Help Cure my Carb-aholic?

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    Help Cure my Carb-aholic?

    My three year old loves carbs, crackers, breads, chips etc.  I try to make them as healthy as possible (organic, whole grain, peanut butter etc), but I'd like to expand his horizons a bit.

    He's generally a good eater, so I can balance his diet over the course a a day, but I'm looking for healthy alternatives for snack time.  My sister recommended Kale Chips, so I'll give those a try, but I'm wondering if anyone has any other ideas?
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    Re: Help Cure my Carb-aholic?

    Actually, any root veggie can make a delicious chip, especially parsnips, as I just saw on Good Eats a couple of weeks ago.  Carrots would be yummy, too.  Parsnip Chips

    The key is a thin-slice mandoline to slice the veggies quickly, thinly, and uniformly and either a deep fryer (Fry Baby?  Fry Daddy?) or heavy pot and clip-on oil thermometer.  Super easy, really, and you can reuse the canola oil again and again.

    My parents bake their kale to make "chips" - they love it!  I have yet to try it.
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    Re: Help Cure my Carb-aholic?

    Have you tried beans?  They're a great finger food and jam-packed with nutritious stuff.  My kids can't get enough of them.  Dark red kidney beans and black beans are their favorite, but they'll eat pinto and chick peas, too.  White kidney beans (cannellini) are best when cooked and not-so-great as a finger food.  My kids love bean and cheese burritos, enchiladas, or mixed with tomatoes and/or cheese.  They'll eat them plain, too.  We stick them in the microwave to heat them up and they can't get enough. 

    Pan-fried tofu (get the extra firm and cut it into slices or cubes) with a flavoring of your choice.  My kids like oregano, but pretty much any herbs you have in your kitchen would work.


    Fruit, fruit, and more fruit.

    Raw carrots.  Let him eat them like bugs bunny.

    Other raw veggies like green and red peppers, green beans, cucumbers, radishes, grape tomatoes.  Give him some sauces and dips to dip them in--various salad dressings, hummus, bean dips, guacamole, etc. to make them more interesting and to allow him to experiment with different flavors.

    Celery with peanut butter and then sprinkle raisins on top.  You can do the same thing with apple wedges--put the peanut butter in the indentations where the seeds were.

    Hummus.  It's a great dip for veggies as well as crackers and chips.


    Granola bars (or, as my kids call them, "noga bars").

    Frozen waffle (cooked, of course) with peanut butter and/or jelly.

    In the produce section of most grocery stores, find the vegetarian meat alternatives.  I can't remember the company, but it's green, rectangular packaging.  They have falafel (which are probably not the world's most authentic falafel...but whatever), and "broccoli bites" and some other "bites" that are basically vegetable nuggets.  My kids love the falafel with hummus or (blech) ketchup (the ketchup was my mother's doing).  We haven't tried the "bites," but they'd be easy enough to stick in the microwave and heat up and be somewhat nutritious.

    In the same section, you may see something called "Tofettes."  It's basically flavored tofu and it's not bad, esp. if you aren't used to tofu.  They process it in a way that makes the texture more acceptable to non-tofu-eaters.  Again, stick it in the microwave and it should be good to go.

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    Re: Help Cure my Carb-aholic?

    Sometimes I just hand over a snack cup of blueberries or slices of apple instead of a cracker type snack.
    Or I make a yougurt smoothie instead.
    And I try to offer fewer carbs at meals on the days that seem to be filled with cheddar bunnies and pretzel goldfish.
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    Re: Help Cure my Carb-aholic?

    My 1 year old is a cracker-holic.  I have no cure, but I have been trying to ensure that she gets her crackers with some sort of protein like cheese or hummus.  My hope is that she will eat fewer crackers since she's also putting other stuff in her tummy.  My only other strategy is to not offer them sometimes, as misslily said.
    Someone else just told me about kale chips!  I'm going to try them soon.
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    Re: Help Cure my Carb-aholic?

    our 16 month is the same - major carbaholic. We found he loves the happy tot pouches (salba and veggie/fruit) and sweet potatoe fries (we get frozen ones and then just bake them in the oven and he still loves them). Lately, it seems like all his fruit/veggies are from those two sources.

    We tried pears and raspberries but he usually tries to stuff those into our mouths instead, ah well. Although it appears he is starting to try pear before shoving them towards us... so there is hope there, I guess.

    We have not been successful with any type of meat (we can only sneak in chicken it appears if it is sliced very, very thinly and in a grilled cheese sandwich). Is this an age thing? Do kids start eating meat later? He used to love the chicken purees but then suddenly decided he hated all meat stuff.
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    Re: Help Cure my Carb-aholic?

    My friend's pedi said that many kids are functional vegetarians until they are 3 - just not fans of meat.  We are the same here.  She mostly only eats meat if it's like ground beef in lasagna or spaghetti sauce.
    Although this past weekend my husband did give her some of his chicken finger and she gobbled it up.  Not the healthiest option!  Although they were frozen no-antibiotic ones that we baked, so not the worst possibility either.
    The other meat she will eat is from the Sprout brand meal pouches.  I feel like she's too old for them; on the other hand, they have organic veggies and meats and she likes them, so who cares?
    Oh, she's also a pizza-holic.  I'm going to think about how I can get more veggies into pizza.  (She doesn't like them on top.)
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    Re: Help Cure my Carb-aholic?

