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December Infants and Toddlers

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    Re: December Infants and Toddlers

    traditions.... to wrap or not to wrap Santa's gifts....  our Santa did NOT wrap his presents, they were on the couch or chair in the livingroom next to the tree - we could look at and explore them while my parents made coffee - who knew they needed the coffee after a late night visiting friends, sharing egg nog, then coming home and being Santa!  Wasn't until college that I discovered that Santa wrapped gifts at some people's houses!

    Santa also filled the stockings and left them on our bedroom door handles - that is, we put them there at night when we went to bed, and Santa filled them without waking us up.  Years later I asked my mother, and she admitted that she took the stockings downstairs to the light and filled them - boy, was she lucky that we never woke up and discovered our stockings missing even for one instant!  We slept with our doors open so this was a real risk indeed.  But this meant that we could explore out stockings when we (inevitably) woke up at 4 or 5 in the morning, excited!  But we KNEW we couldn't go downstairs until 7:30am to wake our parents, so we stocked our rooms with board games to play after we explored our stockings. And we DOUBLE KNEW that we couldn't go to the livingroom to see our gifts until our parents were up and with us..... MANY games of trouble, card games and parcheesi were played on our beds in the wee hours of the morning...

    You know what? I have no memory of whether my parents gave us anything as young children - I know they did once we stopped doing Santa, but I don't remember anything my parents gave us, but every gift I got from Santa I remembered (seriously), so I bet they didn't do it.  Our cats gave us gifts, too - my sister has continued that tradition - she has her kids believing that the cats somehow telepathically make her understand what they want to give to each child....  so much fun.

    Today at school I was listening to a 2nd grader excitedly tell me about how she heard Santa's sleigh bells as she fell asleep, AND that she stayed up SO LATE (get this, 8:45pm!) on Christmas Eve....  I remember that true excitement of Santa, reindeer, sleigh bells, hearing his footsteps on the roof, or whatever.   I'd forgotten that part of Christmas, since I don't have children. 

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    Re: December Infants and Toddlers

    Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! I just caught up on here and loved reading about everyone's traditions. IPW, the gingerbread houses sound so fun! Lissa, I LOVE your Christmas Eve tradition with DH - yum! KAM - I can't wait until DS is old enough to pick out presents. My SIL always lets her kids pick out a present for family birthdays, etc. I remember when our nephew was about 3, he gave his 85 year-old great-grandmother a kickball so she could play with him. Might have been impractical, but it was sooooo sweet!

    We stuck to tradition as much as possible this year. My mom and I went to visit our old next door neighbors like we do every Xmas Eve, though this time DS was the focus of the visit. Then, we dropped DS off with my dad for naptime and had a girls lunch. DH and I usually hit 2 different family parties at night and stay out super late at my aunt's, but that part was replaced this year by going home at 8 after party #1, putting DS to bed, and DH and I watching Muppet Christmas Carol and drinking holiday cocktails while wrapping presents. I want to go back to the old traditions eventually, but this one's a good one so long as we have kiddos who need to go to bed early :-).

    As is the case every year, we're still not done with Christmas. We have 2 things with DH's family on Saturday and we have to find a time to exchange presents with my parents b/c we somehow failed to even though we saw them twice! I'm so exhausted!

    I recall a discussion earlier about dealing with family members who just don't get it during the holidays, so I can't resist sharing this: Yesterday, we were at DH's parents' house for a reunion with his hometown friends. My BIL and SIL are visiting from Florida, and staying in the room where they keep a crib set up for DS. Since we were planning to leave before any adult bedtime, we figured we'd be all set -- BIL and SIL knew the deal with DS napping, etc. So, shortly before DS was supposed to go down for his nap, BIL comes in and says to me "SIL and I are going to go take a nap, but feel free to put DS down in there whenever -- we'll be quiet." MIL tried to run interference by suggesting they nap in another room, but BIL just said "Oh, no, we don't mind." Now, besides the awkwardness of bringing my baby (who goes down to nap awake and babbles a lot while doing so) into a room where another couple is in bed, I knew DS wouldn't fall asleep with them in the room, and basically told them so with no reply from BIL other than a good-natured "It'll be fine." Long story short, BIL didn't get the hint so we had to search the house for an old a pack n' play and set DS up to nap in a different room.

