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How are all the new moms?? Missing the updates!

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    Re: How are all the new moms?? Missing the updates!

    LLLE--I have a chunk of a baby on my hands.  Avi was 13 lbs 12.5 oz at his 7 week appointment!  He's also 24 inches long though, so he's proportionate at least!  Glad to hear that nursing is going well and it's so neat to see them interact with the world!  Avi particularly likes it when I sing Christmas carols and he smiles and coos along with them.
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    Re: How are all the new moms?? Missing the updates!

    Great post!  DD is now 4 months old and I am getting ready to go back to work on Monday.  I will have Fridays off though, so that will be nice.  DD is a little peanut....still only 12 pounds.  But, she is nice and healthy and does have some chubby cheeks.  I am petite and DH is not huge either, so it makes sense.  I had milk suppy issues (and still do to a small degree), so we have been supplementing with a little bit of formula since about one month old.  LLLE, DD is doing the same thing as far as rolling from back to front....that pesky arm!  She can roll from front to back though.  She is really reaching for things and pulling them to her mouth now.  Oh and she has officially found her feet and toes!  She does pretty good for sleeping. We are usually up only once per night to eat.
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    Re: How are all the new moms?? Missing the updates!

    Grouse - I am with you with a chunky monkey.  DD was born at 9 8 ounces and is now 12 1/2 lbs at 7 weeks.  Wow! 

    This includes a 9 day stay in the intensive care unit.  I think I posted before that unfortunately she spent half of her first month in the hospital due to a cyst in her larynx that recurred, then got infected and then she got a blood clot due to a procedure which has since resolved.  Whew!  She has been home for about 2 weeks. 

    She is doing well at this time.  I had issues with breast milk supply largely due to her swallowing and her many procedures so unfortunately we ended up stopping this which made me very sad but I am just grateful that she is thriving.  

    She has some fussiness but certainly not colic and is as cute as can be.  She is starting to smile more and we are just so blessed and happy to have her home!
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    Re: How are all the new moms?? Missing the updates!

    Lost - I love the smiles and the coos aren't they great!

    Memes - That is so great that DD has found her feet.  How cool it is to watch them figure these things out.  Hopefully DS will be doing the turning over thing soon but as I said he hates being on his belly on the floor!

    Luck - so glad that DD is home and happy and doing well!! 
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    Re: How are all the new moms?? Missing the updates!

    Great post!  It's amazing how quickly they grow.  DD is 4 months and appears to be acquiring more skills everyday.  She loves to grab at anything (especially my face while nursing) and has recently begun to roll from back to front (but can't figure out what to do once on her stomach).  Her neck is strong enough that she doesn't need tummy time as much but it really isn't a dreaded activity like it used to be.  She also talks and laughs so much and I am beginning to realize that she loves a good party (lol).  Also, now that we've reached 4 months, I definately see more of a pattern in her sleep-wake cycle.

    Memes-Good luck going back to work.  I returned last month and it is hard to juggle it all!

    LLLE-I think tummytime is more enjoyable once their neck strength increases and its no longer work so DS will enjoy rolling over.

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    Re: How are all the new moms?? Missing the updates!

    What a nice thread!  I loved reading everyone's updates.

    Our daughter is doing great, just turned 4 months and also sort of a peanut at 12 lb 7 oz.  She is so sweet I honestly don't know what to do!  Similar to what other people have said, she loves to "talk" and she likes it when I sing (off-key) to her.  She also loves to watch the action, even if the action is the dishwasher being emptied or something like that.  She does NOT love to watch if I'm just sitting at the computer!
    It's so funny how different they all are.  She is not rolling over yet, but she is always reaching for things and is getting pretty good at grabbing them and bringing them to her mouth.  She loves that.  She also is still napping about 4 times each day, and 45 minutes is a long nap for her.  However, no complaints here, because while there are some nights she's up twice, most nights are either once or not at all.  It's funny that it's so erratic, but for now I'm just doing to let her do her thing.  :)
    So glad to hear that everyone is well!
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    Re: How are all the new moms?? Missing the updates!

    I agree, so nice to read updates!  So glad to hear everyone's babies are happy and thriving!

