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Books for Toddlers

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    Books for Toddlers

    My 2 1/2 year old twins love to read.  I think we're moving beyond board books with only a sentence or two on them.
    My DS loves Dr. Suess - Green Eggs and Ham, Cat and the Hat etc.
    We also have all the "If you Give..." books and they both love those.
    Any other suggestions?
    I don't have much time to go browse at a book store - and it's hard to tell sometimes on Amazon.
    Thanks for any suggestions!
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    Re: Books for Toddlers

    Misslily - For slightly more complex books, I have found that DD loves the Curious George books, and also she has a book called The Complete Farmyard Tales, it is a big book that has maybe 12-15 stories that had been individual books. Each story is stand alone, so I tell DD we are reading only one or two, because otherwise she'd want to hear the whole thing, but she really likes them. We still do the short board books, but now (at 3) she has a few of them pretty much memorized, and she will "read" them to me. It makes her so proud. The Dr. Seuss or P.D Eastman books are also good, but you already mentioned those.
    I have a set of Peter Rabbit etc. books that I should try reading DD again. I tried when she was much younger, and she wasn't really all that into them (too wordy at the time) but now her attention span is so much better she might like them. With her increased attention span, I have been wondering if she would like the Winnie the Pooh books by A.A. Milne, or maybe Paddington Bear. Those are both chapter books, but I wonder f she would be ready for a chapter or two a day. I know she remembers the stories we've read over and over, so maybe she'll be able to handle a story broken up over several nights.
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    Re: Books for Toddlers

    Hi Misslily - I don't have a toddler, my DD is only 10 mo now. But my SIL has a 2.5 year old and she brings him to the library every week to pick out his own books from the kids section. Then they read the books all week. That way you don't have to spend a lot of time in the book store and they can pick out what they like or are interested in. They really enjoy the time together and he looks forward to it every week. Plus - its free! Which I'm sure is always a plus when you have twins (it is for me with 1!). :)

    Hope this helps!
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    Re: Books for Toddlers

    My 2 y/o DS loves the Numeroff books (to the point where he can recite them), but he's a big Curious George fan.  Also, he really likes the Eric Carle books - Polar Bear, Polar Bear What do you Hear and Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See? are big hits at our house, but also the tortoise one.  I have an adorable book that I think is called Giraffes Don't Dance or something like that he loves.  Also, consider the Mo Willems books - DS loves the Pigeon books (not going to lie, they're not great literature or educational, but he gets the biggest kick out of the Pigeon and I have no idea why).  Anything with Thomas the Tank Engine or trucks gets a win.  Check out the Golden Books - we have a Three Little Pigs one that he would never sit still to read until recently; now we read it constantly.

    I love that he loves to read, but it does sometimes get tough to read the same ones over and over, so I completely second the library recommendation.
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    Re: Books for Toddlers

    We are getting into the little golden books right now.  She loves, loves the Poky Little Puppy.  She also has a Richard Scarry one that she loves (word book? not sure of the exact title).

    It's probably hard to wrangle twins at the library, but I think they expect chaos on weekday mornings.  As long as they are past the stage of actually damaging books, it could be a great winter outing for you.  A lot of libraries also have play areas (like trains or something) and sometimes some fish or hamsters or whatnot.
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    Re: Books for Toddlers

    A big hit this year for us are the recordable books from Hallmark.  There are all kinds of books available now and they love having someone "read" them a book. 

    DD also likes to flip through all of the Disney anthology books we have not a lot of reading or attempting to read but she likes the pictures and that it's a "big" book like mommy and daddy's books.  Of course, the 1 year old just like to rip the pages out of them so they can't be looked at within their reach.
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    Re: Books for Toddlers

    We don't have a toddler yet (14 weeks pg) but how about the Bernstein Bears series? I loved those growing up and in most cases they address and resolve a problem that is relevant for a toddler.  I distinctly remember the manners and sharing books.  Also it's a brother and sister bear so your b/g twins might enjoy each being able to identify with a character.
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    Re: Books for Toddlers

    Jane Yolen is pretty prolific.  The books are cute and usually beautifully illustrated.  Eric Carle, who someone already recommended, is also great. 
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    Re: Books for Toddlers

    Current favorites around our house are Corduroy, Curious George, and Eric Carle. I also can't wait for "The Snowy Day" by Ezra Jack Keats. (I'm waiting for the weather on that one.)

