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Goodbye gift for daycare provider

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    Goodbye gift for daycare provider

    Hi all - We'll be switching DD from the home daycare she's been at for 2+ years to a center.  Any suggestions for a gift for her daycare provider?  We are all really going to miss her and I want to get something good... sentimental would be nice, but not a waste of space, if that makes any sense.  Worse comes to worst, I will send her a nice bouquet of flowers, but I'm hoping I can think of something that won't die... by this weekend.  I don't know much about what she likes... I think she goes to the gym and she seems to like taking pictures.  A nice album is a possiblity.  DH suggested that I ask her daugher what salon she goes to so I can get her a gc.  If I get a chance to talk to the daughter alone, I will ask, but I don't see that happening.  Thank you for any and all ideas!

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    Re: Goodbye gift for daycare provider

    At you can order small photo collages- like 4x6 or 5x7 size, with several pictures on the print. That might be nice, as a sentimental thing, but does take up space...

    I think a gift card for her salon or a day spa would be great, so she can treat herself and relax. If you can't figure out what salon she goes to, gift cards are good at salons and spas everywhere (online, you can look up salons & spas that accept them in your area).

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    Re: Goodbye gift for daycare provider

    I recently lost my Monday babysitter. She took a full time position as a nanny with a family and my kids are in camp this summer and will be in preschool all day come September. She was my lifesaver when my mom was dying last year and I don't know what I would have done without her.

    I figured that she's taken care of lots of kids, and while she loves them all, she didn't need another dust gatherer in her small house. I gave her $100 on her last day. She was so happy she cried.

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    Re: Goodbye gift for daycare provider

    We just switched both of our kids from one center to another.  We gave each teacher (two for DD, two for DS) a card "from" the kid they took care of, with a wallet picture of them (picture day was a couple of weeks before, so we had just gotten them) and a $25 AmEx gift card.  I figured money was the best way to say thanks. 

    I like the salon/spa idea, though! 


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    Re: Goodbye gift for daycare provider

    We know our child care teachers are huge DD drinkers, so we always get them a gift card to DD. online you can make personalized cards, so we try to use a cute picture of our kids and the teacher on the card. You can also add a short message. I always write a very sincere thank you note, too. As a teacher myself, those notes are the things I keep and cherish over the years.

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    Re: Goodbye gift for daycare provider

    What about a GC to toys r us or some other store that she could use to stock up her supplies without having to pay out of pocket? Or tell her that you want to make a contribution towards a new larger toy or item like a high chair/pack n play etc. and give her a check.  That way she can do with it what she wants but it seems a little nicer than just cash. (Not that there is anything wrong with cash!!!)

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    Re: Goodbye gift for daycare provider

    I agree with the cash or equivalent for something you know she uses, such as DD. 

    I recently received two gifts from grateful parents, one for DD which was great, I used it for a breakfast treat for the whole family on the way to the beach one day because it thanks them too for the help they give me. 

    One is for a local garden center, so I will buy some bulbs to plant later which will make me think of the donor family when they bloom next spring!!