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Bottle at Bedtime Question

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    Re: Bottle at Bedtime Question

    Poppy - We bathe DD every 3 days.  I've been wondering what others do because so many people mention a bath as part of the bedtime routine.  Maybe we'll do it every other if she's all sticky and sweaty in the summer, but we haven't gotten there yet!
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    Re: Bottle at Bedtime Question

    I wouldn't bathe a baby too much if you don't want or have to. Their skin dries out easily. (Enjoy having the choice -- once they start self-feeding things get gross and you'll have to bathe every night.) If you want a kind of cool-down period, a soothing baby massage is a great way to get the baby naked and bond with her in a relaxing way.

     I bathed our daughter every night from 6 months or so as part of the bedtime ritual -- dinner, bath, soothing baby massage, book, nurse to sleep. When I decided to sleep train (we sleep trained in two stages -- the going to bed part around 9 or 10 months I think and the night weaning around 13 months) I nursed before the book.


    My daughter is a huge reader but she didn't like the Boynton books either. It's hard to remember that far back, but I think she liked books with stuff she recognized, like Goodnight Moon, The Me Book, I Love My Mommy Because..., or In the Garden (we did a lot of gardening). I read really slowly and gave her time to really take in each page, and I asked her questions or pointed out things on the page so that she'd feel more involved and understand what she was seeing. And when she wanted to stop reading a book I stopped, because I didn't want to turn it into a chore. I let her choose her own books, which she enjoyed, and she loved turning the pages. I do remember her liking the baby version of Curious George: Everyone likes monkeys. But I wouldn't worry that her reading habits are showing at 7 months. She's probably just bored because she doesn't understand the words, and she wants to get right to the milk part of the evening. Even at 7 months she probably has subjects that interest her more than others -- mommies and babies, kittens, and monkeys are all safe bets -- so you could get a bunch of board books out of the library and see which ones she likes. And then buy them so that she can sit with them on her own and take them in at her own pace (don't do this with library books because they are delicious and you'll have to pay a fine when she eats them).

     Oh, she loved No More Monkeys Jumping on the Bed too and would wave her finger in the air and make admonishing noises. But that was later, around 9 months or so.

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    Re: Bottle at Bedtime Question

    Poppy - DS doesn't enjoy books before bed either.  Like you about half way through he totally loses  interest.  We read brown bear, goodnight moon, moo baa lalala, all of which he sits and loves during the day but at night really isn't into it.  I don't think it is any indication that your DD won't like books or doesn't like reading.  But try nursing first and book sounds like from this thread it might help later when weaning the nighttime bottle/nursing!

    Lemon - totally off topic but your DD still wanted to nurse at night until 13 months?  That makes me feel better as DS still wakes to nurse..usually between 2-5am.  Did your pedi care? I'm afraid our pedi won't be too happy when we go to our 9 did your DD do with your two stages of sleep training?
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    Re: Bottle at Bedtime Question

    In Response to Re: Bottle at Bedtime Question:
    Lemon - totally off topic but your DD still wanted to nurse at night until 13 months?  That makes me feel better as DS still wakes to nurse..usually between 2-5am.  Did your pedi care? I'm afraid our pedi won't be too happy when we go to our 9 did your DD do with your two stages of sleep training?
    Posted by LiveLoveLearnEnjoy

    Ugh. I just wasn't ready to sleep train her. I'm totally hard-hearted now but back then she just seemed so little and vulnerable to me and I wanted her to know that I was always, always there for her. My husband was even less ready than me, and both times we trained I had to physically restrain him from rushing in to "save" her. Our ped didn't care for the baby's sake but she did care for my sake -- I wasn't getting enough uninterrupted sleep. She talked to me about it in her "friend" role (she's very cool and around our age, so she switches back and forth between friend and doctor with us) but didn't push the issue.

