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August - Infants and Toddlers

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    August - Infants and Toddlers

    It's not technically August, but close enough!

    DD is a little over 5 months now.  She is rolling around like crazy.  I suspected she could roll from her stomach to her back, but couldn't recall if I had actually seen it.  She now does this thing where she sticks her butt up higher and higher until she flops onto her side.  So cute!

    It's getting difficult to breastfeed her.  All she wants to do is look around and see what's going on behind her.  I guess that's just the age she's at, huh?  She started rice cereal last week and will be having it twice a day for the next two weeks.  After that we'll start purees.  I'd start sooner, but we're going on vacation soon and don't want to start foods while we're away.  Very nervous about how this vacation is going to play out!

    Hope everyone is having a good summer!
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    Re: August - Infants and Toddlers

    Good luck on vacation.  We stuffed two separate long weekends onto my husband's week off and it totally messed with my DD's schedule.  She got right back on track this week, faster than I thought she'd bounce back, but it was still quite the exhausting/fun week for everyone.  Camping in Truro then a few days at home then a flight to Virginia for a big family event (baby cousin's Naming)--all while wilting in the miserable heat.
    You might have more luck keeping your DD on a schedule of sorts since she's so young.  She's more likely to sleep in her carseat at a late dinner or something than a 2 year old.  Will you have access to a car?  That will help.  As for the curious nurser, have you tried a toy or something that she only gets to play with while she's nursing?  It might keep her occupied so she jerks her head around less. 

    Things are lovely here.  Toilet training is going as well as could be hoped.  She still has accidents once in a while but she's doing really well. She actually is a little better when we're out than she is when we're home.  I think I am probably better at reminding her to try to go when we're out than I am when we're home.  We haven't done a reward system unless you count the thrill of dumping whatever she's produced from the potty into the toilet and then flushing it.  She loves that.  She also tends to request to call Daddy at work if she p00ps.  We're not doing any charts or treats or anything. 
    It's kind of all-consuming.  It took me extra long at the supermarket today because she had to go twice--once right before we got to our number at the deli.  The second time she yelled "I have to p00p from my bum!" at the top of her lungs and so I left my cart full of groceries in the dairy section, grabbed her, and sprinted across the whole store to the bathroom while she yelled "I'm holding the p00p in my bum, Mom!" She made it both times so I guess it was worth it. I'll be happy when it feels like less work than it does now.  I can see why people just wait and let daycare do it.  She's only 28 months so I guess she's doing pretty well for being on the young side. 
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    Re: August - Infants and Toddlers

    Lissa, Congrats on the potty training.  I laughed at your comments about her announcing it to the entire store, partly because of my morning.  My daughter is 3.5 and has been trained for well over a year.  This morning, while in the bathroom, she was clearly pushing a little harder than normel and then she said, "My butt's not working."  They have no shame and no sense of what to say and when to say it :) 
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    Re: August - Infants and Toddlers

    OMG, Lissa, I'm dying laughing.  I love how kids always YELL these things!  But good for her, and for you, for making it both times!  I'm impressed. : )

    Fram - 5 months already, I can't believe it!  Yes, the distractability is common for that age... I had to be in an empty, completely quiet room to nurse when DD started to get like that.  I never really tried toys, but a lot of people on these boards had success with them.

    As for us, DD had her 9 month appt last week.  19lbs, 28 inches.  I could have SWORN she'd be at least 30 pounds, she's so heavy!  But I guess it just seems that way... :)  She's crawling all over the place and pulling herself up on everything.  Her new thing is pulling herself up on me as I'm trying to do things around the house, so then I'm stuck.  She continues to be very funny when we tell her "no" - she kind of goes, "AH!" and flaps her hands in frustration.  But usually she listens.  I've sort of informally started doing a "3 times" rule - if I tell her no three times and she still goes for the disallowed thing, I take it away or take her away.  I know I'll have to do less than 3 times as she gets older, but for now as she's still learning what "no" means, it seems to work well.  Still just 2 teeth - I'm wondering when the next one will make its appearance!
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    Re: August - Infants and Toddlers

    Fram- DS is already getting distracted, we went to baby cafe and he wouldn't eat, there was so much going on! 

    Lissa, I was lol too, that's hilarious. Somehow kids never get embarrassed at talking about p00p, I have kindergartners that announce this to the group. Or tell me, Mrs. July, I have to p00p! I want to say good for you, then just go!!

