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    Have any of you heard of or dealt with cholestasis while pregnant? My cousin was admitted to NWH two days ago because of this. She is currently (or was, as of 8pm yesterday) receiving pitocin for induction.

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    Re: Cholestatis

    Hi there, I'm a total lurker to this board (I don't even live in Boston anymore but I loved frequenting this board while pregnant!) and I just had to respond with my first post because I had cholestasis during my pregnancy. I got diagnosed at about 34 weeks because I was ITCHY all the time! Basically, what happens is that your pregnancy hormones slow your liver down. As a result, there is too much bile salts in your liver and blood. The first thing my doctor told me after it was a suspected diagnosis was "Don't google it". Of course I did and kinda freaked out at what I saw (worst case scenarios are stillbirth). The main thing is that the doctors generally do not want the gestation to go to full term, as the placenta becomes a bad environment for the baby as time goes along. Based on my levels my doctors wanted me to only go 37 1/2 weeks. Unfortunately baby girl was also in the transverse breech procedure (uncoooperative like her dad haha!) so I ended up having a planned c-section. Not my ideal birth but at that point I just wanted to do what was the safest, most controlled delivery possible for her. She's three months now and as healthy as can be, and a pure lovebug too :) Best of luck to your cousin and pelase let me know if you have any more questions!

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    Re: Cholestatis

    Thank you! And I just realized I typo'd it in my subject line, oops.

    This is all great information, thanks. I found out this morning that she has been sent home and instructed to go back to the hospital tomorrow if she doesn't go into labor before then. So it's a waiting game. I can tell my aunt is worried by the tone and brevity of the email. It must be scary and confusing for all of them. I agree, googling ANYTHING Is a bad idea when you're pregnant.

    I'm glad to hear you and your baby were/are just fine!!