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December Infants and Toddlers

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    December Infants and Toddlers

    Well, nobody else started it, so even though I'm not a mother, figured I'd start the December section.  Happy December to one and all!

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    Re: December Infants and Toddlers

    Thanks for starting, CT!

    GL to Fram and those dealing with toddler sleep issues. For some reason the same kind of issues have been all over my FB newsfeed the last week or so, too. I'm starting to get nervous about what's ahead of me!

    So, no one told me that babyhood speeds up suddenly at 9 mos! Wow, DS may still not be crawling forward, but he's doing everything else and seeming more and more like a toddler (particularly in the "won't sit still for a fraction of a second" department). His whininess, which was a very unexpected and unwelcome tendency from about 6 mos through now (he was such a happy younger infant!) seems to be subsiding, and he's becoming a real clown. I love it!

    Our only issue right now is eating. DS is doing great with chewing solids and, per our pedi's advice, we're slowly transitioning to table food. But he is SO moody/picky with meals. Last week, I gave him eggs and spinach for dinner and he LOVED them. This week, he absolutely refused both. This has happened with many other foods. There are maybe 2 or 3 foods in our repertoire that he will reliably eat, and once we've tried a couple of times to give him something he doesn't want (sometimes even when we don't!) he usually gets super whiny partway through the meal. We try distracting him by letting him play with a spoon, etc., and I use Cheerios as my "reset" button -- giving him one after he's gotten mad that I tried to feed him something he didn't want -- but it feels like an uphill battle.

    DH and I are quite adventurous and generally healthy eaters and it's really important to me that DS be willing to try things and eat as healthily as possible. I, probably naively, thought just by offering him lots of different stuff and modeling good eating behavior it would click. But, he's only been at this a few months. Maybe my expectations are too high?

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    Re: December Infants and Toddlers

    Fram - 2-3 weeks, ugh!  So sorry you are dealing with this. I hope it gets better soon!


    Arcain - welcome to the world of infant/toddler eating. :)  I have found with my 2.1 year old, and it has been verified by our pediatrician several times (because I keep bringing it up) - you will pretty much NEVER be able to find a food, or foods, that your infant/toddler will always eat.  They will love it one day, refuse it the next.  It can make you crazy.  Or, even more maddening, they will love it for 6 months, then suddenly refuse to be in the same room with it.  Our pediatrician said that their taste buds actually change a lot during this time, which is why a certain food might literally taste good to them one day, and not the next.  Then, enter the control factor (which will come later, not so much at 9 months) - DD used to eat a huge variety of foods until about 18 months old when she started saying, "I don't like it," before even tasting something. It's her way of having control.  I found myself trying to FORCE her to have some maple syrup the other day.  I had to stop myself after I caught myself almost yelling, "YOU'LL LIKE IT!! IT TASTES LIKE SUGAR!" Instead, I should be glad she'll eat pancakes and french toast without it!


    However, sounds like you're doing everything right and don't stop offering him all the wonderful stuff you and DH are eating! I just saw my 28 year old cousin the other day and was reminded that he ate nothing but cheerios for several years when he was a kid, and by high school he was a total gormet, eating everything, very adventurous.  I'm always comforted to know that these early eating difficulties don't necessarliy translate into later habits.

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    Re: December Infants and Toddlers

    Just saw this on facebook and thought I'd share:

    Baby Sleep Webinar at 12PM today: "Problem solving for newborns 6wk-4m"
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    Re: December Infants and Toddlers

    Thanks for the reassurance, Poppy! I should remind myself that I refused to eat a single vegetable (unless you count corn!) until I was, no joke, 20 years old. Twelve years later, I'm a vegetarian and a foodie :-).

    Funny you bring up the control thing. This has coincided with DS learning to say "no" by shaking his head. He used to do it in a playful way but now he clearly uses it to express his distaste for food, having his face wiped, and having his diaper changed. On the one hand, it's exciting because it's really the first clear communicative gesture he's used. On the other hand, I was hoping to make it to 12 months before the battles of wills began :-).

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    Re: December Infants and Toddlers

    Arcain, Poppy's totally right.  My DD ate hummus every single day for more than a year and now won't touch it.  She basically eats dairy and starch, with some fruits and vegetables.  I keep reminding myself that my husband grew up eating only the blandest of foods and now likes all manner of crazy stuff!

