February - Infants and Toddlers

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    Re: February - Infants and Toddlers

    Hi Arcain!  Congratulations and welcome!  Enjoy this time with your first, no matter how many kids you have, it will never be the same as it is right now with your firstborn.

    My DD was in love with the breast but also loved to fall asleep on it especially when she was newborn.  She was physically little and my pedi told me she just didn't have the strength to do too much because she was on the smaller side.  You could try waking him up by ticking his feet, slightly pulling on your breast, etc.  Also, if he was jaunticed, doesn't that make them more sleepy?  Hopefully he will get more vigorious as he gets bigger.  I would say to keep trying even though it can be so frustrating.  I would sometimes have to physically open the mouths of both of my kids when they were young to get them on!

    I'm sure the LC is very helpful, but you also might want to check and see if your hospital has a BF support group.  I went to the one at NWH with my DD and it was so helpful to have that support when everything was so new.  

    Good luck!
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    Re: February - Infants and Toddlers

    IPW- Re last week's post (I was on vacation!!) I also think that we tend to schedule stuff when kids are at their best- like no playgroups during nap time. However, we are the ones doing naptime as well- so we get the crankypants, as Poppy put it.  congrats on the gym.

    arcain- I would second the BF mom's group- or local support group. In addition to some of the more hard core BFing groups- where you have to go in with a strong self esteem but due to their dedication they know every trick in the book, most hospitals seem to have weekly groups. not sure where you are, but south shore hospital also has one.

    sprout- congrats on the sleep.

    workingmom- two ideas- Ferber recommends calling out through the door- I think, maybe it was touchpoints... may eliminate the conversation. I often remind DS that he has his lovey and bink and blanky, etc. and it seems to help. we have a video monitor, so we know he isn't stuck.  the other idea is to try something else soothing if bath does seem to help. I read books on infant massage and will sometimes do a little of that with lotion (which helps with the dry skin), but in a dark room, helps to transition. we also only read our nighttime books with the light of a nightlight, in the rocker. so we have a 20 minute "slow down" before bed. if that doesn't help, I would think he needs to be up a bit longer.
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    Re: February - Infants and Toddlers

    Arcain- congrats on the birth of your LO.
    As far as nursing goes I just wanted to say hang in there. I gave up way too soon with my twins. They wouldn't latch and I started pumping and gave them bottles of formula right from the start. I stopped trying to get them to nurse and resigned myself to pumping and supplimenting.  I recently met a mom who finally got her twins back to nursing after 4 weeks. I'm sure you will have a much easier time and if nursing is important to you, then keep at it. I had no idea that if I kept trying it might still work after using bottles for that long.
    Everyone's suggestions of support groups and seeing a Lactation Consultant will only help you get to where you want to be.
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    Re: February - Infants and Toddlers

    Arcain - your story sounds very similar to my experience with my DD (minus the jaundice).  I had supply issues and she was also very lazy at the breast in the beginning.  I was really set on breastfeeding and trying to get her as much breastmilk as possible, so I ended up breastfeeding on demand and then pumping after each feeding.  I would also pump once before I went to bed, but DD was already sleeping for awhile (like around 9pm).  My supply eventually increased quite a bit, but it did take some time and dedication....I started off by getting like 1oz from pumping to over 6oz.  Also, I still felt that I had to supplement with one formula bottle a day even though my supply had increased.  So, if you stick to it, you can definitely do it and it will get easier.  I did often feel like I spent my entire day feeding and pumping though!  The other ladies suggestions of the breastfeeding group is also great.  I also went to the one at NWH at least once a week and that really helped, and also allowed me to weigh DD and see how she was doing.
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    Re: February - Infants and Toddlers

    Arcain - congratulations!  And hang in there.  Support groups are wonderful (and might also be a good opportunity to meet others in the same boat).

    Winter - I hope you had a great vacation.

