March Infants and toddlers

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    Re: March Infants and toddlers

    Arcain... we really love the reclined postition (and I really don't know why the hospitals dont teach it!) ... I find that if I get in bed with a pillow underneath the arm of the side I am feeding on, that the side of DD's head can rest on my arm without me getting tired.  This keeps her in the quasi-face down position but everyone is supported.  I spent a lot of time propped up in bed when she was your DS's age because it was the most comfortable place for those LONG nursings. 

    I have also been very hesitant to supplement with formula.  Our compromise is that I pump through out the day and aim to supplement with 8oz of pumped milk.  (I only get 0.5-1oz/ pump since I am also feeding on demand.. ask the LCs about this if you want to go this route)  I find that when I give her a bottle with 3-4oz of pumped milk is when she takes her best naps ... so if you did this at the 11pm feeding, you might be able to jump start a longer sleep cycle at night.  Usually I only give her 1-2 oz at a time because I can't pump more than that at a time, but if I know I want/need her to take a long nap I'll save up from a few pumpings to be able to do the 3-4oz at once.

    Beyond that... I just made peace with being up at night for a few weeks.  I'd read What to Expect the first year while pumping, eat a small meal since I'd be starving, etc.  By 4 weeks she was just waking up to eat and then going back to sleep at night and saving her longer alert periods for the day.

    As you can see from my previous post... I'm still not good at getting her to fall asleep and then transitioning into her cradle or crib ... so during that first week we started co-sleeping just so I could get some rest.  It has worked out well in that mommy and baby are relatively well rested ... but now at 8 weeks I'm struggling with being able to get her to sleep by herself.  I guess there are pros and cons to everything.

    ETA:  Also, when positioning the baby in the reclined nursing position, remember to line up DS's nose with your n!pple so that when he roots he will tilt his head back a little.  This creates a better alignment of your n!pple with his tongue and makes it so he can breathe a little easier.
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    Re: March Infants and toddlers

    Arcain, great meeting you too!  I had the same problem replicating the reclined position at home after learning it at BC.  It's so nice to have an LC there to make sure everything is positioned right.  But, you will figure it out, and Boston's suggestion of the pillow is what I would say too.  I agree that I think hospitals should teach it - it was so helpful for me. 

    As for the nocturnal - I was in the same boat for the first few weeks, and then they seem to eventually transition and figure it out.  At only 12 days, I don't think you should be concerned.  DD did the same thing, and now she sleeps through the night at 13 weeks.  Knock on wood, she has slept for 8+ hours for the last 4 nights in a row!  Now, we're probably going to screw all that up when we take our vacation to CA and Hawaii.  She'll probably be so turned around with the time changes and Daylight Savings time occurs while we are there too!
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    Re: March Infants and toddlers

    Was DH there when they showed you/helped you get into the recline position?  It probably works better when they help you because, as you said, DS is still so young and lacks the head control necessary to root effectively without help. If DH could watch and learn how to help get DS into position, you might have more success at home.  Then when DH is home he can help you position DS and when he's not you can use another hold. 

    As for the nocturnal/diurnal thing, at 12 days old you're just not going to be able to do anything about it.  Anything you do to try to keep DS up during the day is more likely to overstimulate him and get him overtired and fussy later.  You could try keeping his room light during the day when he's napping and making sure the room is dark at night.  He'll adjust eventually.  It'll be more efficient for you to adjust your own circadian rhythm so you can sleep whenever the baby sleeps rather than attempt to adjust his. 
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    Re: March Infants and toddlers

    Arcain, one LC thought my DS was tongue tied and I posted questions about the procedure in the Feb -pregnancy thread.  Got lots of helpful responses from others on here, including a recommendation for an ENT specialist who turned out to be the same one my pedi's office suggested. Turned out DS wasn't tongue tied but it was good to have the info.

    Boston, do you swaddle DD before you put her down? DS falls asleep on me quite often and I love letting him stay there but if I have to get something done, I can sometimes wrap him up and put him in the cradle. Doesn't always work but I've noticed that he tends to stay sleep if swaddled.

