March Infants and toddlers

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    March Infants and toddlers

    How ironic I'm starting this, but my login let's me start a thread so...

    Best wishes, everyone, for happy, healthy milestones and moments this March!
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    Re: March Infants and toddlers

    We had a really busy February. Our b/g twins are 2 1/2 now. DS figured out how to open and close all the gates so they had to come down.  I took Daisy's advice and closed all the doors upstairs. So he's having a blast going up and down, but can't get into my bedroom or the bathroom to make too much of a mess out of my sight. We did put up a gate to the room where the cat likes to stay. She can wiggle under to get out, but they can't get to her when she wants some peace and quiet.  And her food and litter box are in there out of toddlers reach.
    We also ditched the highchairs - which I should have done earlier, and they are doing fairly well sitting at the table like big kids during dinner.
    Finally - we've started going to playgroup 2x a week at our EI center. They love it - and I get an hour and 15 minutes to read in the parents room while they are climbing, doing art projects and having circle time.
    All in all we're having a lot of fun. I miss my babies sometimes, but watching them grow and learn and become little people is so much fun.
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    Re: March Infants and toddlers

    We just survived a week of all of us getting the stomach bug. During the few days she had the bug, I let DD (18 months) have a bottle because she drank more fluids out of the bottle than the sippy. Then both DH and I were sick, and frankly lazy and let her have the bobo when she requested it.

    So, everyone is healthy again, and I've got an 18 month old on sippy cup strike. What's working is to remove the lid and she's just drinking out of the cup like a big girl, with a few spills here and there. Other than that, she is awesome and amazing, using more words and phrases all the time. I love talking to her on the phone while I am at work and getting actual information!

    Tax question - I put $2K in a child care account through work thinking that's we'd be sending DD to daycare for a couple of days a week this year. We've changed our minds and I'm wondering how I might be able to get the money back? Just ask our Mom's to invoice us for daycare and give the reimbursement to them, or is it more complicated then that?
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    Re: March Infants and toddlers

    Hi everyone- thanks Kar for getting it started. ML- sorry to hear everyone was sick- I have no idea about the tax question. Lily- they sound like they are growing up so fast!!

    DS is doing pretty well. Still not "talking" (Certainly not like ML's DD), but starting to use more words. He is also impatiently starting to make up sign language because DH and I have fallen off the learn-a-few-new-words-each-week bandwagon. DS does fine communicating- just doesn't use speech. I did quit speech therapy- which is still challenging for me. It didn't seem helpful (and at times seemed unhelpful), but... if he doesn't start making more progress, I think the guilt will be overwhelming.

    DS is using his love of Ketchup to expand his diet, which is interesting (ketchup on carrots anyone) but I will take it.  He has fully swung into the toddler classroom- doing great with the other kids and the new teachers. He got his first kiss from a girl this week as well... growing up so fast.

    AFM, I am at 15 weeks with number 2- I feel huge and DS can't snuggle in all the same ways. I know it will only get worse. How the heck do you put someone in a crib when you are pregnant? The second time around is so very different. Still having these sad feelings for DS and the changes coming for him- trying to focus on how much I love my little brother.  

    hope everyone has a great month.
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    Re: March Infants and toddlers

    ML - I really don't know, but I'm thinking if you did submit forms for reimbursement, the Moms would have to claim the income on their taxes... And I'm not sure they can claim it if they aren't licensed.  Although people hire nannies all the time and they're not licensed, right??  What you actually do with the reimbursement is up to you.  I pay my daycare up front, submit a form once a month, and put that reimbursement straight into savings.

    You could also try to get your hands on an exhaustive list of all things that qualify in case there is some activity, etc. that your DD participates in.

    AFM - I think DD is walking!!!  I am always hesitant to exaggerate lol.  She's been "taking steps" for weeks now, but this week she has been walking between the two of us more slowly and deliberately for like up to 10 steps.  Crazy!

