Choosing day care - questions to ask

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    Re: Choosing day care - questions to ask

    We are just beginning our day care search and have been so disheartened with the limited hours that most are open in our town.  Most of the home day care providers are 7-5 or 7:30-5:30.  Some are even 8-5 or 7:30-4:30.  Because we take the commuter train into Boston, and our jobs are not that flexible in terms of hours, we really need somewhere that stays open until 6pm.  According to the EEC site, there was only 1 center and 1 home provider that was open until 6.  Even though I called about 10 places that are viable options, there is really only 1 that meets our criteria for price, location, and hours.  Others are further away, more expensive, and/or pricier. 

    Tomorrow, we are interviewing with the one in-home provider that meets all our needs, and I printed off these questions to ask.  I really liked her over the phone, but she only has one infant spot for next Spring, and someone else also has an interview lined up with her this weekend.  If we like her, I think we might just jump on it and go with her, but we won't have time to meet with any other providers, so we won't have anything to compare her to. 

    Did anyone else only interview one place before making their decision?  I feel like this is the best option for us based on price, hours, and location, but what if there is someone even better than closes a half hour earlier, is located a few extra blocks away, or charges a little more? 
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    Re: Choosing day care - questions to ask

    another option would be to search for childcare along your route, that also has the same commuter rail to Boston, so you could drive toward Boston into the next town, drop off baby, then take the train.  That would require that you can get parking near/at train station, of course, and sometimes you can't if you don't live in that town.

    but it might be an option so that you could get to childcare by 5:30pm.

    I can't imagine a childcare center closing earlier than 6pm, frankly, but family childcare is someone doing it in their home, and if they have school-age children they want to begin their home life: supervise homework, get their child to an evening activity (so many girl scout, etc. meetings are now at night due to working parents, you'd be surprised!), etc.  And parents are (sadly) routinely late, so I think closing at 5:30pm means they are fairly confident that all children will be gone by 6pm...  if they closed at 6pm they'd have all kids out the door by 6:15/6:30pm. 

    I wouldn't chose a chlidcare option that closes too early if you really can't get there realistically, because you do need to honor those hours.  But, perhaps you could rethink things, and one of you go in much earlier than usual and leave therefore earlier?  but again, I hear you that not all jobs have this flexibility built in. 

    but if you really can't get to childcare until 6pm, don't chose something that closes at 5:30pm because it isn't going to get easier magically.

    You may need to chose a nanny for this reason.
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    Re: Choosing day care - questions to ask

    Thanks CT.  We actually walk to the train station from our house, so "along our route", is really somewhere in our neighborhood. 

    We ended up putting a deposit on this provider.  We loved her in person, were very comfortable with her home, and she had GLOWING references from fellow moms (one of which was a former nanny and current early intervention specialist, who sees lots of day cares in the state as part of her job).  So, we ended up being very happy with the decision and frankly, I am happy we don't have to do more in-home interviews :)