    Zoe hits 6 weeks tomorrow, and she is just so much fun!  This whole motherhood thing is better than I ever could have imagined (even with it's difficult moments).  She was 10lbs at her 1 month appt, and is sporting a healthy double chin, so I'm curious what her next weigh-in will tell us.  She's doing a lot of big smiles at DH and me, and is starting to laugh, as well as cooing and trying her darndest to tell us stuff. 

    Good to hear other babies aren't big fans of tummy time, LOL!  She lasts maybe 90 seconds, with tons of encouragement from me, before dissolving into tears. 

    Sleeping is...ok.  She usually goes about 3-4 hours for the first leg, then it's more like 2-2.5 from that first feeding until morning.  But she doesnt' hate her bassinet anymore, so that's progress.  I know some babies wail whenever not being held, so I feel like we have it pretty good.  We usually try to get her to go to sleep by shushing and rocking her, swaddled, before putting her in, though, which means she often doesn't actually go to bed until close to 10pm.

    Anyway, great to hear from everyone!

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    Re: How are all the new moms?? Missing the updates!

    Nene and medford, it sounds like we all have DDs that are 4 months old!  Nene, that is too funny about grabbing your face during DD has recently developed the same habit and loves to pull at my mouth while nursing.  I have been sick though so I have been trying to avoid her hand reaching up.  And medford, my DD also naps about 3 times a day still with one long nap and two short ones usually.  What are you all doing about putting your babies down for naps and sleep?  I still rock DD to sleep as she doesn't respond well to me just putting her down in her crib and hoping she'll fall asleep.  The pediatrician encouraged me to think about doing that soon, but the rocking thing is working at the moment so I hesitate to stop.  Not sure if I am developing a bad habit though.  Also, we got the go ahead to start solids anytime we're ready....I was thinking we would hold off a bit longer because I don't think DD is ready yet because she really can't sit up on her own yet.  Has anyone else started solids?
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    Re: How are all the new moms?? Missing the updates!

    I was just thinking the same thing- sorry i haven't been very good about keeping up with the posts...  great idea!! I just had a feeling today that I should check in!

    so I also have a 4 month old- and he is huge (17.5 pounds and 27 inches three weeks ago). i have given up on any sizes under 12 months at this point. And he is doing well with breast feeding and sleeping for the most part- we actually hit a kink this week and he has been up multiple times for the past few days. Not sure what is going on.

    I think that we may be close to teething- now everything (including both hands at the same time) are going into his mouth- and lots and lots of drool is coming out (we can finish with a bib in about 5 minutes).  he also hates tummy time, but day care assures me that 5 minutes is fabulous at this age, so poppy- you are probably right on track!

    IPW- I struggled with pumping too- I think that it was just as hard as breast feeding to get into a routine. I have found that I have to pump at certain times to get good flow- and often need to help with some massaging. And, the more frequently you pump, the easier it is.  and, these things have all changed for me since i started pumping when he was 6 weeks of age.

    medford, I am so jealous of the naps! ours are not routine at all. and seem to only occur when I am out running errands- like he isn't capable of sleeping at home unless strapped to me.

    A question for you guys- when do you plan to start solids? My ped said i could start at 4 months, but didn't "need to"... I am not sure how to decide.
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    Re: How are all the new moms?? Missing the updates!

    IPW (and any others for whom this applies) - WHAT is your bathtime trick with Nate???  Zoe HATES her bath and screams BLOODY MURDER the entire time!!  We have the water the right temp and we slowly introduce her to it (feet first, etc) with soft encouragement the whole time, and she just screams!! We've reverted back to sponge baths which are only slightly less traumatic.  I wonder if it could be our tub (although see previous note about sponge baths) - what kind of tub do you have?

    I'm sorry you're having trouble with daytime naps - it must be hard to get anything done!  I don't typically put Zoe in her bassinet for naps as that usually makes her wake up.  She usually naps in her swing or bouncy seat.  Or right now, flat on her back on the couch with me next to her, but I obviously can't go and do stuff around the house and leave her there.  Up until today, her schedule has been wake up, eat, have some awake/play time, fall asleep, wake up, eat, etc. all day long.  But today she's cried a good deal of the day and has only taken a couple of 10-15 minute naps, waking up crying each time.  This nap has lasted a bit longer, but she's been stirring a lot.  i'm thinking maybe growth spurt.  Either that or we're saying goodbye to daytime naps, which will not be happy news!
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    Re: How are all the new moms?? Missing the updates!