    Does anyone remember my saying that daycare and I don't communicate very well?  Overall she is great, but I honestly think she doesn't listen sometimes.  I specifically asked her to start feeding milk with breakfast instead of formula.  I even brought her a sippy cup like the ones we'd been using at home.  Flash forward 2 weeks and I ask her if she's been doing milk with breakfast and she says she's been doing a mix. I don't even know what that means!!  I was too aggravated to ask.  She said something like, But the formula's almost gone and then we can do milk yay!!!  I was thinking, The formula wouldn't be almost gone if you had cut out a bottle like I asked you!!!  I wanted this to be a gradual process of swapping out one bottle at a time for milk.
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    Re: March Infants and toddlers

    Well we've made some progress with DD this week, she's been sick for weeks and finally the doctor diagnosed her with asthma, then just days later with pneumonia. He saw her last Friday and started her on asthma meds, by Monday she was doing worse so we started steriods and antibiotics and she's finally starting to do better! yay! DD is 5 mos and loves to roll, the moment you put her on her back she rolls-then starts to scoot backwards...the crawling will begin soon. exciting and sad at the same time, my baby is getting big.

    DS is such a little man. It's hard to describe it, but I really love every stage he's in as he get's older. It's nice to have conversations with him, cook with him, etc. He loves to mimic his father, and they put DD's new crib together. DH was in his boxers when he started to put the crib together so DS stripped down to his undies and got his tools out too. He's great at entertaining his sister and it's so much fun to watch the two of them together. He really gets her laughing.

    Lessons learned, don't buy the target snow boots. They're easy to get on, and they're cheap, but DS wore them too long yesterday and his feet hurt and I could tell the bottoms of his feet were swollen.

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    Re: March Infants and toddlers

    Hello!  Sorry I have been MIA.  Out of 2 computers and 1 tablet, my account is only still signed in on one device and I am getting locked out trying to log in from any others.  I emailed BDC but the solution they gave me (change my pwd) is exactly what wasn't working!  grrr.  I'll work on it more when I have time... not sure when that is.  But I do keep up reading everyone's updates!
    DD turned 1 this weekend!  I can't believe it!!!!  She's walking about 50% of the time now, which is crazy.  She is much tinier with a smaller appetite than DS had at that age, which is weird.  He totally seemed like a toddler at 1 yr whereas she still seems like a baby - a walking baby.  She's 28.5 inches, 20.5 lbs, both around the 30/35% mark, but her noggin is 93%.  My pedi is on maternity so the covering pedi even pulled out the tape measure a second time to double check and said it's nothing to worry about unless we see like "veins bulging out."  Way to freak me out, doc.  WTH?!?  So I may put another call in to one of the other pedis in the group who we know a little better just to make sure everything is ok.  We also discovered a month back that she has a stenotic (very narrow) ear canal in one ear, but after the hearing check (which I swear took place in a testing booth that very likely could have been on the set of the DHARMA initiative in LOST) it appears her hearing is fine. 
    She is otherwise happy and healthy.  She says about 5 or 6 words (which also is a relief with the ear situation).  She doesn't love the variety of food her brother did at that age, but seems to be having a pretty hungry and adventurous week this week, so I've been able to try a few more table foods.  Her newest love is tiny pieces of meatballs. 
    DS is a little over 3.  Potty training has remained elusive.  He uses the potty appropriately probably 2/3 of the time, but we've had to keep him in pull ups b/c he has some chronically looser BMs (doesn't seem to be a prob according to MD) and if he doesn't remember to ask for the potty, having him in regular underpants just doesn't work, especially at daycare. I think if we didn't need to safeguard against the BM messes and could be in underpants more consistently, we'd be a little further along.  But we are getting there!
    Work has been a bear - I don't know if you recall, but I took a pretty big leap of a promotion 2 weeks before DD arrived, coming back from maternity leave with a ton more responsibility and some vacancies to fill with hirings.  Work/life balance has not been where I ideally want it to be and I do have lots of mommy guilt when I'm at work and work guilt when I'm at home.  Still trying to work through this b/c I know we can't be perfect at everything all the time.  Luckily, my workplace has some huge variations in workflow based on academic calendar, so my balance should improve with the Spring. 
    I enjoy reading everyone's updates.  Hope the other South Shore moms with kids around the same age on these boards are doing well, as is everyone! 
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    Re: March Infants and toddlers

    I love reading updates.  Hope everyone who is/was sick is doing better!
    Winter - that's funny about the ketchup.  We have the same scenario with jarred pizza sauce!  She loves to dip anything - even ate half a veggie burger the other night.
    MM - regarding head size.  Was it a big jump up in the head %?  Our LO has height around 30-40%, weight around 5-10%, and head size 95-99%.  So her head is way out of wack with her body.  But no one has ever thought it was a problem.  However, she has always been that way, even at birth.  So I don't think it's a problem unless it's a sudden shift.  But definitely ask questions if you're not comfortable!