    I can't believe DS is already 6 weeks old, I want time to slow down a little- he's grown out of the newborn clothes already. Much as I love watching him grow, I want the newborn phase to last a little longer!
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    Re: March Infants and toddlers

    Arcain- I was going to suggest the same thing as Boston, since your LO seems hungry after can you pump after and give him more milk? Or pump after the first morning feeding when you have the most milk and supplement later?  If you start pumping at the same time every day your body will respond and produce more milk at that time.  

    Fram- wow, go baby Fram! So exciting DD is walking! How was the party. Hope you managed without the fridge.

    AFM- DS is getting top teeth. One is almost all the way through and he is drooling up a storm.  He was fine when the bottom teeth came through at the same time, the top one seems to be much worse! He has had a 102 fever all weekend, poor kid.  I've heard conflicting info, that teething does not cause fevers, that it can cause fevers, and that teething can make babies more susceptible to catching something.  What do you it just teething?  He seems to have no other symptoms. He slept a TON he took a 4 hr nap yesterday and slept for 13 hrs last night. Of course the dog woke me up at 6. ugh. 
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    Re: March Infants and toddlers

    boston- I think that it is too early for CIO. DS used to do the same thing. however, if i hovered over him or snuggled with him, rubbed his belly, and talked to him, I could usually get him back down (e.g., sometimes did the boppy pillow or something that would allow me to snuggle up with him) and try to watch your facial expressions- DH told me I always looked shocked and upset when it happened, and then DS would pick up on my cues and freak out.

    ajuly- my understanding is that a low grade fever is fairly typical- but not usually above 100. that being said, everyone is different.

    wedoct- DS has cried on and off at daycare drop off forever (he is 19 months now). I think that it is typically different developmental phases (e.g., not sure you are coming back, sure you are coming back but mad you are leaving, etc.) I have tried to establish a general sequence so he has a sense of what is coming next. we always take off his winter gear, load the fridge, and then i play for a few minutes. I ask for a hug, and then stand up- once that happens- he knows. I know if I ask for a wave and don't get one, he is going to cry, so I will offer a second hug... usually works.
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    Re: March Infants and toddlers

    Boston - just wait it out.  Both my kids were the same way and at about 12 weeks they were OK with being put down.  It's just the newborn phase IMO.  And I think al the snuggling makes them happier and more secure kids.

    Hope EOE is well!  

    AFM, DS (6 months) has been battling a rotten cold.  It started Thursday and he was running a fever by the evening.  He's better now, but still very congested.  Since the start of this, he's been really off drinking.  Both bottle and nursing has been such a struggle.  It's been a really tough weekend.  He'll nurse for about 3-4 minutes then wants to do anything but.  It's easier to try to shove a bottle nipple in his mouth, but even that's a struggle.  He screams, cries, and tries to bat it away.  Any suggestions or words of wisdom?  I've never encountered this before, and I'm wondering if I should see an LC.  BTW, we saw the pedi on Friday and no ear infection.  

    Also, because of this, I think my supply has gone down.  I've been pumping here and there, but it's been sporatic since I didn't want to empty in case he wanted to feed... if that makes any sense.  I'm back at work today and I will try to pump frequently as I can, but my first pump was less than I would have expected and I didn't feel engorged this morning as I usually do.  For those of you that have used the mother's milk teas, which did you buy?  Also, how frequently did you take it?  

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    Re: March Infants and toddlers

    Trouble- never tried the teas. Can DS breathe? we found the nasal saline sprays to be very helpful when this happened- I think that they sometimes feel they are choking on all of the liquid coming in.  hope it gets better soon.
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    Re: March Infants and toddlers

    Good point Winter.  He is congested, but he can breathe through his nose because he still wants his binky.  I've tried to asperate him, but he screams bloody murder when I do and then forget about eating after that! 
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    Re: March Infants and toddlers