    AFM DS is 16 weeks and almost rolling over. He gets half way there then has no interest in continuing all the way, soon enough! I am losing my hair and I wonder how there is any left on my head!  I am beginning to think DS is more like my husband and doesn't need that much sleep. He def does not get the 15 hrs the charts state that he needs at this age. He gets like 8-9 total and doesn't like to nap much either! He's our night owl. Heading back to work end of Aug and already starting to have anxiety about it!
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    Re: August - Infants and Toddlers

    Great reading all the updates! 

    Lissa, so funny about your DD!  Sounds like she's doing great with the potty training!  I can't wait for my DD to start!

    I can't believe how big all the little ones are getting!  Baby Poppy is 9 months?  Baby Fram is 5 months and Baby AJuly is 4 months?  Wow!  Time really does fly.  Everyone sounds like they're doing great!

    My DD just had her 15 month appointment last week.  We were happy so see her solidly at 20lbs and 31".  So staying skinny and tall.  She's meeting all her milestones except walking :(  But I guess she has until 18 months to do that.  She can walk but she refuses to!  She'll just stand there and laugh but not walk.  So lazy!!!  I think it's because she likes being a PITA making her 9 month preggo mama carry her around.  Oh well, pedi says she'll get with the program when her little bro arrives as she won't be the #1 and only anymore.

    She was very sick 2 weeks ago, so I'm happy she's better now.  Well, she wasn't very sick per se, but had a bad reaction to whatever she was fighting.  She had her first stomach flu.  We tried our best to keep her hydrated and eating, but she has never been a star eater, so it was hard.  On the 2nd day of the flu, while my DH was home with her she had a seizure.  Short, but incredibly scary.  He called 911 and luckily it was just when I was arriving home.  We went with her to the ER and they gave her fluids, checked her blood and urine and gave her a head CT.  They concluded she was only mildly dehydrated and her salts were a little out of balance and that it was probably a fluke.  So they sent us home.  The next morning she seemed great!  But after cereal had another episode.  So we rushed back to the hospital.  She recovered quickly but they decided to transfer us to Tufts Floating Hospital for Kids so that she could see the pediatric neurology team and have an EEG test.  Long story short, they said her brain was "beautiful" no spots or anything and that likely she had a bad reaction to the electrolyte imbalance due to her stomach bug.  They kept her (and us) overnight for observation to be on the safe side though.  Apparently seizures can be common in young children when sick especially with a high fever.  So she's been fine since, and subsequently I found out my Aunt and Uncle also suffered from the same thing as babies.  So it was all very scary but I think we are starting to get back to normal now. 

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    Re: August - Infants and Toddlers

    I can't believe its August! DD turns 4 months tomorrow!

    She is also almost turning over - she managed to get herself on her tummy a couple of weeks ago, twice, hated it, and hasnt' done it since! I keep rolling her myself to try and teach her. she's gettting great at tummy time. She is DEFINITELY teething, tons of drool, gnawing on things, and some fussiness.

    We are going through lots of transitions right now, including me switching jobs (last day at current job tomorrow), firing our daycare provider (she was a nutjob) and MIL already bailing on her 2 days/week going down to 1 day. So, we went from only having to pay for daycare 1x/week to having to pay for 3 days! Thankfully, we are meeting with a woman on Friday who comes highly recommended (from Bostongrl, and a few others outside of BDC), and I really really hope it works out.

    We have her 4month appt next week and will most likely go to cereal shortly after. She's definitely ready, and she's definitely hungry. After we've done that for awhile, I think we'll be starting sleep training. She sleeps 5-6 hours straight but I know she can do more. She has slept 8.5 hours ONE TIME. It was amazing.

    she still takes a billion naps during the day it seems...does anyone have any insight to when longer naps start? Is there anything I should be doing to encourage them? I still put her down for a nap afte she's been awake for 1.5-2 hours, but she really only sleeps for 45 minutes most of the time. Sometimes she'll take a longer nap in the afternoon...but it is pretty random. I wonder if I should be doing more, but how do you sleep/nap train when you work full time? you have to count on your daycare providers to do it.

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    Re: August - Infants and Toddlers

    Happy August.  Lissa... fabulous story!  Poppy, I like your 3 times rule, I think I will try that too.  July... so sorry about the hair.  This will probably be no consolation... my DS is 9 1/2 months, we stopped BFing at 7 months and last week was the first time I showered without having to clean the drain!  Hopefully yours won't last as long, but trust me it doesn't ALL fall out, and does stop eventually.