    Our LO is 19 months now.  Crazy.  She's been having a language explosion, which is fun.  My favorites are when she gives a response, like I say that it's cold out and she says brrr.  She is also switching from mama and dada to mommy and daddy, which is so bittersweet.
    Still no walking.  She has maybe done 3 steps alone.  She can walk if you hold only one of her hands, but she will only do it if she's energetic and cheerful.  She can also stand independently for longer periods of time, like a few minutes.  So I guess there is progress, but slow.  She is coming up on 6 months of EI so there will be another evaluation soon.  We'll see.  The only thing that really concerns me is daycare.  Her room now is mostly 12-20 months and she's one of the oldest, but the only one who doesn't walk.  For her other skillz, they would like her to be the next one to move to the toddler room, but they do walks and stuff outside.  She goes in there to play with the big kid toys and books when they have kids out -- they say she likes it and I love that they do that.  I guess there is no point in worrying; it is what it is!
    Incidentally, I totally blame her aforementioned enormous head for walking delays.  :)
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    Re: March Infants and toddlers

    I also enjoy reading about the various LOs :)
    Funny - dipping must be a popular toddler activity although for DS, it is with yogurt. How did you introduce new dipping mediums? He is picky but I want to be able to get him to like dip into hummus and other such food dips.

    MM - we just had our 18 month checkup and DS is 16% height, 28% weight and head is like 95% - and for the last 2-3 checkups, he has been around these percentages. His head was always in the 90s for percentile so we asked the doctor if we needed to be concerned especially as the other percentiles are below 50% and he said no, because he is completely tracking on the same curve for his head - they get concerned usually when the percentiles increase noticably and go off the charts - for DS, it just means he probably will have slightly larger head for his size. But definitely talk to a pedi who has your DD's records (the big thing ours emphasized it is the growth curve over time, not one time measurement) that you feel like you can talk to.

    As for us - we moved DS to a new daycare (there were some concerns with the old one that prompted us to remove him before he could move into their 18 month room) and he started yesterday. And at drop off yesterday, he just took off for the new toys and climbing shapes - and just looked at me seriously when I said it was time for me to leave, then back to the toys... and apparently he was so mellow in the room, just watching everyone quietly. Only one crying incident they said and only when they used a firmer than usual voice to call him back (so they can wash his hands before he smeared the lunch remains all over the toys), which they soothed. So that was good - he seemed calm when I came and just came over to me as usual at pickup. Today's drop off after the doctor appt went pretty well too - even with more kids in the room - he still did not join in the group activity to look at the worms, but he did quietly explore the room. The teachers were clearly surprised at how mellow he was (and honestly, I did not expect him to stay so easy going all day). So hopefully he will learn and be comfortable with the new routines - the kids and teachers in his room seem quite nice.
    He still does not talk much. And he seems to have this tendency of saying a word once then we never hear it again - like once, I said "what does the cow say?" and he said "moo" then never said it again, and DH swore once he said "giraffe" while looking at a picture of giraffe but then he never said it again. So he has like 4-5 words he said once then never again. Weird. But he clearly understands what we say, can identify pictures (he can point to a dog or horse or truck etc while we read the books, get the toy we ask for etc) and uses his fingers, like 6-7 words and  a series of different chuckles to communicate with us. So we will just let him go at his pace, the doctor was not worried about it  yet.

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    Re: March Infants and toddlers

    cwag, tt sounds like he might just be a very "need oriented" speaker which could be his basic personality; time will tell on that, of course, but we all know men, especially, who don't talk much simply because they don't have a hankering (as my dad would put it).  Other kids take joy in speaking for the heck of it because they can and enjoy the activity of it.  He has words and uses them at his discretion...sounds encouraging even if it's not in part of the vocabularly usage curve you'd feel more comfortable with.
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    Re: March Infants and toddlers

    mm- those booths are crazy aren't they? all dark and weird.
    medford- you may be right- neck strength is important for trunk strength, which all impact walking!!

    cwag- my DS does the same thing. I have found it tends to occur more often when I am repeating the word- he will try it (e.g., copy the word). However, I don't think that always means he picks it up independently to be able to sequence it correctly. For example, we occasionally get "shoes" and "snack" - words not typical at this age, but I think it is because I have said it a few times before. Did you prompt the moo?