    I'm jealous of those of you whose LOs are sleeping "well" through the night.  Lindsay was sleeping well (6 hrs or so) and then she got sick and the clock has been reset.  Now, we're in a pattern where she'll go to bed at 5:30, sleep for 5 hours, feed, and then she's up 3 hrs later and 2 hrs after that. She will get up around 5:30 (which is the time we start our day).  I guess I shouldn't complain because she is getting a long chunk in but I wish it were when I was sleeping.:-)  She also has a habit of happily being up for 1-1.5 hrs at 3:30 for no apparent reason. 

    We also got the green light to start solids.  I really don't want this to become a debate about it.  I know some people wait until the LO is 6 months.  She has good head control and is interested in food when we eat so we will probably start introducing foods within a couple of weeks.  When I discussed it with my pediatrician, he said that research indicated that babies who are introduced solids earlier have fewer taste aversions and decreased allergies.  I've also been making and freezing babyfood so I'm really excited to introduce it to her. 
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    Re: How are all the new moms?? Missing the updates!

    Poppy-One thing that helped with Lindsay's baths was for us to take a bath together.  It really calmed her down and it became one of my favorite activities.  A few times of exposure and then we returned her to her bathtub.  She's still not a complete fan but she stopped crying. 
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    Re: How are all the new moms?? Missing the updates!

    IPW - I would pick one formula and stick with it, using different ones at the same time will only bind your baby. I went with Good Start because I knew a lot of people who used it and never had issues and I also got a couple unopened containers from my SIL that she had leftover. Can't wait for DS to be off formula in another month or so and be saving that money.

    Winter - I started giving my DS solids at 4 months at the suggestion of my pedi. Just cereal/oatmeal and fruit to start off. It was a challenge at first because most of it ended up everywhere but his mouth. I will say that once he started to get some solids he started to sleep better.
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    Re: How are all the new moms?? Missing the updates!

    thanks for the solid ideas- I got one of those fancy make-it-yourself babyfood machines and am excited to make it, but didn't know what to do with a 2 month window.

    as for bathtime- I put an adult washcloth in the bathtub to make it softer and more comfortable, which helped us.  it also keeps the plastic stuff warmer, which he seemed to like. he now can relax when reclining.

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    Re: How are all the new moms?? Missing the updates!

    For the bath aversion, try taking a bath with your LO.  It is so much fun.  Just have hubby hand you the baby once you've already gotten in until you get the hang of it.  My son loved taking baths that way when he was little.
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    Re: How are all the new moms?? Missing the updates!

    Thank you all for the bath advice - perhaps I will try bathing with him!  Can you believe I've never taken a bath in my tub and I've lived here for almost 3 years?? Not really a bath person.  But I could try it!  I also put a towel into the plastic bath for her to lie on, but she still screams.  A friend also has that sling bath and her son seems to like it, so we could try that.  I'm feeling negligent now - we only bathe her once a week!  It's such a traumatic experience and takes both of us to do it.  We're still washing her hair under the faucet - for those of you who do the hair in the bathtub, how do you rinse effectively without getting it all over their face?

    IPW - have you tried a hands-free bra for pumping? I haven't tried it but have asked for it for Christmas because it's impossible to have an infant and double-pump - one hand must be free!
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    Re: How are all the new moms?? Missing the updates!

    IPW-When I was on maternity leave, I would pump in the morning before Lindsay woke up for the day.  She would usually wake up around 8:30/9 so I would try to pump around 7.  If you can pump around the same time every day, your body will have milk available at that time after a few days.  Currently, Lindsay drinks about 12 oz. and we're separated for 7.5 hrs.  The pumping has been challenging at times.  I had the stomach flu last weekend (luckily Lindsay did not get sick) which significantly decreased my supply.  I think its finally where it was before. 

    Winter, IPW-Good luck with the baby food machine.  I totally wanted one but decided to go old school with my steamer and food processor. 

    Poppy-We also give a bath once a week.  I've heard that a baby really doesn't need more than that.  Initially it was because we both needed to be there to bathe her but her skin is so dry that I feel that its better not to dry it out. 