    Trouble - my goodness, what an experience.  And all the while just about ready to go with #2.  You are a trooper, and so glad DD is doing better.  My DS doesn't drink nearly what he's supposed to (12-15oz a day max), so I will keep watch for any similar bad reactions.

    DS is 9 1/2 months and doing great.  I think he is going to skip crawling completely, which bums me out.  He just flails like he's doing the butterfly stroke when on his belly.  My MIL told me that DH didn't crawl, and because he never used his arms that way, once he started walking, he'd land straight on his face when he fell because he didn't know to put his arms out.  I still see some facial scars on him today from their plethora of ER visits (she actually got a DSS call once!!!)  Anyone have any similar experience with non-crawlers?

    My doc isn't worried because he stands so well, especially when holding the sofa or ottomon.  Sometimes he can balance without holding.  My biggest fear is he has NO fear of falling.  He actually pushes himself off the ottomon falling straight back (he doesn't know to bend and land on his bum).  I know its because I've always caught him so its "fun," but I know the day is coming where I just need to let him fall.  His poor head!!  I already shudder at the thought.  I'm trying not to worry about his lack of movement.  He doesn't try to stand on his own, or move anywhere when he's sitting.  When a toy goes out of his reach, he just ignores it instead of trying to get it.  Everyone just says appreciate it now because I can still leave the room and he'll still be there when I return.  But I'm anxious to see him start to be more independent.
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    Re: August - Infants and Toddlers

    Hi all – I love these potty stories….hilarious!  My DD just turned 1 over the weekend!  We had a big party (my choice) and it was a lot of fun, but I was definitely overwhelmed at times.  It was a long day, and now we have a house full of toys that I need to figure out what to do with.  Next year will just be a family party for sure.  She is finally getting some teeth on the top.  It looks like she has 4 coming down at once, but the one on her left side next to the middle two (I think the lateral tooth?) seems to have come through first.  I hope she doesn’t get the two laterals before her two middle teeth on top!  She can now stand on her own, but isn’t walking yet.  She is also still just saying mama, dada and then a lot of baby talk.  I am looking forward to our pedi visit in a couple of weeks so I can talk to him about switching to milk and getting off the bottle.  She is doing really well with the finger foods, and will still eat purees as well.  My picky eater has turned into a good eater (for now)!  She seems heavier to me, but we will see what she weighs when we go to the pedi.  I have a friend who’s DD is turning 1 this weekend, and she was telling me she is having a lot of anxiety over it.  I am not really feeling any of that, so then I was wondering if that is bad that it is not bothering me at all.  I guess I just feel that “it is what it is” and just try to enjoy each day.

    Trouble - Sorry to hear about that experience with your DD.  It sounds really scary.  But, glad to hear all was ok.

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    Re: August - Infants and Toddlers

    Poor thing, Trouble, you and DH must have been so scared!  Were they febrile seizures?  I keep hearing about more and more kids who've had them, and multiple ones at that.  I hope none of you have to go through that again!

    ETA: Febrile seizures can indeed be genetic, and apparently many pediatricians don't mention them to parents, and parents often don't know if they or any family members had them as children.  A good friend of mine experienced this with her son and her mom said, "Oh, yes, you had a few of those when you were his age."  So it's something worth asking our parents and pediatricians about, I think.
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    Re: August - Infants and Toddlers

    Catching up on posts... Memes, congrats on the first bday party!!  Your friend is having anxiety over her baby turning 1?  I guess I can understand sort of mourning the loss of infanthood, but I certainly don't see why you need to be anxious about it!  I'm very excited for DD's 1st bday party in October!

    Silver - so many changes!  My DD still only naps for about 45 minutes a pop, and still needs to sleep about every 3 hours.  But I do know babies the same age who do just 1 big nap per day.  I really think it's a baby-by-baby thing.

    IPW - I have a friend with an almost-1-year-old who does not yet crawl and does exactly what your DS does.  She was concerned because to her it appeared that he had trouble bending his left leg, so she has an appointment with an orthopedic doctor.  However, just within the past week, he's made a lot of forward (literally) momentum, now launching himself off of his bum and rolling around, which they've been encouraging.  Babies do things at such different rates, if your pedi is not concerned I don't think you need to be concerned.  But I know it's hard when you read/see other babies doing different things.  You just might be on the "right to walking" track!
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    Re: August - Infants and Toddlers

    Trouble - oh, so scary!  I'm glad everyone's fine now. 

