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Baby Tracking Apps

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    Baby Tracking Apps

    Does anyone use an app on their phone or other system to track their baby feedings, sleep, BM's, pees, etc?  If so, how much do you track?

    In the hospital, they gave us a booklet to track how many times I nursed, how many pees and how many stools she had each day for the first 10 days.  I started adding sleep to it, since I wanted to know how long she was sleeping.  Then, I made my own spreadsheet/printout to track feedings, sleep, pees and stools and have been using it since the hospital worksheet ended.  DD is now 5 weeks old, and I found an app that works on my phone called iBaby that does the same thing. I find that using my phone is a lot easier than carrying around a pen and paper. 

    I like keeping a record of all her actions, but I wonder if I am tracking too much?  I like it for knowing which breast I last nursed on, and how long she nursed.  And I definitely like it for sleep tracking and reminding myself to give her her Vit. D supplements each day.  But I wonder if I need to note every diaper change anymore.  And I fear I am becoming a slave to the app/noting everything we do.  I find that I reach first for the phone and open the app before I pick up the baby to feed, when I think I should probably be taking care of my child and not worrying about the exact time she woke up. 

    I would love to hear from other moms if they track these things, what they track (and how much), what they use to track it, and how long you used the system for (like only for the first 2 months, or 6 months, etc). 
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    Re: Baby Tracking Apps

    I tracked a lot in the beginning to- it was very helpful because DH was home and also doing things... I still use a paper and pencil tracking method when DS is sick and I have to give meds... really helpful.  And in the initial sleep deprived state, I think it is really important.

    that said, I stopped tracking after the first month or so. Diapers in the beginning are tracked to ensure that they are peeing out everything that is going in and not dehydrated.  usually, once you get them on a cycle, it isn't as necessary.

    as I type this though, DS is in daycare so I get a report of his pees/poops all day, how many hours he slept, etc. so I guess in some way I am tracking everything still (at 16 months). however, you probably don't need to be as vigilent- you will also begin to get a sense of how LO is doing.  And, as your BFing gets more normal, you will be able to tell (clearly) which breast is fuller.

    as for vitamins, i give them every day at the same time. I leave it on the counter until I give it and then put it away. helps with the memory.  can you talk with your pediatrician at your next visit?
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    Re: Baby Tracking Apps

    We use an app called Baby ESP.  ESP= Eat, Sleep, P00p.  Ha!  It is such a great app especially if you have 2 little ones and can hardly remember whose diaper you changed last!  We track everything.  You can have it on multiple phones and then it syncs up so everyone knows what's going on.  I can also check in from work to see what's going on when DH is home with the kiddos.  I use is to time nursing, keep track of meals for my toddler, and keep track of how much and when I pump at work.  I can't say enough great things about it.  If you're an analyser type of person, you will love having all the data and charting it, etc.

    Oh, all that being said, we didn't discover this app until I went back to work after DS was born, so we've been using it since he was about 3 months old, and he's now almost 5 months.  I can see us using it indefinitely.  But that's just my personality.  I wish I had known about it sooner! 
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    Re: Baby Tracking Apps

    I tracked for quite a while with my twins.  Otherwise I couldn't keep track of how much they were eating, sleeping etc.  My DS sometimes wouldn't eat, or "snacked" in the morning so I wanted to make sure he was getting enough.
    I stopped tracking wet/dirty diapers and started tracking sleep patterns after about 4 weeks.  And when we started solids at 4 months I tracked that for a while.  Looking back I have no idea why I did that, but so be it.
    When I started potty training I made a little journal. It's helped me look back and see if we were making progress. Again - probably silly, but with twins it's helps me keep things straight.  I must have a terrible case of mommy brain!
    If it helps you - then track away!
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    Re: Baby Tracking Apps

    We also use Baby ESP for daughter #2 (6 months) and love it!  And, like Trouble, we have it on multiple phones (mine, my husband's and our nanny's), which has proved incredibly helpful for overall communication.

    I tracked everything for our older daughter (old fashioned pen and paper) until she was 18 months.  I kept it up that long, I think, out of habit ...

    I like tracking because I am able to use the information to identify patterns (naps, growth spurts, etc.) and keep a handle on how much food (breast milk and now solid foods) is being consumed. I also use Baby ESP to track my pumping production - which I've found insightful and helpful.

    I found myself referring to the old notebooks from our first daughter as I prepare for the next stage with our younger daughter (e.g. when did she start sleeping through the night.  What where her patterns as she started learning to sleep longer. What foods (after rice cereal) did I introduce first. etc.) I have found that information incredibly helpful. 

    How long you track, I think, is entirely up to you and your comfort level.  I love BabyESP and our nanny loves it - so I expect we'll continue on for some time.  I only wish it had a better interface for solid foods ...

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    Re: Baby Tracking Apps

    We tracked post-hospital using pen and paper. We were clueless about babies and tracking really helped us learn how often to expect her to have wet diapers, sleep between feedings, etc. I think we stopped around 10 days because we kept forgetting to write stuff down and she was a very regular eater.

    I started tracking again when I was getting concerned that she didn't sleep enough. My ped told me that she probably was creating routines that I just didn't see without keeping track of it. Turns out she was right and DD was getting the average amount of sleep for her age.

    I couldn't keep up with it now (10.5 mo). I am just not a very good tracker. Hence why I can never seem to lose weight using weight watchers! Undecided
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    Re: Baby Tracking Apps

    In Response to Re: Baby Tracking Apps:
    I am just not a very good tracker. Hence why I can never seem to lose weight using weight watchers!
    Posted by Redsoxfan76

    :)  I hear you.
    I think after the first few weeks it's just something to do if you enjoy doing it.  Definitely not a requirement.
    We are paper and pencil trackers, but after the first few weeks, the tracking became only as a way to communicate from caregivers back to us.  We (my husband and I) didn't do it any more.
    Here is one low tech "tracking" I did: our LO spit up a lot, so I would often feed her only one side at a time (not sure if this actually helped the spitting up, but anyway...).  I would put an object, like my glasses case, in our feeding area on whichever side we were nursing.  Then when we came back again I'd switch it to the other side.
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    Re: Baby Tracking Apps

    I like to write things down, so I kept notes until... wait for it... last week.  Things are constantly changing, so there always seemed to be something to track - how often BFing, how long napping, how many solids.  I was home with DD (10 months) last week and pretty much stopped writing down everything besides when she naps and goes to sleep because I am still obsessed with making sure she gets enough sleep. 

    Daycare writes down how many diapers, how many poops, when she napped, and when she ate.  I have actually told her more than once that she doesn't have to write as much, but she keeps doing it.  She must think I am a crazy mama!!  I told her again yesterday that I only need to know if DD pooped, but she still writes down the time every time she changes a diaper.
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    Re: Baby Tracking Apps

    The subject heading made me think of Marlin Perkins and Jim out in the wild, tracking babies...

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    Re: Baby Tracking Apps

    In Response to Re: Baby Tracking Apps:
    The subject heading made me think of Marlin Perkins and Jim out in the wild, tracking babies...
    Posted by purplecow89

    The most dangerous game
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    Re: Baby Tracking Apps

    I did a trial of BabyESP and like it better than iBaby.  It tracks more activities and I like the charts and stats better.  And the fact that it syncs the data to back it up is fantastic.  I switched this weekend - thanks for the info!

    Too bad it only works for Android - my husband had an iPad and Blackberry.  And now I need to decide if I want to bother going back to input old data.