    AFM, my little one is so sweet and so big.  Last night she woke up crying and had trouble going back to sleep.  I told her I was going to "sit by her" and I sat next to her crib and sang a little as she got sleepy.  It made me feel very sentimental because my mom would always "sit by me" if I woke up sick or with a bad dream.  Like, into high school and probably beyond.  :)
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    Re: February - Infants and Toddlers

    Last night my 22 month old knocked a spoonful of peas onto the floor during dinner.  My DH told her "bad! you do not do that."  She looked at him and a few seconds later said, "Sorry."  She now gets it, she knows what she's doing, and she knows what's right and what's wrong.  No more, "she doesn't understand, she's just a baby."  And my first thought was, "My little girl is really growing up."
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    Re: February - Infants and Toddlers

    DD has been obsessed with growing up and the concept of being a big kid and then being an adult recently.  She just moved up to be with the older kids at daycare (some of them are 4 already!, she's turning 3 next month, and she knows she's going to be a big sister in June, so it makes sense she's trying to process the concept of getting bigger.  Between the pregnancy hormones and her precocious statements I've been feeling pretty sentimental lately! 
    I had school vacation last week so we had some fun Mommy & Me time.  She's obsessed with the T so we did a lot in the city for the sake of the trip itself.  We went to the MFA on a crowded green line and she stood up at the lower bar (where there is space for a wheelchair if anyone needs it), looking more steady and confident than half the tourists on the train.  Then another day we met her aunt and cousin in Cambridge for some tea at Tealuxe.  She LOVES having a T and Tea party (we take the red line there, have some tea, take the red line home), we've done it a few times.
    Anyway, on top of the fact she seems so much older than her 2-year-old cousin, she also slayed me with this line on the drive home, "Mum, when I grow up and live on my own like Aunt C and Aunt B I"m going to live near the T so I can go to Boston EVERY day.  You can come too, sometimes, if you want.  But not all the time.  Sometimes I'm going to go alone on the T like a big girl"
    Ridiculous.  I had to hand her off to my husband and weep a bit when I got home haha. 
    I guess all this is just helping prepare me for starting over with a baby (which I'm also kind of terrified of, since it seems so foreign and different to take care of a baby, now that she is older).
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    Re: February - Infants and Toddlers

    Trouble, that "Sorry" must have been the cutest thing ever.  My friend's little girl already says her "pweese" and "tank you" and it melts my little heart.
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    Re: February - Infants and Toddlers

    Those stories are making *me* tear up and it's not even my own child!  That's adorable, Lissa.
    Another new word she started is "help", not as in she needs help, but as in she's going to help me.  I was taping up a package to mail and suddenly she came scooting, saying "hep!  hep!" -- she stood up at the couch while I cut the packing tape, then got down by the package.  I positioned the tape and she pressed it all down, then would get right back up to supervise getting the next piece of tape, then back down to press it on.  At the end I gave her another piece to put on by herself and she did it so carefully and neatly, pressed it all down and then clapped for herself.
    I definitely had to take a minute to tear up.  Changing from baby to big kid seems like it's happening fast.
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    Re: February - Infants and Toddlers

    Arcain - It may not feel like it, but it really sounds like you're on the right track.  Keep up the good work!  I would guess that most newborns are hard to keep awake for feedings - I know DD was!  I tried so many things to keep her awake and latched... Of course I can't remember them!  I know that I would unswaddle her so she wouldn't be quite as cozy.  And I think that I would often change her diaper.  Good luck!!

    Also, it's completely normal to pump less than what the baby gets when he feeds.  Supply is highest early in the day, so you may get more when you pump then compared to the evening.

    ETA: I'm afraid this will come out wrong, but I'm wondering what you mean by DS is not getting enough?  How do you know?  Because he is hungry again soon after BFing?  I think this was actually a comment you made on the pregnancy thread.  Anyway, I just wanted to say to give yourself time and you will get the hang of it and become more confident.  I pumped for some feedings during the first 2 weeks because I was convinced she wasn't getting enough, but then went back to exclusively BFing. 
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    Re: February - Infants and Toddlers

    IPW - My nephew loved the T when he was little too :o)  I would take the T to CVS just so he could come with and ride the escalator.