    IPW- My daughter didn't crawl, she scooted on her bum (sitting up, facing forward).  When she got a little older her scoot became this insanely fast thing where she would lean forward with her arms, put her hands down, and throw her legs forward, land on her bum, and then repeat.  She started the scooting at 7 months and walked at 1 year.  She didn't crawl--COULD NOT crawl--until about 18 months.  I remember the day she first crawled.  We were at a playground and she wanted to go through a tunnel and stood there, looking all confused for a second, then had an epiphany and just got down on all fours and tentatively and clumsily crawled.  She'd been running for months! haha.  Apparently I did the same thing when I was a baby.  The family story is my mother was so concerned about my scooting she made my Dad crawl around the house with her for a whole week to get me to imitate them.  I thought it was hilarious but still didn't crawl haha. 
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    Re: August - Infants and Toddlers

    Trouble, I am so sorry you went through that with your LO, must have been so scary. My good friend just went through the same thing with her daughter. She had a high fever and had a seizure, went to the ER was sent home and then had another one that day.  Her mom ended up saying that this happened with her sister when she was little, so you are right, it can be genetic. She now has to watch her when she gets sick, to get the fever down fast. It's so scary she has to make sure she takes her temp often. I'm glad everything is okay now. 

     Love hearing all the stories about the milestones these LOs are reaching, something to look forward to with my DS.

    Silver- sorry about the childcare, sounds like you are going to have something that works. Are you using the home daycare in Melrose?
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    Re: August - Infants and Toddlers

    Lissa and Poppy - thanks for your stories.  I tell myself all the time, don't compare!  But its so darn hard not to :-)

    Memes - no need to be anxious at all.  What a fun time this is.  Sure, a certain part of her life has past, but what wonderful things to come!

    Fram - I think trying a toy to distract may help, and a quiet place.  My DS must have a toy on the changing table or else he's all into his manhood!
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    Re: August - Infants and Toddlers

    Trouble - you know I had a patient with a similar story - vomiting and slightly dehydrated with a viral gastroenteritis - wasn't a true febrile seizure because she wasn't febrile.  Anyway, it was a weird reaction to a virus and she has never had one since (this was many years ago).

    Febrile seizures and super scary but fairly common.  There is a definite familial tendency.

    As for us -  DD is 9 1/2 months and is just about the happiest little thing I have ever seen . She is now crawling - took her a long time to go more than a couple moves forward and she just kept going back to sitting.  Now she thinks it is the greatest thing and likes to chase after the dog.  The dog is mortified!

    IPW - she still does the beached reverse turtle move on her belly moving her arms and legs - I have told her many times - not effective!!

    I posted in the nut post that my mother- in-law gave her peanut butter without asking when she was babysitting - thank you!  Oh well.
    She is still mostly on purees but I have been giving her blueberries, bananas and she had raspberries today (cut up of course).

    We have reached a happy culmination of all our sleep training.  She now just likes to be put in her crib awake and I usually don't hear a peep at all.  In the morning I usually find her happy and sitting.  Heaven!!
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    Re: August - Infants and Toddlers

    What great updates!

    Trouble - glad everything is okay now... that sounded so scary but it sounds like you and your DH handled all really well.  I'm nervous about something happening like that to DS that I am just going to panick and not be able to handle it.  Not sure why but it freaks me out sometimes that something big is going to happen and I won't be able to handle it.

    IPW - my DS never crawled until after he was walking.  He just wasn't interested.  Eventually he did crawl not long after walking.  When DS started walking and fell he would put his arms out but they often gave in and he would fall on his head.  He was always fine but it did make me nervous and I would walk so close to him around the house, especially in the kitchen where we don't have carpeting. But his arms did get stronger and he stopped falling on his head.  Now he just falls on purpose! 

    I was really excited that he walked and even though he did it backwards you still get both milestones (walking and crawling) eventually and it is just as exciting even out of order!

    Memes congrats on your DD's first birthday!  I'm so excited for DS' first birthday.  Not anxious at all.  Maybe a little sad that he is growing up so fast but mostly really excited!

    Lissa your post cracked up.  Kids really are so funny.

    Luck glad the sleep training is paying off!! That is so great!

    AFM, DS is almost 11 months (this friday) and boy has it gone so fast.  We have two teeth and are no longer eating purees at all.  So far he loves everything but I know (and have been warned by many) how that won't last forever.  I am hoping he is a little like his older sister who has always loved vegetables.  He has started "sharing" his food with us.  He will give us some of whatever he is eating.  It is so cute.  He is also starting to try to climb things.  Thankfully he is still too short!  I can see the future though and oy are we in for it!

