March Infants and toddlers

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    Re: March Infants and toddlers

    ML, I am SO jealous that your DD likes her barrettes!  I have tried about 4 different kinds on DD, and she hates them all.  She'll immediately put her hand up to her head and start pulling it out.  She does, however, like to try to put them back in her hair.  I hate it, since it means there is always hair in her's finally starting to get long enough in the front that I can sweep it to the side, but it's SO straight.  She got her dad's hair, straight and thin...
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    Re: March Infants and toddlers

    Arcain ... have you tried a nipple shield?  The LCs at your support group might be able to give you one.  The other option is just be as stubborn as he is being and not give him the bottle right away and offer the breast again if he cries.  You can also get nipples that make them work a little harder and get him back to the breast that way since it wont come as easily from the bottle.  (a friend said she used the Medela special needs nipple, but I have no personal experience, you might also be able to put a premie nipple on your bottles).   Of course all of this is no good if you are trying to fatten him up like we were doing with my DD.  I tried to get milk into her every way possible so it would be counter intuitive to make him work harder.  However, if you have some chub to spare, it might be worth making him work a little harder.
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    Re: March Infants and toddlers

    Arcain, that's why we did the finger feeding, or you can do cup feeding.  Ask your LC about those options.  It's still getting them the milk, but they have to do a little more work to get it...

    For finger feeding we would prop DD up on the boppy after nursing 15 minutes a side, fill a teeny syringe with b-milk or formula, put a pinky finger in her mouth (fingerprint toward the roof of her mouth), and the syringe next to it.  As she s_ucked on the finger, milk would come out of the syringe, or we would time pushing down on the syringe with the s-uck.  Having the finger was more like the n-pple in texture, too.  It's kind of time consuming, and a little more work than the bottle, but it helps make nursing seem like an easier option!  Also meant she was drinking the supplement more slowly, so you got a better sense of if she was hungry or just wanted to comfort s-uck. 

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    Re: March Infants and toddlers

    Arcain, I put them in a Tupperware bowl at home - sometimes without a lid. I had a non see through one at work with a lid. When I pumped 2x a day at work, I would throw them in the fridge in between. I believe it's ok because you can mix milk from different sessions and not much stays on the parts. I don't think I would have lasted if I had to clean them every time I pumped in the beginning. They also have wipes and the steam bags you can use in the microwave.

    We also used the Medela special needs feeder. I had supply issues, and the LC said DD had a slow s*ck. We used it to help her work at getting the milk - there are different settings. When she drank out of a level 1 bottle, she would guzzle it down and then it would come right back up. The special bottle kept that from happening. Unfortunately we never got BFing off the ground. She would scream and scream every time I tried even with the LC or DH's support. Good luck and try not to be too hard on yourself for whatever choices you are making!

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    Re: March Infants and toddlers

    Arcain, here's an excerpt from this article I think you might find helpful:  Newborns Grunting  (sorry about the highlighting; it's how it came over from the site)

    Many mothers experience the sound of their newborn grunting which is very common.  Babies are actually quite comical from the time they are born because they move around a lot and squirm because they have no muscle control.  They look so sweet and helpless all at the same time, but when they grunt you start to worry if they are in pain, or what you can do to help.  Being a new mother you listen to every little sound and watch every little motion to make sure they are okay.
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    Re: March Infants and toddlers

    Wow, so you can just refrigerate the pump parts?  I've been washing them every time and it felt like a huge waste of time. If DS is awake when I pump, I just keep him next to me on the bed so I can talk to him, give him his pacifier, etc.

    Arcain, sounds like you found one but I bought a "car seat cover" made by JJ Cole. It's not as thick as the BundleMe but it goes over the top only and is very easy to put on and off. When we had the local police check to make sure the car seat was installed correctly, they said they didn't think the BundleMe should be used. I also didn't like how it fit in our Chicco carseat so I returned it.

    Hope everyone is enjoying the weather- looks like it'll be nice again next week. I love being able to take walks without having to bundle up DS.

