Frequent Nursing...

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    Frequent Nursing...

    Hi all, 

    DD will be 5 weeks on Saturday, and I keep hearing people tell me she'll starting spreading out her feeding schedule/sleep more. Unfortunately for me, the opposite seems to be happening. The last week or so she'll eat every 2-3 hours during the day, and exactly every 3 hours at overnight. Yesterday, she did every 3 hours during the day and then every 2 hours all night long which has continued so far into today. 

    What the heck - everything I read says it could be a growth spurt, but it seems like she's had so many growth spurts already. I'm getting a little worried that my supply is dwindling and maybe she isn'g getting enough each feeding? 

    I try and make sure to nurse her at least 15 minutes on each side but sometimes she is all set after one side  (one-sided sessions usually are about 15-30 minutes, it really varies). 

    I also use a nipple sheild most of the time - she miraculousl figured out how to latch without it last week so I try and have her do that a few times a day but if she starts to get frustrated I just put the sheild on. 

    Would it be wise for me to start giving her a bottle of formula at night? Any idea if that would get her to sleep a little longer? At this point I Think it would be silly of me to give up breastfeeding - I've come this far. But I keep waiting for that turning point and it just doesn't seem like its going to ever come... 

    ETA: I am also having a heck of a time getting her to nap during the day. I am trying to follow the sleep/feed/wake routine but hers is more like wake/feed/sleep. 

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    Re: Frequent Nursing...

    It could be completely normal, but 2 things I'd recommend is:

    1. Getting a baby scale to see exactly how much she eats.  I know you can monitor the wet and BM diapers, but I found the information the scale gave invaluable and they are only like $50 on amazon.

    2. Going to a BF support group (many hospitals have them) or seeing an LC.  I went to the support group at NWH and many times these situations were as simple as a latching issue. 


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    Re: Frequent Nursing...

    SF - A second Trouble's recommendation to get thee to a BF support group meeting (they also weigh the babies there)

    I had a similar melt down weeks 5-7 my LC said to find a comfortable chair because I was not moving, I was going to feed DD constantly during a particularly grueling growth spurt. It sound like you are going through the same thing. I sat myself down, watched the last bit of TV for the next 5 years or so, read books and fed fed fed. I look back on this time now very fondly. (eight months later)

    I'm very pro breastfeeding so I'd say the only reason you might want to give her formula is so that DH can feed your daughter while you get a 5-6 hour chunk of sleep. This is also a time when you body is going to ramp up production, don't worry that she is not getting enough.

    And forget the schedule, don't even try this early. Just feed her and let her sleep when she falls asleep.
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    Re: Frequent Nursing...

    I remember this time well.  I think around 2-3 weeks and then again 5-6 weeks I felt like I was feeding DD non-stop.  I think for us after we got through the second month, things calmed down and we were able to start more of a routine, but at pp mentioned, your supply is likely ramping up around this time too.  Do whatever you feel you need to and what's best for your family, and if that means some formula now and then, so be it.  It will give you a break to rest and replenish and give your husband some bonding time with the baby.  Good luck!
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    Re: Frequent Nursing...

    I feel for you Silver!  I would also try going to a support group to see how much she is getting per feeding.  DS is very often not very satisfied with just nursing so I nurse and then supplement with formula if needed.  Yesterday he was screaming in hunger every other hour - It was a horrible.  What I normally do is nurse give him about 20/30 mins to see if he is actually satisfied and if he is not then I give some formula.

    For the night I do formula feedings, I nursed for 1 night and that was that.  He was up every hour to eat and I knew I could not function and take care of another child with that type of schedule.  When I started the formula at night he started doing 3 hour stretches which was great and those quickly got longer.

    If you feel like formula is the right answer for you give it a shot - You need rest!

    Oh and for the napping, DS will nap in the morning and after that its mainly awake and eating. When he does nap in the afternoon its a much lighter sleep than earlier in the day.
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    Re: Frequent Nursing...

