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Baby carrier recommendations

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    Baby carrier recommendations

    I am looking for recommendations for baby carriers.  For my 1st baby I had an Infantino baby carrier.  It did not have good back support and it made my back hurt so I hardly used it.  I have seen the Moby wrap, and of course there is the Baby Bjorn.  I am going to need my hands free as much as possible since my chidren will be less than 2 years apart and I will be chasing my oldest around.  Any recommendations would be appreciated greatly!
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    Re: Baby carrier recommendations

    quite a few parents have the ergo (spelling?) that they love!  my sister and brother in law LOVED their baby bjorn - you can get the upgraded one with some serious lumbar suppport

    others swear by slings.  I think it's also based on your comfort, your size (are you tall, short, etc.?) that makes different things comfortable on different size and shape people
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    Re: Baby carrier recommendations

    I have the bjorn and loved it.  The only downsize is the weight limit which my son quickly grew out of.  They may make other bjorn models that hold more weight.  I would suggest checking them out.
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    Re: Baby carrier recommendations

    It might help to go to a specailty store and try on a few models or attend a babywearing class.  Crunchy Granola Baby in Salem MA offers demo days and will help walk-ins with trying different types of carriers. I'm sure there are other specialty stores that do the same.

    I tried this one the other day and wish I had it when my son was an infant.

    I actually used the Baby K'Tan and I liked it while my son was small (under 20 lbs), but it doesn't really work for us now even though it says it goes up to 35 lbs.
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    Re: Baby carrier recommendations

    I agree about trying some before you commit... never occured to me as I picked up a like-new Bjorn for $10 at the MOMA sale before DD was born!  We used it a lot until she was maybe 8-9 months old, DH used to do housework with her in it (LOVED that scene!)  We also had a Playtex Hip thing that I never really used and a sling (the Infatino one that got recalled!) that I used only when she was really small

    I am not sure using it until 35 lbs is really realistic, not matter which one you get... DD is 2 and of average weight and still under 30 lbs, and there is NO WAY she'd be happy in most carriers that we could have used earlier than a year, though we do have a Kelty Backpack (LOVE that MOMA sale!) which we use for hikes or walks in the woods, which is much roomier and with more structure (for her and us) and she does like that - she's up at our head level and can see, which I think is a big part of it.

    Anyway, like most things that you need or want when they are very little, bear in mind that oods are it won't be suitable beyond a year or so

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    Re: Baby carrier recommendations

    If anything, I highly recomend AGAINST any style of Baby Bjorn carrier.  They are only good facing in for a few months and THAT'S IT.  Using these carriers facing out if very bad for baby's back and hip development, any style of hold when the baby is facing out and just dangling by the crotch is bad news.  This also places lots of strain on Mom's back as well which is why lots of moms (and Dads) complain about sore backs.

    The Ergo is a very popular style of carrier and is referred to as a soft structured carrier or SSC for short.  There are a few other brands which quickly come to mind as well, the Beco, Caylx, BabyHawk Oh Snap.  I believe the Ergo is the most popular among the SSCs.

    As for advice on choosing the best carrier, you should check out It is a very comprehensive site, the best out there.  Check out the link on choosing the right carrier.

    Also, I am a member of the Boston Babywearer's group and we have monthly meetings and a yahoo group where you can find out more.  At the monthly meetings, you can try out lots of different carriers WITH the help of really experienced babywearers who actually know how to use all the carriers and can discuss all the pros and cons at length.  They are an awesome bunch!

    I also want to warn against any pouch style carriers like the Serena and Lilly pouch or Hotslings for newborns.  They are very difficult to position newborns in and its hard to get the right size sling to baby ratio.  The infantino pouch is the one subject to the recall but all those pouches are dangerous and should have been recalled.  They are fine for older babies but not newborns!!!!

    Personally, I started with the MOBY for about 0-5 months.  There were a variety of good holds I could use and I could put the sling on before I left the house and just pop baby in and out as I did my errands around town.  It also worked great for me at 5'8" and my husband 6'1" and he is broad chested.

