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August Infants and Toddlers

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    Re: August Infants and Toddlers

    In response to Chiclet831's comment:

    Med - My DS had a few hungry days this week. I think it was Tuesday he ate every 2 hours! He also slept a ton. I don't know if this is a scheduled growth spurt or not. He seems longer to me today but who knows.

    DH just called me to tell me that he left work because he's not feeling well and then he threw up on the side of 93. Yikes! Should I be worried about keeping DS away from him until he gets better or does it even matter at this point? DH does his 2 morning feedings and gets him dressed so there's no chance that he wasn't exposed. My parents weren't feeling well yesterday and my mom actually threw up too. We were with them Tuesday night. My mom thought it was something they ate, but now I'm not so sure. There was a stomach bug around DS's daycare two weeks ago but, miraculously, he didn't get it (his teacher and 2 classmates did). I don't think I can handle it if DS gets sick! :-)

    Growth spurts can happen in developmental & behavioral ways and don't necessarily have to result in a lot of actual physical growth :)

    In regard to the sickness, I'd make sure that your DH doesn't come in close contact with your DS, and disinfect anything your DH touches and have in stay in a separate part of the house. If your DH hadn't actually gotten sick yet, there's a good chance your DS wasn't exposed. Hygiene & separation will be the key!


    On my end- MAN it's been a while since I've actually been able to pop on and read some posts. It's been a busy and fantastic summer with my DD, and I am absolutely dreading when school starts up in less than 2 weeks. This summer has made both me and my DH give serious thought to the idea of me becoming a stay at home mom, or a very part time working mom, for so many reasons. This coming year will be a test, as we are adjusting our spending and living habits to survive mainly on his salary, to sort of prepare us for if/when we decide to go that route.

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    Re: August Infants and Toddlers

    Med - it could be that your MIL offered more than daycare usually does.  When my DS was bottle feeding and started crying my IL's always assumed he was hungry.  I could tell his cries apart and knew if it was hunger or something else (generally gas with my little guy).  If I hadn't been there I'm sure they would have continued to feed him.  Knowing my DS he probably would have drank it even if they wasn't hungry.  Just a thought!

    So my DS, 15 months next week, can walk but is very cautious.  He will walk holding on to your hand and has taken a few steps on his own but as soon as he realizes he's walking will sit down.  Any way I can help him gain the confidence to start walking on his own?  Or should I just wait it out and he'll figure it out when he's ready?

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    Re: August Infants and Toddlers

    clc, just let him do his thing.  My oldest daughter was READY to walk at 9 months and was super-cautious and didn't walk independently until 12 months.  She would literally walk around the room with ONE finger lightly touching the wall, but refuse to walk across.   She'd walk next to us confidently holding one of our fingers lightly and if we took the finger away she'd look up at us accusatorily, and slowly squat into a sitting position. then when she felt ready, she just ran across the room without stumbling.

    My youngest is 14 months right now and sort of walking.  She can walk and will walk for food (seriously; we got her to walk about 10 yards without even stumbling yesterday after DD1 and a proffered ice cream cone) but if she realizes you want her to walk she sits down and laughs at you.  At the library when she thinks I'm ignoring her she'll run to the train table.  If I call her name and say "good job" she sits down immediately. I have a feeling getting her to do her homework in the future might be a battle hahaha. 

    The more confident they are walking, the more frequently they head-butt furniture, walls, and the ground. Just enjoy the lack of head welts and black eyes while you can.

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    Re: August Infants and Toddlers

    they will walk on their own when they are ready. DS did not try until after 13.5 months, and then for at least a month after we saw him take 1-2 steps, his teachers told us that he would refuse to even try if he saw another baby around him, and at home, he would only take a few steps if he knew we would catch him. So he never lurched around while learning, he was much more careful about reducing his fall risk.

    DD on the other hand is turning one this weekend, and she has been starting to toddle around everywhere this month (she is trying to run but she is not quite balanced yet - she laughs when she falls or careens over something and then sometimes she switches to walking on her knees). She is completely the opposite of her brother - she lurches around on very unsteady legs while he would refuse to take a step until he knew he had his balance, and she falls all the time while he hardly fell.