    I have a question about tummy time. How early did people start and did you try to put him/her down once a day or more? So far, DS has had very little time on his tummy unless sleeping on his tummy on me counts...
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    Re: March Infants and toddlers

    Oh yeah I totally refrigerate pump parts.  In fact I only wash them every other day!  I figure if DS is drinking day old milk it's basically the same thing.

    And TC you can start tummy time right away.  My kids would scream bloody murder when they were newborn so it would be 2-5min a few times  a day if possible.  I wasn't hardcore about it though.
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    Re: March Infants and toddlers

    Hi TC - DD had a pretty strong neck from the beginning, so we did tummy time here and there from the beginning, but not religiously.  I think at her 1 month the ped said it wasn't necessary yet.  I would say sometime after that I made a conscious effort to put her down on the playmat every day, since her neck was strong and it didn't bother her. So hard to remember!

    At work, I would put the pump parts in the cooler bag with the BM and stick it all in the fridge.  Then I'd stick that in the fridge at home, pump before bed, and hand wash or stick the pump parts in the dishwasher.
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    Re: March Infants and toddlers

    I had my first real "Is this the right decision?" of a medical nature yesterday.

    DS managed to drop something on his foot at just the right angle to cut the top of his big toe pretty nastily.  We were at my in laws and my MIL asked if I thought it needed stitches and I automatically said no but started second guessing myself immediately.  Of course, I had just discovered that MIL is not any good in emergencies based on her hysteria at the very minor about of blood on the floor and FIL while good in the heat of the moment is a HUGE worrywart so I already knew what their opinion would be.

    Since DS stopped crying in less than 10 mins and hadn't bleed through the band-aid by the time we got home an hour later, I guess I made the right choice, maybe. 

    They MIGHT have given him a stitch or two but probably not and I couldn't/can't imagine that it was worth the hours in the ER and or the $150 it would cost to be told that he didn't need anything more than a band-aid.  If I had gotten a similar cut, I wouldn't have gone for stitches.  He complained about his toe a tiny bit last night but went right to bed and slept all night.  When I went in to get him this morning he was sitting touching the injured toe through his pjs with a "this foot doesn't feel quite right" look on his face and he spent a while jabbering and pointing at his toe but was walking fine and when my in laws took him outside today he wore shoes with no complaints and was running all over the place.

    Upside, when I called the doctor's office, they said there is a 24 window to get stitched in and they will do basic stitches (like and arm or a toe but not the face) in the office.
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    Re: March Infants and toddlers

    It should heal just fine, dz, and I think you did the right thing based on your description.  If you wouldn't have gotten stitches yourself and a bandaid was doing the trick for him, he's OK.  Scary, though, isn't it, especially with a hysterical person adding to the stress.
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    Re: March Infants and toddlers

    Thanks for the girl-haircutting advice!  DD will tolerate barettes or elastics unless she sees or feels them in her hair - then she will promptly pull them out.  She's ripped out a lot of her hair that way!  She just has this one piece that is constantly over here eyes that I really want to snip.

    Arcain - congrats to you and DS for getting through the tongue clip!  I hope things improve in the bf department for all of you.  Oh, and DD was SUCH a noisy sleeper!  I finally had to move her out of our room around 3 months because I couldn't get any sleep.

    DZ - congrats on your decision.  I haven't been faced with that yet myself, and often wonder how I'll react - If I'll go the "she's fine" route or if I'll panic, or somewhere in between.  Glad he seems ok.

    As for us, I've been awake since 3:30am.  DD woke up and could not be put back to sleep.  This hasn't happened in a while.  Not sure what was going on with her.  She often wakes up and needs to be held for a few minutes before drifting back off (some of you may recall we are currently sharing a bedroom as we stay temporarily with my in-laws), which is no big deal.  Well, by 5am she still would not go back to sleep and I was totally at my wits end.  DH was sleeping in another bedroom (it's the "computer room" but it has a bed in it that is typically covered in my FIL's sh!t - oh, sorry, "work") because he's had a horrible cough and didn't want to wake us and at 5am I went in and said, "I can't do this" and laid down in the bed.  He took over with DD.  I never went back to sleep.

