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    Long story short, yesterday we took DD (23mo) to the dr sort of urgently because she suddenly developed hives on her face, arms, and bum/thighs while at daycare. They said it could've been an allergy to something (unlikely food), a virus, or just for an unknown reason. One dose of benadryl at the Dr. helped and she was hive-free til about 3pm today (22 hrs after first incidence). Got some on her thigh, which faded on its own within an hour. Then at bath/bedtime we noticed a little more on her legs and back.

    They seem to appear randomly in various parts of her body, last for a while, then go away. She doesn't really seem too bothered but yesterday she was scratching at them.

    I know when I was little I used to get hives for no real reason and needed benadryl every so often, so maybe she's just inherited it from me?

    Does anyone have experience with something like this?

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    Re: Hives?

    I have experience with a similar thing but unfortunately no insight.  DD had the same thing happen (right at that same age, actually), and we never knew why.  It was just for a couple of days that they showed up, and then never again (at least so far - 1.5 years later, though).

    The only thing we could think of that was different in her diet was that she had been eating a large amount of fresh strawberries, and previously she had mostly had smaller quantities, or frozen ones (which I guess can be different...?).  We opted not to do any testing at the time, but waited and then the pediatrician added the test onto her lab order for when we had to go for the 2 year old lead test.  That blood test was negative, although our pediatrician did refer to it as the "poor man's test", because it is not always right.  So we kept her away from strawberries for a bit, and then I do tend to watch her when she has them, but she's always fine.  The hives have never come back, and we really don't know what it was.

    Good luck to you and your DD!  I know it's concerning to see those hives!