    On top of this, when our friends came over at night, our good friend brought his daughter who is just a few weeks younger than DS. Since we were staying until 9 or so, we were planning to put DS to bed and then move him to the car to head home. Shortly before DS's bedtime, our friend comes to me and tells me he noticed the room with the crib and put his daughter down in there and, oh, we weren't going to use that room for DS, were we? So, rather than disturb the other baby, we hauled out the pack n' play again and had to take over my in-laws' room this time. 

    I guess the upshot is that DS slept fine, but I found myself wondering how we got booted out of the space MIL keeps for him to sleep in TWICE in this one day basically without being asked. Argh. Other than that, it was a good time though, just had to share the annoyance with those who "get it." :-)


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    Re: December Infants and Toddlers

    Hello ladies,  I need to catch up on posts but I wanted to get your advice on something... DS will not nap in his crib for me.  He naps in his crib at daycare and in his pack 'n play at my mom's house.  In the few times that there are people other than myself and DH home with him at our house he will nap for them in his crib but not for me.  He will fall asleep in my arms but as soon as I put him in the crib he freaks out and cries until I pick him up.  We don't have this issue at bedtime and he sleeps quite well at night.  Previously he use to nap in his bouncy seat but he's outgrown that in the past few weeks and now the crib is the only option we have.  Any advice?  Have others gone through this?  Is he perhaps just trying to get an extra snuggle with mom? I will say that I totally love when he naps in my arms but it really limits what I can get done on the weekends and I'm worrying that I'm creating bad habits.

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    Re: December Infants and Toddlers

    Clc, how old is your DS? I can't remember exactly when, but in the early weeks/months, my DS would only nap in his swing, bouncy, etc. I think around 3 months we wanted to start a nap routine and every piece of advice I got was to put him down awake. Have you tried doing that? It was tough for me at first because he often cried, but we gradually established a routine where I'd rock/sing to him for a very short time, then zip him into his sleep sack, turn on the crib soother, and leave. This is the routine we now follow for both his naps and bedtime and, unless he's overtired or something in his routine is off, he almost never cries, though he rolls all around and sings/babbles to himself for up to 15 minutes before going to sleep.

    I think the conventional wisdom around this is, basically, that if you rock your baby to sleep they don't develop the self-soothing techniques to put themselves to sleep, so anytime they wake up not in your arms they'll be upset. I guess I should have asked first: does the DC provider/your mom rock him to sleep or put him down awake? If they put him down awake, it may be that he's now smart enough to know you will rock him to sleep, so he just doesn't use his self-soothing techniques with you.

    Finally, how long do you wait before picking him up? I know from recent experience when I put DS down to nap in an unfamiliar room (see post above :-)) and he cried for awhile that every moment of your baby crying in his crib feels like an eternity. You likely will have to do some form of CIO if he's developed this habit, but IMO it's worth it not only for your freedom but also for his ability to soothe/entertain himself.

    All that said, my DS is pretty easy when it comes to sleep, so I apologize ahead of time if I present this too simplistically -- those with more challenging sleepers may have a different perspective!

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    Re: December Infants and Toddlers

    CLC- we face similar naptime struggles at home too. If memory serves me, my DD and your DS are close in age (DD is 6 months). She'll nap perfectly at daycare, is put down awake in her PnP there and falls asleep. However, she'll wake up an hour later, still tired, so the daycare provider puts her in her carseat and she'll sleep another hour. I know that's a bad habit but DD will NOT get enough daytime sleep in otherwise and night time would be more of a nightmare than it already can be.

    We try to stick to a nap routine at home (rocking, sleep sheep, dark room) and she'll sleep in her crib just fine...however she wakes up after 30-40 minutes and that is not enough for her. Sometimes we can get her to fall back asleep but most often she's up and that's it. We haven't tried just leaving her there either to CIO or see if she'll roll around/play until she goes back to sleep. If she's crying I have a hard time letting her lay there upset for very long.


    What's weird is nighttime goes much smoother- she gets up now and again and sometimes can soothe herself back to sleep and sometimes needs us for a few minutes, but she's a good nighttime sleeper and STTN probably 4-5 nights a week.



