Constipaton and potty training

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    Constipaton and potty training

    DD will be turning 3 in February and has struggled with constipation/holding in her p00p her whole life.  She has been on Miralax for about a year to help regulate her, and we try to feed her as much foods high in fiber as we can, which has worked pretty well to soften up her poop but she still sometimes holds it in and she's pretty particular about where she goes - ie she pretty much only p00ps at home. We've been on a fairly regular stretch of her p00ping every day or almost every day for the past 6 months or so but any little change to routine will throw her off and bring about a week or so of constipation/holding it in. (For example, we were away for Thanksgiving and she held it in the entire long weekend and it took a few days at home on schedule for her to regulate back again).

    Recently, we've been talking more about using the potty and she's starting to get very interested in it.  I've been having her "try" on a regular basis on the days we are home and we've had a few successes with p-ee. She's often dry during nap and for long stretches of the day and I feel that she's ready to be potty trained. I am planning on taking advantage of the 10 day break she has from daycare/school during xmas week to attempt to train her.  I don't think it will be a huge problem for p-ee but I am really worried about p00p.   The constipation is something she's struggled with her whole life and I don't expect that being potty trained will magically solve it, and may even exacerbate the problem. I would be fine to train her for p-ee, and keep supplying her with a diaper to p00p in initially, but is that confusing?  I also don't think it makes sense to wait to potty train until she's "over" her constipation issues as that may be a long while or never.

    Anyone else go through something similar?  Tips for getting a p00p-shy child to learn to use the potty?

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    Re: Constipaton and potty training

    Rama - I might not be able to offer a lot of concrete advice, as DD was the opposite, hated p00ping in a diaper. But she was much more aware of feeling the need to p00p than p33. Does your DD know when she is holding it? If she recognizes the feeling of needing to p00, or even needing to pass gas, see if she'll try sitting on the potty? When we first trained DD she couln't tell the difference between gas and going, so we made a lot of trips to the potty only to have her pass gas and be done. 

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    Re: Constipaton and potty training

    Rama - my twins have never had a poopy problem so I have no first hand advice to offer. But I will say that it seems like you might get some help from your pedi's office on this one. My pedi has a nurses line and I've used them quite successfully for issues such as this.

    I wish you luck - it seems trouble pooping on the potty was the one thing I was able to avoid with my now 3 1/2 year old twins!

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    Re: Constipaton and potty training

    1.  I'd definitely call your pedi's office and ask specifically about this.

    2. I'd also see what she's comfortable with, and I would ABSOLUTELY offer a diaper for her to p-oop in if that's how she's comfortable.  ESPECIALLY since you do not want to make the holding it in worse, etc - she already has a problem, no need to make it worse with potty training.  Now, she's also very regulated re: p-ooping, so you could probably tell her to "ask if you want a diaper for p-oop, or you can go on the potty."  I'd not assume she won't want to p-oop on the potty, but I would make it a very relaxed thing.  "Eventually, you will do all your pee and p-oop on the potty/toilet like Mommy does. For now, because you're learning, we'll just do pee in the potty, please ask for a diaper for p-oop."  And, in fact, since she's so regulated, you might "accidently" just not put the underpants on her until after she's gone p-oop in her diaper (if she does it in the AM, for example) or change her into her nighttime pjs and diaper earlier than usual so she has time to use her diaper (for a before bed p-ooper), get changed, then go to bed.  And do NOT shame her, it's very matter of fact, "oh, I know some day you'll p-oop in the potty, but not right now."  Do NOT discuss this with childcare except OUT of her ear shot and only if you think her teachers will be on board.  (for ex, since she doesn't p-oop at childcare, you don't have to talk to them about this) Because, honestly, some people are going to tell you to go "100% potty" and in another circumstance I'd say that, too, but not in this case.  You simply CANNOT have her slide backwards.  Children use bottles before sippy cups, then sippy cups before open cups.... and all adults use regular cups not sippies and are potty trained by kindergarten (barring special needs), so if a diaper is her middle of the ground to being 100% potty trained, no biggie!

