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July Infants and Toddlers

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    Re: July Infants and Toddlers

    ALS you are going to love it!!  And, yes, Amazon Prime is another great "mommy's little helper."  I find amazon usually has the best prices (with prime, it is the LOWEST anywhere for Triple Paste), especially with the diaper subscription service, and you can't beat free shipping and 2 day delivery.



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    Re: July Infants and Toddlers

    ALS--we are dealing with reflux and pprojectile vomiting too. hope the rock & play works for you! Our pedi recommended propping a book under her ccrib mattress to raise it 15-20 degrees. We actually bought a wedge specifically for that purpose off amazon so cant vouch for the book solution. Baby sleeps in a mini crin next to our bed. 

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    Re: July Infants and Toddlers

    Poppy-great news on the sleep! Now you know he can do it it's a different game!

    So DD is going through a wicked clingy stage-I can barely do anything without her hanging onto me. I don't remember DS going through it as badly. Probably because I only had him to deal with??? Any one else get past the 22 mo cling? When/how did it end?

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    Re: July Infants and Toddlers

    Thanks, KAM! We're at about 6 nights and counting (with one slip-up on a night that he hadn't eaten enough the prior day). I think we'll be able to be successfully off all bottles when he turns one in a few weeks.

    DD was really clingy with me from about 18-22 months. Do you work outside the home? I can't remember. I always wondered if that had something to do with it. (DH works at home). Honestly, the only thing that forced it to end was the birth of DS. Otherwise, I'm not sure when it would have ended. It's difficult; I hope yours doesn't last too long. You can't get anything done and there's much crying and whining when you're not instantly available/willing to carry a heavy toddler around!

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    Re: July Infants and Toddlers

    Poppy-yes, I do work outside the home full time, so does DH, so I get the wanting to catch up on affection. And I try and have the kids cook with me so we're all close, but I have a small kitchen-and only room for one step stool...and of course they fight over space on it!

    I think once DS is off bottles during the day that will help too! Glad to hear 6 nights! Amazing! How's it going with DD?

    Personally I find Amazon Prime too dangerous (but love it)! I've purchased 5 things this week alone! yikes!

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    Re: July Infants and Toddlers

    Poppy, that's great news that things seem to be improving. 

    ALS - how are you doing with the RNP?  I just shipped our off to SIL, along with all my extra pumping supplies now that I am done pumping.  Speaking of pumping - how are you doing building your stash Siena?

    DD's reign as "the baby" in our family is over now that SIL's baby has arrived.  I haven't brought DD to see the baby yet, maybe this weekend?  I'm not sure how she'll react - probably not at all.  Coinciding with this de-throning, is her daycare transition.  She moves to toddlers next week.   I thought all this would upset me, but I actually feel at peace.  I agree that it is time for her to move up, and as I've been sending her baby stuff to SIL I've had all good memories and no sad feelings (yet, anyways).  I'm really enjoying this stage she is at - running around, mimicing us, finding ways to communicate. 


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    Re: July Infants and Toddlers

    Does anyone have any advice on EPing? DS weight troubles are still an issue but he's doing better now that he's being almost exclusively bottle fed. The pedi thinks I'll be able to go back to more regular nursing once his weight is better established but I have to pump in the meantime. He also told us to add 1 tsp rice cereal for every ounce of EBM or formula in his bottle to weigh it down a bit and keep him from spitting up so much. We'll see how that goes (his first bottle with EBM and cereal is waiting for him at daycare as I write this).

    The thing is, I hate pumping! I knew I'd have to do it at work and I'm okay with that, but I hate pumping when DS is sitting next to me. I swear he looks over with this look of "That's mine, what are you doing?" DS is getting 8 3oz bottles and I'm trying to pump 5 of them. I get at least 2 oz every time I pump, closer to 3 in the mornings. I'd really appreciate if anyone had some advice on how to make this easier. Has anyone been successful in nursing again after a situation like this? I've been nursing DS at lunch every day because I really want to visit him at daycare and I can't both visit him and pump. He's latched on like a pro the last two days, so I'm not altogether worried about his latch. I had been using a nipple shield up until last week. I guess that's a no-no and you'd think the LC would have helped me get off of it when DS first stopped gaining weight, but no. (Don't get me started...)