    AFM - DD turned one!  I took the day off and took her to do photos.  This weekend we'll have her bday party and I can't wait!!  (Of course the refrigerator broke so I haven't bought any of the food, but what can you do!  We've been living out of a cooler.  I think this the first time EVER I have wished it was colder outside.)
    She has been doing so many funny things lately.  Once in a while she will repeat me when I give her a kiss and say "mwa!"  This morning, while I was changing her diaper, she started tickling her own feet and saying "tickle, tickle, tickle".  Too much!!
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    Re: February - Infants and Toddlers

    Arcain - I agree that it sounds like you are getting on the right track!  I remember it took like a good 2 weeks for both me and DD to get the hang of it. The latching, everything.  I didn't pump at all the first 3 months so I can't speak to that, but I did have to supplement with formula at first; we were able to wean off of that after a short while.  I do hope it starts to feel easier for you both soon!

    Loving all of these stories of your "big" kids!  Lissa, I love the image of your darling DD all serious and confident on the T.  Medford - what you said is exactly why I've stopped minding if DD wakes up crying at night (which she does just about every night).  I want her to know I'll be there if she needs me!  Love that your mom did that for you forever! Trouble - you're making me realize we should start to teach "sorry" to DD! 

    Lissa - I feel the exact same way about baby #2.  I feel like the infant stage was years ago and I am so worried I'm not going to remember how to care for an infant!!

    ETA: Fram - hope you have a great party this weekend!  So sorry to hear about your fridge, what a pain, but hopefully it won't cramp your style too much!
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    Re: February - Infants and Toddlers

    happy birthday, baby Fram.  :)

    Poppy, I know what you mean.  It feels like part of the transition from baby to big kid, kind of like how there was a recent thread about how full on CIO is not always effective with toddlers.  I know she knows how to go to sleep on her own (because she does it every night at bedtime and most nights during the night), and I know she needs limits.  But if she's not trying to play but is having some sort of discomfort, I don't mind so much to sit by her.

    Trouble - I'm going to work on "sorry"!  That's too cute.  We've been working on please (word/sign) and it's going pretty well.  Usually I have to ask but occasionally I get a spontaneous one!
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    Re: February - Infants and Toddlers

    Wait until your "big kids" decide they want to be babies. I think it totally normal, but my DD cried this weekend when we took away the highchairs.  She said "I'm still a baby, I want my highchair." I told her she'd always be my baby but that it was time to sit at the table with Mama and Dada. It's been a bit of an adventure trying to keep two toddlers at the dinner table, but we're getting there.
    And I don't miss cleaning yogurt and applesauce out of those straps!
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    Re: February - Infants and Toddlers

    Such cute stories of all your "big" kids! 

    Arcain, welcome to the infant boards!  I know you are in Wakefield so you should check out the baby cafe.  It's right near the corner of Lynn Fells and Main street in Melrose on Wednesday nights and Friday mornings.  I go to most sessions when I can.  It was a lifesaver for me the first week I was home and having trouble breastfeeding.  Now it's a great place to socialize with other moms and to ask other questions as they pop up.  http://www.thebabycafe.org/index.php?option=com_babycafe&task=view&ID=105

    AFM, DD is almost 13 weeks and rolled over for the first time yesterday!  I set her on her tummy in the crib, then had to run to the bathroom, and when I came back a minute later, she was on her back!  I can't believe I missed it!  Well, today, she was doing tummy time again, and she was sort of leaning to one side, so I got out my camera and actually caught her rolling over on video!  She definitely had a confused look like "what just happened?"  lol.   It was so cute. 
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    Re: February - Infants and Toddlers

    Happy Birthday to Fram's DD!  I can't believe she's 1 already!

