Finally Potty Training

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    Finally Potty Training

    I know we've had potty threads in the past but I'm looking for some positive reinforcement for me before I start with DD1.  ;-)

    I'm a little embarrassed to admit that DD1 at almost 3.5 is not potty trained.  She has NO interested in it, which is really sort of what I've been waiting on, she just says "No thank you. Not right now." when you ask her if she want to use to potty.  She NEVER asked to be changed and point blank lies to you if you ask her if she needs to be even when she is so wet her diaper hangs to the knees.  I think I may have misses the best window about a year ago but 9 months pregnant with twins, it just wasn't going to happen.

    I've decided to go cold turkey on diapers after the first of the year and use training pants during the day in the hope that getting wet, really wet will bother her.

    Has anyone had success going cold turkey with an uninterested child?
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    Re: Finally Potty Training

    DZ - you have to read this:

    Being a Mother of Twins and a potty trainer you will appreciate the story of the woman going cold turkey on her 2 year old twin boys who have no interest.
    My DD was 2 when we trained her. I put a diaper on and off and took her to the potty for about 10 days - then we went to training pants. The whole thing took 17 days and she's been accident free ever since.
    DS started training with her, and he knows how, but if he's not naked, he pees his pants or happily goes in a pull-up. But since they won't be 2 1/2 until January I either leave him naked (and he uses the potty) or just give him a pull-up and leave him alone. I'm going to try again in ernest with him in a month or two.
    Anyway - good luck. I think at 3.5 she'll catch on quickly.
    BTW - you can get the old fashioned plastic pants to go over the training undies to help contain the pee. Otherwise the training pants don't really contain a full bladder full.
    Also - we LOVED Elmo's Potty Time DVD and My Big Girl Potty by Joanna Cole. I also saw an Elmo coloring book and sticker chart for potty training at the CVS the other day.
    And as far as books for Mom- Stress Free Potty Training (ha ha) and The No-Cry Potty Solution are both good. I hated the "boot camp" style books. I simply can't imagine walking my children back and forth to the potty 10 times after they have an accident - or making them mop up, wash their own underwear and take a bath (are you KIDDING ME?).
    Good luck!!
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    Re: Finally Potty Training

    I have to say I've loved almost every step along the way with my 21-month old, but I am dreading potty training.
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    Re: Finally Potty Training

    RHM - I was totally freaked out about it too.  If you do a search I was posting with questions all the time in September.  CT finally gave me a system that worked for DD. I wasn't even going to train DS at the same time, but he wanted to try too. They were both 26 months at the time.
    I kept them in diapers but took them to sit on the potty about every 40 minutes. At first, I often "missed" they were either wet or went in the diaper about 10 minutes after I had tried to have them sit. And sometimes they flat out refused to try. But after about a week or so I was having some success so I put them in training undies. As I said before, DD was totally done in 18 days. DS is still a challenge 3 months in - but I think he's an unusual case. He happily goes if he's nakes, but once I put undies on him, he gets confused with pull-ups (which we use for naps and night) and he has accidents. So I leave him bare bottomed to re-inforce using the potty - and just use pull-ups when he needs to be dressed. I assume he'll get over it in a month or so.
    And I've already mentioned the books and DVD's that we liked (both for them and for me).
    The absolutely most important thing is to stay positive and calm. We've never had any tears or fights over using the potty. The worst part is the "curtain calls" at bedtime. I hate to refuse (and I don't) even though most of the time I know they don't need to go. So I make it as quick and no-nonsense as possible.
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    Re: Finally Potty Training

    We are potty training right now. My daughter actually went for the first time on the potty today. Just a little bit. But it was so exciting to see something finally happen.
    misslily, I think you are right about the positive attitude.
    dz76, I am thinking of going cold turkey as well. I am hoping, like you, that she will not like being wet.
    Good luck to you! Please keep us posted on the cold turkey! I am interested to see if it works.
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    Re: Finally Potty Training