    In Response to Re: March Infants and toddlers:
    Get well soon to all those who are sick, and GL to those figuring out how to handle a baby and toddler! Jen- great meeting you face to face at Baby Cafe! Thanks again for the recommendation. Have a great vacation and maybe I'll see you at a Weds cafe! The LCs at Baby Cafe were really helpful, though I was so overwhelmed by my first trip out into the wider world since DS was born that I think I may have forgotten a lot! They noted that he's pretty badly tongue tied. His pedi noted this too, but the people at BC seemed to think it was a more significant hindrance to efficient bfing. I can see the tie and I'm pretty sure he can't really stick his tongue out of his mouth. They recommended getting it snipped (eek!). Has anyone else done this? They also had me try the reclining bfing position (I'd been doing all football hold and cross cradle). It was great when they positioned me -DS was eating vigorously and was actually full for once - but we are so bad at replicating it at home! DS is 12 days so obviously he doesn't have much head control, and the reclining hold requires his head be a bit lifted and positioned right, and when I try this position he always ends up with a bad latch or an uncomfortable position. I'm going to ask at the next BC, but has anyone had good luck with this nursing position? It worked so well at BC that I want to get it right! DH and I are a bit at odds RE: supplementing. I'm getting more resistant to giving DS formula when he's obviously still hungry after bfing, but DH sees me so stressed out that he wants me to take a
    Posted by Arcain

    DS had tongue tie but it was caught by the nurses and confirmed by lc and pedi in the hospital so we clipped it before he even left.  I felt horrible doing the double clipping (circumcision as well) but they did it on two different days and I think the person most scarred from the experience was me!  They did it right there in the hospital room in the bassinet and after the doc was done the nurse came over and gave me a great big hug because I was trying to not cry but failed miserably!  Afterwards DS still never latched but they thought there were other reasons for that.  Our Pedi (who we saw post hospital) said she was glad we took care of it sooner rather than later as it is a simple proceedure early on but gets more complicated as the baby grows and I guess can lead to speech issues as well.  But it all depends on how severe and it can naturally strech out as well so it is a bit of a gamble - do you do the proceedure early on or wait to see if it fixes itself but if it doesn't you end up doing it anyways...
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    Re: March Infants and toddlers

    Thanks for your post - I am having similar concerns and worries.  I thought it was stupid hormones but glad to hear (well not glad but soothed) that others have similar concerns and that the disruption is worth it.
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    Re: March Infants and toddlers

    Bostongrl - This is just how it naturally worked out for us, so I am NOT bragging, but I almost never nursed DD to sleep.  Somehow her natural rhythm was to BF right after napping.  Then when it was time to nap, I would swaddle her up and walk around with her and put her down asleep.  (Eventually I started putting her down awake for naps and then for bedtime, but that was sometime after 13 weeks... At 8 weeks, I was just working on getting her to nap period!)  Do you think you could possibly switch up her routine somehow?

    Arcain - I liked that reclining position as well.  From what I remember, I would do that position when I was in a situation where the seating wasn't great and it was easier to just slouch back... But it also had to be a situation where I could have privacy for a minute to get DD situated.

    DH and I had trouble in the first weeks as well.  He would see me getting upset and tell me to pump instead.  I finally had to tell him that it felt like giving up and I was determined to make BFing work and he needed to stop going there every time I was frustrated.  Ultimately if your goal is to exclusively BF, at some point you have to go for it.  I know that is WAY easier said than done.  Have you tried giving DS a pacifier or a finger to suck on in case he just wants to keep sucknig because it's soothing?  Is weight gain still a concern or does he seem to be doing fine?

    Ajuly - DD is getting her top teeth too.  One broke through and the other is right there.  They definitely seem harder on her than the bottoms!!  She has been fussy and basically sticking her whole hand in her mouth, poor thing.
    Her party was great!  New fridge was delivered on Saturday while we were in the midst of cleaning.  We bought some groceries and now, luckily, have leftovers from the party.  Thank you MIL for insisting on veggie tray AND fruit salad even though I only asked for a veggie tray :o)
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    Re: March Infants and toddlers

    Boston - Don't rush through this stage. Eventually DD will learn to fall asleep on her own but enjoy the snuggles while you still can.  Although there may not be too much enjoyment on your part at 2 am I suppose.  :-)  DD1 was probably heading towards 5 months before I stopped nursing her to sleep at night.  My 17 month olds are still known to fall asleep during the night time bottle if we are rocking while they have it.