    DS starts daycare next week and I'm getting sad and a little anxious.  I by no means am complaining because I feel like the luckiest person in the world to have been able to stay home with him for the first 11 months of his life.  We struggled to get pregnant and I just feel so blessed to have him.  Next week we are going to transition him and we go tomorrow for a meeting with the daycare to talk about his transition and to remind me what I need to bring.  Then he will go full time and I will head to school to set up my classroom and then I start on August 29th. 

    This year and summer are flying by!!


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    Re: August - Infants and Toddlers

    Fram-I can't believe DD is already 5 months!  I still remember when you posted that you were pregnant:-)  Good luck with the distractibility.  DD is 1 and continues to get distracted when we nurse.  Her favorite distraction technique is to stop and pick up a book from the dresser to "read."  Good luck with vacation.  Her sleep may be disrupted but it will probably return back to normal when you return. 

    Lissa-Love the potty story. I guess

    Trouble-I'm glad to hear that DD is doing much better.  I can't imagine how scary it must hve been. 

    Memes-Happy Birthday to DD! 

    AFM,  DD turned one a week and a half ago.  I can't believe its already been a year.  On her birthday, all I could do was to think of how she was such a little peanut a year ago and now she has her own personality.  She hasn't started walking yet but she is cruising around.  She has also learned to sign "all done," "more," and "milk."  She's also learned to point to communicate what she wants.   She also says "dada" all the time for her father but rarely says "mama."  I guess it makes up for the time that she preferred spending most of her time with me.  Her first teeth finally broke through a few weeks ago and I'm wondering if there are anymore.  She's boycottiing pureed food so we're on to finger food.  She also started eating the lunches at school and its interesting to see what she likes (tuna fish, I'm talking to you). 

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    Re: August - Infants and Toddlers

    Woah--trouble, so sorry about the seizures... how scary!  
    Lissa--Nice potty training story.  I still love now when my DD will grab at her bum and then sit down.  When we ask her if she has to go, she says "no, well actually yes".  They're too funny.  
    Poppy--The pulling up is fun!
    Ajuly--How's DS's food issue?  I love the baby roll!
    Fram--You could try an udder cover when you nurse, but then they quickly don't want to be under that either.  
    Silver--DS was always a good napper, sometimes they're not, but your baby should space out the naps maybe by 5-6 months where they'll be on 2 a day.
    IPW--Your little guy will eventually move.  My daughter only crawled for about 2-3 weeks.  Then she took off running.
    Memes--Congrats on 1 year!  We always ask for no gifts for parties because you always end up with a bunch of things you don't want!
    LIL--Glad that DD is sleeping through the night!
    LLLE--So lucky to have been home for 11 months.  It will be hard to go back to work though.  
    Nene--Congrats on your DD's birthday too!
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    Re: August - Infants and Toddlers

    Lots of updates!  

    DS is 9.5 months old now (10 months in just over a week!) and he's a crawling machine.  This kid just gets faster and faster!  He pulls up on everything, gets into everything, and stands holding onto things with one hand.  At his 9 month appt. he was 26lbs and 31.5 inches which still kept him over the 99% in height and weight.  I never would have guessed that he would be as mobile as he is, but I guess that his bulk isn't holding him back at all.  He is really the size of an 18 month old, but we do have some 2T and 24 month clothes in the mix as well.

    We did have an ER visit about 2 weeks ago because he cut just above his eye when he slipped trying to stand up in the bathtub.  Fortunately it was just a minor wound and required no stitches.  He's also a great sleeper which DD never was until 15 months, so we're happy about that.  We put him down around 8 and he's up usually around 6 in the morning.  

    DD turned 3 and she loves gymnastics.  She's just a crazy, awesome 3 year old.  No big discipline problems for now (woo hoo!) but she did adamently decide that she didn't want to play soccer.  I can live with that.  
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    Re: August - Infants and Toddlers

    Ok, I've been in denial, but have to start admitting that sleep training has gone out the window with me at work and with all the changes in DD.  She has become terrible for naps in her crib.  She's not too bad at night, but has been waking up around 5am every morning and is inconsolable unless I rock her back to sleep.  Whenever she wakes up, no matter when, she pretty much instantly cries.  If I go in and she doesn't want to be in the crib, she stands up and wails.  I have not been able to figure out how to do sleep training now that she can stand.  Do I just let her stand there and cry for an hour?  Or do I keep going in and lying her down (at which point she instantly springs up again)?  I think it's partially that I'm just a big wimp and now that I"m working so much I don't want to let her cry.  But I feel like something has to be done, especially with naps.  Maybe I need to revisit Healthy Sleep Habits...

