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Britax or Sunshine Kids/Diono??

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    Britax or Sunshine Kids/Diono??

    Hi everyone!

    My parents are getting a convertible car seat for DD for a Christmas present and I am having a hard time deciding between a Britax Marathon or Diono, (used to be Sunshine Kids) Both get amazing reviews and both are about the same price. I have a Honda Civic, so I would obviously need something that fits in my car rare-facing. Any suggestions?? What do you all have?


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    Re: Britax or Sunshine Kids/Diono??

    This is so timely for me! I was doing research not that long ago and was leaning towards the Britax but haven't made up my mind.  I have no input as we aren't there yet but I can't wait to see the responses!

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    Re: Britax or Sunshine Kids/Diono??

    there are probably a lot of threads about this in the archives... I definitely had the same questions!

    If I recall, "pros" of the Dionos tended to be that they fit tall kids rear-facing longer, and that they were narrower and so easier to fit multiple across the back seat.  I think one of the big "cons" was that they are heavy (if you travel a lot and haul it through airports and such).

    We went with the Britax Marathon 70 and it is fine.  But DD is not tall - she still can ride rear facing at 2 years 3 months.

    If you have a smaller car, people often advise to go to a good store that will let you try them out in the car.  I think that's good advice, because it's hard to tell just looking at the seat what will be tight - the angle of the seat makes a big difference.  (For example, I thought the convertible was going to take up SO much more room than the bucket since it's huge, but I can actually recline the front seat more, due to the angles.)

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    Re: Britax or Sunshine Kids/Diono??

    Definitely go to the store, try a bunch, and see what fits properly in your car, and fits without you having to fight with it, and you can get your kid in and out of without contortions.  And in case of a tie, get whichever is easier to clean.  Reviews are great, but something that's marginally better on a review but is a pain in your neck several times a day...not worth it.

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    Re: Britax or Sunshine Kids/Diono??

    We went with Sunshine Kids/Diono. I love it - very slim and no fuss. Easy to install. Easy to remove cover for washing.

    It is heavy. We have travelled w/ it quite a bit and either checked it or used the Gogo Kidz Travelmate. However... I borrowed my friends Britax Marathon for a flight to Ireland and ended up using it on the plane and even though it was lighter than my Radian it was very wide and bulky. Also on that trip my DD "lost her lunch" all over the carseat and it was a pain to pull apart and get back together in comparison to the S.K.

    The Britax has more of recline but on the other hand it's never kept my DD from zonking out in it! ;)

    Honestly, you can't go wrong either way. If space could be an issue then the S.K. is by far the more compact.


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    Re: Britax or Sunshine Kids/Diono??

    In response to lizinboston's comment:

    Sorry- having some posting issues! Just wanted to chime in here. I also have a Honda Civic, and we bought a Britax Boulevard when DD was about 5 months- she hated the bucket seat!  I love the Britax, and it fits really well behind the passenger seat without having to push up the seat into the dashboard. BRU sometimes has the "trade in sale" and we got it for close to $100 off. Good luck with whatever you decide.