    I really wanted to relax about this and let him grow at his own pace, but his doctors are very concerned. We did a weekend of bottles but he lost weight when we started nursing again. He also managed to pick up some type of stomach bug in that time (At least, that's what the doctor said. I think he wasn't used to the milk flowing so fast without the shield and kept choking and gagging, but the pedi didn't think that was the case.) He gained 9 oz in 6 days being primarily bottle fed and now we need to do another week of bottles. It makes me so mad because, based on what I'm pumping, the milk is clearly there for him. We just can't figure out the best way to get it into him. I'm not ready to give up nursing him and if pumping is the only way to make it so we can still nurse in the future, I'm committed to it.

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    Re: July Infants and Toddlers

    Chiclet, I just finished Epumping (1 week shy of 13 months). I Enursed the first 2 weeks, then did a combo of nursing/ bottles of pumped milk.  When DD was 6 weeks old I had back problems that required hospitaliztions and some serious medication, so I pumped and dumped through that (she got milk I had frozen and then formula when that was gone), went back to nursing/bottle combo at 8 or 9 weeks without a hitch, then by my own choice to all bottles of pumped milk at 11 weeks.  It was always my plan though to have her on all bottles when I went back to work at 12 weeks.  If your questions is can you go back to nursing?  Yes.  If your question is about keeping your supply, or just making it easier on you, here is my advice:

    -  Drink tons and tons and tons of water! And eat oatmeal.

    -  Get a hands-free pumping bra.  It will make it easier to pump for longer periods, and is just plain more comfortable. 

    -  When your milk slows/stops, keep pumping for five more minutes.  You will get another letdown.  After awhile your body will realize you want/need the extra and you will produce more.  Hopefully this will bring you to a point that you are pumping all of the bottles and maybe even building a stash.

    -  If you can, pump and feed at the same time.  Before DD was rolling, I would prop her on the boppy on the dining room table and feed her while I pumped (again - hands free bra!).  Or, I would put her activity mat on the table and we would play or do tummy time while I pumped. 

    -  Try to relax.  Stress is no good for supply.  If you are pumping while DS sleeps, read a magazine, candy crush, or do a crossword puzzle.  You're tied to a machine, might as well try to make it "you time," right?

    - After each pump wash every pump part that the milk touches with cold water, then do a full clean and sterilze once after the last one of the night.  Even better, enlist DH to do the full clean and sterilize.  DH can wash and fill bottles, too.

    Pumping is a TON of work.  If you feel the benefits of BM, or the goal of getting back to nursing are worth it, you will get through it.  If you have any questions, or need support anytime, I am here.  Good luck!!


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    Re: July Infants and Toddlers

    Wow Nov! That's a huge help! Did you find that you're able to pump enough for DD's feedings with each pumping session? Or did you have to pump a few times to get her a full bottle? About how many times a day do you think you pumped? I've been doing 5 or 6.

    DH is still supportive of my desire to nurse and our doctor knows that I want to get back there as well. But a lot of our friends and family have said things like, "At least you've given him a good start..." I know they're trying to make me feel better in case I want to give up, but it just makes me feel worse. This time next month (I hope), I want to be looking back on this and laughing, while nursing my chubby baby. :-)

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    Re: July Infants and Toddlers

    Chiclet, I EP'd too (not as long as Nov - way to go NOV!!) but until my DS was 6 months old.  For me, at 3 weeks I had an erosion that required me to stop nursing to let it heal.  I started pumping and DS never wanted to go back.  Multiple trips to the LC and using a nipple shield but he much prefered the bottle and I was getting myself so stressed out over trying to nurse it wasn't worth it for me anymore.  I instead took the opportunity relax and EP for the next 6 months.

    Nov pretty much covered everything but in case it helps here are additional items...

    - near the end of your pump session use hand compressions to get all residual milk out.  This usually resulted in another ounce or so for me but I had oversupply so perhaps that's not typical.

    - I usually pumped 6 times a day but when I had a day that I had help and was home for the whole day I would fit in extra sessions to try to build up some freezer supply.  On those days I would pump directly into the freezer bags and put them directly in the freezer.

    - Play around with the settings on your pump and figure out what works best for you.  In the beginning I didn't turn the suction up very high because I was still so tender from attempting to nurse.  Once I healed I was able to increase the suction and get more milk in a shorter amount of time.  Also, I would use the "let down" button twice while pumping.

