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July Infants and Toddlers

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    Re: July Infants and Toddlers

    Happy birthday little Medford!  (I first wrote "baby Medford" but changed it... not a baby anymore!) Can't believe she's 2!

    Luv - so cute picturing your LO on the dance floor.  We have 2 weddings this winter and I can't wait to see DD.  What kind of dress did you get and where did you get it?  Trying to figure out good places to look for toddler formalwear...
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    Re: July Infants and Toddlers

    Happy birthday to little girl Medford!  In the 2 weeks since my DD turned 2, I'm totally loving this age!  :)  Have fun celebrating!

    Too cute about the flower girl Luv!  Watching the LOs at weddings is my new favorite part of the reception!   My DD was my brother's flower girl in June (at 23 months) and you are right - it is just about the cutest thing ever.  She walked down the aisle with me and held my bouquet for me and there was a collective "awwww" from everyone as soon as we started walking.  It was such a special moment for me that she got to be a part of her uncle's wedding.  So cute and isn't it so fun when a hardwood dancefloor can provide so much entertainment for them?  And get them nice and tired for bedtime?!

    I had a hard time finding a reasonably priced dress for her and quite frankly didn't have the desire or time to hunt from store to store.  We ordered from  Her dress was gorgeous and we didn't have to spend a ton.  I was a little nervous about the sizing, but all came through fine.  If you order online, just be sure to read the return/exchange policy to make sure you are comfortable with the terms.  All of the fancy-dress websites had policies such that you couldn't return an item more than 10 days after you rec'd it and you are only allowed one size exchange, etc.  It seemed kind of outrageous, but I guess they are worried that people will order them, wear them for their special event, and then return them.  At any rate, we were pleased with our purchase and I would order from there again.
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    Re: July Infants and Toddlers

    I am so behind in Posts. It has been a few weeks since I have been on.

    Trouble - DS schedule is:
     Bottle when he wakes (he still wakes up screaming because he is hungry)
    Breakfast between 830 and 9
    Snack when he wakes up
    Lunch noon ish
    Snack when he wakes up
    Dinner between 5 and 530.
    Bottle at 7.

    We have him down to 2 bottles a day.  I was hoping to have him 100% on milk by now but both kids had virus' last week so that slowed us down a little.  The doc said he should have about 24 ounces of milk a day but I just cant seem to get that into him.  He is not into an afternoon bottle anymore and if I put milk in a sippy he makes a face like there is poison in it.  Im not too worried.

    So as I mentioned, both kids had Virus last week and to top it off I had last week as a vacation week from work.  Needless to say, it was not much of a vacation.  Both kids were sick for 5 days with just temps.  To top it off, Fridge broke on Monday and husband got a migraine and was out of commission for 24 hours.  Needless to say, I had a mommy nervous breakdown and my SIL came to help me because I could not take it anymore.  Sometimes you just have to have a good cry I guess.  Oh Yeah, and added to the Virus, DD had some kind of allergic recation going on in her eye so she was also on erithromicin (sp) for that.  Trying to get that ointment in a 3 1/2 yr olds eye was a good time let me tell ya. 

    So vacation sucked, but right before they both got sick we had DS 1st birthday party and it went perfect!

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    Re: July Infants and Toddlers

    thanks, guys!  :)  I am really joyous today.  2 years ago at this time I was pushing... and pushing!

    the thought of your little ones as flower girls is too, too cute!
    if you need a dressy dress but not a flower girl dress, I see the cutest things on zulily.  There are a couple of brands that I love.  Fantaisie Kids is on there right now and the dresses are old fashioned and beautiful.  The downside is that there are no returns, blah.
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    Re: July Infants and Toddlers

    ALS - thank you for the dress website.

    Medford - I was on Zulily today!  I actually put a dress from there in my "cart" but haven't committed to buying it just yet... they do have some very pretty things.  What are you doing to celebrate DD's bday?

    Quad - sorry about the sicknesses!  Hope your fridge is fixed now.
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    Re: July Infants and Toddlers

    Poppy - if the weddings are in the winter all of the Christmas dresses should be out by then. Marshals/TJ Maxx usually have a good selection that are reasonably priced. Also we got our flower girls dresses at Kohls. They were on sale and for whatever reason they gave me free shipping. I ended up spending less than $40 a dress.
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    Re: July Infants and Toddlers

    We ended up getting DD's dress at David's Bridal...the bride wanted it to look similar to her dress, so we had limited choices.  She did look adorable though.

    I like checking out the sale page at Janie and Jack for "fancy" dresses...before the bride decided what she wanted, I had been eyeing this gorgeous dress that was down from $150 to only $40...and their stuff is very classic/nice. 

