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January - Infant and Toddlers

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    Re: January - Infant and Toddlers

    Trouble - you can't make them eat.  My DS is a skinny kid too. I've got him in 24 month pants (which are too short) because they fit better in the waist (he's 2 1/2).
    He's been as low at 4% in weight, but he grows at every appointment so we don't worry.
    Get a copy of Child of Mine by Ellen Satter (terrible title). It's about feeding babies and toddlers and how it's only your job to provide food - it's his job to eat it...or not.
    She even has an example of a skinny baby who doesn't eat much. Her parents start offering a formula that has 8% more calories per ounce - and she promply starts eating about 8% less at each feeding! Babies know how much they need to eat. :)
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    Re: January - Infant and Toddlers

    I know, the guilt.  Last night I felt like a failure because we ran out of tabasco sauce.  Tabasco sauce.  Like that's important, right??

    LilSprout, I didn't answer your poll before, but my LO was not sleeping through the night either at 7 months.  She still nursed during the night for a long time, maybe until 12 months.  (I was okay with that at the time, although if we have another I might try to stop that sooner.)  So I was definitely not a big sleep trainer.  However, 4-6 times during the night seems like a lot for YOU.  You must be exhausted.
    If you do decide to run intervention, here is one thing that worked well for us.  Once she slept until a certain time at night (say 1 AM) I would then use that time as the earliest feeding time the next night.  So if she woke up at 12, my husband or I would go to her, but not feed her until 1 AM.  Then if she slept until 2 AM one night, we'd use that time.
    Sometimes I was really tired and didn't do it perfectly.  But in general it worked well.  I was too concerned at 7 months that she might be truly hungry during the night, so we weren't mentally prepared to do anything more than that.  It got us to the blissful (!) 1-2 wake ups per night!
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    Re: January - Infant and Toddlers

    Agreed about guilt being one case where we could learn from men. 

    I am right there with you on the weight thing.  We have DD's 15 month app't this week, and I'm already getting anxious about her weigh in...ever since that first couple of months where she was a slow gainer, until I see her on the doctor's scale and see that the number is higher than it was the last app't, I hold my breath! 

    Likewise on those moments when you lose your temper...they happen!  I tend to be more like Medford and take it out on my husband, not my daughter, but that's not fair either.  Fortunately, he knows me well enough to know when it's really about him and when it's about me (which is most instances).  Lily, I love that since you had that moment of "breakdown" (I use that very loosely), now you're able to have a little lighter perspective with the kids. 

    Anyone find that around 15 months your son/daughter started a major hungry phase?  I feel like DD is always hungry the last few days. Last night she had an entire clementine when we got home, then for dinner, an entire slice of wheat toast slathered in hummous, some sauteed peppers and zucchini, and a little bowl of pears! A week ago, I feel like she would have eaten about half of that! She did start visiting the toddler room yesterday, though, so I know she's working hard and very busy all day...
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    Re: January - Infant and Toddlers

    Sprout - 4 times a night at 7 months is a lot! You must be exhausted!!
    I think you need to set a schedule for your LO.  Feed at 10. Then don't feed again until 2am.  If baby wakes, use a paci or something to soothe. The next feeding is 6am (or whenever you want baby to wake).
    This is the system our night nurse used when we were sleep training our twins (at 4 months)
    Good luck. I hope you get some rest soon.

    Edited to add: Whoops! didn't mean to offer sleep training advice - must have missed your "poll" post - too busy beating myself up about yelling at DS to get off the potty! :(
    At 5 months my twins were sleeping 6 to 6 - but we actively started sleep training at 4 months per the pedi's suggestion. At 4 months they were doing 10-6 and at 5 months I dropped the 10pm bottle and they slept through. Of course they were formula fed - which takes longer to digest and keeps little bellies full longer...or so I hear.
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    Re: January - Infant and Toddlers

    and sprout- send in DH. my DS would not go back down for me- wanted to be picked up, so you have to change it around a bit if you have been going in.
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    Re: January - Infant and Toddlers

    Luv, YES! DS is eating so much more food. For example, at daycare last week, "DS had a great day, we had shepards pie for lunch. None of the kids ate it; DS had two plates!". However, we did a sick visit in Dec and our 15 month last week and he had grown an inch and half and gained one pound in just a month. So I'm guessing a major growth spurt requiring lots of energy.
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    Re: January - Infant and Toddlers

    Ah, motherhood guilt...gotta laugh at it sometimes-the torture we put ourselves under. And it definitely doesn't help when the kids get old enough to play into it. DS will say "Mommy, I'm still sooo sad." after I've corrected him on something. I even recently heard "I don't love you!" I wasn't expecting that one for a few years! (it was so hard not to laugh when he said it.) 