    - Like Nov I used my pump time as personal time.  I downloaded a few games on my phone and would usually catch up on this site while pumping which tended to make it go faster.

    - DS was a great sleeper so I would pump while he slept during the day and at night once after he went to bed and right before I went to bed. 

    - Finally, careful about your stress level, it really does affect your supply.  As soon as I relaxed and made peace with needing to supplement my supply skyrocketed and I didn't need to supplement for the whole 6 months.


    Good luck with all of this!  I'm always checking in if you have any additional questions.

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    Re: July Infants and Toddlers

    UGH!!  I HATED that - "just go to formula, you gave her a good start."  My family thought I was NUTS to Epump.  I can't count how many times I was asked when I was going to stop.

    In general, I always had enough, but didn't necessarily pump one full bottle each session.  When we first started back up again (weeks 8-9), I can remember doing one formula bottle for the night feeding (faster to use warm water than heat cold BM) and pumping after she went back to sleep.  When she did nurse, it was almost always one-side so I pumped the other, so I think that let me get ahead a little.

    When I went back to work I was pumping 5x a day and she was drinking about 26-30 oz and I kept up day to day and occasionally threw some in the freezer.  Sometimes she'd nap through a feeding, so that was one pump that got frozen.  My mornings were always best and I could get about 10-11 oz, so about 2 bottles (she never took more than 6 oz at a time).  Around Dec/Jan I went to 4 a day and for a long time we had a great pattern of me pumping at least what she would consume. 

    To be honest, I probably had oversupply.

    P.S.  Thanks CLC.  Bravo to you too!

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    Re: July Infants and Toddlers

    I just have to jump in and say kudos to those of you that dedicated to EPing for that long...I tried it for a while and was getting nothing, and just couldn't take the stress it was putting me hat's off to you all!

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    Re: July Infants and Toddlers

    Hi.  Nov - thanks for checking in on us with the new rock-n-play.  I can't thank you all enough for recommending it!  We've had it since Tuesday and so far so good!  DD seems to really like it and she has slept in it for an hour or two at a time pretty comfortably.  She is actually in it right now as I type this! :)

    And Nov - good luck with the transition to toddlers for your DD!  For my DD1 (now 3) I found that some transitions were easier and some were tougher.  My daycare has infant 1, infant 2, toddler and then preschool.  By the time my DD went to toddler, she was so ready it made it that much easier on me.  I feel like the bond with the teacher has a lot to do with it.  We LOVE our toddler teacher, so it made it tough (for both of us) to transition to preschool earlier this year.  For me, just seeing all the wonderful things that they do in the new room makes it easier.  It was always kind of a bummer when DD became the oldest one in any of her classrooms.  I knew that she was going to be bored being the oldest... so it was always good when she moved into a new room with her peers and those a little bit older.  Good luck!

    Also, regarding exclusively pumping - I did this for 6 months with DD1.  I think everyone has already offered GREAT advice, but I will just say that it is so hard - so please give yourself a lot of credit! I totally had a tough time with it and that is why I stopped at 6 months.  It was a personal goal to make it that far and believe me I was counting the days.  I think the best advice that I wished I had gotten earlier was about washing the pump parts.  I was stuck pumping, washing, sterilizing, and bottle feeding for the longest time.  It never dawned on me to rinse the parts and put them in the fridge for the next time and then wash them completely once a day.  A huge time saver!!  Good luck and hope your DS feeds well and continues to gain weight.  I know it is stressful - my DD1 was a preemie and had low birthweight - so I was also obsessed with her feeding and weight gain.  Hang in there!

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    Re: July Infants and Toddlers

    Add me as a new member of Amazon Prime and that "click to buy" button is way too dangerous.  I also signed up for some subscribe and save grocery items.  In the long run I know it will save as the price is much better than in the store... but the credit card bill doesn't look so good right now :-)

    ALS - how are you doing going from 1 to 2?  You posted last week that you are just loving having two girls 3 years apart.  I'll have two boys three years apart this November, and lately just can't imagine how we'll fit another human being into our schedule.  My DS is not really needy at all, but definitely likes a set schedule for the most part.  I'm starting to get nervous about fitting in a nursing session in the morning and getting him ready and out the door.  And then taking care of the baby, and him, and dinner, and bath/bedtime at the end of the day (DH is more an outside the house chore person... we're working on some better balancing).  Are you home now with DD2 and is DD1 still in school?  Do you do drop offs or does your DH?  I do them as DH leaves for work at 5:45am... so I'm curious how that will go and if DS1 will get jealous that DS2 gets to come back home with me.  Sorry for all the questions but I know you are in the thick of it right now and hopefully have some good advice.

