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Dry Cough Toddler Remedy - Help!

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    Dry Cough Toddler Remedy - Help!

    My 3 YO has a persistent dry cough, it's almost constant and he's pretty pathetic.  I'm desperate for remedies, any ideas?

    I've tried honey, cool air, humidifier, ibuprophen (for fever).  Any tips would be great.

    Thank you in advance!
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    Re: Dry Cough Toddler Remedy - Help!

    Is it activity induced? Or all the time random? How long has he had it? Any thoughts of Asthma?

    I ask because DS has Asthma and it manifests itself with coughing for him. You're doing all the tricks I can think of, so I'd take him to the doctors just to have them listen.

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    Re: Dry Cough Toddler Remedy - Help!

    If you've got an answer, I hope to hear it. A similar plague is in our house too.
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    Re: Dry Cough Toddler Remedy - Help!

    KAM, I have the type of asthma that manifests in a dry cough, not wheezing - no one believes me that it's asthma (except my doctor, thankfully).

    If the cough is due to phlegm in his chest that will not break up, there's a natural remedy that works really well to break it up and allow the cough to be more productive.  I also suffer chronically from bronchitis so I know it works.  Chop/dice a mason jar full of onions and fill the rest of the space with sugar.  Let sit on the counter overnight.  The sugar will draw out the juice of the onions creating a syrup.  I don't know how much to give a child, but I take 2 tablespoons 3 times a day to break up chest congestion and be able to cough up the problem.  Palatable enough for kids.

    A dry cough not due to that type of asthma and not due to tight chest congestion might be dry air.  Humidifiers aren't enough imo.  Boil a big pot of water on the stove from dinner to bedtime and boost the moisture in your home big time.  A shot of steam in the bathroom with 100% hot water in the shower for 15 minutes can quiet a cough due to dryness, too.