    and about the dipping- I have to dip, say mmm and eat it while I rub my belly. and repeat, like 20 times. then he will let me try to feed it to him- but sometimes the smells turn him off. he wouldn't even try ranch dressing for a while because I think it has a strong odor (or maybe it doesn't, but pregnant me thought so.) I keep the "try it 8 times rule."
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    Re: March Infants and toddlers

    In Response to Re: March Infants and toddlers:
    AFM, I am at 15 weeks with number 2- I feel huge and DS can't snuggle in all the same ways. I know it will only get worse. How the heck do you put someone in a crib when you are pregnant? The second time around is so very different. Still having these sad feelings for DS and the changes coming for him- trying to focus on how much I love my little brother.   hope everyone has a great month.
    Posted by winter09wedding

    Aww, winter, it's easier said than done, but try not to worry too much. Little kids are adaptable to all kinds of situations. I had a horrible 2nd pregnancy--hyperemesis until 20 weeks and bed rest for the last 6 weeks. I was not a great mom in lots of ways--couldn't change poopy diapers without hurling, needed DH to load DS in his crib, missing daycare pickups because I couldn't physically do them, etc. Yup, none of it ideal. But, you do the best you can. I read ALL the time to DS while he snuggled next to me on the couch. It was about all I could do physically. But in the end, we laughed, we joked, we hugged, we bonded. Sure, I wasn't the one taking him to the playground, but he knew that my love for him was constant even if the ways it was expressed had to change necessarily. That's what's important in the end.

    Also, you won't "know" this until it happens, but trust me...any feelings of loss your DS may have will soon quickly be replaced with the amazing adventures of having a sibling. In the past couple of weeks, DS#1 has deliberately been doing things to make DS#2 laugh--I swear they can get each other going for a good 10 minutes. It makes my heart want to burst watching that interaction. DS#2 is the first person DS#1 wants to see in the morning or at daycare pick-up. Plus, DS#1 is learning to be more independent because we can't always respond to him first or immediately. That's a HUGE life lesson that he's getting that can't be undervalued.
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    Re: March Infants and toddlers

    Thanks, Kar! That is what I suspect DH is thinking - he just says DS is a man of few words.

    Winter - one of the words that he did the one time was "yes" (I think he was super excited when DH said " do you want to go to the park?" Usually he squeals and runs to the door), and for moo - we have lots of books that has farm animals (at least 3 different ones) that mimics sounds for pig, cow, horse, sheep - and only the cow he did it. Same for giraffe - we have a lot of zoo-like books, and the giraffe and elephant seems to be his favorite two exotic animals. And even afterwards, no matter how many times we repeat or prompt him over period of months, we never heard it again. But he would point to them if we ask him "where is the giraffe?" and he would giggle when we do the farm animal noises. But he seems to have his own drumbeat he marches to - he seems to wait, watch, maybe practice once then put it aside (like rolling - he rolled once earlier on, then nothing for a few more months) until he decides it is time. And it keeps happening with so many things it seems... so we are learning not to push it at all, but try to encourage and build up the knowledge and skills that will let him feel like it is time.
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    Re: March Infants and toddlers

    cwagner - that was our LO's speech pattern as well until maybe a month ago.  Right after 18 months it's really picked up.  It seemed to happen all at once.  Not all at once like "she never said a word and then started complete sentences".  But all at once like she tried a word, we understood it, ergo she got what she was seeking, ergo she tried more words.

    re: dipping - she mostly dips into hummus or pizza sauce, but they were both things she already ate a lot of.  She would eat hummus we had put on crackers or bread (or a spoon...) and she's crazy for pizza/lasagna red sauce things.  The new foods she's tried through this means have been more the dipper rather than the dippee.  However, as winter mentioned, she has tried a couple of different dips just because she sees us having them.
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    Re: March Infants and toddlers

    cwagner - I was writing at the same time - I think your approach sounds lovely.  I think our LO is the same, watching and learning.
    I wanted to ask - why / how did you decide to switch daycares?  I really like ours, but should I be getting more info about the next room?
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    Re: March Infants and toddlers

    Oh yes, the language.... I have learned that if I want anyone to repeat a trick it needs to be the dog.  DD...not so much.

    She is now 16 months.  She is starting to run a little, gives hugs to random people (i.e. the woman at Destination Maternity), and I have heard many words but she almost never repeats them on command.  She is so in tune with what is going on.  I told her we needed to clip her nails and she marched out of our room, into the bathroom and into the drawer with the clippers.  It is really amazing how much they know at this age.