    I can relate to a skinny mini-last summer DS was 2.5 and I had him wearing 6-9 mo shorts! they were definitely a throwback to the '80's with how short they were on him, but they fit him in the waist. Now at three is the 4t's are starting to get short on him but fall off his little waist! DH is so stressed about DS' weight that he'll feed him anything-I have many conversations with DH to let DS be he'll eat what he wants and won't go hungry. I'm really working with everyone not to make eating a struggle in our house.

    DD is 4 mo, just getting over a horrible bronchiolitis (her second one in a month). She had gone back to sleeping through the night and now has regressed again. ugh. She definitely wants to go to bed earlier, but now wakes up to eat in the middle of the night. I'm hoping she goes back to sleeping through the night again soon. Mama needs sleep!

    Luv- at 6 mo, and 15 mo I noticed a def increase in DS' food conumption-and he always grew a few inches taller right after. He went back to his normal eating after about a week. Any time I notice DS eating more than normal I will notice a growth spurt within a week or two.

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    Re: January - Infant and Toddlers

    I honestly don't think formula vs. BM has anything to do with sleep, but that is only my opinion!  DD started sleeping 6-7 hours at 7 weeks, even though she was BFed.  By about 13 weeks she was truly sleeping through the night, from 8 to 6.

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    Re: January - Infant and Toddlers

    Sprout - My DD also was a major waker-upper throughout the night all the way until 12 months.  Ugh.  And I stopped nursing at 9 months.  I think some kids just are more likely to wake up, for whatever reason.  DD has always had this particularly annoying internal clock where she wakes up after exactly 30 minutes of sleep.  At 15 months it does seem to be getting better, but I really just think it's part of her physionomy (or whatever the word is). We did have to do some sleep training, and I think it was somewhere around 6 months maybe?, but it was only 1 bad night where we let her cry.  After that one night, it got better.  She still woke up, but not as much.  I wish you luck!

    I only WISH DD would eat!!  She's 15 months and has pretty much stopped eating.  However she did have the stomach bug, and now had a pretty bad cold, so that could have a lot to do with it.  But she's barely eating and I'm not sure what to do other than keep offering.
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    Re: January - Infant and Toddlers

    Couple of miscellaneous things I wanted to ask about… 

    Carseats without Latch – Does anyone else have their infant seat strapped in using the seatbelt?  DH’s car is old, so it doesn’t have a Latch system.  In addition, when he tried to install the base, it kept tipping over, so he just has the infant seat strapped in.  I know that technically is OK, but it worries me...


    Taxes – A question for you tax experts.  We usually do our own since we don’t own a house or anything that would complicate matters.  Now that we have DD, is there any reason an accountant would be better?  I figure I just need to remember to claim a dependent and her day care expenses. 

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    Re: January - Infant and Toddlers

    Fram - we had our infant seat strapped in with the belt.  It's not any less safe than LATCH (I don't think...?), just harder to get in and out.  We were able to get the base in okay, but it involved my husband sitting on it and we also had it checked by the police people.

    I think if you've been doing your taxes yourself all along that you will be fine.  But I might be the wrong person to ask.  I still do ours on *paper* and read the instructions for each line obsessively.
    I realize that the only people who do this are me and someone's 93 year old grandmother.
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    Re: January - Infant and Toddlers

    DH and I were so proud when we installed the car seat after reading manuals, doing internet research and watching online videos. Then we went to the Medford Police and discovered the LATCH wasn't in the middle. Oops. So he installed it for us with the belt in the middle seat. Now I know why the stats of the seats be installed incorrectly make sense.

    DH is a tax man and said those would be the 2 issues on your taxes. Just remember you can't claim the daycare expenses if you do the dependent care through work. It's one or the other.

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    Re: January - Infant and Toddlers

    Thanks, ladies!  Poppy, DS also reliably wakes up 40 minutes after he goes down...but fortunately this only happens during the first put-down of the night. 