    (if she doesn't want to use a diaper because "babies" use diapers, then use a pullup for the p-ooping - again, this is me talking, who HATES pullups, but this is a perfect case of using them. It looks a bit more like underpants but it will have the feel of the diaper.... it might work for her)

    3. also, make SURE she can put her feet on the floor (so use a potty) or on a very sturdy step stool that's the RIGHT height, so that she doesn't have a dangling/falling in concern, and also because you need to have your feet on something stable to bear down and p-oop. Esp. if you have a constipation problem (poor little girl...)  You may need to (seriously) buy a few different heights of step stools to figure out which one is the right height based on her height and the height of the toilet. And different toilets in your house might need different height step stools.

    4. and can you hide a few drops of prune juice in her morning yogurt? or in her morning orange juice (and I mean a few drops, that stuff is potent!)  And does like like figs, dates and fig newtons? I'm sure you are a pro at helping your daughter go naturally with food choices. 

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    Re: Constipaton and potty training



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    Re: Constipaton and potty training

    if she's particular about where she p-oops, maybe a dedicated potty for p-ooping will be what she really likes? At 3, I think its reasonable to ask her what she wants in this situation. Knowing she's in control of the p-ooping situation, where & when, it might not be as bad as you imagine. But do not make a big deal beyond her chosing what she'd like.


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    Re: Constipaton and potty training

    Hi all, OP here, hope everyone had a good xmas.  As a follow up, today is day 6 of no diaper and wearing underpants for DD.  As predicted, after a rough 24 hours, she figured out how to p-ee on the potty and has excelled at that over the past few days. (Yesterday we went to someone else's house for xmas dinner and she did great, no accidents the whole day, and several trips to the bathroom on her own!). 

    Regarding my original concerns, I was correct in that she was afraid to p00p on the potty and she held in her p00p for 3 whole days (poor baby). By day 4 she was so uncomfortable and her tummy was so bloated that we just wanted her to make a p00p and we offered her a diaper to p00p in but she refused.  When we were busy making dinner that night she went into the bathroom on her own and made a giant p00p !!  She was super proud of herself and we made a huge deal about it. She told us she likes her "privacy".   She hasn't gone p00p again but I figure if she can do it once she can definitely do it again.

    he will only go potty on the little potty and not on the real toilet but i figure we can cross that bridge later...

    Thanks for all the advice and support!! The idea of Potty training was super stressful for me and I'm so glad that I finally pulled the bandaid so to speak and just did it! DH and I are very much looking forward to not having to buy her diapers in 2013!

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    Re: Constipaton and potty training

    Congrats to little Rama on being potty trained!  And, yes, PLEASE don't worry about her 'only' going on the potty vs. using a regular sized toilet - that can come when she's 4 yrs old, is taller, and just overall feels bigger.  For now, just pack a potty if you go away on a vacation, and you also can purchase a seat that goes over a regular toilet seat to make the hole smaller, which makes a child feel more secure (not like they'll fall right in).

    So EXCITING that she went p-oop by herself - and who cares if she wants her privacy while she does it????  I'd make double sure to keep up her high fiber and lots of water diet to keep her BMs as soft as possible in the face of her holding it.  If you can drop a tsp of prune juice in her regular juice or water, or in her milk?  Or something?????  Or fiber sprinkles that melt right into her food and she can't see it (my cats take this, seriously, it's Benefiber)? Of course you have to check with her pediatrician before self-medicating....

    So proud of you for "just doing it"!!

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    Re: Constipaton and potty training

    You know you're a parent when a steaming load of toddler feces (in the right place)  is the best Christmas present haha.  Huzzah for reallocating the diaper funds!


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    Re: Constipaton and potty training

    Rama, great news!  I distinctly recall being afraid of falling in the regular toilet so I wouldn't worry about her just using the little one for now - ct is right, I'm sure, as she grows taller the now "gigantic" toilet won't seem so huge.

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    Re: Constipaton and potty training

    Rama, so glad to hear things have gone well! Can't blame her for wanting privacy. The big potty will come in time.

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    Re: Constipaton and potty training

    My twins are almost 3 1/2 and they still sometimes prefer the little potty. My son is small for his age and he's more comfortable with his feet flat on the floor - the stools we have aren't quite high enough unless I stack 2 or 3 on top of each other.

    I figure as long as it is in the bathroom and not in a diaper (or on the floor) we're doing great. They use a toilet at school - but they have a kid size toilet there. So cute! And they seem to have no problems away from home using a big toilet. I used to pack a folding insert seat - but we don't seem to need them anymore.

    Long story short - the bit toilet will come in time - you're doing great!!!