Hi everybody!

BDCDottie has asked me to join the Boston.com Parents Forum as both a new
member and a site moderator, so I'd like to introduce myself.  I've enjoyed
reading through many of your posts on the parenting boards, and look
forward to getting to know you.

My role here is very simple:  I can help you with questions about the
forums, I can help to start new forums that you may need, and I can help
you find answers to whatever else might be of concern.  I've read many of
the discussions, and it's clear that these are active and fun groups, full
of support and information and kindness.  I'm happy to join you.

On a personal note, I am an at-home mom of 4 children (7, 6, 4, and 3)
living in a suburb south of Boston.  I'm no expert, but I hope from time to
time to share with you my own perspective on the issues at hand, just as I
am grateful to gain your advice on any number of questions.

Again, I look forward to spending more time on these boards and hearing
more from all of you. Please post any questions for me here in the General