    I went cold turkey with my oldest when she was 2 years 8 months.  We didn't even use training pants - straight to undies.  It was a bit different, though, as I did it in the spring, so we played outside in underwear and a dress for a full weekend.  She "cleaned" her accidents with the hose and then changed into a new pair of undies.  On Monday, she went to daycare in undies (with lots of extra clothes).  She had about 3 accidents that week, and that was it.  She was in diapers for naps for about another 8 months and bedtime for another year, but totally diaper free before her 4th birthday.  Now I'm hoping my second will be even easier / quicker as she just wants to do whatever her big sister is doing.  She's not even 2 yet and is already sitting on the potty and has even gone a few times :) 
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    Re: Finally Potty Training

    Just wanted to throw out another angle. My DS was 3 and a few months and really didn't want to potty train either - mainly b/c the potty took him away from whatever he was playing at any given moment. He had to be trained for preschool to start a few weeks later. It was very easy to train him when I just said, "sorry, honey, we're out of diapers now, and Mommy can't buy any more. You're going to have to use the potty now." I don't even know if he had more than a handful of accidents after that. Definitely now and then, but basically most kids that age know when they need to go and learn how to control the urges pretty easily. It's just a control thing, at least it was in our case.

    We continued to use nighttime pull-ups for a few months (he didn't nap at that age anymore), and when I noticed he was waking up dry and then peeing in his pull-up we got rid of those too.

    Good luck!
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    Re: Finally Potty Training

    "No, thank you, not right now."  I love it!  At least she's polite about it, lol!

    I wouldn't talk about it with her (or near her when she's in the room listening) until the Wednesday before Friday Dec 31 (since that's the long weekend you are going to make the big underpant conversion)  Then, on Wednesday evening I would show her the underpants (you can find training underpants that have pretty flowers and whatnot on them, they aren't all plain white anymore) and tell her "in 2 days you are old enough to say goodbye to diapers and to wear big girl underpants."  Then I might read a potty book and then some other books, then off to bed.  And answer her questions if she has them.  if she says no, I don't want to wear those, I hate them!  or I only wear diapers, or pullups, or whatever... then you can say (CALMLY) that she will be wearing underpants because Mommy and Daddy know she is big enough to wear them and do all her pee and p00 in the potty, but if she wants she can go with you to the store to choose some she likes.  then do that on Thursday or Friday evening.  (know where to go where there will be underpants, lol!)

    Thursday night, I'd do the same thing - show underpants, in an upbeat way, and talk about tomorrow you are going to start wearing undies, it's going to be so exciting!  you'll be home with me and you're going to get to be a big girl just like Mummy!

    then Friday morning as she gets dressed, she sits on the potty and tries, then into underpants.  TURN ON the water a trickle while she sits on the potty (every time), have a few books to read (some kids like to read books in the potty, others like you to read or talk about the day.  don't leave her in the potty alone, have it be a time for the two of you to  hang out, with no younger twins. 

    And stay close to home, take her to potty about every 45 minutes to an hour (set an internal timer so you don't forget), and don't ask "do you have to go potty now?"  Simply say, "you're almost finished with this puzzle, when you are done we're going to put it up high so the babies can't get it and go sit on the potty.  When you come back you can have the puzzle."  (or whatever). Then you finish puzzle and follow through. 

    In addition to every 45-60 minutes, she is to sit on the potty before AND after all snacks and meals.  Before you leave the house either for a walk, car ride or play in the yard, also the SECOND you come back into the house - seriously, drop those groceries on the floor unceremoniously and hussle to the throne, because sometimes you've been holding it and hit that nice warm air, so close to the toilet, and you can't hold it anymore! 

    then before naptime, after naptime (even if her nap pullup is wet), then before bath (if she sits on the potty while you draw the water for bath and she'll probably pee), before bed, first thing in the morning, etc. etc. etc.

    Lots of times.

    and get ready to do lots of laundry.  she should wear EASY on/off pants or a dress with NO TIGHTS (those are impossible to remove fast).  But (I'm serious) buy about 24 pairs of underpants.  you'll use them for a long time, but you don't want to have to go back to a pullup because you ran out of dry undies - that's a huge step back.  like these: thick underpants because they will hold a little bit of pee and BM but they aren't miracle workers, she'll still get wet!

    And don't put her in a pullup when you leave the house, even for a long trip to the grocery store, etc. She cannot wear pullups sometimes and underpants other times - it's all or nothing!   (although I personally wouldn't take her on long trips that first weekend, or even for a week or so after, she needs to get good about holding it long enough to get to a toilet, etc.)

