February Infants & Toddlers

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    Re: February Infants & Toddlers

    In response to Chiclet831's comment:

    What's been your experience with your babies eating in a group setting?

    My DD will eat all kinds of things at daycare that she won't touch at home- broccoli, carrots, peas, green beans, chicken. I think it's positive peer pressure and she wants to be like the big kids :)



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    Re: February Infants & Toddlers

    Just getting caught up after a week away!  Summer - my DS eats lots of food at daycare that he won't touch at home too.  I'm glad though because that's one of the only times he will eat veggies.

    We started my DS on mandarin oranges around that age.  He loved them and they were a good soft finger food as he didnt have many teeth back then.

    We were in Florida for 5 days last week which was great but DS ended up getting that stomach bug that's going around while we were down there.  A quick trip to the ER after he wouldn't eat or drink and wasn't having wet diapers.  Luckily he wasnt dehydrated so they sent us on our way.  Finally he was feeling better for the final day so we were able to enjoy one day in the sun.  Overall it was exhausting but I'm so glad we took the time to get away.

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    Re: February Infants & Toddlers

    Yup - DD2 did end up having an ear infection on Friday.  Poor thing was miserable most of Saturday too, but is back to her old happy self.

    clc - so sorry that your little guy got sick on vacation!!  :(

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    Re: February Infants & Toddlers

    ALS and others - thanks for the kind words.  It really helped cheer me up!  Glad your DD is feeling better.

    DS has been miserable every night since Thursday, but okay during the day on Fri/Sat.  Ended up at the doctor on Sunday and he also has an ear infection.  He seemed much more cheerful yesterday, but he wouldn't nurse all day!  I could get him to take a cup a bit, but not much.  He still wouldn't nurse at bedtime, during his middle of the night screaming, or during his 6 AM screaming.  At 6 AM I was trying to bounce/rock/distract/whatever, and he was literally pushing me with both arms out straight.  Eventually I had to put him back in the crib and I went to get dressed.  Miraculously he fell asleep, and then when he woke up again he finally did nurse, so hopefully we have turned a corner.  My new theory is that ibuprofen is upsetting his stomach.  Anyone else ever experience this?

    CLC - so sorry you had to deal with the stomach bug on vacation!

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    Re: February Infants & Toddlers

    Clc, so sorry about the stomach bug! Med - sorry DS has been sick! We're back in cold and stomach bug land over here, too. Will winter EVER end?

    My DS definitely eats more variety in a group setting where others are eating, which is why we've been trying (with some success) more family dinners, though it's really hard with our schedules.

    Forgot to post, but my DS turned 2 last week! We had a little party just the 3 of us, and are planning a family party for March when DH's parents are back from Florida.

    So, I think I'd mentioned that DH and I are not-not-trying for #2 (will probably start trying in earnest this summer). I posted this in TTC but was wondering if any of you had experience with it:

    Has anyone taken out short term disability insurance to cover a possible maternity leave? When I had DS, my employer covered 6 weeks without us paying any premiums, but my current employer just offers unpaid leave (3 mos). They've given us an option to sign up for STD insurance, and it would pay out about 70% of income for 3 months, and only costs about $11/week. I  crunched the numbers and it would be very much worth it if I had a baby anytime in the next 2 years or so, but since i didn't have to think about it last time, I was just hoping for some input. FWIW, I don't (and probably won't, considering I have a germy toddler :-)) have enough sick time built up for it to amount to much, and we don't get to carry over any vaca time so I wouldn't be able to count on that to cover much of my leave, depending on when it happened.

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    Re: February Infants & Toddlers

    Med and ALS, so sorry about the ear infection.  My friend just had tubes put into her 18 mths ears because she had them none stop. 

    Arcain... I always thought about getting AFLAC (my company doesn't even have STD to offer), but never got around to it, and they also have a 1-year period before you could use the benefit.  Would be worth checking the policy to make sure you could use it, say 10 months from now, just in case you got PG really fast.

    Question for nursing moms.  DS2 has been a great eater since birth.  He's 14 weeks and all of sudden is spitting up huge amounts.  Covered most of the kitchen the other day when he was over my shoulder.  I can't imagine he would develop an allergy to anything in my milk after being fine with it for 3 months??  The only thing I've changed about my diet is we are eating "real" foods.  We've eliminated (to the best of our ability) processed foods from our diets.  So that does mean a lot more fruits and veggies... but I'm guessing the gas that they give me doesn't translate to my milk???  Wouldn't it be horrible if my trying to lead a healthier life is bothering my son :-)  He doesn't seem in agony at all... pukes/spits up and just continues to smile.  He doesn't appear to have any gas pains or reflux.  I don't think I'm way over producing as when I pump (twice a day at work) I'm still getting same moderate level amounts (6-8 oz combined).  Any thoughts, or experience with this?

