cloth diapering

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    Re: cloth diapering

    Krystabel, looks like you've got some good advice already, but thought I'd throw in my $.02. We've been cloth diapering for 3 months now.  We're doing it because it's better for the environment, but to be honest, mostly to save money. We have 10 fuzzibunz and 10 bumgenius. They are both one sized diapers. I got a few fuzzibunz in smalls and mediums (were on sale on Zulilly) but, really to save money this is the worst way to go. If they are only wearing them for a few months, it doesn't save much money at all.  Our DS will only need these 20 diapers until he is potty trained.  I highly recommend going this route.   They are super easy to clean and we have never had any p00 leaks with the cloth, but have with disposables. 
       We started using them at about 8 weeks since DS was too small to fit in them.  The amount of money I spent in the first 8 weeks is probably half the amount I spent on the cloth diapers!  
      DO NOT use any sort of diaper cream unless you use a liner, you will void the warranty and they will leak.  I bought angel mama cream and only use it when we use a paper liner, but we only had the rash when DS was in the disposables! Pampers did a number on his bum! 
       We have a diaper sprayer and spray off all the p00p in the toilet then put it in a dry bag made by fuzzibunz. I ordered all our stuff on amazon including our detergent. The dry bag stays in his room till we wash them, about every 3 days, and it doesn't smell.  Right now we are using bumgenius detergent but we have some of the rock n' green as well. Most detergents won't work because they cause build up and will cause the diapers to repel.  
      Lastly, we do have 20 diapers but we started with about 15, I ended up getting a few more so we don't have to wash them every other day. Now that I've been using them for a while, I prefer the fuzzibunz to the bumgenius.  They are easier to use because you adjust the size with elastic on the inside and don't change the size till the baby grows. The bum genius snaps up to fit so every time you wash them you have to unsnap and resnap, just another step. The fuzzibunz seem to fit a bit better. 
      Good luck!
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    Re: cloth diapering

    Everyone has very good advice, I'd just add that lots of places, including Diaper Lab have trial packages where they give you a bunch of diapers to try - and if you don't like them you return them at the end of the month. The cost is around $150 and it's a great way of trying out diapers.

    I love the Fuzzibuns, but for some reason they don't fit my daugther well, they tend to leak on her - so we've been BumGenius for a while now. If I had bought a bunch of Fuzzibuns, I probably would have given up cloth already. Point being - try a little of everything and see what works for you.

    Also, if you, your partner or family members are really on the fence about cloth diapering - make it very easy for them to use cloth, go straight for a few of the BumGenuis or FuzziBuns or whatever. They will quickly fall in love with how cute and easy they are. Prefolds (I think) are a harder sell. My husband was not on board with the CDs AT ALL (thought they were a joke), and now he's all about cloth - loves to take her out in her cloth diapers and show everyone how great they are and how easy they are. He even made us reshoot her first walking video (not her first steps) because in the first one, she had just come from my mom's house and was wearing a disposable diaper "and we can't put that on Facebook." :)

    Oh, and if I could do it all over again (I don't need any my cloth diapers and it bums me out a little!) - I would have bought more of the Flip Diapers. It's the same company that makes BumGenius, but the flip is just an outer shell you put a prefold or insert diaper in - very easy and I think creates less waste/laundry because you don't necessarily have to wash the Flip cover after every use.

    And I never really got why the Grovia dipes were so expensive, or worth the money. I have yet to see the value in them, except that the one I have is my only velcro diaper I own and now the DD is ultra squirmy, I kind of wish I had some non-snap diapers.
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    Re: cloth diapering

    Thank you all for your great advice! 

    We did get to the diaper lab on Saturday am and bought 24 organic cotton prefolds and 6 really cute covers, some detergent and wipes.... we also had the good fortune of being invited to a private close out sale for Crunchy Granola Baby and got some more hemp prefolds (because we are told they are more absorbant) and some other stuff (bags for dirty diapers, some wool covers, wool wash, CD approved diaper rash cream) so We are outfitted for the first three months.  I do want to try some of the all in ones - Fuzzibuns and BumGenious and will go back to the Diaper lab for thier one month trial when our baby is 3 months old.  They mentioned that it is better to wait until the baby is about that age and then they can figure out sizing better.  We picked prefolds for now because both of us are on boad with CDs, we'll both be home for 12 weeks after the baby is born so we'll have tiem to figure them out and it is the cheapest option.

    Thank you again for all your advice!! I'll report back after we have experience using them. :-)