    DD is a carb-o-holic at home as well. I know she eats everything they give her at daycare, which includes lots of fruits and veggies, but she will tell me she doesn't like X (being any sort of food I know she eats at daycare) at home. Drives me CRAZY! 
    She is also 3, so I know that some of this is her asserting her independence. I usually just keep offering her the food, and tell her she won't get any more of the carbs until she at least tries the other food on her plate. Sometimes that means she stops eating, deciding that trying a bite of the other food isn't worth it, other times she will eat a bite, realize it is a food she likes and eat most/all of it. 

    Another thing I do is try and sneak in "extra" veggies by using the Barilla Picollini pastas that have vegetables in the pasta, they make a carrot/squash elbow that works great for mac'n'cheese, one of DDs favorite foods. I know it isn't the best way to get in veggies, but I feel like I can let it slide that she only ate 3 peas with her mac'n'cheese if there was a little veggies in the pasta. 

    I find that snack time is hard, since we don't usually spend a lot of time preparing snacks, so it is often grab and go, which makes carb-heavy choices really easy, but have you tried cheese sticks- either string cheese or the cheddar/monteray jack sticks? DD loves them. Also, at 3, she can peel a clementine all by herself, as long as I start it with a little hole, and she will eat one of those no problem (two if she's hungry). But she has to peel it herself - she won't eat a peeled one. 
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    Re: Help Cure my Carb-aholic?

    Medford, to get more veggies in pizza, add them to the sauce...I will mix some carrot puree in there...doesn't really effect the flavor.  Also will put really finely chopped zucchini under the cheese (so its hidden), but will still be in there. 

    My DD definitely loves her goldfish and toast too, but her latest kick is fruit.  All the time.  She goes to the fridge when I open it and will grab a clementine from the box and hand it to me!  I've had to limit her clementine intake!!

    Second people on hummous and bean dips.  She'll eat just about anything dipped into hummous!  Chicken, pita, cucumbers...

    Also, even though it's not particularly healthy, she loves fried eggplant (buy frozen at trader joe's)...I add a little cheese and sauce and it's like a pizza but a little lower carb. 

    I think the key is to just keep offering...I feel like lately if she sees us eating it, she's more likely to try it! 
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    Re: Help Cure my Carb-aholic?

    Medfordcc - if you are making pizzas (even on a prebaked crust, or bagel pizzas, etc.) you can make a pizza/pasta sauce that has extra veggies, then freeze it in ziplocs for later use- I have tomato sauce that has pureed carrot, zucchini, and greens (I think it was spinach or kale) that I made this summer (I had a farmshare, so tons of fresh veggies that even DH and I weren't huge fans of after the 4th week in a row) I used some fresh tomatoes, but also some canned crushed tomatoes, plus all the typical pasta sauce stuff, like onion, garlic and Italian herbs/spices, and just let it simmer while doing stuff around the house. It made a ton, and you don't really taste anything weird about it. Although when it first started cooking it was much greener and wetter than regular pasta suace, by the time it was done, red had taken over.
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    Re: Help Cure my Carb-aholic?

    I haven't tried it myself, but here's a recipe to make pizza crust with cauliflower: Could be a fun way to sneak veggies into their pizza!
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    Re: Help Cure my Carb-aholic?

    If you're looking to "hide" extra veggies, Jessica Seinfeld (Jerry's wife) has a couple of cookbooks devoted to just that:

    She also has a lot of kid-friendly meal ideas that are reasonably nutritious and things that are easy for the kids to help with (2 and 3 year olds might be a little on the young side for helping, but it probably depends on the kid).
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    Re: Help Cure my Carb-aholic?

    It's funny, my DD won't eat much by way of carbs.  She likes pasta and her bunny crackers, but has stopped eating waffles, bread, doesn't eat pancakes ... drives me nuts.  She's particular about meat -- she'll eat chicken if it's from a stew or part of a pasta dish, but won't touch plain grilled chicken, turkey, even deli meat.  She's a decent eater overall, but her likes/dislikes do 180's every day, it seems. 

    Here are two meals that are pretty consistent & easy:

    1) I make meatballs with ground lamb or ground turkey (dark meat), veggies & spices -- I put one zucchini & a bunch of baby carrots in the food processor with parsley, cilantro, and one clove of garlic.  I pulse that until it's very-finely chopped, then add to the ground meat.  I add liberal amounts of cinnamon & allspice (sounds weird, but SO good, like Moroccan spices), then shape into little meatballs and I brown them on all sides, then pop them in the oven to cook through.  They freeze really well. 

    2) For non-meat days, I toss whole wheat pasta & peas together, heat them up, and then stir in hummus instead of tomato sauce or butter.  She LOVES that and it's pretty high in protein. 

    For the OP, I try to give crackers after she's eaten something a bit "better" for you.  I use one of those old formula dispensers to send snacks to daycare, so I'll fill one section with cut-up fruit or craisins, one section with shredded cheese, and one with bunny crackers.  She really likes anything in a pouch, so I send Happy Baby pouches for snacks or that squeezable applesauce.  The Stonyfield yogurt tubes are also good. 

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    Re: Help Cure my Carb-aholic?

    Whoops: forgot the meatballs also get one beaten egg & some bread crumbs to bind. 
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    Re: Help Cure my Carb-aholic?

    Thanks for the ideas!  I am definitely going to try the veggies in the pizza or pasta sauce.  And the hummus on pasta!
    I have also had success with spinach ravioli (spinach and cheese inside) drowned in red sauce, plus she accidentally ate some tofu and spinach as part of take out Chinese food dumplings.  Those both just seem so little in comparison to the carb-o-rific wrappers, but I guess it's better than nothing.
    Plain old slices of cheese are the favorite non-carby snack at our house, too.