    Don't expect that she will tell you she has to or ask to use the potty - if she's dancing around, twisting around, or acting hyper - like running back and forth from kitchen to family room for no reason, she's probably trying to hold it.  so say "time to go potty" and then take her.  you can't ask at this stage, or expect them to tell you (that's a few months from now when she's basically toilet trained).

    you're right, you've waited a while and this means that she is TOTALLY physically able to do this, she's old enough, etc. - but of course, she also knows it's a huge PITA to go to the potty, take your freakin' clothes off, sit, pee, wipe, pull up all those clothes, wash your hands (oh, the horror!), then come back and find that your twin siblings took the legos you were playing with.  or the friends in your preschool did. or whatever.  MUCH easier to just go on the fly and keep on playin!  (lily's twins were younger, they didn't know about this so they were thrilled to go potty.... that's why it's easier younger  if they're willing).

    you can do the naked thing at the beginning if you wish, although I do think your daughter might need to have squishy pee socks, squishy shoes, soaking pants, sodden undies, etc. to drive the point home....  And if she has an accident, you should help, comfort if she's really upset, but not do all the work - she does need to pull down the wet undies, pants, and put them in the laundry.  otherwise, she's not being responsible for her decision not to go to the potty.  Again, this is because she's 31/2 yrs old and older - I'm less hard lined for 2 yr olds, as they are developmentally younger.

    And, when she does stay dry, you talk about how proud, just like Mommy and Grandmommy, or whatever, and she can certainly call Grandma or Dad, or Babysitter, to tell her the big news, etc!

    you may find that she needs some extrinsic encouragement in the form of 'when you do #1 or #2 on the potty, you get a sticker on your chart.'  When you have 5 stickers, we can go to the ice cream store for an ice cream cone all by ourselves, just you and Daddy/Mommy."  then once she's had the ice cream cone, the sticker chart is wiped clean and she starts building towards 5 more stickers... etc.  this means she isn't getting a prize for every litte event, but rather for continuity, the doing of it over multiple times.  Again, I don't usually think extrinsic motivation is necessary or a good idea, but she's older, so you may need to pull out all the stops.

    Eventually, you'll move to when you are dry 5 days, all day, you and I are going to do something special that you know she likes (go to the aquarium alone, or for a walk in the woods just her and Mommy/Daddy, whatever).

    I'd keep her in pullups (not diapers, those are going to be removed from the premises Friday morning) for bedtime and naps for a while longer, or at least at bedtime if not during naps. 

    I'd buy a potty chair she can sit on the floor and have her feet flat on the floor, so she isn't dangling on the real toilet.  But also get a stepstool so if she chooses to sit on the real toilet she can put her feet on the stepstool comfortably (not too tall, not too short of a stool) because to have a BM you have to be able to have your feet on the floor and bear down, or stay balanced.  (BM-ing mechanics 101)

    Keep a positive attitude, do NOT shame her "I can't believe you had another accident" - rather, "remember, you need to pee in the potty so you can stay dry and comfortable."

    ALSO, while we're kinda assuming she's going to be resistant, she might not be once she realizes you are an immovable force and you've made this decision for her.  She won't be able to say no thank you and get out of undies, and she may be happy for the decision to be made for her.  so go into this with a positive attitude!

    and drink some gin and tonics after she goes to bed, you'll need 'em!

    good luck!

    Rhm, i'd start having your son sit on the potty with no diaper on when you draw his bath, when he has a dry diaper after nap, whenever you're in there for whatever reason, or just cuz.  It's now that you should be getting him used to sitting, not worrying about falling in, perhaps accidently actually peeing (and wow, he'll eat up the praise you heap on him), and overall just getting in the practice of it.  then when he's older you'll start having him sit on the potty at all the times above even though he's in a diaper still so he gets into a 'potty frame of mind' (before nap, meals, going outside, after nap, meals, etc. etc) before you take off the diapers and go to underpants. Think about how wonderful it would be if you had twins and a 2 yr old who didn't need diapers except at nap and bed, how freeing!
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    Re: Finally Potty Training

    CT.DC, have I told you lately that I love you? :)

