Am trying to decide what colors to decorate our DD and DS's new rooms (we're moving in a few weeks).  I've never fully decorated a room for a baby, since when DD was born we put her in a room that was already green and were selling the condo shortly thereafter so I didn't go crazy with customizing it (and we've been at the in-laws for 8 months so no decorating there) and DS will be brand new so I've never done a boy's room!

I'm tentatively thinking a rose pink (kind of bright) with gray for DD (maybe like a bright pink accent wall, then the other three a light gray), and maybe blue and green for DS.  Also contemplating whether to add chair rails and/or moldings to make it a tiny bit nicer.

Would love to hear how you've painted/decorated rooms for your LOs - things you've loved, or things you thought you'd like then didn't!  Thanks!