    When we finally made our move, she trained like a champ! I think it took three nights for it to take. We did the Ferber method and at first it seemed like it wouldn't work -- she got angrier and angrier with each check-in -- and then there was total silence and I thought she had died of sorrow but she was sleeping peacefully. I think we had to go in four times the first night and just two for the next two night. It was pretty much the same for both times -- the going to bed training and the overnight training.

    We've had to do retraining mini-sessions along the way too, after illnesses or trips or other disruptive events. But part of the process was training ourselves, so it's much easier now. We don't get upset when she cries and carries on because we know she's just ticked and not really sorrowful and lonely.
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    Re: Bottle at Bedtime Question

    Poppy-- no worries!

    We give DS a bath every night as a part of his bedtime routine, but if he misses a night here and there, it is fine.  We also slather him w/ lotion after, so dry skin isn't an issue.  

    As far as books, DS likes to "eat" the book more than read them, but we still sit down and attempt!  I didn't think he was much into books, but daycare told us yesterday that he grabbed a book on his own yesterday and was intently looking through it!!  So cute!  :)

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    Re: Bottle at Bedtime Question

    RE: baths
    I say "bathtime" to mean, toothbrushing, diapering, attempting to wipe off especially thick/obvious smears of food/dirt.  I really don't bathe DD much at all.  She has really dry skin.  MAYBE twice a week in the winter.  In the summer when she's at the beach or in the pool we'll rinse her off in the shower for a minute or so to get all the salt/sand off but not actually bathe her since she's been in the water all day.  We're pretty laissez-faire about that sort of thing.  I've started to bathe her a bit more frequently recently because her hair is getting longer  it's rather fine and gets lank and obviously a little dirty after a few days.  I wouldn't worry about DCFS finding out you only bathe your little one once a week, as long as other needs are cared for.  They get their diaper areas cleaned multiple times a day; that's what counts. 
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    Re: Bottle at Bedtime Question

    In Response to Re: Bottle at Bedtime Question:
    2.  I *cannot* seem to do any books during our bedtime routine.  I get about halfway through a book (and we're not talking War and Peace, we're talking 5 page Sandra Boynton) and DD is DONE with the book.  It makes me sad, because I am such a reader and want her to love books!  I think she gets anxious to get to the feeding part, so maybe if I try switching up the routine and do the nursing first we'll be able to get through a book... has anyone had experience with babies not being crazy about books, but turning into toddlers who are? ETA: Evavase - sorry to hijack!
    Posted by poppy609

    As soon as she's old enough to attempt to stay up past her bedtime books will suddenly become a much more integral part of the bedtime routine.  My 2 year old preferred a nice song/rock in the chair/snuggle before bed when she was younger.  I kept offering books once in a while and once she was 14 or 15 months (around the time I weaned, so I was replacing the bedtime feeding in the routine) she got really into multiple books in a row.  I had to take all the LONG books out of her room and only put shorter board books.  That way she felt like she was getting away with a lot (4 books at bedtime, wowee!) but it wasn't really taking much time out of her bedtime. 
    WIth younger babies books with textures or mirrors seem to hold more interest. Also, I think they've done studies that show babies don't hit the developmental milestone of recognizing drawings as representations of specific objects until 9mo-a year.  So books with photographs of animals and people and objects actually mean something to a young baby, while drawings of animals or people just look like random shapes to them.  You can always try to sit down and read a magazine to yourself with kid in lap.  That will guarantee sudden interest looking at, tearing, and eating every page! haha.
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    Re: Bottle at Bedtime Question

    Another former favorite:

    This one has photos, textures, and glittery stuff.

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    Re: Bottle at Bedtime Question

    Poppy - my DD is almost 10 months and I have the same experience as you with the books.  My DD isn't crazy about them at any time of day....and I agree that I am feeling dissapointed and hope she will like them in the future.  We are like you and get through like half the book and then she is wanting to get down from the chair or stand up in my lap, etc.  The only books that kind of hold her attention are the ones with the different textures (like the animal books with fur).  She does like feeling those books now....sometimes I just have to turn the page fast to get to a new thing to feel! 