    AFM - DD2 is walking!!!  She's been creeping forever and last weekend just started walking across the room to get what she wanted.  She'll be having her 1 year assessment for EI in early April and I'm positive she'll test out of the program.  We do still struggle with "separation" anxiety with DD2.  She will cry as soon as you walk out of the room even if she can still see you.  I am convinced that it's because in the beginning everyone would cave and pick her up and take her with them where ever they were going.  She is one smart cookie and realizes that she still has a good shot of it working if she sounds pathetic enough.  She also almost there talking-wise although she doesn't say anything but "ya" (for yes) yet since DD1 didn't talk at all before 18 months and she was 2 before she said more than "dada", "yes" and "no"  I'm not concerned.  We just keep trying to have them repeat us when we ask them something.

    DS is a monkey and so smart although he gets some of his ideas from his cousin who is 6 months older and really is part monkey.  DS knows how to climb on top of this wooden block walker toy that DD2 got for Christmas (although I do say no and make him get down as soon as I catch him doing it).  The other day I turned around and he had moved it over to a short 2 cube high storage unit we have and was trying to use the walker to get on top of the storage unit.  I'm sure that stitches are in his future.

    As for DD1 whose now 3.5 year old, there are moments when I feel like all she lives for is to push my buttons.  Although we had rapid success with potty training and after less than a month she is in underwear all day and asks to go to the bathroom when she needs to, we're struggling with adding potty time into the morning routine.  DD1 is NOT a morning person.  I have to wake her up every morning and give her 15-20 mins of wake up snuggle time before pushing the potty, get dressed and go portion of the morning.  The last few weekday morning have been full of tempers and tears.  Do you think that getting her up even earlier would make for a smoother morning?  As it stands now, she goes to bed at 9pm and I get her up about 7-7:15 am, so she only gets about 10 hours of sleep a night.  I'm not sure getting less sleep a night would help her temperament much.  She hasn't napped since she was 2.5 and pushing bedtime earlier isn't a great option either since the babies would still be awake and the only time she gets with DH is 7-9 pm and 7-8 pm is shared with the babies.  Has anyone else found a way to help a non-morning kid learn to function during the morning hours?  I'd like to be preemptive since she's starting preschool in September.  Up until now it hasn't mattered if she got out of her pjs since she was just going to one of her grandparent's house.  ;-)
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    Re: March Infants and toddlers

    dz, I don't have a thing to add except that I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post.  You have a way with storytelling.  Think about writing a book about your experiences when the kids are out of the house. :)
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    Re: March Infants and toddlers

    I've been blocked out for 4-5 days on all my devices... so finally getting back on.  So many great updates.  And welcome Arcain!

    Yay to new walkers, new talkers and new 1 year olds!

    My DS just this weekend starting answering "yah" to every question you ask him.  "Do you want to mow the lawn" - "yah"  "Do you want to cook dinner" - "yah".  It is beyond cute.  I guess he figured out how a question sounds in your voice even though he doesn't know the words yet.  Even his teacher this morning melted when I asked if he wanted to hang up his coat and he smiled saying "yah" (he actually does know what that means and he went and hung up his coat!)  Friday I picked him up from daycare and he was on fire.  He was 102.8 and after two nights of 100-101 fevers... I called docs.  They saw him that night and we learned he had double ear infections.  Started antibiotics that night and he is already much better.  Up'd his tylenol too (per instruction) and that makes him in such a great mood.  I'm always nervous to give tylenol so quickly when he's fussy... but in 10 minutes he's like a different child.
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    Re: March Infants and toddlers

    DZ congrats on the new walker! DS (3) can also be a huge grump in the AMs, things I've found to get him excited and moving is to tell him one of his favorite shirts is clean and he can wear it. making somthing sound exciting for him usually gets him out of the grump stage and dressing himself. Also validating him helps. He was grumpy today because he didn't want to go to school-I totally get that! But we talked about what day it was and when the weekend was coming and fun things we will do this weekend AND how much fun he was going to have at school today. Though sometimes I think even at 3 there are crazy hormones going on-I can only imagine when he hits the preteen stage! oye!