    Have any of you ever been in this situation where you're all sleeping in one room?  I just don't know what to do when this happens where she will not go back to sleep after waking up in the middle of hte night (which she does more often than I think a 16 month oldshould). It's so stressful because I don't feel that we can do any sort of CIO because I don't want my in-laws to be disturbed. Especially since it's not every night, it's inconsistent, so I don't know if a method of CIO would even work. Also, there's really no where for DH and I to go. We have to eventually go back to the room with her and have I mentioned if you merely TOUCH the bed we are sleeping in it sounds like the world's creakiest creaky door?  It's SO LOUD. I'm thinking we may need to move into sleeping in the computer room, but my FIL is not going to like that. He complained to my MIL when she told him he had to clear his stuff off the bed so DH could sleep there, "Well, that's really a work space for me, you know."  Talking about the BED. This coming from the same man who refused to put salt out on black ice on the driveway because he doesn't believe in salt or something and I slipped and fell, thank god was not carrying DD. I could go on and on with my frustrations with him but I won't. We might have to come to some sort of deal with the sleeping because I don't see a good solution to this problem with us all sharing a room.

    Sorry to vent.  We really need to find a house.
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    Re: March Infants and toddlers

    Poppy, could a white noise machine in the room help with some of the creaks of the bed that could potentially wake her?  I don't think it will help you guys tune her out when she's crying, but it could help prevent her from waking up when you guys inadvertently make a creak.  I apologize but forget how old your LO is.  If she is sleeping in a crib or pack n play, could she potentially go in the computer room in the crib?
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    Re: March Infants and toddlers

    WD-40 the door at least... gl with the rest.
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    Re: March Infants and toddlers

    Poppy, I totally hear you on the weird sleep patterns.  DD, who is also 16 months was a great sleeper until about a month ago.  Since then, if I put her in her crib awake she starts screaming.  Not annoyed, whiny screams, but absolutely blood-curdling, with tears and red face and on the verge of hyperventilating screams.  It seems to have coincided with when she started in the toddler room at daycare, so now she sleeps on a mat there, not the crib...that's the only correlation I can come up with. 

    There's a double bed in her room, so we've been reading stories there, turning the light off and she'll fall asleep next to me, then will move her to the crib.  If she wakes up in the middle of the night (which she's been doing again...she's cut one molar and I can feel the bump of the second), it's a 50/50 shot of whether she'll settle herself back in or start the blood curdling screams again.  I'm so tired, since like you, on top of this I'm pregnant and exhausted anyway, so I've become a sleep-training wimp and will either go back to sleep with her in the bed in her room or bring her in with us.  She'll immediately go back to sleep and will sleep through til the morning. 

    Any ideas or suggestions?  I really don't want her out of the crib yet!!!
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    Re: March Infants and toddlers

    MM - we do have a fan and it helps, but only so much.  DD is in a crib, but we can't really move her into the computer room because my FIL would throw a fit if she was in there every day for her naps and from 7pm on at night.  It would mean he would be deprived of his very important 12 hours per day of watching random youtube videos.

    Kar - it's not actually the door that's creaking - it's our bed (I just used the door analogy).  I wonder if we could WD-40 the bed?

    Luv - I'm sorry you're dealing with this too but can I say I feel SO MUCH BETTER reading your post!  I've really felt all alone in this, especially when I talk to a certain friend of mine whose baby sleeps from 8pm to 8:45am every day and other parents who don't seem to have this issue.  Here's hoping it's just a phase - maybe we have molars starting too, I'm not sure...
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    Re: March Infants and toddlers

    Oh, the bed.  Hm, WD-40 might help, depending.  Take a look at the box spring and see.  Also, there might be something you can put under the mattress to make it quieter.  How do you...never mind.  Embarassed  
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    Re: March Infants and toddlers

    Poppy - Have you tried pretending you're asleep when she's awake? I used to do that with my twins when we were in Canada. They were sort of afraid in the hotel rooms so I'd put them in the pnp's and lie down on the bed. It took forever, but I ignored all the "mama" calls and pretended to be asleep. Finally they would go down too.
    They weren't screaming or anything - just calling me in a normal voice.
    They were 18 months at the time - so same age as your LO, right?
    Can't help with anything else. My father is the same way about salt and stuff - cranky old men can be very annoying.
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    Re: March Infants and toddlers

    Poppy, I feel for you, and actually wish I knew how to PM you because I have to admit, DD (18 months) is back in our bed with us this winter, because she hates blankets and often woke up cold.