    We do have some sort of a schedule for his wake-ups...I only go if there is a possibility that DS is hungry.  So, for example, I'll go in and 10pm, 2am and 6am (actually it's always 5:30!) and DS goes in in between those times.  But on good nights (like last night!) we were only up 3 times! 

    We have realized that he has problems going from one sleep cycle (50 minutes) to another.  He comes out of REM and wakes up and hasn't yet figured out how to "roll over and fluff the pillow" and go back to sleep. 

    We have started with very light/easy sleep training...we put him down sleepy in the crib and keep our hands on him and sing to him until he falls asleep.  This works fine for the first put-down, but becomes increasingly more difficult as the night goes on when he is less exhausted and the wake-ups are closer together! 
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    Re: January - Infant and Toddlers

    Sprout - When DD did wake up for a few nights in a row, what eventually worked for us was putting her down awake.  We never could figure out why she was waking up, so it may have been coincidence.  It sounds like you already put him down awake, but maybe you could try switching to even more awake?  I basically hold DD and sing 2-3 songs and then put her down whether she is wide awake or half asleep.  In the past month or two, we have noticed she will wake up (or at least make noises), but settle back to sleep on her own.  Good luck mama!
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    Re: January - Infant and Toddlers

    Sprout, your email reminded me of a conversation I had with a fellow mom a couple of days ago.  She's a coworker and we were out walking at lunch and she started her sentence, "So I rubbed DS's back for 12 minutes last night before he settled down..." and I let out a yelp of empathy because only other parents know what an ETERNITY 12 minutes is when you are bent over the crib trying to settle a restless little one... :)  She appreciated that I immediately understood the pain.
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    Re: January - Infant and Toddlers

    Fram, I use the seatbelt when I strap the carseat in in others peoples cars.  Sometimes it is just easier but works just as well.  Both my car seats have a slot where the seatbelt slips in and you can clamp it down.

    AFM.. We are moved into the new house.  DD has been going to sleep in her bed. I have stayed in with her until she falls alseep but she has ended up in bed with us very early in the morning lets say around 5ish but otherwise she is doing great.    DS, not so much.  he has been horrible since we moved.  He goes alseep fine and then at 130 on the dot every night he wakes up. Its like an alarm goes off.  He is exhausted and closes his eyes with the binky but then cries.  Of course, DH was called back to work today so I did not want to let him cry but I guess this weekend if he does not stop I am just going to let him cry it out because I know he is fine.   To top it off, now both kids seem to be coming down with some kind of cold as they both are coughing.  no fun.
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    Re: January - Infant and Toddlers

    quad congrats on the house and the move- quite a feat with two little ones.

    sorry that sleep and sickness have made it harder.
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    Re: January - Infant and Toddlers

    Well, DS drew first blood this weekend.  Fell into the side of the coffee table onto his lip... and wow... quite the flow.  I immediately thought he'd lost a tooth... but then realized that your mouth just bleeds a heck of a lot regardless of how small or large the injury.  Small tear in his upper lip, and it stopped bleeding fairly quickly.  Tried cold compress as best I could but he wasn't having much of it.  He had a nice fat lip for the rest of the weekend and I could tell it bothered him quite a bit.  But tylenol did the job pretty quickly for him.  I was proud of myself at how calm I remained.  I recall as soon as I found out I was having a boy, freaking that I'd be a mess whenever he would come to me mangled from playing too hard.  But I did really well! As did he!  
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    Re: January - Infant and Toddlers

    Quad - congrats on the new house!  You guys must all be exhausted, but happy to be home!

    IPW - Oh no!  Poor DS (and mommy, and daddy).  Zoe did a similar thing... I think it might have been Christmas night.  Congrats on keeping yourself together in the face of calamity!
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    Re: January - Infant and Toddlers

    Poppy - yes, 12 minutes can be an eternity when you're hunched over the crib at 3:30am! 

    We'll try to put him down more awake...and see what happens!  We have heard him peep at times we expect him to wake up and he falls back asleep, so we know things are changing...slowly but surely!

