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Cloth Diapers

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    Cloth Diapers

    Are any of you using cloth diapers? I'm thinking of using them instead of disposable plastic ones for my first baby due in July. Are there any particular brands of cloth diapers that you recommend? I've seen the G Diapers that they sell at Whole Foods as well as this other cloth diaper brand that has one-size-fits-all (with snaps in the front so you can adjust from baby to toddler).

    How about cleaning them? If I use them I will wash and launder at home. How do you store then after they get dirty but before you put them in the laundry?

    Any recommendations on liners??
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    Re: Cloth Diapers

    I currently cloth diaper (CD) on weekends, but will be going fulltime when I become a SAHM starting next week (yay!).

    It sounds like you are looking to do a sort of hybrid system if you are talking about gdiapers.  You might want to look at the Flip system which may be the one size system you are referring to.

    I actually do a mix of cloth diapers: prefolds with covers (this is most like the system our mothers might be familiar with...and it's not as hard as it sounds), pocket diapers (a waterproof outer layer with a pocket that you insert a microfiber or other insert into) and all-in-ones (a.k.a. AIOs - a cover type thing with built in absorption).

    One thing to be aware of if you plan on using daycare is that many of the large daycares will not do CD.  Some day cares will do it, but they won't deal with p00ps (you'll have to deals with them after they've been stewing in a wet bag all day) and they may prefer AIOs.

    The routine is a lot easier than most people think.  Put diaper on baby, baby wets or p00ps, take diaper off.  If there are solids, you can either roll off into a toilet or for softer p00ps you can use a diaper sprayer attached to your toilet to get most of the mess off.  The dirty diaper can then go in a waterproof liner bag until wash day.  It is recommended that you wash diapers at least every 2-3 days or else you may have to deal with lingering ammonia odors on the diapers.  The wash routine is: cool rinse cycle, followed by a hot wash, followed by one more cool rinse cycle.  You can then either line dry or use a dryer.  If you line dry, the diapers may have an opportunity to get sun bleached which is a great way to deal with any tough stains (although it can cause fading of colors if you have a fun patterned cover).  Since you actually dispose of p00p in the toilet, I find that odors are much reduced compared to dealing with sposies that sit around in a diaper pail all week.

    You may want to seek out a CD forum since there is a lot to learn initially depending on the style of diaper you want.
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    Re: Cloth Diapers

    Thanks for the feedback! I'm not putting my baby in daycare so that's not going to be an issue.

    Out of the mix of diaper kinds you use, which one is your most preferred?

    Any particular brand you like or don't like? How about leaking?

    Do you find yourself doing more laundry because of cloth diapering, or about the same?

    Where do you recommend buying CDs in the Boston area?
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    Re: Cloth Diapers

    I did not CD with my first but plan on using them for my second. I went to a diaper workshop at the Diaper lab in Summerville that was very helpful and it was free! You would be surprised to know that the workshop was sold out!
    I am curious though if the prefolds are better than the pocket diapers for newborns. I was told that the prefolds may be better for newborns since there legs are so tiny then by about 12lbs move over to the poket or AIO diapers. I am still as a loss as to what to purchase.
    This website is supposed to have less expensive cloth diapers:
    And this website seems to have a lot of resources/info (I haven't had a chance to fully review all of the info):
    Good luck and please post any info that you may find!
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    Re: Cloth Diapers

    I've heard the same thing about prefolds working better with newborms and I can see how that would be true.  There's a lot more latitude for folding the diaper in different ways to get the perfect fit.  Also, prefolds are usually made of cottom and can take a fair amount of abuse in the washer/dryer.  I would think that's important with runny newborn p00p.  Unfortunately, I didn't start CD until about 10 months old so I don't have any firsthand experience or advice for newborns.

    My favorite diaper is the BumGenius AIO.

    The prefold system I use is from the same manufacturer.  I got this kit which I thought was a great starter system:

    One of the best deals out there...and a great way to try cloth diapering and figure out your own likes and a $10 trial offer at Jillian's Drawers:
    You basically pay a deposit up front and then try out the diapers for a period of time.  You can keep all or some and pay just for the diapers you keep...or return them all and pay just a $10 restocking fee.

    On the North Shore, you can check out Crunchy Granola Baby.  They sell a small selection of CDs, but they also occassionally offer classes or workshops on the topic.

    As far as laundry goes, I do one extra load of laundry of laundry per week right now since I'm only diapering on weekends.  When I start CD fulltime, I would expect another 1-2 additional loads per week.
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    Re: Cloth Diapers