    Anyway, I do recommend a couple of things:

    Whenever possible now that it's lighter, longer - get her out in the sun and air. It's like a magic sleeping pill at our house. DD goes down like a rock when she gets some time outside just before dinner.

    Just pulling her into bed with you and snuggling up but not talking or interacting works too. Your breathing and heartbeat will soothe her back to sleep (although sometimes it takes a little convincing). Also, at this stage of the game, between the housing situation, your pregnancy and need for rest, don't be afraid to give her a couple of ounces of milk if she wakes up at 3:30 to knock her back out.

    Another option would be to put the crib or a pack n' play in the computer room and put DD in there. It wouldn't disrupt the workspace, and grampy might not mind the crib in there so much as he'd mind you taking it over.

    I have to ask - with such a squeaky bed, how did you ever manage to get pregnant again? :) I feel for you. My MIL lived with us in our house for a year when I was pregnant and it was an absolute nightmare. Your pregnant and have a baby in arms, the rock salt is not an option it is a necessity.

    I haven't been able to bring myself to look at the pregnancy thread yet, do you know what you are having for Bean #2? I bet knowing that will really help in your housing search (knowing if sharing a room in an option, etc.)
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    Re: March Infants and toddlers

    Poppy...agreed about feeling better just by knowing you, and now see ML too, have been going through similar stuff.  Definitely helps to know it's this stage in development - right, has to be if we're all going through it? - and not some parenting problem on my end.  As my mom always reminds me, she's not going to want to sleep with me in another few years, so take the cuddle time while you can! 
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    Re: March Infants and toddlers

    Poppy, DD was sleeping in our room when she was about your DD's age.  It was the summer and at that time we only had AC in the master bedroom.  We have a 4 poster bed and put light net curtains at the foot of the bed, and it really seemed to help that she couldn't see us.  I will caveat that with the fact that my 2 are really good sleepers (I am very lucky).  Good luck!  Is the housing market really bad?  :(

    AFM, this whole daylight saving shift has been nothing but a nightmare for mom.  We had a super busy Sunday (for us).  Music together and then we met a pregnant friend at a baby expo in Andover (about an hour drive for us).  At the end of the day, I was exhausted and DD and DS were bouncing off the walls.  DD also managed to take a dive off the changing table before bed.  She was acting like an allegator and somehow I lost my footing and then she dove off the table.  She had not one spot on her (thank god) but it cause many tears for mom.  Then of course yesterday I has to leave for work in basically the middle of the night.  It was so busy and I was so exhausted I could've cried.  Do you ever get that feeling that you're not doing anything well?  Work, being a mother, keeping house ... it's just not a good feeling.  Sorry for rambling.  I got some good sleep last night so hopefully today will be better!
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    Re: March Infants and toddlers

    Hang in there, everybody.  It will improve, even though it doesn't seem like it.  We went through a similar sleep thing around 15 months.  And DZ, good call and good job being brave.
    AFM, we're doing great except that that I found DD sleeping in throw up this morning!  I went to wake her up and she looked soooo sweet with her rear up in the air that I called my husband to come look.  Then I went around the other side, and lo and behold...
    So gross.  She just did it and went back to sleep and we didn't even know!  On the one hand, I'm excited about her good sleeping lately.  On the other hand... gross!
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    Re: March Infants and toddlers

    Thanks for your support everyone!

    To answer the questions about the squeaky bed... the floor has become our friend.  Or the loveseat in the basement (it's earning its name).  TMI?  ;)

    Misslily - I've tried that, actually!  Unfortunately, DD screams and cries and I can't bring myself to ignore her.  Maybe when she's a little older she'll grow out of that, but I"m not so sure...