    Fram, I feel for you.  Here is a link to a thread when I had problems last year.  I got tons of good advice:

    I'm sort of in the middle on CIO - I believe it's great for many people, but we never really did it.  Most of the comments I got on here (and there was a different thread about toddler CIO too) basically agreed it's REALLY hard/ineffective to CIO a toddler if they're not already in that mode.  However, while I couldn't really do CIO, I also couldn't live with taking DD into bed or sleeping in her room.  So I do think it's possible to implement limits without totally having them do CIO.  I think the big key for us was to pick something we could tolerate, do the same *exact* thing every time, and talk about it during the day ("if you wake up, XYZ").  Oh, and it turned out she needed a half hour later bedtime, too.  Good luck!  It was a tough patch, but it did pass.

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    Re: December Infants and Toddlers

    Arcain, I think we all could have written your post during that stage, I know I could, and probably did too :-)  I echo Poppy... my 2.2 yr old says "I no like it" when he doesn't even know what it is!  And he also won't touch a veggie (somehow they know its a veggie) but will suck down a "veggie pouch" with peas and green beans.  Who knows... they form opinions and boy do they form them fast.  Mine became so picky that I recall being nervous all the time thinking that he must always be hungry... but they aren't.  They will eat when they want, and not when they don't.  They don't have the mindset (yet!) to stuff themselves.  I wish I had this auto-shut-off too (as I just shoved the second chocolate chip cookie in my mouth).

    My DS's "terribles" have actually subsided the past few weeks.  I'm hesitant to write this (I'm knocking on all kinds of wood) but he's been really, really good.  The only major change is my MIL had surgery early Nov, so DS was in daycare 5 days a week for the whole month (minus the thanksgiving holiday).  She normally has him M and Tu and then daycare the rest.  He's back with her now, so we'll see.  I'm doubting it has anything to do with it... but she does cater to his every need and keeps him on no schedule whatsoever.  Huhm... thinking of meandering toward the topic of full time daycare starting this summer with her and my DH... which will actually be close to pre-school age.  Perhaps I can use that as my opening statement :-)

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    Re: December Infants and Toddlers

    In response to IPWBride's comment:

    And he also won't touch a veggie (somehow they know its a veggie) but will suck down a "veggie pouch" with peas and green beans. 

    Ha!  I am SO happy to hear you say this, as this is EXACTLY what occurs with my DD.  And I agonize over it.  "Is she only going to eat veggies in pureed form for her entire life???" I'm SO glad we are not the only ones.

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    Re: December Infants and Toddlers

    We're fighting an uphill battle in my house at the moment...DH has a terrible cold, DD has a terrible diaper rash that was bleeding and warranted a dr visit today, and I've had a stomach bug since last night that has me down and out. Everything at once, right?!

    Looking forward to the holidays though, provided we can stay healthy long enough! I'm excited to hopefully take DD to see the Enchanted Village :)

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    Re: December Infants and Toddlers

    In response to IPWBride's comment:

    My MIL normally has him M and Tu and then daycare the rest.  He's back with her now, so we'll see.  I'm doubting it has anything to do with it... but she does cater to his every need and keeps him on no schedule whatsoever.  Huhm... thinking of meandering toward the topic of full time daycare starting this summer with her and my DH... which will actually be close to pre-school age.  Perhaps I can use that as my opening statement :-)

    Another option (or at least an immediate option until he starts fulltime) is to see if she can switch her 2 days that are broken up in the week - perhaps she does Monday and Wednesday? That way he "feels" like he has more of a schedule the entire week - and having no schedule on Monday isn't all that bad, kind of extends the weekend, right? Also, it's nice to not pay for childcare when there are so many Monday holidays. 

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    Re: December Infants and Toddlers

    CT - thanks for your thoughts.  We used to do Mondays and Fridays, which I liked, and to your point... seemed like a long weekend.  She asked for two days in a row recently for her schedule.  And I will say, we pay MIL.  In fact... what we pay her, we are only saving $40 a month than it would cost us for full time daycare (and as he gets older the prices will keep dropping a bit more).  She wanted to quit her job and psuedo retire, so she offered childcare when DS was born.  It was awesome his first year, wihch she did full time, and she kept him on a great schedule as a newborn.  Now she still babies him at 2.2 years (laying down on the floor with him to "help" him nap, making him 5 different things for lunch until he decides what he wants, and I hate to say it, but I think lots of TV).  I love my MIL, probably more so than my own mother at this point (who has nothing to do with my DS), but he really loves, loves "school" and his friends and I think Nana-care is wearing thin on me.  But, not something I'm going to bring up right away at least.  Thanks for your thoughts on this!

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    Re: December Infants and Toddlers

    Thanks, Med and IPW. It's good to hear this is so universal (though not so good to think of how much longer I'm going to be dealing with it)! I clearly need to adjust my expectations. New goal: I want DS to be a less picky eater than I was. If you had known me as a kid, you would know this is a pathetically modest goal :-).

