January Infants and Toddlers

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    Re: January Infants and Toddlers

    WPP-so sorry to hear about your DD (and that horrible Dermatologist)! If you are near Concord MA I have a great one that we see. He saw DS at 5 weeks and diagnosed him with a rare condition within seconds of seeing him (the apt lasted much longer than 90 seconds!). our pedi has never seen this condition. I also see him and he honed in on a funny spot and diagnosed skin cancer on me-got a personal call back less than 24 hours after biopsy taken.  As for the staph, I've heard that most people actually have staph on their skin, but I agree I'd be worried with the other infections/irritation.

    Med-ha! if you are girlfriend from last week-I'll totally call you in less than 3 months. ;)

    As for texture issues, I give the kids more choices then, I couldn't even sneak a cooked pepper or onion in his mouth, he'd gag and spit ONLY the pepper or onion out. Hence me just giving it to him raw. He wasn't turning his nose up to turn his nose up, I felt it was really a reaction. But *I* tried not to react-now he can eat them cooked.

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    Re: January Infants and Toddlers

    Poor Baby WPP! I can't believe the dermatologist was so dismissive! You are absolutely not failing her! You're doing everything you can think of to make her feel better! Have you tried an oatmeal bath? My DS had a bad rash that was actually bleeding but the oatmeal bath took his mind off of it, at least while he was in the tub. I don't think that would aggravate the infection. I've also heard applying coconut oil or yogurt to the rash helps kill yeast. You have a prescription so you probably don't need the home remedy stuff. I love knowing home remedies, even though I never use them.

    DS has been an absolute nightmare with this ear infection. He has a virus on top of it. We had to get a chest xray and blood drawn. The poor thing looked so miserable. He just had this face every time he saw someone at the hospital that just said, "Please help me." He hasn't had a fever all week but he's still not sleeping well. He's been wicked clingy, which I get, but it breaks my heart. He has a complete meltdown when I leave him at daycare. Usually the teachers can distract him before I'm even out the door, but not recently. The teacher said that it's almost like he catches himself having a good time, remembers that he's miserable and then starts to cry.

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    Re: January Infants and Toddlers

    WPP, I'm so mad on your behalf!  Can you see a different dermatologist in 2 weeks, not the idiot one?  Do you have a local parent list you could ask for recommendations?

    Chiclet, hang in there.  Poor little baby, and mom and dad too.  :(

    KAM - I await your call.  ;)

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    Re: January Infants and Toddlers

    WPP, that dermatologist is an idiot.  The worst part is, he probably charged your insurance $$$$$ for your 2-minute visit (which, of course, took a LOT MORE than 2 minutes for you to get to, wait for, and think about after! grrrrrr). 

    But, I will say that last year my DD had a really bad yeast infection that actually spread up from her diaper area and got into her eczema on her back (she gets bad spots on her back where her diaper rubs).  My pedi prescribed a nystatin regimen along with a hydrocortizone cream, alternating. It worked but it took about 4.5 weeks for it to truly clear up.  If I missed a day due to forgetting the creams while visiting grandparents or whatever, it would flare up and get worse.  I think the nystatin intsructions said something like 2 weeks, so when I called the pedi at 2 weeks asking if I should continue the regimen, he  told me 3 weeks is typical for yeast infections and that 4.5 wasn't unheard of, considering the eczema issue. Anyway, definitely try to get another dermatologist to look at it but I'd keep applying whatever creams at the same time: they might be helping more than they look like they are.

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    Re: January Infants and Toddlers

    Happy Friday everyone.  I had to chuckle when I read the stories about dinnertime.  It is quite a show at our house too.  DD1 (3.5) jumps up and runs around constantly - very hard to get her to focus on her meal.  DD2 (8 months) wants to be fed her fruit/veggie as soon as we walk in the door and will let me know about it at the top of her lungs.  We usually don't get home until 6:30, so it is a 3-ring circus from 6:30-8:30 on a regular basis.  I don't remember the last time I actually sat down to eat dinner.  I'm usually taking bites while standing at the kitchen island and running around doing other things.  Last night, DH had a meeting and I knew I'd be running the show solo, so I made a frozen pizza on Wednesday night that I just had to put a couple slices in the toaster for a quick dinner that I knew DD1 would like.  That and plopping her in front of Jake and the Neverland Pirates while I fed DD2.  Gotta do what you gotta do...  ;)

    WPP - I second everyone's comments about trying to switch dermatologists.  So sorry your little one is going through that.  My DD2 had a bad bout of eczema when she was a couple months old and one nurse practictioner told me to just use vaseline.  Did not work, so I brought her back and they needed to put her on an antibiotic ointment.  You know your DD best and you know the situation best... if something doesn't seem right, I would go back to your doctor.

    Chiclet - hope your little guy is on the mend soon.  So sad when they are sick!!