't want to get passed the point where I should be worried without realizing it...

    I skipped DD's a.m feeding today.  So far no effects.  A few people have mentioned being very emotional when they stopped.  I really hope that won't happen, but I'm sure it will.  Work is so busy, I don't have time for that!!
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    Re: April Infants & Toddlers

    Boston - If their are bigger kids around, the carseat is probably safer. (think helpful toddler trying to push the swing, or bouncy seats getting knocked over by a small child uninentionally). Fortunately, the carseat is not going anywhere and is very secure!

    As long as she isn't in there all day, and her head isn't flattened by it, I think that would be the best solution for that situation. That said, I remember being immensely proud that my daughter didn't have a bald spot on the back of her head because she was held so much.

    Fram - Best wishes with the skipped feeding. I'm one of the people who had crazy emotional hormones around nursing, but I have to say when I stopped, I didn't have the hormal swings I thought I would have - and I wish the same for you!

    ASM, DD (19 months) is sleeping like crazy and doesn't have much of an appetite these days. I know we are about to have a massive growth spurt (likely in language) and I'm looking forward to it. 

    We purged all the baby stuff out of the house this weekend - baby tub, high chair, changing table (she's a wiggler!), pack and play and all the baby clothes we had saved. Sad day, but it felt great to clear so much clutter out of the house! 
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    Re: April Infants & Toddlers

    Boston: I wouldn't really like it if my LO was in the carseat all day either.  I would think that the daycare could have something different set up in each room for the baby too, like maybe a bouncy seat in one room, a swing in another and a gymini type playmat (for tummy time) in another.  Even going ouside I'd prefer a stroller vs. the carseat.  I agree that it might cause an aversion to the carseat. And your DD needs to be out of the seat to develop and learn too!

    ML: Did you have a big garage sale?  I am still saving all the old baby stuff until I'm sure we're done with babies, and when we are, I'm going to have a massive yard sale.  I agree, it'll probably be so sad though!  But I am looking forward to getting some of that room back.  Right now our smallest bedroom is basically a storage room with stacks of bins of baby clothing, etc!
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    Re: April Infants & Toddlers

    DD (17 months) has become really into dolls in the last week.  She likes to carry them around, hold them, put them in the bouncy seat (with her lovies!), cover them with blankets.  It's so cute to watch, and seems to entertain her for a long time. We don't have any doll "stuff", but I'm thinking it might be time! 

    ML, good for you on clearing out the clutter.  I feel like every time I do a purge of DD's room, there ends up being more stuff than I started with!  Such an overwhelming feeling.

    Question?  DD is getting a little too squirmy for the changing table (which is a pad on a dresser), but I'm dreading getting rid of it, mostly because it's so much better for my back to be higher.  Did people just move to a bed or the floor, or are there other ideas? 

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    Re: April Infants & Toddlers

    KT - I also have a thumb-sucker.  I encouraged her when she was a baby even though I knew it could be a problem later since you can't lose a thumb unlike a binkie.  Well, now it's later.  DD1 is 3.75 and still sucking her thumb.  I actually don't have a huge problem with it, she mostly does it when tired or upset and needs comfort.  However she get a nasty case of what one pedi called dishpan thumb.  It gets cracked and dried out from being in and out of her mouth.  I can get really nasty but I think DD1 is reaching the reasoning stage.  She was asking about her sore thumb and I told her it was sucking her thumb and that if she stopped it would get better.  She looked at me for a few seconds and then popped the thumb back in her mouth, so we're not quite there yet.

    I have potty question.  DD1 ditched the diaper in January at 3.5 and we haven't looked back.  The problem is that given her druthers she'd go once maybe twice a day.  If you tell her she has to go she says she's not ready and get hysterical if you push it.  If you have a logical reason, you have to go before getting in the car, that might stem off hysteria but it also may not.   The pedi has told me to make it fun and turn the water on to make her feel like going.  All that seems to do is make me have to go and to make it fun I'd have to bring the twins in with us to a bathroom the size of postage stamp and neither of the girls like either of their siblings near them which leads to crying and pushing and fighting over mom.  You'd think twins would be better at sharing.  Not so much.  Does anyone have any tips for encouraging going to the bathroom with out having to spend hours in the bathroom with a girl who already tells you when she needs to go it's just once every 12 hours.  I wish I had a bladder like DD1's.  Of course yesterday after being at the pedi's I remembered when she was in diapers she only had 1-2 wet diapers a day.

    The actual reason for the pedi visit yesterday was the twins 18 month visit.  Time flies!  DS is 34.5 inches and 27lbs and DD2 is 33.5 inches and 24 lbs.  They're right on track with DS early on most things and DD2 just a little delayed.  She was slightly concerned that neither talks yet but since DD1 didn't talk until 2 (DH diodn't talk until 3) I'm not worried at all.  Both follow complex directions so their comprehension is totally there and they are much closer than DD1 was at this age. But I do think the frustration level will get better once talking happens.