    Today in daycare there was a kid's hat hanging with a cow on it.  She looked up and pointed and said "moo".  She certainly won't do it when I ask her too though!!

    Winter - you will grow into it.  I am over 7 months pregnant and can still get her in and out of the crib without a problem.  She still sits on my lap for stories.  So I think you will be fine.  Now how to juggle the two little ones when she arrives will be another story for me!!

    If head size is consistently growing on the same percentile it is definitely less worrisome.

    Medford - sounds like your LO is making progress.  I can't remember if I posted this before but my nephew was 22 months prior to walking and he is perfectly fine.  I am glad you are working with EI but sounds like progress is being made!
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    Re: March Infants and toddlers

    cwag, it sounds like he's actually a man of many words, lol, as evidenced by his using lots of words appropriately but maybe just once.  So, whenever he chooses to speak he has a good vocabulary at his disposal. 
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    Re: March Infants and toddlers

    medford - when we started his old daycare, it was right on my office campus. a few notes - I live in TX so the minimum ratios are different. When he started as an infant, for some reason, we lucked out with his teachers - he completely bonded with one of them, and with the director (so much that anytime she walked by his room and he was looking out the window, he would wave his arms for her, so she would take him around on her rounds). When he moved up to the crawlers, it was another teacher he adored and it was a small group of kids so he did really well... and when he moved to the 14-18 month room, it was with another great teacher and still a small class (just 5 kids still).

    The director changed in mid-Dec, which concerned me (personality clash - DH thought at one point he was going to be watching some fireworks between us - I felt like she did not care about DS at all or his needs but was driven more by money than kids' welfare, not that I explicitly said that to her). Then we checked into the next room and were appalled by what we were seeing - in TX up to 18 months, the ratios are decent but then it really changes - for 18-24 months, they allow 1 teacher for 9 kids, and the next room was being staffed at that minimum ratio. I would see the teacher always changing a diaper while the kids ran or cried, or the teacher wearily picking up the toys the kids threw everywhere while the kids were throwing the toys at each other. She was new to working as a teacher, which to me is the worse place to start out, and sometimes it seemed like she had no control in there.

    So I told the director DS was not going to be staying at her daycare past 18 months (to block any attempts to "transition" him to the next room) and we found another daycare that looked much better with a staff that seemed to be much more in line with what we are looking for - and 2 teachers to 10 kids ratio for his new room - and the environment seemed so much calmer than what we were seeing at the old daycare.

    When we saw the cheek of his playmate who was being "transitioned" to that next room - huge black and blue bite mark - it really impressed us that our good days were over with that place. It was not the first biting incident from the same child in that older room, but I see it as a failing of the daycare, director and teacher that they could not address the problem - not the child biting. Because with 9 toddlers out of control, I don't see why or how the child is going to stop biting. And then I watched one kid yank down on another kid by the hair on the playground on DS's last day, and the teacher totally oblivious to the chaos. Sigh. (the child that was bitten is also leaving the daycare for another place - after the biting, she got so afraid of being dropped off there :( )

    DH felt bad about having to "fire" a daycare, but the atmosphere changed and just in one month it feels like. It is amazing how much a director really affects the whole environment. The previous director was responsible for the small class groups he was in - she had opened up a second room to accomodate the small groups (with the new director, I found out they just hired a new teacher for the 14-18 month room so that they can cram in 13 kids in there which is the state minimum). We were lucky that he was so close by my office, and that until he left, he really had fantastic teachers and playmates - and had been spoiled with attention up to then.

    So we were able to find a new daycare that had the support we were looking for within his room with better ratio, and the calm control and structure in the room that I felt would allow him to thrive - he is so mellow and easy going that I was concerned in the old daycare, the teacher would just forget or neglect him because he is not screaming or biting or throwing stuff (or worse, that he would learn all those behaviours because that is what those other kids do). Things can change on a dime - so we know we always need to keep an eye on the next room, the director/staff turnover and how he is doing.

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    Re: March Infants and toddlers

    wow, cwagner, thanks.  Maybe I will ask to visit the next room soon.  Good to hear that everything worked out for you!
    Luck - thanks for the encouragement about the walking.  Always good to hear your perspective, hope you're doing well!  Our LO is the same about the talking - she says words when she feels like it, not when I want her to!
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    Re: March Infants and toddlers

    I just feel the need to clarify that my 18 month old isn't having long detailed conversations with me. But, if I say "did you have lunch?" She'll say "banana" or "cukes" and I get a sense of what she's eaten.