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    Re: February Infants & Toddlers

    IPW - I can not recall exactly when DD started to spit up a lot and more regularly but it was not in the first few months, so I was taken aback when it seemed out of the blue that she would spit up more frequently (like it felt like I was changing my clothes a few times a day). But it was not affecting her weight or her mood (although a few times, it did freak out DS who was 2.5ish at the time - I remember one time, nursing her at night while chatting with DS, and then she started to spit up and he yelled "no, DD, not in my room!"). Since I did not change anything in my diet, I figured it was just the age combined with her love of nursing - I had thought I recalled someone saying the peak age for spit up was around 4 months or so and then usually slows down by like 8-9 months - that certainly fit the pattern with both kids (DS did not spit up quite like she did, but he also did a little more when older). But this is definitely something to discuss with your doctor... for us, since she was such a roly-poly baby and it was not affecting her weight or moods, we just accepted the fact that we would be doing more clean up (DH even bought a rug doctor machine) and more laundry (and for me, more showers/baths since usually I was the one who she would unload on).


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    Re: February Infants & Toddlers

    Thanks cwag... he is 16 lbs at 14 weeks... so clearly not affecting his weight :-)  But I will call just to check.  I'm prepared to do as you did though... more laundry and floor cleaning!  DS1 never spit up... so this is new for me.  Going to put all my dry clean only sweaters away for now!!

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    Re: February Infants & Toddlers

    Thanks, IPW - I didn't think to check on that! It is AFLAC I'm thinking of getting, and though I expect it'll be more than a year, I would be pretty PO'ed if I got pg early and was ineligible. 

    I did a combo of nursing and formula for DS, and I seem to remember that he wasn't a spitter at first but then became a major one, probably around the same age as your DS. I remember thinking we'd jinxed ourselves being like "Oh, we'll never use all these burp cloths - he never spits up!" and then the fountains started coming. If he seems happy, I wouldn't worry (though it's a pain!).

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    Re: February Infants & Toddlers

    IPW - the timing sounds about right, my DS didn't start spitting up until 4-5 months either.  Unfortunately for us it lasted a little longer than most.  Generally once a day until at least 12 months. 

    Arcain - I would check on the "look back period" too.  We have STD at work and it has a 3 month look back.  I signed up in July, the first month we started trying, and still not PG but happy I have it when we are eventually PG.  Definitely worth clarifying with your benefits coordinator.  A friend signed up for AFLAC and found out like 2 weeks later that she was  already PG (due yesterday but still pregnant!) and therefore doesn't qualify.  However, she did keep it because if something were to go wrong and she were to end up on bed rest then she would be qualified because that's an unforeseen circumstance.  Ahh insurance companies, so confusing!!


    Thanks for all of the thoughts on DS being sick.  Unfortunately DH and I caught it this week.  Miserable.  I feel so bad that my poor DS went through that. 

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    Re: February Infants & Toddlers

    Re: spitting up, my DD was the queen of spit up starting around 3.5 months. I made no changes in my diet and she never had issues with anything I ate before. We went through at least 3-4 burp cloths a day (cloth diaper inserts were the best). She's 7 months now and it's getting a little better but we still have at least one or two episodes a day. It's kinda gross, but she started getting better once we introduced solid foods. As she was learning to swallow her food, she ended up starting to "swallow" her spit up better instead of letting it flow out of her mouth. Gross...but less laundry! :)


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    Re: February Infants & Toddlers

    I need some advice on sick toddlers and TV...My DD has been sick with the worse cold she's had yet- bad runny nose, fever, not eating much, bad cough. When DH and I stayed home with her the past few days, all she wants to do is watch Barney or one of her other shows. If we say no or turn it off after a while she has a complete tantrum. Last night she went on and on for easily a half hour straight. (My problem is that I cave in and let her). I don't know how much of her behavior is from being sick or approaching the terrible twos. DH and I decided we need to set limits on how much she watches, but what can I do, if anything, while she's screaming her head off and throwing herself (literally) on the floor? Trying to distract her with toys, coloring, playdoh, might work for a few minutes but not very long.

    We've created a monster...help!Cry