    For her, she is very focused on holding on to her possesions or ripping things from her older brother, so she was walking earlier than him. (he was not as possesive as a baby - you took his favorite toy, he would shrug and wait or do something else while she screams and will work very hard to get it back). 


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    Re: August Infants and Toddlers

    DS didn't get the stomach bug! Yay!

    When did you start using sippy cups with your kids? We have some that say 4 months+ but that seems so early to me. DS is starting to try to hold his bottle. We still help him guide it into his mouth and tip it up, but he's pretty much always got his little hands around it. Is this a sign that we should try giving him a cup with handles? If we do that, what do we put in it? EBM still?

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    Re: August Infants and Toddlers

    we started the girls with straw sippy cups when we started them on solid food (5-5.5 months).  They both found it fairly easy to use the straw.  They would seem kind of confused until one of us demonstrated theatrically.  I can't remember when they got coordinated enough to tip a regular sippy cup up to their mouths--maybe 6.5, 7 months?  I think they probably got regular sippy cups at day care before they got them at home.  We didn't really use bottles at home ever since I was breastfeeding.  They only got bottles at day care and then when they stopped drinking milk at day care they were weaned from the bottle.  I'm not sure if the process is more difficult when a kid is used to a bottle at home.

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    Re: August Infants and Toddlers

    Oh, we just gave them water in the sippy cups.  DD gets a cup of cow milk at bedtime and waking now that she's weaned but that's a recent development.  We are a tap water with meals family.  Not much juice or milk except at the grandparents' houses.

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    Re: August Infants and Toddlers

    We started the sippy around 6 months. Just water. Initially we gave him a 2-handled sippy cup because that is what we had on hand (does anyone else have a Black Hole of Random Baby/Kid Cup Parts None of Which Go Together? I do not know where all the parts disappear to. We're always missing just one integral piece that would make the whole unit come together.). Recently he's been much more interested in the straw Nalgene/Camelback travel cups that DD uses but since he was taught on a sippy he always tips them way back, thus not getting any water and becoming frustrated.

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    Re: August Infants and Toddlers

    Has anyone here dealt with milk oversupply and overactive letdown problems overnight?  I'm trying to figure out if there is anything I can do about this. During the day we seem to do fine, but overnight I struggle with engorgement. I also think DD may take in too much milk too fast overnight, because she usually has a big vomit after each overnight feeding, whereas during the day it's more often little spit ups.  I also had a plugged duct recently, which could be related to this issue.  And some nights I wake up so uncomfortably engorged that it is hard to sleep.  

    Her feedings are probably a little more spaced out on average overnight, but she only sleeps 3-4 hours in a stretch, so it's not ridiculously long.  I think she would be fine feeding from one side only overnight, but I'm too uncomfortable for that solution. I'm worried if I pump, I'll just make the problem worse, but maybe I have to try it just a little... Any ideas?  Maybe I should try one of the LC drop in groups...

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    Re: August Infants and Toddlers

    Chiclet - we started DS on sippy's at 6 months.  We just did water at every meal.  Some days he would drink it and others he wouldn't, I never pushed it but it was always an option.  My pedi recommended against the ones with handles because she said it would be one more transition to a regular cup and wasn't necessary.  Since I hadn't purchased any yet I didn't mind but if I already had those at home I would have used them.  We do the Take & Toss with water at meals and now that he's on cow's milk we use the Playtex sippys for milk.  We've tried the Camelback ones and he likes the idea of it but does the same as Poppy's son and tips it and then gets frustrated. 

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    Re: August Infants and Toddlers

    Agreed on the walking. My DS didn't take his first steps until 14 months, and he's always been a cautious kid (so much so that we don't even use baby gates!). It was definitely a few weeks at least before he started walking more than a few steps at a time, and he was like CWag's DS at daycare -- never wanted to walk with another kid around him. Fast forward to 18 months, he is running everywhere!