    Its easier to say but for those with the newborns worried about putting them down awake, enjoy this time to snuggle with them. You're not going to spoil them so they'll never be able to go to sleep on their own. I was definitely more worried with DS about creating bad habits and stressed so much about stuff like that. With DD I just enjoyed snuggling with her, I let her sleep on me as much as I could. She's 5 mo old now and I can put her down in her crib sleepy at night now and she puts herself to sleep. So, if you snuggle and nurse them to sleep now does not doom you to a child that can't sleep on their own. They need that snuggle time now! Enjoy!

    DD is finally really starting to feel better. It's amazing how poorly she was feeling for so long, the steriods and antibiotics worked wonders last week and she's a happy giggly baby. She was in a habit of waking up in the middle of the night since he used to wake up coughing so much. But I did some switching at night, woke her up twice at 10pm to reset her clock and put her in a night time diaper and now she's back to sleeping through the night. Love it!

    Since she started to feel better we're hitting mile stones. She's sitting up unassisted now, and even got her butt into the air and looked like she was going to crawl. She's actually starting to scoot backwards which for DS was the start of crawling.
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    Re: March Infants and toddlers

    Hellooooooooo ladies. I haven't been posting in so long and just wnated to pop in to say hi. I have so much to read...hope you're all doing great. DD is about to turn one in a few weeks, where did the year go? She is so awesome, it is unbelieveable.

    I miss my BDC ladies!
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    Re: March Infants and toddlers

    Thank you everyone for the suggestions and reassurance that I'm not starting any bad habits.  I started using the swaddle again with some success.   Our compromise at the moment is that for 1 or 2 naps during the day I swaddle her and put a hat on her... then we lay down to nurse.  Once she switches from eating to comfort sucking I switching in the binky but stay snuggled up.  Then a few minutes later I carefully extract myself leaving her in bed.  The swaddle and hat keep her warm once I am gone and that has helped a lot.  This way we get the snuggle time that I love, but I can extract myself and do somethings by myslef ... like pee and eat.  I even got laundry done today :o)  I do love snuggling ... so her evening naps are still on my chest while DH and I watch TV and she is still co-sleeping so lots of snuggling at night and in the AM.  DH is a little concerned that we are starting bad habits, but I've been reassuring him that when she is a little older we can transition her to her own bed and that in 4 short weeks daycare will probably help move along the napping on her own during the day. 

    Congrats to the new walkers and talkers!  That must be so exciting and fun to watch your LOs learn all these new skills. 
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    Re: March Infants and toddlers

    DZ - my DD (3.25) is not much of a morning person either- just like her dad :-)  I have found that waking her slowly helps a little, but it can be really hard to fit in an extra 10-15 minutes of snuggling/slow waking. Some mornings she will be a tantrumy mess no matter what I do.

     I think what helps most is when she is well rested, so waking early might not help if she is not getting enough sleep. When you say she gets ~10 hours, is that actual sleep, or bedtime to awake time? I ask, because DD sometimes goes to bed and falls right to sleep, but other nights is up long after being put to bed (last night she was in bed, lights out by 9:30, but didn't fall asleep until 11 ugh!) She still naps at daycare, although weekend naps have pretty much fallen by the wayside for the last few months. I think she does best on about 11 hours total sleep, so I try and get her down earlier if she has not napped, or on a night when I know she had poorer sleep the night before (like tonight, since she was up so late last night.) If your DD is getting up without being woken after pretty much 10 hours all the time then that is probably what she is good with, but if you always have to wake her (even on weekends or holidays) you might need to increase her sleep a little. 
    Hope that helps. 
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    Re: March Infants and toddlers

