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April Infants and Toddlers

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    Re: April Infants and Toddlers

    cwag - thank you! I was still going by the rule of, if you want them to sleep longer, put them to bed earlier. But perhaps that is more relevant for littler babies. I am going to try to adjust his bedtime! It would be nice to have more time with him in the evenings as well, since by the time I get home from work I'm rushing to feed him dinner and put him to bed. Thanks also Rama, for confirmation about the carseat. 2-3 hour naps!! That's wonderful!


    I would not have tried all the different foods if it were not for the urging of my pediatrician, who said I could even give him shredded chicken and things like that. He really "chews" stuff up, regardless of only having 2 teeth. I have not tried the chicken, however; I'm personally not ready for that! We're sticking to soft/mushy veggies and some cheese. Also per our pedi, we've been giving him a sippy cup to practice with. He mainly just plays with it; doesn't really know there's water in there (he's always surprised when I tilt it and he gets some).


    I'm eternally jealous of everyone with an 8ish month old who sleeps well!

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    Re: April Infants and Toddlers

    Chiming in on the finger 10m.o. DD is starting to refuse us feeding her. It's making mealtimes...interesting. She ate her first 100% finger food dinner the other day (sweet potato, blueberries, shredded cheese). She's also had: toast with cream cheese, banana, puffs, cheerios, cottage cheese, ground beef, pasta, blueberries, scrambled egg yolk. She hasn't really seemed to enjoy much of it besides the cheese, berries, puffs and cheerios. I bought some frozen meatballs to try soon.

    In terms of how big to make the bites, I read somewhere that pieces should be no bigger than baby's fingernail. I'm not sure how much of a difference it makes when DD puts 3-4 cheerios in at once though...

    DD also LOVES drinking water from her sipy cup, and always seems to want more when it's gone. (I give her probably .5 oz at a time)

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    Re: April Infants and Toddlers

    Remember that babies will gum their foods, even finger foods, so don't wait until they have a full mouth of teeth before you give them finger foods.  That full mouth of teeth isn't until 18 months of age (ish, 15mos, 2 yrs, depends on the child) and you're not giving them purees until then.  So bite the bullet and put those finger foods out for your baby - put just a few on the tray at a time so they can't take 15 things and jam them all in their mouth, then replenish as they eat them (or the pieces end up on the floor).  Yes, small pieces, but not so tiny they can't pick them up, or they'll be frustrated.

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    Re: April Infants and Toddlers

    Great updates everyone!  Luv we are also in the very verbal stage.  DS (2.5) talks so much and in complete sentences that actually make sense.  The other day he asked to see the nail file I was using and when he held it, he said "what do you use this for?" clear as day.  Its just so great to finally hear what they are thinking (well, most of the time... not when he is being stubborn and disagreeable!).

    Question re: teeth brushing.  How do you teach your LOs to spit?  No idea at what age they do this.  He does an ok job brushing.  We always have to finish up (with more paste after he's inhaled the small amount from the first application) but I can't get him to stop swallowing after we've finished.  I know a small amount of paste won't hurt him, but at some point I'd like him to be able to spit and rinse.

    Also on the potty training issue.  I am not planning to teach standing and peeing for a while.  Do daycares teach 2 year old boys to stand?  What a mess for them!!  We are just in the potty exploration phase.  He doesn't like the little potties or the seats that go over the big ones.  Only wants to sit on the big potty, but with us holding his hands.  So its not something he can do on his own yet at all.  Now we go just to use it, not on any schedule.  His daycare does the whole room on diaper change schedules too, also to get them used to it.  I think there are 2 out of the 8 that are actually training for real... so they go more often.  He just pees though... no #2.  I'm guessing that comes once we start training for real on a schedule with underpants/pullups?

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    Re: April Infants and Toddlers

    IPW, my son went to the bathroom sitting down for a while. When we finally started the standing up, my mom suggested putting cheerios or fruit loops in the toilet to teach him to aim. It worked very well.  

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    Re: April Infants and Toddlers

    So many great updates!  Love all the 2-year-olds that are chattering away.  Good luck to those of you with little ones still waking up in the night!  Food still plagues us, but I just sort of let it go and know that their not going to die of starvation at this point!  It gets so much easier after the first year..

    DS (20 months) is talking up a storm over here too!  He's also starting to string together words to make sentances, which is so cool.  He'll ask, "How are you feeling?" or say "Here you go, [name]." I love that he talks so much - his pronunciation isn't crystal clear, but we can understand him!  I really think that the second picks up on things so much quicker because of an older sibling.  He totally thinks he's 3.  He has gotten pretty aggressive recently and pushes his sister a lot.  He's so strong!  He can knock her over!  So we've been having many timeouts and I'm back to reading the happiest toddler.