    I then choose a mei-tai style carrier once DS was good about holding his head up.  He really wanted to look around and see the world but forward facing front carrys aren't good for baby so I switched to a back carry in the mei-tai.  I bought both the babyhawk and togetherbe which I like equally.  At around 5-6 months, I could tie the mei-tai really high on my waist, nearly to my chest, so DS could look out over my shoulder and see the world.

    I never once had any back pain or soreness and DS is now 23 lbs and I still put him in the mei-tai every day and out shopping.
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    Re: Baby carrier recommendations

    I love this topic maybe a little TOO much.

    We used the moby, bjorn, ergo, and babytrekker. We tried the maya wrap but couldn't get the hang of it. Our first carrier, before we knew better, was the now-recalled infantino sling, which we used for about 1 minute before realizing that it was a death trap (different from the infantino carrier the OP used, which is also crummy but not a death trap). There are other carriers -- chicco, snugli -- that purport to be similar but cheaper versions of the bjorn or ergo. They are terrible and you shouldn't buy them. They'll kill your shoulders and back, and the baby will hate them.

    First off, the moby. The moby is, in my opinion, the BEST way to carry a newborn. You wrap it around your body (it comes with a booklet, and there are also many instructional videos online) and tuck the baby into the folds. (It's also a nice way to cover your post-pregnant body.) The baby can snuggle against your heart in an upright position, and you can see her face and feel her breathing against your chest. Babies are super into it because it's warm, dark, and tight, and they're in constant motion (just like life in the womb), and it's also very comforting for mom, who is trying to adjust to the feeling of having the baby outside her body after so long on the inside. You can eat two-handed, pee, and do light yoga with the baby in the moby. You can also nurse the baby in the moby, which means you don't have to go through a whole ordeal of positioning and disrobing, and the moby will keep you covered in public when you nurse. There are other positions for larger babies, and lots of babies like those too. My daughter didn't, so we retired the moby after three months. But for those three months it was a very important part of our lives and worth every penny. There were times when she'd be crying inconsolably and seemed like she'd never stop, and then we'd pop her into the moby and she'd immediately fall asleep. CONS: There's a learning curve, so you should practice with a doll before the baby comes; putting it on can be kind of a pain; it isn't supposed to go in the dryer, and it takes a really long time to air dry 40 feet of heavy fabric.

    The bjorn: you really can't beat the bjorn for ease. It's so simple to pop the baby in and out. If you have a fat baby who likes to face in, this carrier can work for you for a short period of time. BUT if you have a skinny baby, the bjorn is very loose. And if the baby likes to face out, she'll always be leaning away from your body, which felt, to me, unsafe. Also, the bjorn is really hard on the parent's back and shoulders. There are models that offer back support, but they're more expensive and harder to use, so if you're going to go to all that trouble you might as well just get a better carrier. Also, the bjorn is supposed to be bad for babies because it dangles them from their crotch, putting pressure on their spine, instead of having them seated with their legs around the parent's body. I don't know how much that really matters, since nobody uses the bjorn for extended periods of time because it's uncomfortable.

    The ergo: The ergo is a soft-bodied carrier that keeps the baby in a proper seated position, with a wide base that cradles her bum and allows her legs to wrap around the parent. It fastens around your hips, so there's a strap across your belly fat. It comes with a hood which allows for semi-discreet nursing. CONS: the ergo is expensive, and I've read that their customer service is not good; the baby can only face in, so if your baby wants to outward-face, like mine did, she won't like it; it's not very easy to get it on -- there's a strap in the back that you're supposed to be able to snap, but I couldn't do it without help.

    My absolute FAVORITE is the BabyTrekker, which is a soft-bodied carrier with FIVE positions ( Our daughter didn't like to face in, and with the trekker I was able to put her on my back in the outward-facing carry and do all kinds of stuff, from walking to planting a tree. For smaller babies there's a nursing position, but for larger ones you can just pull down your shirt and flip the hood over her head -- my daughter often falls asleep nursing while we shop. I don't have to stop what I'm doing, I just walk and nurse. I could wear the trekker for hours without any back strain. It's very comfortable and easy to use. The only CON is that the strap goes around your waist instead of your hips, which isn't super flattering. The Trekker carries a satisfaction guarantee. When you call to order, you speak to the actual lady who designed and makes them, and she's very nice and helpful. It's $150, which is a lot of money, but for us it was worth it.

