Eczema Tips?

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    Eczema Tips?

    Looking for some tips on how to treat my son's eczema, he's 14 months.  I don't want to say that he has terrible eczema but he has very bothersome eczema.  His hands wrists, feet are all constantly a mess.  From there he then gets large pimple-like staph infections and those need to be treated.  Last night I found a new infection on his thumb (which he sucks) and I am just on the verge of melting down over it.  I feel like I am in a riddle that I can't figure out.  I am concerned that once the current staph drains its going to spread like wildfire because he sucks his thumb...I've tried the band-aid route and it doesn't work.

    I was just at the immunologist this week and they tested him for environmental allergies and was negative on all.  The dr gave me a couple of tips, but I'm hoping you all have some that I could try as well.

    I still wash all his clothes before he wears them, use fragrance free detergents, lotions, etc.
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    Re: Eczema Tips?

    Just heard on Dr. Oz that fabric softener helps eczema by making clothes less irritating to skin, and while he didn't say so, I'm sure dye-free and artificial scent-free would be best. The Trader Joe's natural lavender scented, sulfate free (HE safe) laundry detergent has fabric softener in it, and we love it. Cleans the clothes well (it seems, anyway), no heavy, smelly fabric softener, and the clothes are soft, lightly and naturally scented, and static free. Safe for septic tanks, too, which is a plus for us hicks not on town water. ;)