    I'm framing this for future reference. DD is almost 16 months and wears cloth diapers, but I notice she often holds her pee and whenever I am changing her overnight diaper, she pees as I am changing her! And she starting to get interested in the potty (her older boy cousins are training now and we all make a big deal and give hugs and prizes when they use the potty). When she is at my Mom's house where their is a potty, she likes to sit on the baby potty with her clothes on. This makes me think we might  let her sit on the potty naked before bath or in the morning to see what happens, but I have ABSOLUTELY no desire to push her before she's ready. My baby is just growing so fast!
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    Re: Finally Potty Training

    CT - you should write a book. I are the best!
    Now - can you come over and help my son get over his peeing when he's dressed thing? I can't keep him bare bottomed forever! :)
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    Re: Finally Potty Training

    In Response to Re: Finally Potty Training:
    ...she may be happy for the decision to be made for her.
    Posted by CT-DC

    This is the most profound part of your post, I think, one that should be highlighted.  Kids thrive with a positive structure in their lives that they don't have to figure out and be totally responsible for before they are emotionally mature enough to take on responsibility for such important decisions in their lives.  They might resist to see just how committed you are to the process, but deep down it makes them feel secure when their parents set the rules and they can expect them to be administered fairly and consistently.
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    Re: Finally Potty Training

    Ok so I have a question...ds is only 19 months but we are going with an all out potty themed xmas.  Potty chair, travel seat, books etc.  I need to pick up some stickers but I dont think we will do a hard press for another couple of months.  We wanted to just start introducing the idea to him as he likes to help m & d by handing us tp, flushing, washing hands etc. 
    So Question, how do you start introducing the idea of "needing to go" to them?  Meaning how do I capture that feeling of needing to go and then getting him to understand to communicate to us?  I am going to try the sitting on the potty pre-bath, pre-bed, first thing in am.  I have been watching and so far I do not notice any obvious signs of his going to help me clue in...thoughts?  Also full time working mom so I am not around him all day everyday to help facilitate.  DC will but they take your cues as to when ready at this age. (I have seen them introduce the topic in those kids who are late bloomers)
    ps ordering that elmo video!
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    Re: Finally Potty Training

    I gave mine lots of water and juice and sat them on the potty - if we got a hit I praised and clapped and hugged etc.  If we missed I praised for trying.
    They will get wet and have accidents and this helps them understand the feeling of a full bladder and associate with actually peeing.
    Diapers are so absorbant that they don't feel wet - that's why babies in cloth often train sooner.
    19 months may be a little early - but you can always start trying and see - if things go well - keep at it. If you get a lot of confusion and/or tears about accidents you may want to back off and wait a while.
    Good luck!

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    Re: Finally Potty Training

    wrkingmom-I introduced the potty to DS when he was 18 mo old. Just had him sit on it waking up, before nap, after nap, before bed. And if he didn't want to no biggie. I did this for a while, there were hits and misses. He was ready to train before I was. We had a big trip (international) so I delayed it until we got back. when I did go cold turkey to undies (real ones, not training ones that were thicker) he had 2 accidents total the first week. And has only had a handful since then-ofthen the accident cosnisted of him catching himself and then running to the bathroom to finish. I had him out of night time diapers by 2.5. Just introducing the toilet that age is fine, no pressure, they'll get the sense of needing to go on their own.

    Original poster-I think CT's plan sound like a good one. I'm sure she'll thrive when she knows this is her new reality. I really doesn't take that long to go to the bathroom and wash up and back to playing. Easy pants are key-DS is rarely in button pants and those times I'm more aware of being on hand to help out with the snaps/buttons. Slip on pants are the way to go! best of luck!
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    Re: Finally Potty Training

    CT-DC - You are AMAZING and AWESOME for writing out such helpful and detailed instructions. 

    I probably should have mentioned that DD was at her 3 year check up almost 6 months ago 36 lbs and 42 inches.  She is currently growing out of size 5 clothes, so most training pants don't work.  Another reason to train earlier.  Or not have supersized kids.  :-) I've only found some by Hanna Anderson @$26/3 pairs.  I'm thinking underwear and wet pants are going to have to be for the most part although I know Nana got her some of the training pants for Christmas.

    Does anyone have a suggestion for a good potty chair or step stool?  I've been thinking that maybe investing in the toilet seats that have the kids size attached that the adult lifts up to get to their size, like this:

    since I haven't seen a potty chair that fits tall kids.