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    Re: January - Infant and Toddlers

    I never realized how terrifying coffee tables were until I had a kid learning to walk and every single place I went there was ANOTHER coffee table, threatening permanent scarring with its face-level sharp corners.
    I'm glad DS is ok and didn't lose a tooth! 
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    Re: January - Infant and Toddlers

    Yes, wouldn't it be nice if everyone had those squishy, ottomon coffee tables (including me!).
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    Re: January - Infant and Toddlers

    We stopped using a coffee table when DD started pulling her self up on it.  I had visions of trips to the ER and it had to go.  Plus who has the room for a coffee table when you have kids and all their stuff!  ;-)
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    Re: January - Infant and Toddlers

    So many great updates...of course it took almost all of January to even get caught up and reply! I miss getting online more to respond and read updates.

    We have spent one night away from our LO and we really enjoyed the adult time but missed DS incredibly.  We woke up wicked early to head over to my parents house to see him and everyone was asleep including him!  So clearly he was fine!  We haven't spent another night away since but we just haven't had a purpose to and with #2 coming we are saving as much as we can!

    lilsprout - our DS wasn't a great sleeper at 7 months either.  It really took until about a year for him to really be a pretty good sleeper.  We did similar to what Medford mentioned - if he woke up to nurse at 2am we wouldn't nurse until 2am the following nights but would go in to soothe him if we needed.  DH and I both stunk at sleep training...both too wimpy.  Sometimes DS wakes up now but we only go in if he cries not if he just makes noises. At almost 17 months he often wakes up at least once a night but I just wake up and don't always have to go in.  Having a baby has made me such a light sleeper!

    IPW - hoping for some exciting news for you!

    Fram - First I cannot believe your DD is going to be 1!!  Regarding the car that is what we also had to do in DH's car because his car is older and doesn't have latch.  We couldn't get the base in either because of how the seats are too.  It worked out fine.  Now DS is in a convertible seat and that fits fine but has to be facing forward because it is a 2 door car and is way too hard to get DS in with it facing backwards.  DH just does daycare drop-off during the week and sometimes pickup otherwise we are always taking my car.  In the spring hopefully we will be purchasing a new car and DH will take over my car.

    Quad congrats on the house and the move!!  Good luck with the sleeping!

    We are having a lot of fun here.  DS is starting to say more words.  One of his favorites is to say "I see..." and point at something and then babble at which point I guess what he is saying and say "you see the trees!  What else?" And on he goes.  So much fun.  He babbles and babbles. Now he will even babble on the phone to me, or DH or my mom.  It is so cute.  He is climbing everything.  He is now tall enough that nothing is too high for him.  If we don't remember to push in the dining chairs we will find him on the table.  It is so crazy!

    Thanks for the pedi advice (I know you probably don't even remember me asking).  We aren't totally sure what we are going to do.  We are contemplating using the new baby as a reason to change and go with this really nice female pedi we have had several times for sick visits that we really like.  (Baby 2 is a girl.) I remember getting to a point around like 8 or 9 not feeling comfortable with the male pedi I had but also having a hard time switching and getting comfortable with a new one.  My brothers didn't seem to care about their doctors ever so we were thinking using the female pedi as our reason for switching and not having to switch to a female when DD gets older is a good reason and only wanting one pedi not two different ones. Is that stupid? Will DS want a male doctor when he gets older?  Again not totally certain what we will do.
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    Re: January - Infant and Toddlers

    IPW, sorry about DS, I am not sure I would be calm with all the blood! DD has started pulling herself up onto the coffee table and I was telling DH yesterday that we either have to move it or put those bumper things on it soon.  She is not stable and can only pull herself up though will fall right down if we aren't there to hold her.  

    Sprout, good luck with the sleeping!  At 7.5 months DD is not the greatest sleeper, either.  Some nights she will sleep 11 hours straight and others she is up every couple hours.  She wakes up screaming and no soothing works, we always have to pick her up.  Most times she puts her head right down and sucks her thumb, though it can still take an hour to get her back to bed, she will often scream as soon as I put her back down.  At naptime she will occassionally go down awake, (always at daycare!) though it has never worked at night to date.  

    We have started to try formula twice now and both times she has gone on a strike.  Last time she stopped taking more than an ounce or so from her bottles at daycare for 2 weeks.  Last week she was back to normal so we tried formula again today (1/2 oz to 5 oz bottle of BM) and she screamed and only drank 1 oz again and refused her second bottle.  At least she drank the 3rd one.  We are trying a different formula tomorrow so we will see what happens!  Did anyone else have trouble getting your LO to drink formula?