    I cloth diapered my DD when she was newborn, and went to cloth evenings and weekends when she went into daycare at 3 months. I switched to disposables full time around 7 months. I would have liked to  do it longer, but we got more active, and I never figured out how to cloth diaper on the go. And she started peeing more at night, so she leaked through cloth diapers, so I swithced to the dispaosable overnights.
    I used prefolds with covers, which was the cheapest. Prefolds come in two sizes, a newborn and a standard. I pretty much stopped around the time she outgrew the newborn ones, although I did buy some standard size prefolds to see if that would work for overnight (she still soaked through) :-(
    When using cloth diapers with covers you can reuse the cover if it is clean, but usually I would replace the cover if it got p00p on it, or if she was really wet. So I had about 7-8 covers (they come in different sizes) and that would last 2-3 days, which was about how long I went between loads of laundry anyhow. So it does mean you will be doing more laundry, but if you have a "small load" setting on you washer, you can use that, and save some water.
    As far as what happens to the dirty diapers: I bought the bum genius diaper sprayer (Amazon carries them) to clean off the solids into the toilet, and it worked really well. Then I had a lidded plastic bucket with a nylon drawstring bag as a liner. I would carry the whole thing to the washer, then invert the bag into the washer, throwing it in with the diapers, so there was minimal handling of dirty diapers. I would wash once or twice (if there were a lot of poopy diapers) with soap, then run a cycle without soap to make sure there wasn't any residue. I dried the diapers in the dryer, but hung up the covers. Never use dryer sheets on diapers, the residues that reduce static and smell good also make the diapers less absorbent.
    Oh, one other thing, you don't need to mess with diaper pins, even with the prefolds. The covers hold everything in place, and do a really good job on keeping everything contained. I had occaisonal blow-outs, but no more than disposables.
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    Re: Cloth Diapers

    Here's one of the websites that is offering an electronic coupon for the BumGenius:
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    Re: Cloth Diapers

    I've been using gdiapers almost exclusively with my daughter since she was born about a year ago and will use them when my next baby comes in June.
    I love them - especially the fact that I can flush the liners right down the toilet!
    The only time I don't use them is when I'm traveling. It's too much of a hassle to hold onto the dirty covers, try to clean them, etc.
    You can read my full review here:

    If you're going to get them, save yourself some money and pick them up used!
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    Re: Cloth Diapers

    I feel like a semi pro when it comes to cloth diapers.  My 3 month old has been using them since I brought him home from the hospital.  I immediately rinse the diaper out and let it air dry before I add it into my son's laundry basket.  Then when I do laundry I wash the diapers with a cup of baking soda.  I haven't had any issues with stains and we have been completely diaper rash free.  I went the "old fashined" route and I use rubber pants.  I did it moreso because I was afraid I wouldn't stick with it.  There are remarkable health benefits to cloth diapers and studies have shown that babies who wear cloth are potty trained quicker. 
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    Re: Cloth Diapers

    Neices - thanks for the tip of Diaper Lab! I just signed up for the June 27th workshop.

    I've wanted to try cloth diapers, I just wasn't sure what I needed or how they worked or how to figure out costs. Hopefully the workshop will help.

    Did you feel pressured to buy afterwards?
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    Re: Cloth Diapers

    ml, I went to that workshop a few months ago.  very informative, no pressure whatsoever to buy.

    I have a question for those CDing - are there any types that are less bulky?  I've been doing mostly CD, disposables at night because I don't change her during the night and cloth gets too wet, dampening her pjs.  then when we go out, I'll leave the house in cloth, but usually only pack disposables for changes while out.  now I'm trying to decide whether to continue with cloth, as needing the next size diapers and solid food are looming.  one of my biggest pet peeves is that I need a whole different size (or 2) of clothes between cloth and disposable - so the size pants that fit over the diaper are then way too long, or a onesie has a huge neck opening, because it's really too big.  I'm using Thirsties Fab Fitteds with covers, currently.  it sounds silly, but it's becoming a major reason why I'm considering abandoning cloth altogether when we outgrow these.  I'm also not excited about flushing the p00p before washing when we start solids.  But, she has never had a diaper rash and I've never had to put anything on her to prevent one.  Whereas after a few disposables in a row, I start to see redness.  Also we've never had a blowout in cloth, but more often than not in disposables :)  The extra laundry is no big deal, and I think disposables have a weird smell.  I'd love to find an absorbent, trim cloth diaper to fit under all the adorable outfits.  anyone else have this problem?
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    Re: Cloth Diapers

    lesal:  I'm on a couple of CD boards and it seems like the fitteds with a cover are your trimmest diapers so I don't think you'll find anything better than you are using.  I do like my BumGenius and I find them to be fairly trim.  If you get the BG 3.0 one size, you can adjust the fit using snaps.

    For overnights, everyone on the CD boards says you need to do a fitted with wool longies or shorties.
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    Re: Cloth Diapers

    you mean wool pjs so that the dampness doesn't feel too wet for them?

    I actually just checked the label and my fitteds are for up to 18lbs, she's not quite 14lbs yet so I suspect I will be facing the laundering issue before outgrowing them.  I thought maybe the AIOs were slimmer, but maybe not.  did you ever try the liners vs the sprayer for laundering?  Do you have your diaper changing area in the bathroom?  I'm willing to give it a shot, then maybe try out a few more styles when we outgrow the ones I have.  It's just annoying because the cloth diapers only work under certain (usually too big, less cute) outfits and it's kind of a pain to have to consider all that when getting dressed!  But I wonder as she gets bigger and clothes fit differenty whether it becomes less of an issue.

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    Re: Cloth Diapers

    lesal:  One of the women on the other forum I read mentioned these:

    Kind of expensive if you ask me.  I think you can wear any wool diaper cover over a fitted and add regular pjs if you want...or just use a shirt and sleepsack combo.

    This site has some basic info on how wool works and links to some products:

    I don't personally CD at night so no firsthand experience at this point.
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    Re: Cloth Diapers

    ML-Which seminar are you going to?  I was asked to be put on the waitlist and was able to get into the seminar at 2?