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    Re: December Infants and Toddlers

    Summer - our LO's are close in age, DS will be 7 months next week.  At daycare DS goes down awake and can get himself to sleep easily.  With my mom it varies but in general she puts him down asleep.  At night I usually put him down asleep but I've put him down awake a few times with no issue.  And yesterday, while at home with my MIL DS took a 2 hour nap in his crib.  It's really only me that he has issues with.  I'm not great at letting him CIO so that's part of my problem.  I can last about 5 minutes but nothing more.  We've never had to do CIO at night because he's a wonderful night time sleeper.  (Knock on wood) I guess that's something that I need to work on at home.

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    Re: December Infants and Toddlers

    CLC-its a compliment that DS won't go down for a nap for you. You're too much fun, too exciting. Both of my kids have been this way. They nap fine at school, or anyone else, but if DH and I are in the mix, all they want to do is play.

    AFM, trying to break DD of her early AM wake up call. ugh. no fun! But she's starting to communicate more and more. now when she drops somethign she say s"Uh, oh!" And she'll walk to the frige and make it clear she wants some milk. She'll take a few sips then put the sippy back in the fridge.

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    Re: December Infants and Toddlers

    KAM, I like the idea of thinking that parents are too exciting to nap for!  I'll take that one too, since DD never wants to nap for us, but will easily go down at school or on her days with my parents.  I always credit it to the fact that her school days and grandparent days follow a routine, but weekends are always a little different.  THe biggest component of that is that we don't do as much to wear her out early on weekends as school or my dad does during the week...I take whatever nap we get in, and usually will compensate by starting the bedtime routine earlier...she doesn't get time from a clock, but from what we do (dinner, bath, stories, etc), so we'll start that earlier on weekends than we do on weeknights. 


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    Re: December Infants and Toddlers

    Hm, what does it say about me and DH that DS has the opposite problem re: sleeping at home and daycare? :) He's on a solid 2 nap schedule at home, about 1 hr in the morning and 1.5-2 in the afternoon, but at daycare he usually only does 1 and will sometimes nap for less than an hour total. A few times, he hasn't napped at all there!

    We've talked to our provider about making everything the same as it is at home, and she'll leave him in the pack n play for up to 45 mins, and he usually plays happily in there but doesn't sleep. It isn't that he'll only sleep in a quiet environment at home, either, b/c he slept great in several unfamiliar rooms in loud, stimulating situations over the holidays. I know he needs this sleep and he's just not doing it at daycare, but we're kind of out of ideas as to what is different. Has anyone experienced this?

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    Re: December Infants and Toddlers


    she might be putting him down too early or too late.  At home he might sleep at (for example) 9:30am, but when you take him to childcare, does he take a little nap in the car on the way to childcare?  If so, he won't be sleepy at 9:30am, but rather 10 or 10:30am.

    or, althernatively, she might be waiting too late to put him down, waiting until he's rubbing his eyes, etc. (or having to put him down late if she's feeding the other kids AM snack, or whatever, that's a possibility). So see if she could put him down 30 minutes later or earlier, whichever seems to make more sense.... 

    If he's in the pack and play and playing quietly, perhaps she needs to help him fall asleep?  rub his forehead or back to help him get down quickly?  I don't know if she can do this if there are other children in the house, though.

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    Re: December Infants and Toddlers

    I literally just thought to myself, "Ooh I better go to Redbox before all the good movies are gone!"  Happy New Year mamas and dadas!

    I've been home with DD for over a week and it's been so much fun and so much easier than last year when she was 10 months old.  The past few days she has pushed back her nap to 1:00 and slept for 2+ hours.  Finally a good long nap!  She's been sleeping from 1-3 at daycare for a while, but at home she'd usually go down before 12 and sleep for less than 2 hours.  I hope this sticks!  It'll give us more time to do stuff in the morning and also works better as far as lunch goes.  I was always debating whether to feed her before or after.

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    Re: December Infants and Toddlers

    Fram, so glad to hear you've gotten her on a better nap schedule at home! 

    Happy New Year to all!  Many blessings and wonderful memories to be grateful for in 2012, and looking forward to many more in 2013.  Wishing the same to all of you!

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    Re: December Infants and Toddlers

    Happy new year!

    Fram - that's great!  I feel like my DD was never a good, solid napper until she went to the one long nap.  Such a relief.