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    Re: How are all the new moms?? Missing the updates!

    HI all - we're doing well too, coming up soon on 4 months.  DS is long and skinny, just like his big sister was and is a very pleasant baby, smiling easy and often.  He was doing great with sleeping up until a month or so ago and we've been challenged ever since.  I am not going back to work until the first of the year, so I haven't started regular pumping yet, and I am not sure I will.  Nursing itself is going well, and DS will take a bottle of pumped milk no problem, but he refuses formula.  It's pretty stressful really, trying to watch DH give him formula, and also knowing that so far, I have no back up plan.  WIth DD I had to pump 3x per day to get almost enough for the 2 feedings while I was away, and I just don't think I can do it this time, plus with a toddler on hand in the mornings.  For those new to pumping, if you're pumping while also feeding (like while on mat leave) then you won't get as much as you will when you're missing feedings.  Also, you'll always get more earlier in the day, so if you can fit in a pump session early in the day, the better.  Also, right after a hot shower yields better results.

    Anyway, as for formula, last time my ped reccomended Good Start and we used it with no problems (though transition was not until about 6 months)  Food, he also gave the go ahead at 4 months, but we didn't until more like 5 months, and she was looking interested in what we were eating.  DS doesn't seem to be as intersted, but I am not sure if with #2 we're just less observant!  Anyway not sure what we will do with him.  I also have started stocking the freezer for him (and us!)
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    Re: How are all the new moms?? Missing the updates!

    Nene - I hope so with the tummy time right now I'm lucky to get 90 seconds like poppy!!  Though using the boppy has helped some.

    IPW - for naps the first nap of the day, usually around 10am, Mitchell just falls asleep on his own no matter where he is and his afternoon nap I put him in the swing once he starts rubbing his eyes like crazy.  I have tried putting in his crib once he is asleep in the morning but he doesn't take as long a nap and gets really cranky if he doesn't get at least two naps that last at least two hours.  So weird!  DH had to take him on a little car ride last night after he didn't get to really nap in the afternoon when I was out shopping with him and my mom...I think there was too much for him to look at. I have to say he loves movement and vibration when sleeping.  

    Our daily routine is that we usually wake up and play for about 1.5-2 hours then its nap time then play again for 1.5-2.5 hours then nap two and then awake until about 8pm-9pm when he goes down for the night.  Of course there are feedings in there as well! 

    It's good to hear that other peoples LOs sleep one long period at night and then shorter periods.  Mitchell is just starting to go about 5 hours then nurses then goes like 3 hours sometimes 4 if I am lucky and then like 2-3 hours.  We don't get up though in the morning until like 8am.

    Regarding bath time he likes it but I wouldn't say he loves it.  He doesn't cry at all but he is also not smiling and laughing.  He kind of looks at me with this really serious face like this isn't bad but when will it be done!  We have a tub that sounds like what IPW has but we aren't using the sling anymore.  It has a newborn side that is slanted and an infant toddler side that is for sitting up.  I have this cool bucket that has a soft rubber edge to it for rinsing him off and has really worked well with not getting the soap or water in his eyes from washing his hair.  I also wash his hair last so he doesn't get cold and since he is too young to play I try to make it as quick as possible so he doesn't get cold.

    I haven't really started pumping to build up a stockpile.  During his middle of the night feeding he used to only eat on one side so I would get up and pump the other so I wouldn't lose any of the supply.  So that helped me start a small collection.  He has been eating on both sides lately at night because he is going longer so I haven't done that in a while.  Sometimes DH feeds him with what I did pump and so I will pump when he feeds him but of course this only replaces what I had it doesn't increase what I have saved.  I feel like my supply is really only what he needs but I heard from people that if you do pump at the same time everyday at an additional time it will up your supply so you can start storing up. 

    I'm not sure how I feel about solids. I can't say that Michell has shown any interest in food and I like the idea that people take a cue from their little ones in regards to starting them.  It makes sense to me if there is interest then let him try it but if there isn't then wait.  My pedi did mention we would talk about it at his next appt.

    I'm interested to know more about the baby food making.  What do you make?  Is it hard?  How much time does it take?  When storing in the freezer how long does it last?  Can you make any foods?