    We started on sippys around 6 months, too. For quite awhile, they were just a toy. He's pretty addicted to his "dawa" (water) now, though. Guess it's ok as long as it's just water...?

    Siena, though I had the opposite problem with supply, I do remember people suggesting pumping or hand-expressing before feeding, but I would definitely see what an LC has to say.

    We just got back from a week at the beach with my mom's extended family. DS loved it! Seeing him try to comprehend the ocean was just awesome. The first day, he just plunked his butt in the sand and STARED at it for a good 10 minutes. He wouldn't even respond to us trying to give him toys -- he just wanted to stare. Next day he was running around in the tidepools shrieking with excitement, and by our last day my mom and DH had him in the shallows, dunking and playing in the breakers. I've definitely got a water baby!

    DS also had a major language explosion last week. Wonder if it's a coincidence that he was surrounded by kids 4 and up? He's repeating everything, and went from having maybe a dozen words at his 18 month checkup to at least twice that. So awesome!

    We're also in the process of moving to 1 nap. DS has been only taking 1 at daycare for awhile, but consistently doing 2 at home. When we asked the pedi, he said it could end up messing with his sleep rhythms, so if possible we should try to make them consistent. A couple of late wakeups and missed naps on vacation made us decide to try it. After a couple days of trying, I have a couple questions:

    - Those of you who made this transition with a toddler, did you do it gradually? We kinda went cold turkey, and DS was a tantrum-spewing mess by bedtime both days we did just a midday nap. I'm thinking of pulling back a bit, just doing both naps later until it gradually becomes 1.

    - Most kids I know that do 1 nap sleep for at least 2 hours. My cousin's 20 month-old regularly does 3-4! DS has been doing two naps totalling about 3 hours up until now. The couple days we did this midday nap, he only did about 1-1.5 hours and as I said was beyond exhausted by bedtime. As the single nap becomes more regular, can I expect him to go longer? 

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    Re: August Infants and Toddlers

    Thank you, everyone, for the thoughts on DS eating so much more with my mom!  I think part of the problem may be that DS is a major sucker, loves the pacifier, fingers, or anything he can get.  So I think he will eat more than he's actually hungry for, and my mom has mixed feelings about the pacifier.  I read up on pacifiers and talked with my mom about it (explained I knew how she felt, but the pacifier is legit and isn't just "cheating"!) and she agreed to try the pacifier before heating up another bottle if he's still cranky after eating.  I explained that if he's actually hungry, the pacifier won't help for long - he'll let her know!

    Siena - how old is your LO?  I had that problem with both kids, but it evened out after a couple of months.  Sorry to hear about the plugged duct - the worst!  Were you pumping a lot to try to clear the clog?  If so, maybe you need to wean off the pump gradually?

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    Re: August Infants and Toddlers

    clc - I think your DS is justing moving at his own pace and he will get there. 

    We also started DS on a sippy cup at 6 months filled with water only.  We started with the ones with handles and then moved onto the kind with the straw soon after that.  He seemed to have no problem with the transition. 

    I am interested also to hear everyones thoughts on moving to 1 nap.  DS, almost 14 months, is all over the place with his naps.  Sometimes he sleeps 2 hours in the morning then 30 minutes in the afternoon and, other times like today, no nap in the morning and a short nap in the afternoon.  I think he is ready to go to 1 nap but he gets so clingy and just wants to be held when he is tired. 

    Last weekend was the first time I was away from him.  We had a wedding in Maine and he did great with Grammie but I missed him so much!  It was so cute to see how excited he was to see us when we picked him up.  He is running and climbing on everything.  He also says about 10 words.  He is getting so big and such a love!  

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    Re: August Infants and Toddlers

    Hi Medford--my DD is 9 weeks old, so maybe the problem will let up on its own. I only pumped once while trying to clear the clog, so I don't think that is causing this problem. Im trying to build a stash since Im returning to work in a couple weeks, but Im only pumping once per day at most and not overnight. 