    Like others have said, your daughter's nursing sounds totally normal to me. I would only add that if you are concerned about your supply, you'd do better to pump after nursing and have someone give her a bottle of expressed milk when you sleep, rather than supplementing with formula. Breast milk is produced on-demand, and if you skip feedings your supply may diminish. BUT if your daughter is full after nursing from one side, your supply is probably more than okay! Just remember which side you used last when you nurse her again or you'll end up lopsided.
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    Re: Frequent Nursing...

    New moms -- this aired when my daughter was still in the 4th trimester and it really helped me distinguish between hungry yelling and yelling about some other random thing:
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    Re: Frequent Nursing...

    Sorry, but i would agree that this sounds normal for a breastfeeding baby.  my baby was still getting up several times a night when I went back to work at 3.5 months.  I would agree with Lemon - I wouldn't necessarily introduce formula just to try to get her to sleep more, but it might help to have a full bottle of bmilk to offer her just before bed.  Good luck!  It's hard when you feel like something should be getting "better" and it's not.  I still get annoyed when my friend complains (since 3 months) that her baby "woke up at 6am" (after sleeping a solid 11 hours) or took anything less than a 3-hour afternoon nap.  I only wish!

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    Re: Frequent Nursing...

    Thanks all - I realized as I was just feeding her that I may have posted this exact scenario a few weeks ago. ;-) 

    I have been meaning to get to a support group, just cna't get it together to go! that, and DH and I only have one car so I'm sort of trapped in the house most days. 

    I have been pumping twice a day so DH can give her a bottle at night - for the most part that helps but the last few days he's done that, she's been wide awake for the next feeding w/ me and I can't get her back to sleep until the feeding after that. My thought around the formula is that since it isn't digested as quickly, maybe that feeding would hold her off a bit longer. 

    the good thing is that I know she is gaining weight like a champ - 1.5oz per day as of Monday! It may just be more of a confidence issue with me, in addition to pure exhaustion...last night really threw me for a loop since she will occasionally get hungry after 2 hours, but that was the first time it happened all night long. 

    Glad to hear that it doesn't sound crazy...and I will stop worrying about a routine at this point. I think I'm afraid of getting her in the habit of being nursed to sleep. 

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    Re: Frequent Nursing...

    I wouldn't supplement at all with formula unless suply is a serious issue.  Lemon is right about supply and demand.  She's telling your body to make more milk and if you don't keep up the constant nursing (I know what a pain it can be!!!) you can fall behind in your supply and pumping to catch up is way worse.  Good luck!
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    Re: Frequent Nursing...

    In Response to Re: Frequent Nursing...:
    Lemon is right about supply and demand.  She's telling your body to make more milk
    Posted by SarahInActon

    Yes, yes I am.
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    Re: Frequent Nursing...

    Does anyone watch "The Office"?  Near the beginning of the series Amy Adams was on selling purses in the office.  Dwight really liked her and said she fit all of his criteria including a large chest.  He said not for me, just that "the Schrewts produce very thirsty babies".  DH and I quote this and laugh every time that DH is having a very hungry day!

    Anyhow its great that she is gaining really well!  Nursing can be exhausting and when the night "routine" goes off track it can be extra exhausting. 

    As far as habits being formed I believe that babies don't learn habits until 3 months.  I was panicked about that with DD.

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    Re: Frequent Nursing...

    It sounds like your baby is going through a growth spurt and upping your supply simultaneously.  If you can manage it, I wouldn't supplement.  Good luck! Remember to stay well-hydrated, especially now that the weather is warming up. 
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    Re: Frequent Nursing...

    silver - DS will be 6 weeks tomorrow and we were having similar trouble in the beginning of this week.  Where he had been eating every 2 or so hours during the day and every 3 at night, he then started to eat every hour (or so it seemed) during the day and then every two hours at night!  This lasted two days.  I figured it was a growth spurt. 
    The next day he went for 4+ hours at night and today he has been eating every 3 hours during the day and for a shorter amount of time. 
    I have no idea what to make of it, but I am going to  BFing support group tomorrow in Melrose (baby cafe).  Hope to get some help there :)
    As far as I can tell though, he's growing......he doesn't fit into a few onsies that he was wearing on Monday!!
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    Re: Frequent Nursing...

    SLP - Did you make it to Babycafe yesterday??  I was there.  Trying to guess which one was you :o)