    I'm so glad to hear everyone is doing so well!  I agree that motherhood is just the most amazing thing ever!  I love it so much and am in awe of Mitchell everyday!
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    Re: How are all the new moms?? Missing the updates!

    I miss being on maternity leave when we would sleep until 8!  Work threw a wrench in that!  Now, it appears that she's on a 'schedule' and it seems as if the days of sleeping in on the weekend are gone for the moment.

    In regards to pumping, it really is good to have a little stockpile.  I remember hearing that and always wondered when I would use it but when my supply was lowered due to being sick, it was good to have a backup.  On the otherhand, I'm currently pumping barely enough to cover what Lindsay drinks so I did not replenish my stash which is freaking me out. 

    I've been making mostly vegetables.  I like to cook so I don't really think its that hard...its a lot of passive cooking.  Cooking light has a cookbook for baby food that I've found helpful as a guide for first foods.  I usually steam food (or bake for the squashes) while I'm cooking and then puree it.  Cooking light suggested storing it in ice cube trays, which I've done and one cube will eventually be a serving (or 1/2 a serving when she really starts to eat). I believe food can be stored up to 3 months.  The cooking light book also has which foods can be frozen and which can be prepared on the fly. 

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    Re: How are all the new moms?? Missing the updates!

    Hi all, 

    So nice to read about all the other babies around the same age as our DS!  Our little man is 14 weeks today and tomorrow is my first day back to work.  :(  I am so sad, even typing this brings tears to my eyes!!  I am so worried about him getting enough attention at daycare.  I am afraid all the attention will be paid to the infants who can crawl, and DS will be stuck in a bouncer seat.  I know our center is really good, and this will likely not happen, but it's just so hard to know that he won't get the same amount of attention.  I also worry (ok obsess) over his ability to nap there.  He is a pretty good napper during the week (usually takes a 2 hour nap in the am and catnaps in the afternoon), but it is always done with a short nursing session to put him to sleep.  I feel sooo guilty for sending him to daycare.  How have you all done with this for those who have gone back to work?  Any advice??  Would love to know what your experiences were like for both you and your LO. 

    As for the little man, he is doing SO well!!  I love every minute I spend with him!  He's about 13 lbs now.  He has slept through the night once so far, but I can't complain b/c he is down to only waking up once a night now.  We have a video monitor, and I do notice that he doesn't sleep very deeply.  We swaddle him and throughout the night, he moves his head back and forth all the time.  He'll do this 3 or 4 times, then stop for a minute and then do it again.  Anyone else notice this? I always wonder if it's b/c he is trying to get out of the swaddle.  Would love to stop swaddling, but I just don't think he can control his arms enough yet.  

    He has also rolled over from tummy to back but not the reverse yet.  He talks up a storm, and loves when DH makes owl noises at him (too funny!).  He didn't like baths the first 6 weeks until I went to Florida with him.  He LOVED it there, when it was a balmy 80 degrees.  We now crank the heat during baths, and he loves them!

    Oh...BF is going great that he has gradually gotten worse and worse at taking a bottle!  We were supplementing 2 oz of formula a night, but don't need to anymore.  Going to go out and buy bottles that are designed to mimick BFing for daycare today...hopefully that will work for him!
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    Re: How are all the new moms?? Missing the updates!

    I miss all of you too!  It's a lot harder to update when you're managing a baby than waiting for her. 

    DD is going to be 6 weeks old on Wednesday, which is so hard to believe.  It's been a LONG 6 weeks.  She was delivered at 38 weeks via planned c-section, and was only 5 lb 7 oz.  She lost weight before we left the hospital and got all the way down to 4 lb 11 oz.  I think because she was on the small side, it was hard for her to breastfeed and really latch on in the beginning, so we had to supplement with formula and pumped milk until last week.  We finger fed her (pinkie finger in the mouth, like she'd be latched on, and pushing the milk through syringe) which was tough, and time consuming, but I was determined not to give her a bottle until she had a better hand at breastfeeding.  At her 4 week checkup she was at 5 lb 12 oz, which was a huge relief, and over Thanksgiving weekend, she seemed to finally click with breastfeeding.  Since then, it's been getting better by the day...she's eating more normally, and I am so much more relaxed!  She's getting more alert, and is settling herself into a better routine.  Because we had been doing strict feedings every 3 hours, all of our sleep patterns were a mess, and that's much better now too.  She has also grown from 17.5 to 19.5 inches (again as of the 4 week app't), and is finally really filling in those newborn clothes.