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    Re: August Infants and Toddlers

    Siena - my milk did not regulate until around 3 months.  So hopefully it will work itself out with time.

    DS is hitting then starts laughing when I tell him no.  He is also grabbing paws, tails and backs of the dogs and not nicely.  When I tell him gentle he will give them a hug but it is getting worse.  This morning he slap one of the dogs in the face. Any suggestions on how to stop this behavior?

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    Re: August Infants and Toddlers

    Hi Siena,
    My DD is 12 weeks old and I have had similar oversupply issues.  I will say that it took a good 2 months to somewhat regulate my supply and I don't know that I'm completely regulated yet.  I would say that if you are terribly uncomfortable that it is okay to pump a little bit.  Just don't pump completely - just enough to make you feel better.  That is what I have done and it has been helpful and also helps me build up my freezer stash.  That said, I still have a very fast letdown and if my DD unlatches for a second, she gets sprayed in the face.  I feel bad because it causes her to eat so fast, and then have gas/spit-up.  Sometimes if it is too much for her to handle, I just hold a towel or burp cloth over myself until it slows down enough for her to handle it.


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    Re: August Infants and Toddlers

    Siena - I totally agree with ALS - just make yourself a tiny bit more comfortable if you need to.  Also if you ask a LC, take it with a grain of salt.  I remember with my DD that I mentioned to one that I was pumping a tiny bit before feeding her (this was when she was about 2-3 weeks), and the LC warned me that it would make the engorgement worse and told me not to... but I could tell for myself that when it was so overfull it was too hard for DD to get a good latch, so I ignored that.  Once you understand the principles (e.g. supply and demand, let down), which it seems like you do, trust your instincts.  I definitely woke up in a puddle a lot those first few months.  Annoying, but hopefully it will improve soon!

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    Re: August Infants and Toddlers

    Thanks for the advice & tips ALS and medford! I will try to a little pumping or just catching it in a towel to try to help DD manage it. I'm relieved to hear it may regulate better with time.  

    Today has been a rough day.  I've been working hard over the past 2 weeks to help DD to nap more consistently, and it was going pretty well.  But today every time I put her down, she wakes up screaming within 15-20 minutes.  It has been totally ridiculous. Hoping it doesn't bode poorly for tonight.  and hoping tomorrow goes better! 

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    Re: August Infants and Toddlers

    I hope your night was OK, Siena.  I remember when DD was about 5 months old she had one horrible night and following day like that, for no apparent reason. 

    I can't believe I'm even thinking this, but when does the "high risk" or AMA kick in for age?  If you ge pg before 35 but turn 35 or do you have to be 35 before getting pg?  And what does it involve?  Extra monitoring?  I'm not pg, but, I'm wondering about a potential second.  I turned 24 earlier this summer.  I'm ready quite yet, and it took a year to get pg with DD, so its safe to say I'd be 35 or maybe 36 if we were to go for it.

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    Re: August Infants and Toddlers

    Siena, I agree with the others...pump just enough to get comfortable, but not as much as you would if you were trying to replace a feeding.  That overfull feeling is the worst! 

    November, I had DD at 34 and DS at 36.  I had pregnancy induced hypertension with both of them, starting around week 25, so I'm not sure how much of my "extra care" was because of the history and how much was my age.  The only real difference was that after 32 weeks (I think), I started having Non-stress tests at every appointment.  I did see a perinatologist around week 16 for an evaluation, too, but she kicked me right back to my MW and OB team...again, not sure if it was because of age or more about how my prior pregnancy had gone with the BP. 

    DS turns 1 next week...hard to believe that at this time last year I was just about starting with some irregular contractions, and now he's standing on his own, eating everything in site, "talking" all the time, and crawling, creeping and cruising all around the house. 