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    Re: July Infants and Toddlers

    Hi IPW,

    First of all, if I haven't already said it - Congrats on expecting DS2!  I'm so happy for you!

    As for going from 1 to 2 kids, it is definitely a game-changer!  While I do love the 3 year age gap, I love it mostly for what I envision for the future and their future relationship (not necessarily life as I know it right now!!).  It is definitely tough right now.  DD2 turned 2 months old today, so yes, we are "in the thick of it" for sure. 

    The pros are that DD1 is old enough to understand what is going on and has full language skills to communicate.  She turned 3 6 weeks after DD2 was born, so she knows the concept of "baby sister" and just adores her.  She is also about 95% completely potty trained, so that is a help.  She is also in her big-girl bed, so no need to double up on baby items, like a crib.  DD1 also likes to walk everywhere herself, so we don't even need a double stroller.  I just like the fact that for 3 years DD1 got to be the one and only and have her time as the "baby".  Now she is a full-fledged big-kid and I love that she is old enough to be a little more independent.

    That said, it is tough.  3 year olds are so independent, but they also still need so much help obviously.  I honestly don't think I'd be this sane without the help of DH.  Before DD2 was born, it was getting too hard for me to lean over the bathtub with my huge belly, so DH started giving DD1 her bath and did the bedtime routine.  This helped a lot and it is priceless now that DD2 is here.  There have been nights when DH hasn't been home and I have both girls by myself and it is okay, just a big tougher.  DD2 has to hang out in her bouncy seat while I do the bath for DD1 and bedtime.  Sometimes it works, sometimes DD2 screams her head off.  Oh well - what can you do?!  DD2 is also a pretty needy baby - likes to be held all the time and she loves to cluster-feed, especially in the evenings.  I wasn't counting on this - but thank goodness DD1 still goes to school.  I would say it is paramount to keep up the routine of daycare/school with the older child as much as you can.  That said, I do keep DD1 home with me on Wednesdays as a special treat while I'm on maternity leave.  I signed her up for gymnastics this summer and so once a week we have a girls stay-home day.  It is tough, but fun too.

    As for daycare drop off, I don't have any words of wisdom.  DD goes to daycare in Boston so we all commuted in together.  We live outside the city with an hour+ commute, so DH is doing the daycare routine while I'm on leave and at home.  I do know though that after a few days at home, DD1 realizes that being inside all day with a newborn is a bit boring and she doesn't mind going back to school.  Hopefully your DS1 will feel the same!

    I do personally feel that 3 years is the sweet-spot for an age difference, but again, that is all I know right now.  Enjoy these last few months with DS1 as your only child and make sure to do some special things together.  I did that a bit with DD1 and am so glad I did.

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    Re: July Infants and Toddlers

    ALS - thank you so much!  These are some great tips.  I so enjoy spending time with DS.  He's such a cool little boy.  And will absolutely still plan for some one-on-one time before, and afte,r his brother arrives, and hopefully for his whole life (same with DS2).  I'm an only... so I guess that is also making me a bit nervous about siblings.  Anyways... sounds like you just power through the few times you have the two girls by yourself.  If baby cries... maybe not quite as urgent a response as we were all able to do with just 1.  And yes, really trying to work on DS's patience now so he won't think its the new baby making him wait, and therefore resent him.  We do have two bouncies... so I'm hoping one on each floor of our house will help with DS bathtimes and bedtimes, when DH works late.  And DS loved the swing.. praying DS2 does as well as that was my lifesaver to get anything done around the house.  Do you have time to cook.. or shall I just resign myself now to a December full of mac n cheese and PB&J dinners? :-)

    I'm not as worried once DS2 gets on some kind of schedule... its the really early weeks when they just want to eat all the time and have no ryhme or reason to anything they do. 