    Magic Beans in Brookline has an assortment of carriers with floor models and a scary weighted baby doll for experimentation.
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    Re: Baby carrier recommendations

    SarahInActon, I've been eyeing the BabyHawk oh snap. My Chinese neighbor kept trying to sell me on the Mai Tei (she mocked me for wearing a baby on my front) but it looked too complicated -- the Oh Snap looks pretty easy. I think my husband would kill me if I bought another baby carrier, though.
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    Re: Baby carrier recommendations

    I can show you how to use it (going to D's???).  I like the regular mei tais because I like to be able to adjust the straps depending on the exact moment.  I can't stand fussing with buckles which is why the ergo didn't work for me.  And I hate the thick padding on some of the carriers that makes it look like I'm toting my LLBean backpack from elementary school
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    Re: Baby carrier recommendations

    That's another problem with the Trekker -- TONS of padding. Of course, that also makes it more comfortable.

    I am pretty clumsy and bumbling, so I like to have straps and buckles -- I can't be trusted to tie my own knots.

    I would like to trade my Ergo in for an Oh Snap. The one with the skull print!
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    Re: Baby carrier recommendations

    the Ergo with infant insert has been a lifesaver for us (3 mo old now).  I have a bad back and it distributes the weight very well between shoulders and hips and I can carry DD in it for hours.  it is also what we use to put her to sleep when she's fussy and overtired.  I put her in, hold a pacifier in her mouth and bounce on an exercise ball and it works every time.  or keep it in my stroller bag to use when we are out if she's getting too much stimulation riding in the stroller and she can't fall asleep.  for a few weeks it was the only way I could do things around the house 2 handed.  also, the hood makes a great sun shield and she can be totally covered since her legs and arms don't stick out the sides yet.  the only downside is that it is tough to eat while wearing it...  I've done it many times but think a sling where the baby is lower and to one side would make that easier.  I have another type of ring sling that someone gave me which I haven't used much because I can't get her into it where it seems safe.  Though I wonder if it will work now that she has more head control.  It's called the Kangaroo Korner - anyone used that one?

    I think trying them all out is a great idea, I wish I had done it.  Maybe I will now!
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    Re: Baby carrier recommendations

    just reread the OP that this is your second child... so I guess you don't need my advice about soothing a fussy baby!  well the Ergo is definitely hands free.  with the infant insert and hood you don't feel the need to support their head at all with your hand and the little head movement she did get when I was doing stuff around the house just helped put her to sleep.  I always see people in the Bjorn with one hand behind the newborn's head for extra support it seems?  but the Ergo is very difficult to put on by yourself.  doable once you get the hang of it, but takes practice.  But any time I've used the ring sling I have, I still need to keep a hand on her for support so her chin isn't scrunched into her chest.  but I may be doing it wrong.

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    Re: Baby carrier recommendations

    Just had to add this ... baby in the Moby.

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    Re: Baby carrier recommendations

    You can check out different carriers at; They have pros and cons for the different brands/types. They also have a shop. I also second (third?) the recommendation to go try different ones.  I know many people say that babies shouldn't be forward facing (mostly because it can overstimulate them and they can't get away from it if facing forward).  However, my daughter hated facing in.  Once she was a couple months old, she wouldn't go in the carrier unless we faced her out, then she loved it. 

    Lemonmelon, the babytrekker looks great!  I should consider this one for #2.
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    Re: Baby carrier recommendations

    Hi ERPT,  I had a Baby Bjorn, which I was sort of meh about (it was convenient but didn't feel that great for my back for extended periods of time). A friend gave me a Cuddly Wrap ( and I LOVED it. If you have the patience to deal with the long wrap-around fabric (I guess it's like a Moby Wrap, I hadn't seen those before) it's so comfortable and DS loved it, especially as an infant. It wasn't great for quick dashing in and out of a store, for instance, but if I knew I was going to be carrying DS for an extended period of time (on a walk or for just being around the house, for instance -- I even brought him to a museum that way!), it was much more comfortable than the Bjorn and I loved the feeling that he was snuggled right up against me.