    We started thinking about #2 just after DD (aka#1) turned 1, and they're 22 months apart.  I'd love to have a 3rd, but we're not planning to stop preventing that until at least the spring, so we'll have a little more space between them (more like 2.5 years this time), if it happens.  Moving out of the baby/infant stage into the beginnings of toddler-hood (as well as cutting down nursing, which I'm sure has my hormones going crazy) definitely does give me a bit of baby fever, though! 

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    Re: August Infants and Toddlers

    Novem, I had DS #1 at 37 and DS #2 at 39. I was considered AMA for both. At my OB's practice that meant having my ERA and anatomy scan with a perinatalogist, along with weekly stress tests and u/s after 35 weeks. (That's because older moms have a greater chance of placental deterioration, so they like to keep a close eye.) Beyond that, there were no other "procedures" because I was AMA. My OB talked through all testing options (like CVS, amnio, ERA, etc.), but the final choice was mine and there was never any pressure to go one way or the other. (We opted each time for the ERA. Our risks came back low enough that we felt comfortable proceeding without further testing.)

    My OB is  just about my age, so we had lots of talks about the AMA label. She said that she really doesn't worry about moms between 35-39 as long as they are in good health and reasonably fit. After 40, there can be more causes for concern (higher risk for defects, more m/c's, etc.), but even then many women go on to have perfectly healthy pregnancies and babies.

    Good luck with your decision! I will say that I love having two (and only two!). Now that they are 4 and 2, they really like playing with each other. One of my favorite parts is that the first one awake always asks to go find the other right away. They miss each other at night. 

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    Re: August Infants and Toddlers

    I was 34 when I got pregnant with DS (#1), but because his due date was 3 weeks after my birthday, my OB explained that I was AMA. He was born the day before my birthday :)

    But she told me for both of mine, she saw me as low risk because other than the age, nothing else was a concern throughout both of them. The only extra workup I recall specific to my age was doing the anatomy scan with a perinatologist (and for my second, they required genetic counseling due to my and my husband's ages). Other than that, I don't recall any extra stuff - no extra u/s or stress tests at the end - just the usual weekly checks which were very brief.

    So it will really be between you and your OB, and whether there is anything in your medical history especially with your last pregnancy that are concerns.

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    Re: August Infants and Toddlers

    I also turned 35 before DS (#2) was born, so was considered AMA.  For my OB, that implied the 12 week ERA, non-stress tests near the end of the pregnancy, and for some reason two glucose tolerance tests (one earlier on and another later, yuck!), whereas with DD (#1), only one GTT.

    I also have a bit of baby fever, even though my baby is only 4 months!  He's just SO fantastic.  I am really sad at the thought of him growing up... not sure if I actually want 3 kids, or if I just want to freeze DS.  Going by so fast this time...

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    Re: August Infants and Toddlers

    I've never had a non-AMA pregnancy, so can't compare, but my experience was very low-key, like Medford's but without the extra GTT. I think a lot of it depends upon your doctor/midwife and your medical history.

    My mom has not yet gotten a gift for DS, who just turned one. She'd like to know what we'd like. I am having such a hard time thinking of what to tell her. I know she wants to get something he would enjoy (as opposed to clothes, etc). A tricycle-with-handle was going to be my pick for her, but then we unexpectedly got one from another family member. We also got a PB chair and a little tool bench. For the life of me I cannot think of something else that isn't a run-of-the-mill toy to recommend to her. What are some things your 1 year olds have particularly enjoyed? I am still thinking of a wagon (I know you all have had mixed feelings about them), but wondering how much I'll actually use it. I'm not sure the one I want will fit in my car...

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    Re: August Infants and Toddlers

    How about a puppy?  J/k.  OUr dog is DD's favorite toy though (the poor thing). Can't remember if you did this with your older one, but maybe a museaum or aquarium membership?  Or one of those baby gym places?  Something to do during the winter?  That's what I'm starting to think of suggesting for Xmas (maybe Nana will get it a couple of months early?)  I will say we scrapped the proposed wagon because DD, LOVES her Smarttrike.  It has been a godsend as it is the only contraption she will actually sit in for any extended period of time.  We take it everywhere.