    ML - I totally agree about outside!  DD was outside all day yesterday and slept like a rock.  Apparently.  I was in the computer room and slept like a baby (like a baby who sleeps through the night, that is).  It makes me feel better to hear you also had DD in bed with you.  Each time we do it I wonder if I'm starting some horrible habit, but she really doesn't seem to *require* it, so I let it go.  And thanks for asking about #2 - we don't know yet, but will find out Monday.  DH and I are constantly having that "share a room" conversation, so it will definitely help to know.

    Trouble - good idea about the curtain.  We may consider that.  The housing market is picking up, but it's now all of a sudden picking up so quickly that houses that were listed on one day are gone the next! And if it makes you feel any better, I do sometimes feel the way you described - it tends to be when I'm already overwhelmed or exhausted.  I hope you are feeling better today!

    Medford - Poor DD!  Is she showing any additional signs of sickness today or do you think it was a fluke?

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    Re: March Infants and toddlers

    Trouble... know what you mean.  I haven't really been bothered by DST before but really am this year.  Doesn't help that for the past two mornings DS has been a demon getting out of bed.  He's almost always awake by 5:50am the latest on his own.  But this morning and yesterday I had to wake him and he did NOT like that one bit.  So we got tears, screaming, kicking etc.  I think he woke up the neighborhood as I put him in the car this morning.
    Also, I have been leaving the house at 6:15 now for months and months... and it has been dark for so many of those.  BUT... what a tease to get just two weeks of daylight at 6am to only go back to complete darkness.  It does really mess with your mind.  It will get better in a few days and then in a few weeks, it will not only be light out at 8pm... but also at 5am as well!  Much more vitamin D coming out way!

    Poppy, all I can say is, you are in my thoughts.  I think I'd be in divorce court if either of our parents lived with us, or we lived with them.  You are very strong to be as positive as you are.  Think of how amazing it will be to eventually be in your own home!
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    Re: March Infants and toddlers

    If anyone else has to log in - and gets rejected - every single freakin time they come to this site, here is what I've been doing...
    I click on login up top and enter my name and password.  It rejects my password, but the fields are still filled in, so I hit enter over and over until a new popup appears that asks me to register or update my profile.  I click on register and enter the same name and password there.  Then it brings me back to the main page and I have to navigate back here.  Hope that helps, not that we should have to go to such trouble to log in!
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    Re: March Infants and toddlers

    Poppy - Could you put the mattress and boxspring on the floor to decrease the noise?  So you won't wake DD, not so you don't have to use the loveseat LOL.
    We're nowhere near buying a house, but MIL may lose her job this summer, so I've been thinking about if we could ever have her live with us and watch the kiddo(s).  Maybe I am crazier than I thought!!

    ETA: Trouble - I totally feel your pain!  Every day that I don't get home by like 6:00, I feel like a failure... Or if I don't get DD to nap longer than 40 minutes, I feel like a failure... Or... You know what I mean.  Hope you feel better soon!

    I am very sorry to hear about everyone's sleep issues!  DD has been waking up more than usual the past couple weeks.  I assume it's teething related since her top front teeth have come in.  Luckliy she usually wakes up before we go to bed.  So much worse in the middle of the night!

    AFM - I'm trying to keep this question short, but I'm all over the place!  I haven't done any research on light weight strollers yet, so I was hoping to get feedback from more experienced moms.  MIL gave us this Aprica stroller for DD's first bday.  I went to use it this weekend and noticed that the limited storage underneath is blocked from the back, so would have to be accessed from the sides.  It also doesn't have cup holders, but that's probably normal for those types of handles. 

    It didn't seem very user friendly to me, so I didn't use it in case we want to exchange, but I'm thinking that light weight strollers probably aren't designed for storage.  My point is, I am torn on whether to exchange the stroller.  Any thoughts?  I was also hoping to get one that can be converted to a double stroller later on, but hadn't gotten around to researching... and don't even know if we'll have another!