    Summer, I hope you all feel better soon! This time of year is awful. I feel like everyone I know is sick. I'm in my usual frequent sneezing "is it a cold or allergies?" state that tends to last until, oh, about April. DH and DS are both fine during the day but have lingering nighttime coughs. Ugh.

    IPW, good luck with figuring out your situation. It's great that DS is thriving so much at daycare, but it's awkward to deal with his possibly growing out of "Nana care." I think it's good to at least start the conversation with your DH at this point so you can address it as a team if it gets to the point where it isn't working for you. Has DS started displaying any behavioral problems when he's with her? If she mentions having trouble with him, you might be able to say "They do x at daycare and he seems to respond well" -- sort of offering suggestions under the guise of resolving a problem she's facing with him?

    I am curious what others' experiences have been with kids who alternate between daycare and grandparents as the kids get older. Right now we seem to be at a golden point. DS spends one day a week with my dad, and he ADORES his grandfather (to the point that I think my mom and some others are a little jealous :-)), and our daycare lady reports that he's really starting to "get it" when he's there -- playing with the kids, scooting around the room, etc. So far, at almost 10 mos, he's a very high-energy kid, though, and I worry that as he gets older my quiet, gentle dad might have a harder time managing him and keeping him entertained. We'll see, I guess!

    Speaking of daycare, I seem to remember a thread last year (when I was pregnant and lurking on these boards!) about good holiday gifts for daycare providers. What are you all giving/have you given? I'm just struggling with an appropriate amount to spend right now...

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    Re: December Infants and Toddlers

    I just had to get on today and post about the COOLEST thing that happened last night.  DS is 2 years, 2 months and last night we were in his room playing.  We read stories every night before bed so we have tons stacked in his room.  He says "I read stories, mama?"  Sure thing!  He grabs a bunch of books, sits down and starts flipping pages and "reading."  It was the kind of thing I so wished I had the video camera, but also couldn't risk the moment by leaving to get it.  He flipped page after page saying a lot of gibberish, but then he'd say a whole phrase or sentence that he clearly remembered from when I read.  "geer ferrs geefa Fozzie and Kermit brush teeth fsjewr sseee!"  A few times even mimicing how I say them, "fefe ffeer ggrr man says WHOO HOO jsjsj fjfjfj"  It was totally fabulous!  When he finished each book, he had a ginormous smile and handed me the book as I clapped!  He did about 7 books... each one he remembered various parts from each page.  He was so happy to be reading to Mama for the first time.  And you can imagine how proud I was :-)  There was an Elmo book that we actually haven't read that much, and he told me the story using the pictures primarily.  Watching them become smart little people is so, so cool!

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    Re: December Infants and Toddlers

    IPW - that's adorable.  What a special moment!  Have the camera/phone ready tonight!

    Arcain - we do 4 days in daycare until 3pm and then DS is with my mom 3-5:30pm every afternoon (excluding Tuesday's which is my early day!) and all day Friday.  So far it's working out well.  DS is learning to be independent at daycare and play individually and then my mom dotes on him.  I think it's a good balance.  We have a new child at daycare (7.5 months) and she was in her grandmother's care from 3-7 months and is NOT adjusting well to daycare. She screams if she's not being held, our poor daycare provider! I don't know how she handles it all day.  I was ready to lose my mind after 5 minutes this morning at drop off. It made me really appreciate that my DS is well adjusted and can play by himself quietly.

    AFM, DS is 6 months old today! I can't believe he's such a big man. He's trying to figure out how to crawl and working on sitting independently.  I'm dealing with a little guilt right now because he's learning all of these things through his daycare provider and my mother.  I have 1.5 hours with him each day which include dinner and bedtime so I try to get as many snuggles as possible and haven't been taking the time to get down on the floor with him and play. I will work with him on it this weekend but it's still hard that others are seeing him progress and I'm sort of missing it.  However, if I think I have it bad then my poor DH is really missing out.  He coaches in the winter and now sees DS for 10 minutes before he's whisked off to bed.  We need the income of DH's coaching position but it's still really hard for all of us. DH was kind of upset about the amount of time both of us work but I told him that we are setting a good example for our son by being working parents and providing for our family.  He really liked that explanation so I think it helped.  I have you ladies to thank for that, I believe someone else posted those sentiments many months ago and it really stuck with me.  So thank you all!

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    Re: December Infants and Toddlers

    I was an awful eater growing up.  I remember my dad telling me that I couldnt get up from the table until I finished my veggies.  I fed them to the dog and I got caught because the dog was lcking his lips!  But now I like everything!

