Baby's 1st Birthday Party!

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    Baby's 1st Birthday Party!

    My DD is going to be 1 in less than a week!!!  Where does the time go?  We're having a small birthday party for her to celebrate.  Here's where I'm at so far: 

    - 12 guests which include 2 other babies the same age and one slightly older (3)
    - 2 hour timeframe which hopefully will be right after her morning nap
    - designated baby play area cordoned off with a superyard and surrounded with chairs for adult guests
    - Some finger foods (I'm thinking for the adults) and of course cake

    What am I missing?  Do we do candles for a one year old?  I've also heard some people do an indiviual cake for the birthday girl.  My DD has never had cake though.. I honestly can't remember what one year old parties I've been to were like because I was not a parent at that time and didn't really relate.  Do I need to plan activities for the babies?  I'm thinking just put toys in the pen and let them play.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated!
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    Re: Baby's 1st Birthday Party!

    Hi Trouble
    You may want to get her a little cake to smoosh or a cupcake.  It's very cute when the plant their little hands in the cake.  :)
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    Re: Baby's 1st Birthday Party!

    Trouble-You're idea sounds great.  I second Winter's idea about a cupcake.  I've been to other first birthday parties were the child has never had a cake and its so funny watching them experience the cupcake/individual cake for the first time.  It also makes for a great photo opportunity.  I can not remember if the cake had candles (I don't think so). 

    Also, I think you're OK without games.  However, most of the first birthday parties I have been to have been huge family events so the babies just played with each other like any ordinary day.  Have a great time and Happy First B-day to DD!

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    Re: Baby's 1st Birthday Party!

    Happy first birthday to your DD!!!

    My SIL didn't have any games at my nieces first birthday she just put out some of my nieces toys so the kids could play with them.  She also didn't have a seperate cupcake or cake, she just gave her a slice after they blew out the candle.  I have a cute picture of my niece, SIL and brother blowing out the candle and a very happy niece eating her first piece of cake with a big smile!
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    Re: Baby's 1st Birthday Party!

    I would get a cupcake for DD. We did that for our DD first birthday  I ordered the cake and cupcake from a local bakery. We had balloons as a theme, so there was a bunch of balloons in icing on the big cake, and a single balloon on her cupcake to match.
    DD had also never had cake before, and it was great to see her with it - she was so into squishing it in her fingers - the texture was all new too - that when she finally got around to tasting it, she was funny to watch because she had never had anything that sweet either.
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    Re: Baby's 1st Birthday Party!

    I just gave my DS a slice of the big cake rather than getting him a separate cupcake. It worked, although, probably wasn't as cute for the photos:) I did get a candle but didn't end up lighting it.

    We didn't do organized activities - just let the kids and babies play.

    It was a bit of a disaster nap-wise. My family came from out of town and showed up hours early, stimulating my DS so much that he refused to nap before the party. He was exhausted but held up until the last person left for the day and then had a meltdown of monumental proportions.

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    Re: Baby's 1st Birthday Party!

    I agree with others that your idea is a good one--IMO simple is best.  If you wanted to add a couple of special things for the babies, you could blow a few bubbles or put on some kid-friendly music (i.e. Laurie Berkner Band).  

    Have fun!!