    We also only do baths twice a week unless she gets particularly dirty.
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    Re: Bottle at Bedtime Question

    we started doing nightly baths when the babies were around 3 or 4 months old b/c a nurse said it might help with DS's gas issues.  we kept with it b/c the babies like it and we are into consistency/routines.  they esp. like it now b/c we bathe them together!  re: night feedings and stopping them, keep in mind that chances are that waking to feed is a habit, not a necessity, after a certain point.  i think the sleep books i had (healthy sleep habits... and ferber) said that after 5 months most babies don't need to eat overnight.  not saying that has to be taken literally, but thought it was worth noting.  we realized our babies could go overnight w/o a feeding once we realized that they weren't *starving* on the AMs when they didn't eat overnight.  that was probably around 5 months old for us.
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    Re: Bottle at Bedtime Question

    Poppy-DD is 10 months and we moved to 2 baths/week a few months ago and the only reason was because it gave me structure to get through the week.  However, she did not "need" a bath.  I asked about this in my new moms group and was told that kids don't need nightly baths for awhile (I can't remember the age).  My guess is that I'll start bathing her more frequently in the summer when she's slathered in sunscreen. 

    DD also didn't really like books at first either.  A few things that worked for us was that I read the same book every night before nursing.  That was the first book she was able to tolerate (it was a touch and feel book about bedtime).  It became predicatable and she knew it wouldn't go on forever and could tolerate.  I also bought a lot of touch and feel books because she enjoys these more than any other book we have.  I also stop reading when she's signaled that she has enough. We've gone from her barely tolerating one book to averaging 3 a night.  She's not a big fan of Boyton either (I think her favorite is the Bedtime book) or Goodnight moon.  Now that she started pointing, she's more interested in books because I discuss what she's pointing to. 

    LLE/Lemon-Its good to hear about others who have struggled with nightime feeding.  I feel as if so many others have weaned their LO off nighttime feedings.  DD wakes up once.  We've recently shifted from 2:30-3:30 to 4:45.  Its a little better because I have uninterrupted sleep but it sucks waking up 45 minutes before I have to!
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    Re: Bottle at Bedtime Question

    In Response to Bottle at Bedtime Question:
    I remember when my daughter (now almost 4) was about this age, I only gave her a bottle of water at bedtime (never milk or formula).  When she was old enough, I would then leave the bottle at the side of the crib at bedtime, showing her where it was if she needed it during the night so she could get it herself if she needed it but letting her realize she could do without it (...and sleep through the night).  This worked incredibly well for us!! To this day, I leave her water at bedtime in case she needs it and more often than not, she does not but she also understands that after she brushes her teeth at bedtime, she can only drink water or she'll need to brush again.
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    Re: Bottle at Bedtime Question

    sorry it has been so long. I've been lurking for a while :) i missed you guys.

    RE: the bottles- i also thought it was actually feeding while in the crib (by themselves.) DS (almost 10 months) gets nursed at night every night... not sure what to do about the weaning part (i guess we will cross that bridge when we get there)  he now does a sippy that he has to suck (tommy tipy one), but we started with the kind that you bite to open... much easier to work.

    we bathe nightly now- he self feeds and likes to rub his head. although we can keep his hands pretty clean with the pureed foods and veggies- those cheesy puffs (his favorite) have something like cheetos dust- which when rubbed through hair is just gross.

    our nighttime routine is (following work and commute) play (if time), dinner, play for 30 minutes, bath and then books/snuggling time and nursing.  with the books- he is willing to do books when we aren't rushing things, but if he got a shorter nap or is tired, he wants the nursing moved up and to skip the books, even if they are touch and feel ones he loves. so maybe starting books earlier would help?

    recently, i put a CD player in his room (he loves music), and we have one CD of like tinkly piano music with waves in the background. after bath, we turn down the lights and the music goes on, we read and nurse with it on- i leave, but the music stays and he goes right out. over the past week, when he has woken up in the middle of the night, I have given him back his pacifier and turned on the music- it is like a magical sign he is supposed to be sleeping. works like a charm. I've been really happy with it.
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    Re: Bottle at Bedtime Question