    I have about 5 weeks left until I go back to work, and I'm already wondering how I will be able to leave her.  Even though the last 6 weeks have felt in many ways like one really long day, it's been amazing to be able to have this time with her.  It kills me that just as she's starting to get more alert and aware and as her little personality starts coming out more and more, I'll have to hand her over to other people for 9 hours a day!  Fortunately, 2 of the 5 days, she'll be with my parents, which makes it a little easier...and I love my job, so I know that once I get back into it, I'll be happy to be at work. 

    Love to hear what will be ahead of us in a few weeks...I'm so excited that we've got real eye contact now, and can't wait for smiles and giggles and all that's to come!
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    Re: How are all the new moms?? Missing the updates!

    Hello, ladies -- 

    DD is ten weeks and I'm gearing up to go back to work soon.  She's a peanut: just shy of eleven pounds at her 2 month appt.  I'm nursing her and supplementing (I had supply issues at first and she just wasn't gaining) and it's going well.  It was hard to introduce the formula, but in hindsight it was great for us -- gives me a bit more freedom and will make the transition to daycare/work easier, I think. 

    DD isn't much of a napper, but she does well at night.  Usually goes down for the night at 8ish and sleeps until 3am or so, nurses, then back down until 6:30.  Then it's anyone's guess ... but I'd rather struggle with naps than overnight.  I think.  

    And she's SO much fun.  All about eye contact and giggles and smiles.  I agree -- it's so hard that just as they start interacting, it's back to work (oh, for a six-month leave), but I'm super-lucky with my daycare.  My sister is staying with us for six months and taking her one full and one half day; my MIL is coming to my house one day a week, and I found a great in-home daycare for the rest.  I'll also be home two days a week for a while.  I'll still need some daycare, either sister or the in-home, on those days so I can be client-facing for a portion of the day, but only four hours as opposed to eight.  

    Glad to hear everyone's doing well!  Oh, as for bathing, I agree with the take-baby-in-with-you advice.  Although DD likes the tub, I stumbled on this on one of those "we're both covered in sh*t" days and I jumped into the shower with her.  She LOVED it.  
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    Re: How are all the new moms?? Missing the updates!

    Evavase, I had to laugh reading your post because I can relate to so much of it!  Esp the part about moving the head back and forth in the swaddle - my daughter (10 wks) does this all the time in her swaddle!  She will pick up her feet and grunt while doing it, and it definitely seems like it has to do with her wanting out of it.  But she definitely needs it & her hands would be all over her face if she wasn't wrapped.

    I really feel for you about going back to work...GOOD LUCK tomorrow.  I will be going back in 4 weeks and can barely stand the thought of it.  Crying almost every time I think/talk about it.  It always seemed so easy that the baby would go to daycare and I'd go back to work...until she was born of course!  I had no idea how much I would absolutely love being a mom and being home with my baby.  I also obsess over naps and worry that she won't get her needed sleep when in daycare.

    So nice to hear that others are in the same boat and feel the same way.  We are all just trying to do the very best for our amazing little ones while loving them so much it hurts...
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    Re: How are all the new moms?? Missing the updates!

    Eva-Good luck at work tomorrow!  The first day is the worse!  I sent DD in gradually the week before I started work and the first day we dropped her off, my DH said, "I think this is when you hand her over."  It was so hard to do.  I just left and cried but when I returned she was happy and she really loves her teachers (she's in an infant room at a school).  I think what helped the most was reminding myself that I *really* liked the school.  DD primarily fell asleep by nursing for naps and at night (she still does at night) and I was worried about her ability to nap at school.  She hasn't had a problem.  From what I've been told, she falls asleep on her own alot.  I think she's so interested in everything going on around her that she tires herself out.  Babies also don't sleep soundly so I don't think what you've noticed with his sleeping is due to swaddling. 

    Luv-Great news about DD!  I admire your determination with the feeding.  I'm glad all of you hard work paid off!  There is so much to look forward to: the cooing, smiling, and laughing.  It's just amazing to watch the development of the personality...