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Crib to big kid bed - when?

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    Crib to big kid bed - when?

    What age did you transition your LO from their crib to a big kid bed?

    Was it a smooth transition or did you run into some challenges?

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    Re: Crib to big kid bed - when?

    I'm not at this point with my kids yet (2 x 22 month olds), but I think the "experts" mostly agree that the longer you can keep them in the crib the better, and the closer they are to age 3, the better.  Apparently something kicks in developmentally around age 3 that makes the self-control/impulse control to STAY in bed easier for them. 

    That being said, many people transition their kids at a younger age, but from those I know who transitioned around age 2 or younger usually had a pretty rough time of it initially, but it worked out once the novelty wore off.

    If your child is close to 2 years, this light: is good for helping them understand when they need to be in bed and when it's ok to get out of bed.  If they're much younger than 2, they might not understand/make the connection of the "sun" turning on being the signal that it's ok to get out of bed, but around 2--give or take a couple of months--they should be able to make that connection.
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    Re: Crib to big kid bed - when?

    My DD will be 29 months on Saturday when her big girl bed is delivered. We will have to see how it goes, but we decided to get her into a big girl bed because even though she hasn't tried to climb out of the crib, lately we can only put her into it once she is asleep- For naps she has been sleeping on our bed, and at night she wants to fall asleep in our bed, too. I think it will be easier to keep up with the read a story and lie right down routine if she is in her own bed.
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    Re: Crib to big kid bed - when?

    trhoward, are you asking because your LO is crawling out of the crib?  We were wondering if we should convert the crib to a toddler bed but decided not to for the reasons Daisy mentioned.  Our LO is 20 months and he was starting to get leverage over the crib rail.  We bought one of those crib tents which have worked out great and we don't have any issue/worries anymore.  I think we will transition him to a bed around 2.5 or 3 years.

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    Re: Crib to big kid bed - when?

    We swithched DD over to a big girl bed (i.e. crib mattress tossed on the floor) when she was 15 months old.  We did it then because she climbed out of it onto Daddy's lap one night as he read her a story.  We were freaked out by it and immediately disassembled it and put the mattress on the floor.  We got a big girl bed for her when we moved to a new house right before her second birthday.  

    For us it worked out well.  We lived in a 2br condo and she would just walk over to our bed when she woke up in the morning.  She liked the freedom it gave her and she never wandered at night (although I suppose she could have).  Now at almost age 3, she really does understand about her room and her bed etc. because if we tell her that she needs to stay in her room all night long she does it.  Granted this morning we woke up to her shouting "Mommy, I p00ped in my underwear a little", but that's the way it works.  She usually just gets up and uses the potty by herself, but this morning she apparently wanted to stay in her room instead.  It's also I would imagine, dependent on potty training.  I would think that potty training and a crib don't mesh well.  
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    Re: Crib to big kid bed - when?

    We transitioned DD when she was just under two and I was 6 month pregnant with our twins.  It had to happen before the twins arrives and I wanted to do it well before so she didn't associate with them (and in case the twins decided to arrive early.  As she is the size of the average 4 y/o (and needed the crib mattress), we didn't see any point in going with a toddler bed so we jumped right into a twin bed.

    I was very worried about how the switch would go but I shouldn't have.  It took her 4 months or more before she realized she could get out of bed herself.  We did invest in a video monitor at the same time so we could make sure she wasn't up to trouble both before the twins arrive but especially after everyone was sleeping in the same room.  We have one of those door know things that even adults have a hard time with on the inside of her door so she can't go wondering at night plus keep the gate on the stairs and the bathroom door closed.

    In the end, we had no problems with the move to a big girl bed (or with everyone sleeping in the same room) even though I spent a lot of time before doing it worrying about it.
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    Re: Crib to big kid bed - when?

    I ask because a few moms I know have done it around 19-20 months. DS is 17 months, and I don't think he is anywhere near ready for the freedom of a big boy bed. He would go play with toys in his room instead of sleeping. He sleeps great in his crib and he hasn't gotten even close to escaping from it yet.

    Now that I've heard this good advice I think we will wait quite a while for the big boy bed! DS2 is coming in a few weeks and I didn't want to make any big changes around that time.

    Thanks everybody!
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    Re: Crib to big kid bed - when?

    Another thing that I've found is that just b/c a kid CAN climb out of the crib, doesn't mean they're going to.  My son fairly recently realized he could climb out (and he actually does it very safely, so that's not a concern in our case).  We had an initial panic when he did it the first time--without any warning whatsoever--especially b/c he shares a room with his twin sister (who can't yet climb out).  We put him in his peapod travel tent ( for naptime and bedtime that day.  The next day he slept in his pack 'n' play as usual at my mother's house for naptime--and didn't climb out--and we put him in his crib at bedtime the next night.  He has not climbed out of the crib since then unless one of us is in the room.  He knows he can and he knows we know he can.  He has "threatened" to climb out on a couple of occasions, but reminding him that it's time for him to sleep and that he has to stay in his crib has been enough to keep him in there.  We've been very impressed with his restraint, especially in the mornings when he's yelling "get out, get out, get out" so that we'll come and get him.  I've wondered why he doesn't just get out on his own, and I have no idea.  I'm certainly not going to suggest it to him!!! 

    I think a kid's disposition is a big part of all this, but even if your DS climbs out on his own at some point, it doesn't mean you need to transition him right then and there.  It may be worth waiting a day or two or three to see how it plays out.