    Lily - that article was funny and scary.  I'm hoping that getting though my first will give the twins a live in example and me some potty training example.
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    Re: Finally Potty Training

    For step stools - both for the potty and to reach the sink we use these:

    For a potty we have these - I find that for my kids it's nice to have a little potty where they can get their feet on the floor - they prefer it for BMs. And since I still keep one in the kitchen, it makes it easier for me to keep an eye on both if one is using the potty
    I also have this upstairs - I don't love it, I think it's kind of wobbly - but they like it so...
    Finally - for an insert we have ELMO (of course)
    Having said all that - your DD is so much bigger than my kids I think a step stool and the toilet seat with the built in insert may be just what you need.
    Good luck - and I think going right to undies is fine - the trainers don't hold much mess anyway - if they have a full bladder it's going to end up on the floor.
    I have to say naked time did us a world of good (it's still the best for my DS) - having no where to put pee except the potty and nothing to struggle with to get there makes things easier IMO.
    Good luck DZ - I swear it's not as bad as you think. I'm sure she'll catch on fast.

    I just had to add that while I'm typing my twins are watching Curious George - Mommy needed a little break. DS just came into the kitchen, got the potty and took it into the family room so he could sit and not miss any of his show!!! Laughing
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    Re: Finally Potty Training

    we got a potty that turned into a step stool and the seat fit into the toilet. It worked nicely when DS wanted to sit on it, and he now uses it as a step stool. Your daughter is tall so probably striaght to the big toilet (with seat)  and step stool is all you need.

    But get a toilet for the will be out and need a quick stop-even at playgrounds etc..
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    Re: Finally Potty Training

    dz - my DD is 3, and while she is shorter than your DD (38") she gets on the regular potty, no seat, and she only uses a step stool if she needs to p00p. She has been potty trained for a while though, so a smaller seat might be important to build confidence early in the training process. We started with IKEA potties when she started showing an interest in using the potty at daycare (she was 18 months). Now she uses regular potties all the time. One thing I think is important is that when you start really training (versus being content to just let your LO practice/learn about using the potty) is to have set times to use the potty, regardless of if your LO says they need to go. At wake up, before meals, before and after naps, every hour, whatever works for your schedule. My DD has an iron bladder, combined with a fear of self flushing potties, so I have to make sure that using the potty out of the house isn't optional, if it's been a couple of hours, we both go potty, and if she sits but doesn't go, I still praise her for trying. Usually, however, she will go, and then she gets lots of praise.
    Once they get the hang of it, the awareness of needing to go before it is an all out emergency will develop, but until then going on a routine schedule will go a long was to preventing accidents.
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    Re: Finally Potty Training

    I've got another potty training question.  What did you do when you took your child out, specifically in the car since I won't be taking DD out shopping until the likelihood of an accident drops?  Unless I leave DD at my in-laws (day care) until she is trained, DD is in the car for 40 mins there and 40 mins back.
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    Re: Finally Potty Training

    As for in the car, go before you leave and put a piddle pad on your car seat.  It's a little black fabric thing that you put in the seat portion of your carseat.  If there's an accident, you simply wash that, so there's no need to take the whole seat aprt.  Also have a travel potty in the car.  If your kid has to go, you find a parking lot, pull out the potty and let them go.  We have the briefcase one, and it's been a true life saver at times.  My daugher even enjoyed setting it up!
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    Re: Finally Potty Training

    She needs to go before you get in the car.  And you should go too, so she gets used to the idea.  You can also put a pull-up over her underwear so if she has an accident it will contain the pee.
    And take her right away when you arrive.
    She's going to get the hang of it. My DD is only  2 1/2 and she can go about 2 hours if necessary. Although at home she tends to go more often.
    It's amazing how they learn some bladder control once they are out in the world.
    Good luck!
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    Re: Finally Potty Training

