Happy Mother's Day!

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    Happy Mother's Day!

    Happy Mother's Day everyone!  What are your plans?  What do you want for Mother's Day?

    I'm dropping DD off with my Dad in the morning, and my Mom and I are going to a class at her gym and then to brunch with my grandmother and some of Mom's friends.  Then back to pick up DD and probably doing some shopping.  Nothing big, but all I really wanted to do was spend time with DD and my mom anyway!

    I wasn't really expecting gifts, but DH has been asking me what I want.  I thought he asked the other day just because he felt like he had to get me something.  But then he asked again last night and said that he really wants to get me something nice because it's my first Mother's Day and I've done an awesome job with DD.  He said I've totally exceeded all his expections and I'm a great Mom.  Just hearing him say that was a good enough gift for me.  :)
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    Re: Happy Mother's Day!

    Aw, Pugs, that's so nice of your DH!

    I am not a mom yet, but this Mother's Day, we are breaking the news of our pregnancy (9 weeks) to our moms.  It should be pretty exciting to tell them.  We'll tell my mom over the phone when we talk on Sunday (she's on the west coast), and we are having a Mother's Day dinner with DH's parents on Monday night (she works all day Sunday) and will tell them in person then. 

    Happy Mother's Day to everyone!
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    Re: Happy Mother's Day!

    Pugs that is so nice.  Enjoy your day with your mom and DD.

    All I want for mother's day is to sleep in. We are having both sets of parent's over later on in the afternoon for an early dinner so that should be fun too.

    Jennifyr, what great news to spread this weekend.  I am sure both sides will be thrilled.  What's a great mother's day gift.
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    Re: Happy Mother's Day!

    happy mother's day! I think our plans are to hang out with my mother, keep it low key.

    What I want for mother's day, a nice big self cleaning kitchen that's alway stocked with everything I need right where I need it. Do they make them? :) If I can't have that then a day of no cooking & cleaning, maybe some parks for DS to play on (and not have a melt down that he wants to join the older kids playing baseball).

    I don't think I ask for too much!