    DS will definitely go to school my whole leave (which is actually only 6 weeks, and then 4 weeks at 60% hours... but I work at home, so slightly easier to do) - including the week we give birth (c-section so likely 4 day hospital stay for me).  The only way to keep him still happy and focused on his world I think. 

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    Re: July Infants and Toddlers

    Summer, I was lucky to have a good supply.  Had I not, I would not have kept it up.  My mantra pre-baby was "I will not torture either one of us."  This was to apply to brestfeeding, pumping, sleep training, and whatever else came up.  Lucky for us, it worked out. Something else may not (like she'll hate dance lessons in a couple years) and I'll have to let go of that dream.

    Amazon story:  DH was on the laptop last night while I was washing dishes and I asked him to order more triple paste.  His response "I'm just going to set up a subscription."  Love him!!  I never thought of grocery items (like paper towels and stuff, or do you get food?)  This could be my new vice.

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    Re: July Infants and Toddlers

    IPW - yes, I forgot to mention the household stuff!

    I consider it a major victory if I get dinner ready before DH and DD1 get home.  It is totally different this time around in that I can't be as lazy as I was when DD1 was born.  If DH and I were too tired to cook, we just got take-out.  Now that DD1 is 3, I feel a duty to have good meals to offer her.  These are in no way gourmet meals, but at least they are homemade for the most part.  It may take me all day, but I often cook in stages throughout the day (if I have a few minutes when I can put DD2 down, I'll maybe chop some veggies that I know I need for dinner and set them aside.  A few hours later, I'll do another component, etc).  I also often cook things that I can make earlier in the day and then re-heat when they get home.  DD2 is often a little more sleepy earlier in the day, so this is the only way that this happens!  Also, I'll stock pile some things that I can freeze.  For example, I'll make turkey meatballs or meatloaf on the weekend when DH is around to lend a hand and then I'll freeze 'em.  Then it is ready with minimal effort during the week.  For some reason, getting meals on the table does stress me out - but I'm getting it done.

    And I hear ya about the swing!  DD1 LOVED it - I could put her in it for 3+ hours at a time.  So far, DD2 just barely tolerates it.  I'm still holding out hope though that she'll come around! (please!)

    And Amazon Prime.  I'm an absolute Amazon addict, as my credit card bills show.  I do subscribe and save for all of our diapers and wipes and diaper genie bags.  So great.

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    Re: July Infants and Toddlers

    ALS - you are being so great answering all my specific questions. I want to come to your house as you seem so calm about it all... and have a really great plan to KEEP yourself calm! 

    Nov - I signed up for toilet paper, my keurig coffee pods, and the protein shakes that DH drinks every morning.  I will probably sign up for more after I see how this works out.  I can't see myself getting anything perishable, but if the delivery schedule and 20% off really works... I'll get a lot more of my staples. (which just means that my credit card to BJs goes down, to Amazon goes up!)

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    Re: July Infants and Toddlers

    I subscribe and save for a few things as well. Sadly, in November, MA residents will be taked on their non food items from them. :(

    I find your lack of faith disturbing
     - Darth Vadar
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    Re: July Infants and Toddlers

    DD is officially 3!  and DS is 3 months, so IPW and ALS, I'm right there with you.  I would really love to hear other people's schedules for the morning, especially when nursing one child.  I go back to work next week and the mornings are already crazy.  Here is today:  5:30, DS wakes up and I feed him and put him back down, then I sleep from 6 to 6:30 (sadly, this is probably the part that has to go!), then at 6:30 I got myself ready and ate breakfast.  7, woke up DD (this is a long process...) and got her dressed.  7:20, woke up DS and got him dressed, made DD's breakfast.  7:30, nurse DS again while trying to convince DD to eat but really she plays.  7:50, socks shoes and sunblock and we're out the door.  Just *barely* made it to daycare by 8:30, and this was with DD being quite cooperative, plus I didn't even take a shower myself, plus when DS starts going to daycare next week, we'll have to get there earlier so I can get them both settled in to their respective rooms on time.  Any tips welcome!!