    Sorry, just venting.
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    Re: August - Infants and Toddlers

    Another one with 9 month app't stats!  We went on Friday and she's just over 17 lbs and 28.5 inches.  So 20th percentile for weight; 50th for height.  We were reall excited, given that she had hovered below the chart in her first few weeks, that she's officially on a good growth curve.

    She also has started truly creeping/crawling.  She does a normal crawl with one leg, then uses the other to push's cute to watch, but does have her going a little crooked.  Also has definitely got her own mind and will; if she wants something, she will find a way to get there.

    Finger foods have started making their way into her mouth more and more; more into the mouth, and less on the floor.  Yesterday she tried zucchini for the first time, and it seemed to be a hit. 

    Loves splashing in the pool and being in water, and aside from the strange sleep patterns of late, which I blame on tooth #2, which I can see simmering below the surface, is a really easy, happy baby. 
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    Re: August - Infants and Toddlers

    Poppy-Sleep training can often be a pain.  I feel that it often changes for no apparent reason.  I understand feeling guilty about work; the only reason why I continued to feed her a night when she didn't need it was because I felt badly for working. 

    FWIW when DD is standing in her crib complaining about being put down, I just walk away.  She will eventually end up lying in the crib.  For naps, I have started to let her cry/complain for an hour and when this happens she usually falls asleep after 45-50 minutes.  DD's method is to babble, then cry out awhile, quiet for a few seconds and repeat with higher intensity so its not like she's crying for a full 50 minutes.  It's hard to listen to it but it works. 
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    Re: August - Infants and Toddlers

    Thanks to everyone for the kind words.  I debated posting about DD's seizures because I just really hate to think about it and it really upsets me.  It's interesting how the more people I talk about it to, the more I hear, "Oh that happened to my sister," or "oh that happened to my friend's son."  So I guess it is relatively common.

    Poppy, it wasn't a febrile seizure, technically, because, just as LIL's patient, she wasn't feverish.  But they still classified it as such.  Hopefully, it will never happen again and will never happen to anyone on this board, but if it does, the neurologist told us a few things:

    1. Time it.  If it goes beyond 4 minutes it can be very serious.
    2. If you can keep it together, pull out your smartphone and record it.  It will help the docs to better diagnose it.
    3. Put the baby/child on a flat surface (floor) and turn them on their left side in case they vomit (common).  Do not try to hold them down, bend them or put your fingers in their mouth.

    Like I said, I hope none of you ever has this happen, but it is definitely good to know what to do just in case.  I'm glad I posted.  It helps to hear kind words and to know that there are others this has happened to also, and that their kids are fine.
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    Re: August - Infants and Toddlers

    Lost- I am still bf and he is doing well. We went to a GI doc. and he said that the benefits of bf outweigh the small amt. of blood that he is having right now. I was very happy about that, esp. coming from a doctor. Prior to this, his pedi put him on formula bc she didn't know what else to do. He didn't like it thankfully, and he's still bf.  Cutting stuff out of my diet made me lose weight quickly, which I didn't even realize until 2 people told me I looked skinny. I put on my pre pg jeans and they fit, guess it's one upside of cutting out all that stuff. 
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    Re: August - Infants and Toddlers

    In Response to Re: August - Infants and Toddlers:
    f The second time she yelled "I have to p00p from my bum!" at the top of her lungs and so I left my cart full of groceries in the dairy section, grabbed her, and sprinted across the whole store to the bathroom while she yelled "I'm holding the p00p in my bum, Mom!" She made it both times so I guess it was worth it. I'll be happy when it feels like less work than it does now.  I can see why people just wait and let daycare do it.  She's only 28 months so I guess she's doing pretty well for being on the young side. Posted by lissafro

    I am SERIOUSLY laughing out loud!!!!

    So funny!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And, yes, it's all-consuming for you now, but it won't be in about 1 or 2 months (although you'll have to remind and check in for a year or so still) - but just think, in a little while you will be able to go out for a whole day WITHOUT A FREAKIN' DIAPER BAG!!  Freedom!

    (and just as that is accomplished, you'll have another baby and go back to the diaper bag....  so it's perhaps short-lived freedom!)

    Anyway, I'm glad she's doing so well, but I had to tell you how you made me LAUGH at my computer!!!!!!!  Surprised