    For a 16 month old I would NOT introduce stickers or any kind of reward for using the toilet system.  Because you really want this going to the potty thing and the conversion from diapers to underpants to be instrisically motivated, and because she/he is ready.  Extrinsic rewards (stickers, toys, et al) can become a slippery slope and why would you want to teach your child that you only do stuff for stuff?  You should clean your bedroom, do your homework, and toilet train because it's just something you do when you are old enough. Or you'll have to pay your child for every A or B s/he gets...   you study in school because that's what I expect of you.  I don't do well at work only because I get $ for it, but rather because I take pride in my work, want to be professional, and want to do well.  Because I have intrinsic motivation for doing well.  My staff only do well because they need the money (such as it is) and because if they don't they know I'll write them up within an inch of their lives.  A very different way of going through life, and it's what will keep them from growing into managers. So I feel strongly about this intrinsic vs extrinsic movitation thing.  (although if I could work it out that I'd get $100 reward from my husband for vacuuming or doing laundry I'd be THRILLED but such is adult life)

    BUT for a 31/2 yr old with no interest in potty training, you will probably have to ramp it up, and and use extrinsic motivators because the natural, intrinsic ones aren't working. 

    So introduce the potty to your 16 mo old now, have your child get used to sitting on it, perhaps even peeing into it, etc.  and in the summer when your child is nearly 2 yrs old you'll be better able to see if she is ready to go to underpants. When she is, it'll probably be an easy transition like it was for KAM's son (only TWO accidents in one week? wow, Kam!) because you did some early preparation. 

    Just don't think of now and this spring as potty training - because that will make you CRAZY and think it's taking forever to be potty trained.  Rather, think of it as introducing the potty, like you introduced the cup - you started giving the cup even while on bottle or breast with no expectation of drinking all her liquids from it, right? Eventually, as she got better with the cup, you dropped bottles until finally you have a totally bottle/breast free toddler who only uses cups!  But you didn't CUP-Train your baby/toddler.  (some do, in that their child is so attached to bottles, and refuses cups, that you do have to go cold turkey and force the issue, but most kids will transition gradually as long as you introduce a sippy cup to a child.)

    So when you finally do the underpants thing, that's the potty training part, and it shouldn't take longer than 2 weeks for a child to really get it.

    AND, they do NOT tell you when they have to pee in those first few months of wearing underpants.  They are trying to work on the hold it long enough to get to the potty, not the use language to tell someone you have to go PLUS hold it.  Too much to focus on, they gotta learn one thing at a time.  (like we did for driving, remember how at the beginning it seemed to be so many things to focus on ALL AT ONCE and now we just do it routinely). 

    You simply take them often, when you know it's been a while since their last time, and when they stay dry for longer and longer and can hold it and run to the potty, they are trained.  I bet Lily's daughter is able to tell her mother that she has to use the potty, but probably doesn't still do it much.  Bet her  son won't do that quite yet, even though he's potty trained, but as long as they require that he go potty often he stays dry. 

    And I don't have any ideas for how to teach him to be potty trained in underpants vs. barebottomed, Lily, but I bet it'll happen in the next few months.  Remind me, does he stay dry outside the house in underpants or only if he's barebottomed?
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    Re: Finally Potty Training

    So an update - We started about a week after I had planned due to some weird scheduling changes during that week. We put DD in training pants and had very little success over the next few days but not too many accidents either.  I swear DD is has a bladder of steel.  Then she woke up lethargic and with a fever one day and so I told my MIL to just leave her in the pull up and proceed with the potty training.  DD has not had a single wet accident and only one po op accident in the 3 weeks since.  Even overnight, I would never call her pull up wet, just maybe damp sometimes.  She does not go when she gets up, (she says "I'm not ready yet") but will at some point in the am will let you know she has to go.  She really only goes 3 time a day. 

    Here's another question though, how long do you think I should wait before trying underwear during the day again?  I was thinking a few more weeks.  And how old are most kids when they are night trained?
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    Re: Finally Potty Training

    If she has gone 3 weeks without an accident, I'd go for underwear again. If she is only going 3 times a day, are you only taking her 3 times, or is trying more, but only succeding 3 times? I ask because DD also can hold it for what seems like forever, but I usually try to take her more often, and frequently she will go, even if she said she didn't need to. Trying more often should help with accident prevention. 

    As far as nap and night time training, DD was still wearing pull-ups for those for a few months without accidents before I trusted her to sleep in underwear. But at that point we were still frequently bed-sharing, and I did not want her to have an accident in our bed. So if your DD is still waking up wet, keep the pull-ups on. You will know when she starts sleeping through without an accident. As far as how long it might take, I can't  help you other than to say, it was well after daytime training, so if you are only about a month into the process, you probably have a way to go.