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First birthday

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    Re: First birthday

    For those of you who didn't open gifts during the party, did you tell people, e.g., make an announcement, or tell people individually?
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    Re: First birthday

    We didn't open gifts during the party and didn't make an announcement about it.  People just put gift bags on our kitchen counter when they came in and then proceeded out to the party in the backyard.  The party just ran its course and people left a while after cupcakes and dessert was served.  When everyone else had left we opened the grandparents' gifts.  No body seemed like they were hanging around wondering about the gifts.

    I just made sure that I was pretty quick with the thank you notes and referenced each person's specific gift and I also put a little wallet-sized photo of DD smearing her cupcake on her face from the party in each note.
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    Re: First birthday

    I haven't read all the replies and I'm sure this will be totally unnecessary, but fwiw, you don't have to do anything.  The child, at one, will not know or care that you don't have a big shindig, and at your in-law's house, uh, there's no way I'd do that especially for a big crowd.

    You can do nothing or invite a small number of your closest friends.  NO ONE is going to feel slighted for not being invited to a one year old's birthday party even if you were invited to their kids' parties.  So what?  You don't even live in your own place - I assume the ones who threw big parties do.  So, they can pound sand if they're upset that you had a smaller, more intimate party that you could handle throwing while living in someone else's house.

    Why are you making this so stressful for yourself?
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    Re: First birthday

    Hi - I just wanted to follow-up... we had the big party a couple of weeks ago and it went really well!  I timed it so that it was exactly 2 hours - one hour of arrival/play in which we had finger food ready, and a craft project for kids who wanted to do it (many did, to my delight).  At the halfway mark we did presents.  I chose to open them at the party, and it was actually very fun.  We had lots of helpers, but I think the setup of the room we were in kept it from being too crazy.  DH sat in a chair and held DD, so she was sort of above the mahem.  Then we did cake. We were VERY lucky that it was a decent day so the kids could be outside.

    Thank you for all of your advice!  DD had a wonderful time, as did we, and I wouldn't change a thing!
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    Re: First birthday

    I'm glad it went so well, Poppy!