Chewing food for your baby fad?

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    Re: Chewing food for your baby fad?

    I understand, it might not be an all or nothing thing, and there could be trade offs.  But, the good that could come of it in the form of bonding or digestion could come from other, much cleaner sources imo.  All adults have some level of plaque, but kids don't necessarily unless or until it's introduced to their mouths from an adult's saliva.
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    Re: Chewing food for your baby fad?

    I agree some-guy, she's a freak.
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    Re: Chewing food for your baby fad?

    Daisy and Kar and others... I'm enjoying the discussion.  Thanks for sharing your thoughts!  I think I'm going to stop reading the thread now, having shared my own thoughts on respecting her choice.  Because now there is nastiness and judgment this way a-coming...
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    Re: Chewing food for your baby fad?

    We do not live in a third world country w/o access to clean water, electricity and clean utensils and should not have to resort, on a regular basis, to feeding a child in this manner. So what people in other cultures do in a third world country is neither here nor there.  It's one thing to be out and about w/o any appropriate food, and a hungry crying baby, and trying to feed them in whatever way you can b/c that's what they need at that point in time. But in the confines of your own home, or in a restaurant, there are more hygenic ways to feed a child and one should probably avail  themselves of them rather than making it a practice to feed a child as if he or she were a baby bird. 
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    Re: Chewing food for your baby fad?

    Wonder how this person feels about chewing the placenta and feeding it to them?  But I suppose someone, somewhere, is advocating that too.

    I do not think this practice is evil, or stupid, nor particularly dangerous (the kids are going to get your germs one way or another, and they are supposed to).

    I do, however, think the fact that someone is going out of their way to do something very unusual, making a public show of it, then pretending to act surprised when people disagree or tell them they are silly, is pretty darn silly.  And frankly, it is very, very predictable.

    These debates aren't usually about what they seem to be about--in this case, what is a good/best way to feed.

    Usually it's a form of cultural tourism, boutique parenting, Look at Me contrarianism.  It's not about the baby, it's all about how Mom is all about the baby (a different thing entirely) to the point where she is a self-made martyr to the oppression of the supposedly child-hating dominant culture.  The whole debate is a luxury unimaginable to about 90% of the people who have ever lived on the planet.

    The thought pattern goes: Less technologically advanced cultures are more "natural" and therefore more "authentic" or more "real" or more "sensitive" or more "insert your positive buzzword here" thus every so often someone latches on to some practice that people still do in the third world (whether they wish to or simply have no other realistic options) and decides that they must go on a crusade to do this no matter how out of place it seems in other cultures.  In fact, the more out of place it is, the better.

    This is how we got "Elimination communication" a couple of years ago, carrying around a naked baby and when they make the have-to-go face or the have-to-go sound hold them out at arm's length and let them do their business, because that's what they do in Such And Such.  Well, if you are a peasant in a field with no bathrooms, no diapers, no sink to wash your hands, and no help with childcare, that's what you have to do. 

    This is how you get parents with graduate degrees paying through the nose to send a kid to a school that believes schooling is evil, and kids are meant to learn by chatting with a Granny-substitute while shelling peas and ironing their lunch basket napkins.

    I predict the next one will be following the traditions of certain cultures in Africa and India in which one eats with the hand (right hand only).  You will have European-American children of highly educated people who present them at kindergarten not knowing how to use utensils.   People ate with the hand(s) for millenia before people invented utensils, so that is what people are "naturally meant" to do.  It's too late for Mom and Dad (who sneak and use utensils after Sebastian and Winnifred go to bed, just as they eat forbidden unhealthy snacks that would corrupt the innocents) but we can start over with this generation.  Why not?  Those are ancient, respected cultures with a lot less teen drug use and unwed pregnancy and the kids are more respectful, so there must be something to it, right?

    For all I know, this has happened, but their blog didn't have enough readership to attract the attention.