    She is a genius, but only in mind world. :)
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    Re: March Infants and toddlers

    its so weird to be in the I&T world :o)

    Quick question... DD is 8 weeks and I'm having trouble getting her to fall asleep on her own.  I know she is too young for sleep training, and I'm not even looking to extend how long she sleeps for ... just looking to get away from having to nurse her to sleep.  Also, because I'm still home with her, I often end up holding her while she sleeps.  This is partly because I love snuggling with her and partly because almost every time I put her down she wakes up.  We are co-sleeping at night so I've never really needed to transition her into a crib asleep ... but now I need to get her ready for daycare.  The other day she fell asleep in the swing and slept for 30mins ... but most of the time she just chills out in the swing for 20-30mins and then starts crying until I feed her. 

    Is it too early to let her cry it out?  Do I just need to make sure she is fed, clean, and tired and then let her be?  Any other tricks for a baby that instantly knows she has been placed in a crib?
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    Re: March Infants and toddlers

    Boston, if you figure it out, let me know!  :)  At 8.5 months, DD still falls asleep nursing at bedtime, I have tried everything to keep her awake to no avail.  I know it is going to be an issue at some point, especially as I have decided to slowly start the weaning process.  Until recently, DD took much better naps at daycare and even goes down awake for them.  We have only been able to do that a few times at home.  I am sure your DD will be fine at daycare, the providers are pros at getting babies to sleep.  Good luck!

    AFM, can't believe my little one is already 8 months.  She crawls all over the place and pulls herself up on anything that she can.  She walks along tShe furniture, too.  She is so much fun, always laughing.  Glad she is finally back to sleeping through the night (hopefully I haven't just jinxed it!).  She got a bad cold in early Jan and stopped sleeping through the night until just this week.  It has been heaven to get 8 hours sleep again.  
    It does break my heart a bit as the past 3 days she has cried when I left her at daycare.  I hope it doesn't continue, it makes me so sad to leave her.  
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    Re: March Infants and toddlers

    Get well soon to all those who are sick, and GL to those figuring out how to handle a baby and toddler! Jen- great meeting you face to face at Baby Cafe! Thanks again for the recommendation. Have a great vacation and maybe I'll see you at a Weds cafe! The LCs at Baby Cafe were really helpful, though I was so overwhelmed by my first trip out into the wider world since DS was born that I think I may have forgotten a lot! They noted that he's pretty badly tongue tied. His pedi noted this too, but the people at BC seemed to think it was a more significant hindrance to efficient bfing. I can see the tie and I'm pretty sure he can't really stick his tongue out of his mouth. They recommended getting it snipped (eek!). Has anyone else done this? They also had me try the reclining bfing position (I'd been doing all football hold and cross cradle). It was great when they positioned me -DS was eating vigorously and was actually full for once - but we are so bad at replicating it at home! DS is 12 days so obviously he doesn't have much head control, and the reclining hold requires his head be a bit lifted and positioned right, and when I try this position he always ends up with a bad latch or an uncomfortable position. I'm going to ask at the next BC, but has anyone had good luck with this nursing position? It worked so well at BC that I want to get it right! DH and I are a bit at odds RE: supplementing. I'm getting more resistant to giving DS formula when he's obviously still hungry after bfing, but DH sees me so stressed out that he wants me to take a
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    Re: March Infants and toddlers

    Stupid buggy iPad continue my last post: I'm just curious how those of you who had bfing issues and didn't supplement managed. Often, I could bf for hours and hours and DS would still fuss and root, and eventually cry. We were used to supplementing bc of the jaundice, but I really hate giving him formula and I wonder where we'd be if we'd never had to start supplementing in the first place. Final question - DS is still very much nocturnal, and I've been reading tips on adjusting your baby to sleeping at night. We keep things very quiet and low key with night feedings but I'm not sure how to try and keep a 12 day old awake for any period during the day. We try to stimulate him when he is awake (very briefly, except for feedings) but if he's sleepy, he's going to sleep. Any other suggestions, or is it too early to be concerned with this?
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    Re: March Infants and toddlers

    boston, I don't know what to do, but to answer your question about CIO, 8 weeks is far too early.