    IPW, on the larger point, having two is a joy a lot of the time.  But no, dinner and housework are not really happening here.  :)  And, the thing that was the hardest is that I was not prepared for how my relationship with DD would change.  Right before DS was born, I would rush home to be with DD and I couldn't get enough and I thought I might resent the baby for taking up my time.  When he was born, I was blindsided by how much I wanted to be with him and how much DD got on my nerves.  I couldn't enjoy her like I used to, and I felt a big sense of loss for that relationship.  It took 2+ months for me to be able to regain the joy I had in playing with her and being with her.  (Also due to just being really sleepy!) So, that was really hard, plus I felt guilty about that.  My friend gave me a book that I didn't read before DS was born, but I leafed through recently and it was so accurate it was SCARY.  Called "Three Shoes, One Sock, and No Hairbrush".

    I guess what I'm saying is that I was prepared that dinner wouldn't be ready and that sometimes one kid would have to wait/cry, but I was NOT prepared for how I would feel.  Now that I'm coming out of it, though, it feels really good.

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    Re: July Infants and Toddlers

    Nov - Wow! 10oz? Here I am, thinking I'm a rockstar on the mornings I get 4... Oh well, that's what the formula is for I suppose. Poor DS is being stuffed with the cereal right now. On the one hand, it's kind of nice because he's not starving when he eats so he seems to enjoy it more. However, he needs to get 24oz of EBM/formula a day and that's not going to happen. They told me at daycare that it took him an hour to drink his morning bottle. I want to see how much he takes today and then call the doctor if it's not enough. I know this is silly, but he doesn't have that sweet milk smelling breath any more and it makes me a little sad. This whole feeding thing is definitely not going down the way I pictured it, but what can you do?

    I was having my shampoo and stuff delivered with subscribe and save, which was really nice. I also had a subscription for OPK and FRER tests. It's nice because you can always push it back a month if you don't need it (or order early if you do).

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    Re: July Infants and Toddlers

    Chiclet, you are a rockstar!

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    Re: July Infants and Toddlers

    IPW - you are too kind.  I definitely don't think of things as "calm" around here - but thanks!  And if you came over right now, I may or may not have dinner cooking (as of right now, it hasn't happened yet) and sometimes that dinner is nothing more than hot dogs!  And you'd also see laundry piled up on top of the washing machine, tumbleweeds of dog hair blowing across the living room rug, and me wearing a fair amount of spit-up stained clothing.  Ah, so glamorous...

    Med - just wanted to offer some reinforcement of what you said too.  I couldn't agree more.  It was a big adjustment having 2 kids.  I was pretty much just talking about the practical stuff earlier today, but it is a huge emotional change too.  I have a hard time with the newborn stage (with this baby and DD1) - I just find it so grueling.  They are just little lumps that can't interact with you.  I love my girls to pieces, but this stage is just tough on me.  For the first couple of weeks after DD2 was born, I would sit here and cry while nursing her because I just missed DD1 so much and I was sad that I wasn't commuting and riding in the car with her and DH.  Gotta love those hormones!  And I will also admit that it is way easier for me to lose my temper with DD1 sometimes these days too.  She pushes my buttons to get a reaction and it is too easy sometimes to lose my cool.  I just wanted to say that I totally hear what you were saying.



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    Re: July Infants and Toddlers

    Med and ALS - SUCH great points on the emotional aspect in addition to logistical.  Med, I'll look up that book too.  I am the primary care giver for DS now, just because DH's commute is over an hour each way and works a 10+ hour day.  So I'm with him a ton when he's not at daycare/school.  Those first few weeks when I'm in hospital and then home with baby while DH plays with and takes care of DS1 will probably affect me the same. I'm so glad you both said something so I can try to be prepared.  I've seen this question on these boards, and hear it from other moms going on 2... but I just can't even begin to believe that I will love DS2 as much as I just adore DS1.  But, I have no doubt it will happen, as most moms of 2+ say.  You may like them as they grow in different ways due to their different personalities, but hopefully its just this kinda love and commitment I feel now, times 2! 

    Med, I think you are right... that 6-6:30am time is your shower time once you are back at work.  A 5:30am wake up sounds harsh, but I'm guessing that will get pushed back as your DS grows and starts to sleep longer and goes for longer periods without milk.  I used to do that too... wake up before everyone and have 20 minutes "me" time.  As much as I hate getting up early, it was nice to have at least those precious minutes to myself.