Hungry or not? Night wakings...

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    Hungry or not? Night wakings...

    Hi there, 

    DD is approaching 12 weeks this Saturday - and I'm pretty sure there must be a 12- week growth spurt b/c she is eating like a madwoman the last 2 days, and not sleeping well. 

    The problem is, she's eating more, and more frequently (we're pretty much just bottle feeding at this point), but sometimes she only takes a little - like 1-2 oz (normally takes 4). 

    Last night she woke up at 2, 3:30, 4:30, 5:00, and 6:30. I fed her at 2, 5, and 6:30 - the other 2 wakeups I was able to just tighten her swaddle and hse fell back asleep - although she wasn't sleeping well at all. Lots of noises, even crying in her sleep (possibly night terrors?)

    So, since she's never been one to sleep through the night, I always automatically feed her when she wakes up. I'm starting to think that maybe I shouldn't be doing that? Is there any way to really know if she's waking up from hunger or not, other than  offering her a bottle? When  I fed her at 5, she only took 1oz and then passed out. I don't want to get into the habit of feeding her to get her back to sleep...but since 3 hours had gone by I had assumed she was hungry. 

    I'm  not counting on her ever sleeping through the night at this point...but at least going back to the 4 hour stretches she was doing would be nice. 

    Any tips/thoughts? Sorry if I"m not making  much sense...I think this question is as about erratic as her sleeping and eating!

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    Re: Hungry or not? Night wakings...

    Silver.. hang in there..  I found that food made a dramatic difference.  just after 4 months we started rice cereal, then carrots, and today oatmeal..  he's been sleeping sooo much better!  One wake up usually in the middle of the night but usually just needs to be reswaddled, rocked for a few mins, and he goes right back down.. we've even had 4 sleep through the nights in the last 2 1/2 weeks (which we only had 3 total in the 17 weeks before that).  I found that before food when he woke up if it had been at least 3 hours, I fed him too...  if it was less than 3 hours i rocked him back down..  He was just over 17 lbs at his 4 month appt though so he was totally ready for food.. he was also up to 7 oz of formula in his bottles at each feeding (except at night where he can get by with 2-4 oz when he wakes). 
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    Re: Hungry or not? Night wakings...

    Don't worry about making sense.  I think we've all written a rambling sleep deprived post at this point!

    How often has she been eating during the day?  Maybe that's an indication of how often she needs to eat at night.  Just a thought.  If she goes 3 hours during the day, I'd be comfortable putting her back to sleep until at least 3 hours is up at night.

    I don't think you need to worry too much about forming a bad feeding habit yet... But that is WAY easier said than done and I worry about it too when DD wakes up.

    Why haven't humans evolved enough for babies to tell us what they need at 3 am?

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    Re: Hungry or not? Night wakings...

    another thought i had is how does she nap during the day?  I find that DS sleeps much better when he naps well during the day.. days where his naps are shorter, not as deep, seem to have him up more at night.  Or when there has been too much stimulation during the day - such as his christening, easter, etc.. those nights he slept terribly for some reason.  You'd think like an adult he'd be wiped out, exhausted, and sleep great.. "like a baby", but it's not the case.  he is exhausted but for some reason keeps waking. 

    oh and one last thing i found that works for us.. his last two feedings before bed are closer in time.. kind of a tank him up thing.. we end up feeding him around 6 and 8 then he goes to bed.  or 5:30 and 7:30..  all other feedings during the day are 3-4 hours apart. 
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    Re: Hungry or not? Night wakings...

    Thanks! I feel like all I do on here is try to find some solution to her sleeping! Maybe b/c certain friends of mine I know are always talking about their babies who sleep 10 hours... ;-) (kidding!)

    The last few days she is all over the place eating during the day - but normally it'll be 2.5-3 hours; and then she'll at least go 3 hours at night. But this week it has been 2 hours, and once or twice even after only 1 hour. 

    She also has been napping pretty well during the day - except today. I have her on the sleep, eat, play routine and try not to keep her up for more than 2 hours. She normally zonks out after about 1.5 so she's fallen into it on her own. I've been pretty militant about her napping in her crib also - which has been great. Unfortunately, I Go back to work on Monday and I don't know if I can count on MIL to follow-through with this routine. DH seems to finally be on board with it so that's good (he'll be with her one day per week). 

    I was thinking that the transition to food might help - she is definitely growing like a weed (23.5 inches, 12lbs 4oz as of last Friday) so I think the liquid diet is just not keeping her satisfied. Definitely looking forward to that 4 month check-up! 

    I also thought that maybe 4oz wasn't enough so I started giving her 5oz bottles...of which she takes only 3.5oz! I wish she would just eat more in one sitting b/c I think that would help her a lot - but how do you reason with a 12 week old? :-) 

    So, I have another theory and that is we are experimenting with cheaper diapers. DH bought a ton of Luvs from BJsb/c htey were the best deal. I almost wonder if being wet bothers her a lot more than it used to (she could go hours w/o a change in the DriMax - which I only did overnight), and now it seems like if she's wet she needs to be changed right away. ONe of the many times I got up last night, I just changed her diaper right in the crib and re-swaddled her. As soon as she had on a dry diaper she was zonked back out again. 

    So, I conclude that she is going through a massive growth spurt, is starving, and hates sitting in pee. lol. All this just before returning to work! At least DH is required to start getting up e/o night starting Monday! 
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    Re: Hungry or not? Night wakings...