    DS loves anything that rhymes. How about a nursery rhyme anthology? (I would much prefer that over the Thomas "Railway Rhymes" book that HAS to be a part of our bedtime routine... :)
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    Re: Books for Toddlers

    Thanks everyone!  I'm not sure how we'd do at the library - plus, I wanted to buy a few for Christmas.  I'll just have to grab one of my parents to help wrangle at the library - it will be a good outing this winter - and I'll check out some of the suggestions above and let Santa know!
    Thanks again.
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    Re: Books for Toddlers

    If they like Dr. Seuss and enjoy listening to rhyme, Brian Lies has a few books that my daughter loves.  Bats at the Beach, Bat Night at the Library, and Bats at the Ballpark (ballgame?). The artwork is beautiful and detailed and the words are wonderful.

    Also, John Lithgow has a few books like Micawber, I'm a Manatee, Marsupial Sue, and I've Got Two Dogs that have great artwork and wonderful verse.  Plus, the Lithgow books come with CD recordings of him reading the books aloud and music/song that goes with the verse as if they're lyrics.
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    Re: Books for Toddlers

    Ooh, ANYTHING by Mo Willems!
    Knufflebunny is great and the Pigeon books are great as well as Piggie & Gerald. 
    Oh and anything by Melanie Watt (scaredy squirrel, chester the cat). 

    DD loves when DH and I take turns reading Piggie and Gerald books.  I play Piggie and he plays Gerald. It's great fun.
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    Re: Books for Toddlers

    In Response to Re: Books for Toddlers:
    Also, consider the Mo Willems books - DS loves the Pigeon books (not going to lie, they're not great literature or educational, but he gets the biggest kick out of the Pigeon and I have no idea why).
    Posted by KMMZ1012

    They're not the most scintillating to read for us but in terms of language acquisition and the way a toddler's brain works they are actually crafted in a way that is designed to improve vocabulary and understanding.  They are really good for when a kid is starting to go from being read to to reading on his/her own because they are repetitive but use different words and progress in a way that forces the kid to actually be able to read and practice real literacy. 
    From a linguistic/English teacher standpoint they're quite fascinating. 

    but yeah, they don't feel educational when you read them.  The pigeon is annoying haha.
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    Re: Books for Toddlers

    books by Don and Audrey Wood:  Silly Sally is fabulous, and The Little Mouse, the red ripe strawberry and the big hungry bear is wonderful. The Napping House will be good for them when they are a bit older or if they sit for longer books.

    jane Yolen wrote Owl Moon and it's wonderful for 3 yr olds and up - but she did a book called Off to we go! that is fun, and beautifully illustrated, that I like for toddlers.

    I will chew my arm off if I have to read Curious George books, those Berenstein bear books and the Madeline books (girls in rows in identical clothes...) but children do like them, but I'd say for 31/2 yr olds, not 21/2 yr olds.  At least the regular books - they shorten them when they make them into board books, so the real Green Eggs and Ham is MUCH longer than the board book version.

    Denise Fleming does wonderful toddler books, such as In the small small pond, mama cat has three kittens, time to sleep, barnyard banter - really, they are all really good, beautiful illustrations and fun language with rhyming, etc. 

    Sheep in a Jeep by Nancy Shaw (there are several of them.)

    Duck in the Truck by Jez Alborough

    yes, any book by Eric Carle (I love The Very Busy spider, it often gets overlooked because of Brown Bear What do you see? is so popular.   And don't forget chicka chicka boom boom by Don Martin, that's a wonderful book. 

    Goodnight, Moon and Big Red Barn, both by Margaret Wise Brown and The runaway bunny, also by Brown

    byron Barton does good really simple, but kind of deceptively simple books about trucks, trains, etc.

    Donald Crews Freight Train is good.  donald Crews does other ones, too.

    Farfallina and Marcel by Holly Keller is great!

    Oh!  Grandfather Twilight is beautiful by Barbara Berger, and the language is wonderful to read.  Simple, but elegant.

    Mouse Mess by Linnea Riley (and The Twelve Day of Christmas looks interesting that she also did, just never read it)

    Helen Oxenbury, We're going on a bear hunt.

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    Re: Books for Toddlers

    These are GREAT!