    My DD is not a morning person either (I am, but DH is not haha).  We set out her clothes the night before.  That way she feels like she is getting to pick her outfit (a big deal for her) but she's not stalling in the morning.  When I get up the first thing I do on the way to the bathroom is open her door and put her light on medium-low (her room's lights have a dimmmer switch).  Then I do all my teeth brushing, getting dressed, talking to husband stuff that I would normally do.  It helps her to hear us getting ready (hearing DH's snooze alarm repeatedly followed by his frantic bustling probably helps her too haha).  Then when I'm totally ready, bags packed and at the door, coffee made, etc., I go in, get her dressed, get her ready and get out the door.  That way if she does stall I can devote all my attention to getting her ready and her stalling doesn't distract me and lead to me forgetting to do something. 
    I've found putting the light on and opening the door has made a real difference.  The light and sound for 10-15 minutes before she actually has to be truly conscious really help her be a little more alert and awake.
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    Re: March Infants and toddlers

    I open the door and turn on the light when I go in to get DD2 up.  And she keeps snoring away.  I get down next to the bed and tell her good morning with a kiss and she rolls over and pulls up the blanket.  The teen years should be awesome!

    What she really probably needs is more sleep since she'll sleep 12 hours easy on days we don't have to wake her up but morning is a hard stop time and no one gets home until 7pm.  Thankfully, my MIL or mom takes care of dinner and tubbies as needed but DH and I still have to get the twins to bed by 8 to have a chance of them being asleep by the time DD1 is going to bed and still have DH spend some amount of time with them a day since he isn't home in the morning before we leave for the day. 

    I wish we had just one more room.  Then I could put everyone to bed at the same time.  But unless we put someone in the basement that can't happen and we're stuck where we hare for a least another 1-2 years.  So I guess we'll just have to learn to work with the hand we're dealt. 

    ETA: DD2 gets up about an hour before DD1 needs to get up.
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    Re: March Infants and toddlers

    Thanks for the bfing advice, all. We're still struggling, and I'm going to need to ask for more help with the reclining position at Baby Cafe. The pedi thinks DS may already be showing a bottle preference, though I thought he was a bit young to figure that out. He is still willing to us ruse, though it seems i have to be really full and he has to be really hungry to keep him interested. We're going to the ENT to check out the tongue tie today. Those who had it done, is it really not very painful and little/no blood? Unfortunately DH is back to work but my dad is coming with me to the appt for moral support :). Trouble, I have been drinking Traditional Medicinals. I'm not noticing a great improvement but that may just be me. I Those who have also done a nurse/pump/supplement regimen: how do you do it alone? DH and I had a good routine but with him back to work I'm worried about relying on DS being willing to go down in the swing or Pack n Play in order for me to pump after each feeding.
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    Re: March Infants and toddlers

    Sorry for the multiple posts. When I try to go back and edit on the iPad it prevents me from typing any further. Boston - does your DD cry when you put her down? DS can actually be awake and content in his crib for awhile, so DH and I have been putting him down awake at night in the hope of kick starting the transition away from being nocturnal (that, and we're just dead tired and it can take forever to rock DS to sleep!). I love the cuddling, but not at 3 a.m. and not for hours on end. We do pick him up if he fusses a lot or cries, but the softie in me worries about putting him down awake at all. Is it okay to do this at such a young age (2 1/2 weeks) if he's not upset?
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    Re: March Infants and toddlers

    One more question - any recommendations on good cold weather carseat covers? We have a hand me down One Step Ahead fleece that you put in the carseat behind baby, but the nurse at NWH said the seats hadn't been safety tested with them and we shouldn't use it. I've seen a couple people with elastic ones that just fit around the outside of the seat. Thoughts?
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    Re: March Infants and toddlers

    Arcain - if he is happy in his crib awake, I say count your blessings and go for it because it might change any second! :)

    We used the Bundle Me in the carseat.  People seemed to have different opinions about it, but we absolutely loved it and plan to use it with baby #2.