    Summer - hope everyone feels better soon! 

    clc - I am in the same situation as you.  It is so hard!  I asked my family, who watches DS, to not tell the things he does until I say something so I think I get the first sighting!  My sister also works at the daycare and she says they do not tell the parents of any milestones like sitting, crawling etc.  So maybe you could mention this to your providers?  

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    Re: December Infants and Toddlers

    CLC, thanks for your post.  I also get about 2 hours a night with DD, and was having a down day about it.  You are right that I am setting a good example for her.  Good timing!  She will be 5 months this week, and is growing and changing so much everyday, its hard not to feel like I am missing it. 

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    Re: December Infants and Toddlers

    Remember, too, that your childcare providers/teachers and mothers and MILs are NOT 'teaching' your child to sit, crawl, pull to a stand, etc.  Yes, they play with them on the floor (one can only but hope), and they offer the opportunities to develop these skills, but babies do these things because they feel the drive to do it.  So they are moving through their development at their own rates, but move they will.  (unless there is a special need that gets in their way, then they need help, or assistance to develop the hard thing to do because we know it's important for them to learn it)


    Now, I'm a director of a center, and I do believe that we offer an educational (not just safe) environment where children are exposed to many things.  BUT I don't think we "teach them" to sit, walk,etc.  We may offer them many chances throughout the day to sit for short periods, or supported by a teacher's hand or a boppy, and we certainly place them on the floor with toys and encourage them to move forward (eventually will lead to crawling), etc. but, again, they aren't LEARNING how to grasp a toy from us.  They simply are exploring with their bodies, trying to figure out how all their body parts work, and being little scientists.  So our educational environment is specifically designed, and the activities we do with the babies, toddlers and preschoolers, are all specifically designed to call forth their next development stage that each child is working on.

    Does that help those of you who work long hours?  I hope so.... 

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    Re: December Infants and Toddlers

    Probably too much to catch up on, but...

    Summer - I hope you feel better soon! And I hope you have time off to rest around the holidays :o)  Daycare is closed which forces me to take a full week off.

    IPW - Love the reading story!  I've been looking forward to seeing DD do something like that.

    Medford - Thank you for the sleep thread!!  I will check it out.  Tuesday night she slept through.  Last night she woke up, but after I rocked her for a few minutes, she let me put her down awake.  Knock on wood we seem to be making some real progress.

    Looking back, I think it's possible that this dragged on so long because DH was the one handling her at night more often than usual.  Usually we trade off, but he was injured and home from work for over a week, so he took care of her more often at night.  He has many strenghts, but keeping his eyes on the prize and following our middle-of-the-night strategies is not one of them.

    I don't mean to be obnoxious or jinx myself, but DD is 21 months and will still eat just about anything.  Every once in a while it'll get too late or the food will get cold and she'll be fussy, but the only things she has flat out refused to eat on occasion are scrambled eggs and summer squash (not together!).

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    Re: December Infants and Toddlers

    I'm so touched by a show I watched last night that I have to share it here. We DVR'd a show (monser's inside me from animal planet) and in the episode a 1 year old swallowed a button battery and the parent's didn't discover this for a few days. The battery lodged in the boy's throat and burned a hole through his esophogas. Thankfully it did not burn through his windpipe and through his aorta too. This little boy has been fighting the effects of this for over 2 years now. Here's the FB page about him

    Please take a look around your house to make sure these batteries are not within your kid's reach.

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    Re: December Infants and Toddlers

    KAM - Wow, I can't believe you just posted that.  The night of Thanksgiving I found a button battery from my mom's partner's hearing aid on our living room chair, and happened to mention to them just the other day that I found it and did he need it. They were both horrified, saying how dangerous these are if swallowed, and how sorry he was that he dropped it. I had no idea these were so dangerous! I just assumed if swallowed it would pass and be ok, thinking it's not big enough to be a choking hazard. Thank you for posting - I will now make sure we are all vigilant about this.

    IPW - I swear our kids are kindred spirits.  DD does that too, with the reading. She'll pick anything with text on it, "I read it," and start speaking gibberish, but with appropriate inflections.  So fascinating. I often wonder - why gibberish?  Why not just start talking, as if telling a story?

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    Re: December Infants and Toddlers

    It has been a crazy week for me since I returned to work and it has been super hectic for me at work... so I have been periodically skimming the updates but not had any time to post.

