Getting Vomit Smell out of car seat straps

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    Getting Vomit Smell out of car seat straps

    I'm hoping someone can help.  DD is not a vomiter, she's only thrown up 3 x in her almost two years.  Unfortunately, one of those times was in her car seat this weekend.  There was a ton of it and it got everywhere.  We were able to take the car seat out and wash down the fabric parts, then Febreeze and Lysol the heck out of it and leave it on the porch to absorb the fresh air, which got the smell out of the fabric.  However, the straps still smell awful.  I tried washing them with a cloth and some soap as instructed by the manual, but to no avail.  The manual says not to saturate the straps in water (so don't put them in the washer or hose them down) because it weakens them.  Does anyone have any suggestions to get the smell out of the straps?  It's awful and is permeating into her clothing/jacket when we strap her into the carseat. 
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    Re: Getting Vomit Smell out of car seat straps

    I don't know if you can do this in place, or if you will need to remove the straps (as you might for rethreading them to another height in the carseat) but have you tried a paste with baking soda and a little water? I'm just thinking basic chemistry here, vomit is acidic (from the stomach acids) and baking soda is basic, so it should neutralize any remaining acids, and hopefully neutralize the odor.
    I know that to deskunk a dog I make a paste of baking soda with a little dishsoap and hydrogen peroxide (available at the drugstore) and thoroughly coat every skunky part. Rinse out with water, and it really does work. I use a lot of water to rinse off the dog, though, so if they don't recommend saturating, I'd try the baking soda alone first, if you let it dry you can brush off the excess, the de-skunk solution has soap, so you really need to rinse the soap out.
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    Re: Getting Vomit Smell out of car seat straps

    No, I didn't try baking soda, but it's a great idea!  I generally pour baking soda over DD's smelly diapers and that does wonders to neutralize those odors.  Works better than anything else, not sure why I didn't think of it.  Thanks!

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    Re: Getting Vomit Smell out of car seat straps

    Even better than that is Nature's Miracle.  It's pet stain remover/odor eliminator.  It's all enzymatic action that digests all organic material breaking it down and destroying it completely.  It's sold at any pet supply place.

    P.S.  You can't "spray it on."  You have to make sure it sinks in to the fabric to the depth of the vomit liquid so it reaches every part of the smelly stuff.  If you just cover the surface, the stinky stuff will remain deeper in the fibers.  Pour it on the cushions and soak the straps in it.  Even baking soda cannot get very far into the cushion or all the way through the fibers of the seatbelt.
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    Re: Getting Vomit Smell out of car seat straps

        Boraxo - The original 20 Mule Team  Borax  for Laundry,  Kitchen and Bath odors and cleaning .   (Not Boraxo Hand soap, which is only part Borax.)

        Make a paste of it with water,  rub it on, rub it in, let it sit until powder has dried, wipe off with something moist like terry cloth or sponge.

         Some very dense materials like seat belt webbing do well if done once with Boraxo and water.  Then a second time with the yellow liquid (not spray can)  Lysol disinfecting lemon scented cleaner,  2.50  for a quart, either spray  like a windex plastic bottle  or regular bottle.

        Boraxo  is super for removing urine,  vomit, and fecal smells,  with no added chlorine bleach.   People who use diaper pails for cloth diapers use it for this reason,  and in most stores and schools, the sawdust they put down after someone vomits or whatever on the floor is actually 2-3 Tablespoons  Boraxo in a couple of cups sawdust.

        Having worked nursing with elderly patients,  and through  bouts with 20  young  children at overnight camp with shigella  (runs and vomiting),  I know it works.

    Cheap at twice the price!                Wag