    It sounds like a typical 3-4-month growth spurt to me. It happened right before I went back to work too. What a nightmare. It feels like it will last forever, but it only lasts a week or so. I would stick with breast milk or formula -- much more filling and fatty than grains, better for growing infants. And prepare the next size up in clothing -- you'll find one morning that none of her clothing fits any more.
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    Re: Hungry or not? Night wakings...

    Silver I feel for you, even though DS is younger I feel like he goes through stages like that. A few nights he ate CONSTANTLY for 2 hrs straight, he couldn't get enough (literally bc im sure i had no milk!) and also would be up at night to eat again.   I think they go through times like this where they need to eat more, at least that's what I keep reading.  Hopefully it's short lived and your DD will be back to sleeping longer. 
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    Re: Hungry or not? Night wakings...

    You just went back to work recently, right?  That could be affecting it as well.  She might not be eating quite as much during the day as she would if she were with you.  She might be compensating at night. She's most likely going through a growth spurt too, as the previous posters mentioned.  That first year is just a series of growth spurts.  As soon as you think you have a routine things change and you spend a week worrying there's something wrong before you get used to the new normal.  She'll probably settle into sleeping longer stretches after this; she'll be able to hold more (that can be your mantra as you stumble blindly to feed her in the middle of the night, at least).
    Good luck!
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    Re: Hungry or not? Night wakings...

    Hang in there - it sounds like a growth spurt.  I went through this with my twins and thought I'd die - between them I was up all night!
    There is no correlation between starting solids and sleeping better - I think it's just a coincidence of timing so, as lemon mentioned, stick with the nursing or formula and hopefully things will get back to normal in a week.
    And you may want to stop changing at night.  It's something you want them to get used to so they will start to sleep a little more.  I found Huggies Overnites the best - the smallest is size 3 and I could only find those at  But get a good quality high absorbancy diaper on her for the night and don't change her unless she's dirty or soaked. Can't remember if I started this a 3 or 4 months - but it's something to think about.
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    Re: Hungry or not? Night wakings...

    I know she didn't take it, but I think we had to up DD's bottles from 4oz to 6oz around that time. 

    FWIW, I didn't get a whole lot of overnight benefit from the first month or two of solids, so if you don't want to introduce cereal yet, you don't have to. 

    I think the others are right -- it's pretty normal to go through phases of interrupted sleep.  If you're bottle-feeding overnight, I HIGHLY recommend alternating nights with DH so that at least one of you is rested. 
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    Re: Hungry or not? Night wakings...

    Thanks ladies! 

    MissLily, you're right about the diapers. Up to this point I wasn't changing her at night, but with these Luvs, ick, I feel I need to. Definitely need to get back on the Pamper Train, I think! The cost balances itself out just by going through fewer diapers in a day. 

    Lemon its funny about the clothing sizes - I go through her clothes 1-2 times a week and put away things that don't fit. This morning I discovered her 3-6 month onesies don't seem to be long enough! She is a tall girl for sure. 

    Last night was better - at least she woke up when I was expecting her to, 1:45 (3oz) and 4:45 (only 2oz) (then 6:15 - 2.5 oz). If we could just cut out that 4:45 and have her up at 6 instead, things would be great! Of course, I also went to bed at 7:30 last night, so that may be why it feels "better." ;-)

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    Re: Hungry or not? Night wakings...

    I highly recommend doing the 7:00 feeding and then going to sleep.  Have DH do the 10:00 feeding and then when baby wakes in the night you have gotten a good 5-6 hours in.  Of course this works better for bottle feeders or babies who nurse but also can take a bottle of expressed milk.
    Good luck!
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    Re: Hungry or not? Night wakings...

    I agree with everyone else that there is clearly a growth spurt at 3-4 months. the other thing that I have learned is that when one skill is advancing, they often seem to temporarily lose other ones (we are working on standing and crawling now, and sleep has suffered even though you would assume he would be exhausted)

    I think that some of the solutions may depend upon what your "parenting ideals" are- my brother used to wake his kids up to finish a feeding. I never did that... however, after a while I ALWAYS offered a pacifier first, and learned that if I (I was BFing, so he associated me with food) went into the room, he wanted to eat- but not dad. So, if you are the one who always feeds her, it may be that she thinks you are there for food and eats for that reason.

    ps- I also found that the target diapers were pretty good at keeping the actual skin dry... but have stayed with pampers. BJ's has pretty good deals on pampers if you use their coupons, plus a manufacturer's coupon- you can usually get 4 to 5 bucks off a box that way.

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    Re: Hungry or not? Night wakings...

    Silver - I might have missed it but when are you putting her to bed?  Around this time the bedtime tends to change to be earlier (yay!) and maybe she needs to go down earlier.  Of course, two feedings like you had last night is perfectly fine but the other night didn't sound so good!

    Around this time DD couldn't last much longer than 6:30 or 7.  We were feeding her and trying to keep her up b/c of the pattern she had when she was younger.  Ultimately, we found if she went to bed earlier she slept better and longer.  Also we found that the 4 oclock feed gradually got later and later until we reached a time when we were getting up around 6.  That being said she has an absolutely alarm sound in her head every morning at 5:30 now but what can you do?  I let her talk until about six.

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    Re: Hungry or not? Night wakings...

    She is pretty consistent with her bedtime which is great - regardless of how the day goes, she gets a bath around 7 and is out by 8. Last night she zonked out at 7:30 with no bath but that was due to no nap since 1:00!