    DD is three months now and at home with DH for the next two months (he is taking his FMLA leave). DS still goes to his daycare and they will not be transitioning him up until Jan (we had asked to hold all transitions for the fall due to new baby). I love watching how DS thinks. Like when we run out of his favorite foods, he will try to get us to go to the supermarket to get more. Whenever the doorbell rings during dinner, he usually says "big brown truck" since usually the UPS delivery for us comes then. And when DH tried to lure him out of the sand volleyball courts (which DS calls the beach) by saying they need more water (there is a water fountain in the playground), DS immediately led him to the fountain by the basketball courts then back to the "beach" (the basketball courts were way closer - and had a fountain we did not even know existed, so we have no idea when he noticed the water fountain, especially since we have not walked by the courts for a few months).

    DD is great too, even with my return to work and her disdain for the bottle (sigh, how do working moms get their kids to take the bottle after they have been nursing?) she still sleeps in large chunks at night. So my routine when I come home is to nurse her while DH goes to pick up DS from daycare (which usually gives me at least half an hour of one-on-one time with her) then some time with DS alone (give DD back to DH) before DD returns to nurse on and off for 2-3 hours before she conks out for the night. I was expecting more nursings at night since DS had majorly reversed cycle and nursed all night long when I went back to work with him but she really seems content to keep to her usual sleep routine. So we knock on wood and are hoping it continues for now.


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    Re: December Infants and Toddlers

    Hi all...another weekend is almost here!

    In the last three days I have realized how spoiled I've been to have a DS who has been sleeping in 6-8 hour stretches at night for the last month.  He has a cold and as a result, wants nothing more to either be nursing or cuddling with me all night.  He'll sleep on me, but for no more than a 2 hour stretch, and if my husband tries to take over, will not be comforted.  Ugh! 

    This week has been extra stressful, not only b/c of DS's cold and sleep, and adjusting back to work, but b/c we put an offer in on a house over the weekend and it was accepted, so we've been dealing with inspections and all that fun stuff. Looks like we'll be moving in late Jan/early Feb, and I cannot wait! Moving from a 5 room apartment to a 9 room house is going to be like upgrading to a mansion. Of course the actual packing and moving process is already giving me nightmares. :)  

    IPW, I LOVE the story about your son reading.  It really is amazing to me to watch their minds at work, and to see how much they pick up.  DD has just clicked in on the Santa concept...not the present part, but the idea that the guy in the red suit is Santa...and she notices Santas everywhere.  That and Christmas trees.  We've gone from counting the buses on our drive home from daycare to counting Christmas trees. 

    CT, thanks for the reminder to all of us that our kids are on their own developmental path and we shouldn't feel guilt about not being with them 24/7.  I for one am so grateful that my kids have their time with us, with my parents, and with daycare.  Each different environment teaches them different lessons and has different benefits. 

    Have a great weekend, everyone!



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    Re: December Infants and Toddlers

    Congrats on the house, Luv! Good luck with the packing and all that- as much of a PITA as it is, it'll be sooo worth it! DH and I plan on relisting our townhome on the market in Jan (3rd time in 3 years- we've gotta sell it soon, right?!) so hopefully we'll be in the same process within the next year...

    KAM- great book story- so cute! Definitely a moment to have a camera or video camera handy (am I the only one who still owns one of those- bought one on black Friday!)


    Fram- I'm much better, thanks! DD's daycare is open over Christmas week (I teach so I have the week off). She loves it so much that we'll still send her for a couple days, plus DH and I are so looking forward to having a daytime date that is very much needed, and will be able to enjoy it knowing she's having fun with all of her "friends". I swear she loves it there more than at home- so much to play with and fun "big" kids to watch!

    My DD (5 mo)is so close to sitting on her own, and is starting to roll from back to belly. In fact this morning I woke up randomly around 5am and looked at the video monitor, and she was lying on her belly in her crib! She wasn't making any noise or moving really, but DH went in to 'fix' her and she was sort of awake. This has me sooo nervous about her rolling in her sleep and being on her belly....what can I do? I know she's getting stronger and she does great when on her belly awake, but sleep/nighttime isn't the same as active supervised playtime! Just more things to worry about, I guess...

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    Re: December Infants and Toddlers

    GAH...hate being unable to add to/edit posts....what do you all do for holiday gifts (if any) for daycare providers? We use an in-home daycare so there's just one person and I was thinking of getting her a Target giftcard or something similar...what's the standard? (is there a standard?)

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    Re: December Infants and Toddlers

    Summer, I've heard the rule of thumb is that when they are strong enough to roll themselves over you no longer have to worry about them being on their stomach.  It's before that, when you'd have to put them in that position for them to be in it, that it can be a problem.