    Time sure does fly.  I just love the big kid stories too.  I have another one, last night DD was playing "pretend" with her Pooh Bear, giving him a purse to hold and telling him it was cold outside.  OMG, it was so cute.  I wanted to take that moment and put it in a box somewhere so I could remember it always.  I love that she's really starting to string words together now.  I can't wait until she busts out with all those cute things like Lissas DD!  

    DS (7 months next week) has also started to sit up by himself now.  He's getting so grown up and learning how to be a little devil from his idol (big sis).  He loves to watch her and thinks she's the funniest thing ever! 

    I can understand now the whole "this might be the last time I go through this stage" thinking that some of you have mentioned.  DH and I had thought we wanted 3 or 4, but since having 2 under 2 we've both been exhausted and secretly thinking, "do we really want more?"  DH finally came out and said it, and it actually made me a little sad even though I had been thinking the same.  So maybe I do want more?!  These mixed emotions are so weird to me!
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    Re: February - Infants and Toddlers

    Thanks for all the bfing advice. Though I wish it were just easier for everyone, if I have to deal with the difficulties, it's good to know I'm not alone. DS had one feeding today where he was full after just bfing for 30 mins, so I'm hoping that's progress. Of course, the next feeding he took an ounce of pumped milk AND an ounce of formula after, which was frustrating. But at least my little 5 1/2 pounder is packing on the weight quickly! Fram, exactly, I think he's not getting enough b/c he's still hungry. DH and I always give him some time after to see if he's serious with his rooting and fussing, and he usually is. It's frustrating b/c I think my supply is going up slowly, but DS is still so sleepy and slow on the breast that I don't think he can get wha t he needs in the 30 mins or so my LC and pedi told me to limit him too. Jen, good to see you on here! Congrats on DD rolling over. That's so cute! I think I'm going to try and go to Baby Cafe this Friday. Maybe I'll see you there? I'm loving all your stories about your "big" kids. These early weeks are amazing but so all-consuming that I somehow think DS is always going to be a newborn. As wonderful and sweet as he is now, I can't wait for the milestones to come!
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    Re: February - Infants and Toddlers

    Arcain, in the beginning, I supplemented with an ounce of pumped milk or formula after every single feeding.  Seeing how much she took gave me a good sense of how much she had gotten, you know? 

    Little ones tend to have a harder time in the beginning, but as he gains weight and gets bigger, it'll get easier for him.  I'd also encourage him to practice s-ucking when he's not eating.  I wasn't into the pacifier, but I'd give DD my clean pinkie finger to s-uck on to help her practice.  Texture is a little closer to the n_pple...
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    Re: February - Infants and Toddlers

    Arcain - It sounds like DS is hungry, but also keep in mind that babies like to suck.  I think I could have given DD a 5 ounce bottle and she would have drank (drunk?) all of it; it didn't necessarily mean she was hungry.  There are tips for bottle feeding to make it more like BFing, such as holding the bottle parallel to the floor so that the flow goes slower.  Or giving a paci after the bottle so they can suck longer.

    I also went to that Baby Cafe a few times.  It was really helpful and also great to know I wasn't alone!

    One more tip :o)  Don't try to keep up with the older babies.  Even though I knew in my head that DD was younger and doing fine, I had a hard time with reading these boards because it made me feel like DD should be napping longer, feeding better, etc etc.

    AFM - DD's party is this weekend (as if I haven't already mentioned it 5 times) and our refrigerator has been broken since Friday!  Convinved the landlord to pay for the new one, but it isn't being delivered until Saturday.  I'll have to go buy the party food, as well as ketchup and similar stuff that we lost.  (Wow bdc wouldn't let me post u gg! at the end of this.)
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    Re: February - Infants and Toddlers

    Arcain - yes, I plan to be there, though this will probably be my last Friday morning session since we go on vacation next week, and then I am back to work!  So scary, especially since we still have not been successful with a bottle...
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    Re: February - Infants and Toddlers

    I tried to start a march one, but it keeps insisting i log in (Which I obviously am!!) and then says it isn't valid. help. can anyone else start the new thread?