    DD just turned 3 and wow - if it's the terrible twos, what are the threes?  The backtalk is unbelieveable, "Calm down, Mommy. My God!"  Grrr!!  She's lucky she's so adorable. As long as she is awake she is never not talking.  We have her signed up for preschool in September and I can't wait!  I think she'll really love it and learn so much.  Next up is heavy duty potty training.  We are late adoptors, I know.  Wish us luck!  Maybe I can get DS trained at the same time!  :)





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    Re: April Infants and Toddlers

    IPW-DS sat to pee for a while, it was probably 6 months when he started to stand, I think. Not sure, daycare would make comments about having him stand, but sitting is so much eaiser for little boys in the beginning. And we did withat Winter did-cheerios in the toilet to help aim. It also helped those times when he refused to pee before bedtime-he always loved to play teh "peeing gmae" (especially when I let him eat a few cheerios).

    DD peed in the potty for the first time before bath over the weekend. We all got so excited and cheered for her we scared her. now she refuses to even try! :O We still have months before we really start trying-she has to be in the next day care room for her to really train, so we have plenty of time for her to forget how mommy traumatized her the first time she peed on the potty. But we pulled out a "elmo potty" book and she refused it last night. we've totally scared her!

    Trouble-saw your other post-congrats!

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    Re: April Infants and Toddlers

    Trouble-we had a harder time with the 3's than we did with the 2's with DS. I was so thankful when DS turned 4!

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    Re: April Infants and Toddlers

    Rama - the issue it seems, from my discussion with his teacher this morning, is he does not want to miss playing with his friends and does not want to focus on the potty :( because he will just pee in the diaper. So I don't know how to work around that issue... because at home, we can either find a natural break (between books/puzzles, before/after meals etc) and we have portable potties along with potty rings - and he would flip back and forth between porta potties and toilet. The standing - it has not worked at home, and it appears they let the boys decide to stand or sit, so I have asked the teacher to emphasize sitting for now (DH said at home, he likes to try but nothing comes out until he sits down, so I think it is still too challenging for him).


    Finger foods... I think we will work up to it (maybe starting with soft avocados - we don't want to do bananas because DS can not have bananas and it seems harsh to us to be feeding DD something DS can not have - then I have to think what else would be good for gumming and that won't freak DH and me out since we have different lists of what scares us)

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    Re: April Infants and Toddlers

    Congratulations Trouble!!

    Poppy - What time does your DS go to bed?  I feel like, in theory, they would still say you should put him to bed earlier to get him to sleep later, but that depends on how early he already goes to bed... Not to mention everything depends on the individual anyway!  I can't remember what time DD was going to bed around that age, but probably about 7:00.

    It feels like I haven't been here in so long that I don't know where to start!  It has been a very hectic few weeks.  DD is 26 months now.  I am also loving the full sentences and all that.  She is so much fun.  She recently learned our first names as well as hers.  The way she says her first and middle names is so cute. 

    She is OBSESSED with Old MacDonald and makes me sing it at bedtime every. single. night.  Before it was Wheels on the Bus, which at least has a limited number of verses, but O.M. can go on forever!  They colored reptiles at daycare last week, so she does the hand motion now and says the crocodile says chomp chomp chomp.  O.M. has all kinds of wild animals in our house!

    I've experimented with the potty here and there, but need to figure out what my plan/approach is going to be.  We have this potty seat that is basically part of the real seat.  It's a smaller version that flips up and down like a regular seat.  At first she was curious enough to want to sit on it once in a while, but that faded.  I got her to sit on in 3 times in the past week by promising her M&Ms.  She sat for 10 seconds or more, but didn't actually go.  One time, maybe 3 weeks ago, the timing was just right that DH scooped her up and held her on the potty while she p00ped.  The entire time she was saying, Get me off, get me off! but not crying.  Plan to buy a potty book soon and see if Elmo or some other character can convince her to keep trying :o)

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    Re: April Infants and Toddlers

    As I posted in the potty training section - Elmo has a DVD called Elmo's potty time which my kids loved. And at 26 months they really preferred a little potty on the floor - espeically for p00ping. Even with a stool their little feet couldn't reach once they were on the toilet and it was hard for them.

    My kids favorite potty story book was "My Big Girl (Boy) Potty" by Joanna Cole. I also had an Elmo book with buttons you push to sing songs about going to the potty.

    Good luck to all the trainers out there. I don't think I could have done it without the help of CT-DC when I was going through it. Once it's done, it will make you laugh. I remember one day my DS was sitting on the little potty in the kitchen and when he was done I yelled "yeah - good job!". My dear departed mother looked at him and said, 'DS someday when you're older I'm going to remind you of the time you peed in the kitchen and your mother applauded." :)