    Nene that's about when DS wakes up. It was around 5 but then it went backwards and now its between 2-4am.  I have tried not nursing him and try other things but nothing else works. 

    winter - I like the idea of the music.  DS loves music.  I just loaded some stuff on my ipod that he likes for when we are away next week. 
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    Re: Bottle at Bedtime Question

    re: Books at bedtime - we have also tried to incorporate these, after diaper and PJ's, but before nursing.  Our LO (9 months) only really tolerates the books from Daddy.  If I try to do the books, she knows perfectly well that I can give her the good stuff and she doesn't care about books.  Sometimes she will tolerate one.

    Nene/LLLE/Lemon - it is good to hear about others nursing in the night.  Many of my friends make me feel (unintentionally) like I'm spoiling her.  But she eats once, we're all happy, and she gets put back down awake and goes to sleep.  It's all good.
    Right now it's between 2-4 AM, and my strategy is going to be to gradually shift it later... although I'm not looking forward to getting to a place where she wants to eat between 5-7!  Right now she usually sleeps until 7, which lets me shower on work days and have some blissful sleep on weekends!
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    Re: Bottle at Bedtime Question

    Meford - DS goes back down right after as well and sleeps until 7 or even 7:30 usually.
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    Re: Bottle at Bedtime Question

    Thanks, all, for the bath and books info!  I feel better, and am going to order a few more touch-and-feel books.  She's just recently really started touching them, so those will probably become favorites.

    Lissa - interesting about the picture-recognizing info... I had actually been wondering that.  It doesn't seem intuitive that she'd understand that the pictures in her book, drawn from all sorts of perspectives, might represent familiar objects.

    We're still nursing once in the middle of the night as well... time changes each night, but usually between 2-4.  I don't mind so much, it's usually just 30 minutes or so.  We've been doing enough CIO for naps and bedtime (although less now, but still occasional)... I don't want to do it at 3am at this point.
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    Re: Bottle at Bedtime Question

    I think that as long as you're happy nursing at night, keep doing it. And once you stop liking it, stop doing it. I know that sounds like total "duh" advice, but I think there's a perception that you have to do everything a certain way right from the beginning or you'll have huge issues down the road and I just haven't found that to be the case -- with nursing, sleep stuff, spoiling, feeding, any of it. I think that kids are adaptable and as long as you love them and are also adaptable, there are always more chances to correct any problems that might arise.
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    Re: Bottle at Bedtime Question

    I also think that all your babies are very fortunate to have such caring, involved moms who devote so much time to thinking about what's best for their kids. It's like the 1970s never happened.
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    Re: Bottle at Bedtime Question

    I have to agree with Lemon.  I spent some time stressing about DD's overnight feeding, and I also have some friends who had a more regimented approach to schedule/sleep training and the whole thing made me feel like I was Permanently Ruining DD's Ability To Sleep, and we were a hop, skip and a 3AM bottle away from being an episode of SuperNanny, where a five-year old DD calls me a b*tch and won't stay in time-out and plays with fire, all because I didn't sleep train at 5 months. 

    Interrupted sleep leads to weird thought processes, if you can't tell. 

    I could write a long post about this, but we freaked around the 4-5 month mark about Spoiling the Baby, but then backed away from it b/c it just didn't feel right for us.  And DD is now a CHAMP sleeper for both bedtime and naps and when she isn't, we deal.  We definitely took ideas from Weissbluth/Ferber, and took our pedi's advice about how to wean off the nighttime feeding (decreasing gradually by 2oz ... turns out, DD isn't interested in getting out of bed for less than 4oz). 

    Which sounds all Zen Mommy, but I'm currently losing my mind over all sorts of other things and will probably look back on all of these and say, that was stupid. 

    Oh, and re: books -- DD prefers to devour literature in a literal sense, so we've solved this by having DH hold her while I read/act out the books in front of her.  Then I hand them to her to chew on.