    There are a ton of websites, though, and prices can range by a lot.  Even at David's the flower girl dresses ranged from $20 to $200!  There's a lot more variety once kids get into 2T, I found.  DD's on the tiny side, so she's still mostly wearing 18 month stuff at 21 months; we got her dress in 2T, and the top was big, but fine...the hem had to be taken up by about 8 inches though!!!
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    Re: July Infants and Toddlers

    nice info on the dresses... DD is due in 3 weeks and although I am not very feminine, I feel like I need to start thinking about a Christmas dress and everything. DS is so easy to shop for...

    medford- although I "know" that our kids are very close in age, I have forgotten how close! DS's birthday was Friday and we had his party this weekend.  it makes me so happy that I have been hanging out with all of you ladies for almost 3 years now...
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    Re: July Infants and Toddlers

    Don't worry winter - at Christmas the "fancy" dresses are all over the place.  I got a very cute (and not overly frilly or poofy) Christmas dress for DD last year at Children's Place - I think it was less than $20.  You won't need to order anything online or hunt all over for them at that time of year.  I think they come out in the stores right around Halloween (if not earlier!)
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    Re: July Infants and Toddlers

    This weekend was insane for us. We had my brother's high school graduation party on Saturday and DS's christening on Sunday. Talk about an overwhelming and stressful weekend for all of us. DS handled it pretty well but had a few freak outs. I felt bad because he was exhausted. Also we had tons of people that wanted to hold him and he was being passed around a lot. I really struggled on Saturday. Every time I would get him calmed down someone would take him from me and once he started screaming he would be handed back to me. I felt like everyone was staring at me and expecting me to work a miracle to get him quieted down. I ended up stressed out and crying Saturday night once we got home. But I learned my lesson and on Sunday when he started to get fussy I put my foot down and wouldn't let anyone hold him for an hour while he took a nap on my shoulder. I think that break was what he needed to keep it together. So now we are trying to work on his sleeping and getting him down earlier. My main issue is that he wants to nap around 4 pm and will generally sleep until 7 or 8 pm making his bed time closer to 10-1030. If I don't let him nap at 4ish he's a monster so I'm not sure what to do. Any advice? Also, happy 2nd birthday to ALS Winter and Med's LOs.
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    Re: July Infants and Toddlers

    Glad you made it through the busy weekend, CLC. I know how hard it is to say no to people- my LO was passed around more than I wanted her to be at her Welcome Baby party on Sunday, but thankfully she mostly slept and handled it really well.

    IPW- your vacation sounds great. I can't wait to take our LO somewhere, probably next spring or summer. I'd like to start with something short and local, like a weekend in Maine or NH. I can't wait to take her to all kinds of places like StoryLand, Santa's village, Davis Farmland, Children's museum, my MIL said- it's like reliving your own child hood :)
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    Re: July Infants and Toddlers

    Happy birthday to little Medford and Winter.

    CLC - I think our LO's are similar in age but mine is a little older.  Here is our schedule if it helps - She tends to feed at 5:30 and then goes back to sleep until about 7-8 - this is going to change when she starts daycare.
    We play for about 1-1 1/2 hours and she naps.
    Then we do errands or go for a walk . She will nap at times in the car but also at home.  I try and have her nap again closer to 1-3 pm.  We then have to pick up DD#1 at daycare so she will cat nap in the car and I will be able to stretch her until 7.  With DD #1 what I would do is do all my errands around the time of 4-5 pm so that she had a chance to have a small 3rd nap but this would not make her bedtime too late. Plus if I stayed home for all 3 naps I would never leave the house! I always felt great if I could at least get the morning and early afternoon nap in her crib.

    Can you try and move that nap earlier so that you can have an earlier bedtime? Even plan for your LO to nap during that difficulty 4 pm time rather than start at that time?
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    Re: July Infants and Toddlers

    Hapy birthday to little Med, ALS, Quad, and Winter. Lots of July birthdays! IPW, glad you had a good vacation! Quad, so sorry your vaca sucked, but glad the party went well! Luv, that is such a cute image of your DD. Kids on the dance floor at weddings are so cute. Makes me sad that we couldn't have kids at our wedding (my family is just too huge, so we only allowed infants). Thanks for all the reassurance on daycare. We're going to do our best to ease him in. He already does a day a week with my dad, and I think I'll see if MIL can start soon. I think we'll also start daycare a week early, maybe more for my sanity than DS's. I don't want my first day at work to be his first day at daycare -- I don't think I'd be able to think of anything else! I'm hoping to start after Labor Day, which would give me the transition time I feel like I need and I wouldn't have to miss my family's 2 weeks at the beach (which we'll have to play by ear -- it's a small cottage and I'm not sure how we'll do it with DS).