March Infants and toddlers

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    Re: March Infants and toddlers

    Misslily - Wanted to add that you put it really well RE: the struggle with switching to formula despite knowing that bm is still best. I'm still not quite able to get to that point where I can accept that I would give my son something other than the perfect food, even though I know and agree with everything people have said on here about the importance of all of us being happy, etc. I suspect this will be the first of many decisions like this in parenthood, so I better get used to it :-).

    Sorry for dominating the boards with this discussion -- you've all been really kind about it!
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    Re: March Infants and toddlers

    Arcain - We used Similac Sensitive with both kids and it worked well.  I think you should give whatever formula you decide on a 2 week try unless he is having a really bad reaction right away.   You may (and you may have said you do this already) keep him elevated for a while after you feed him, I think its 10 mins that my pedi said, that did help with DS.

    As far as your pedi goes, I would sit tight for now.  I don't agree with 100% of what my pedi says but I still like them alot.  If you feel after a couple months that you are not a match then give it more consideration.
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    Re: March Infants and toddlers

    thanks IPW!!
    Arcain - since IPW named it for me, I looked it up and here's a video:

    At first it seemed impossible to me to get the baby into that position, but after a couple of times it was really easy.  I used to hold her like that and sit on the exercise ball, bouncing.
    Don't know if it will work for you, but it really helped for us during that same age.  GL!
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    Re: March Infants and toddlers

    Arcain, thanks for letting me know; I was sad to think my point got misinterpretted as to be unsupportive.  Phew!

    As for pushing bf'ing I couldn't do that knowing the extreme struggles my friends have had with it.  I think one of them ended up feeding her baby more blood from her totally destroyed nipples than milk before she switched to formula.  Who in their right mind could blame her for switching to formula?  And, if she had that kind of trouble, it can't be an easy, automatic process even if others don't have quite as horrible an experience as she had.
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    Re: March Infants and toddlers

    I thought it was really interesting in that book about French mothers (Bringing Up Bebe) that french mothers don't nurse...well, most of them don't, and those that do stop after 3 months. The doctors say the only way they can get them to do it is by telling them it helps take the baby weight off!
    BTW - studies show french babies are quite healthy despite all this bottle feeding.
    The book says American women wear their nursing like a badge of honor. I guess French women would rather have an extra glass of wine.

    All this is the opinion of the author in the book...not mine. :)
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    Re: March Infants and toddlers

    Oh, I'm back in the forum. I've been locked out for days unable to comment and it's driven me crazy!

    Arcain, everyone has offered excellent advice, I just want to add one thing. I found weeks 3-7 the hardest of my daughters ENTIRE 19 months of life. All she wanted to do was eat and eat and eat and even though we totally clicked with nursing and everything went really well, I swear I never got out of that chair for three weeks - nursing constantly. It was early fall and I swear it felt like I didn't wear a shirt for an entire month.  Certainly, you've got alot of other factors going on, I just wanted to be really clear, in the best of circumstances 4 weeks is a really hard time, so definitely cut yourself some slack and don't make any major decisions if you are on the fence abour nursing.

    My sister has the Raising Bebe book and I am looking forward to reading it. I don't hold judgement on breast feeding or not, I just know it was a great experience for me and I am SO thankful for the experience. But I will also say that I was mentally off and foggy and just not myself for an entire 12 months, between lack of sleep and nursing hormones (and I can show you last years performance review from work to prove it!). The difference I saw in myself when DD weaned at 12 months was PROFOUND. If it doesn't work for you, it is absolutely not worth suffering through!
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    Re: March Infants and toddlers

    Rama and Silver... thank you for your comments... these perspectives and a long talk with DH last night have calmed me down a lot.  I think it is a really good idea for me to do a trial run next week given how worked up I was.  It's weird .. I always knew I would go back to work so I didn't think this would be a big deal, but now that it is approaching it is all I can think about.  DH and I talked through a little bit about what basic expectations vs. "nice to haves" were and how I could judge them.  For example, she might have her own ideas about how to get a baby to sleep, but she should listen carefully when I explain DD's schedule.  If I don't feel like she is interested or paying attention when I detail DD's eating and sleeping schedules, than that should help me differentiate whether I am just nervous about leaving DD or if there really is a problem.  He also suggested making sure that I watch how she picks DD up and interacts with her.  Does she smile and play?  Or just hold her like a bag of flour?  I do think that this particular provider is a tad bit scatter brained... but a friend also pointed out that it is about priorities.  Does she provide a creative environment and play with the kids?  Is it ok if she occaisionally forgets details if the general environment is good?  Those are things I just need to figure out if I'm comfortable with.  DH also reminded me why we selected her in the first place.  We liked that there were two providers at all times and that they had a larger area for the kids to play in with multiple rooms, etc, etc.  It also helps me to be reminded that if we are there for a week and it doesn't feel right ... it is ok to say "this isn't working for us" and to go to plan B. My ILs are available if needed and a girl who has been babysitting DD for a few hours here and there is available to nanny if we chose to go that route.  *Deep Breath* we have options and can adjust as needed...
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    Re: March Infants and toddlers

    Bostongrl - Glad you're feeling better about daycare!  I think no matter who wathces your child it's difficult to leave DD in someone else's care.  I think it was easier on me than it is on most... When the time came, I wasn't very emotional because I figured a woman who had been watching babies for 25 years knew a heck of a lot more than I did!  But during the last couple weeks building up to my return to work I was super emotional.

    Anyway, just wanted to add a couple of thoughts...
    I wrote up some notes for daycare about DD's eating and sleeping.  It started out as half a page and grew to one page, but I wouldn't let it get any longer than that!  It might make you feel better to know that such info is available for your daycare.
    My daycare was resistant to the swaddle as well.  She said she'd do whatever I wanted, but I could tell she didn't feel it was necessary.  I found it very annoying when she said DD wouldn't tolerate it, but ultimately DD napped twice as long w/o the swaddle at daycare.  No swaddled didn't work at night and on weekends, so we swaddled her for a couple more months.

    After 10 months, I have similar issues with my daycare on occasion, but overall her good qualities far outweigh the bad ones.  (Remember my complaining that I had to tell her THREE times to feed DD milk with her breakfast instead of a bottle??)  I hope you will have the same experience with your daycare, but if not you should absolutely find one that puts you at ease.  Good luck with going back to work!
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    Re: March Infants and toddlers

    Fram that is funny that your provider was also dismissive of the swaddle .. oh well.  DH spent a while trying to get me to figure out what was bothering me the most.  Was it that she didn't want to use the swaddle?  Didn't think pacifiers were necessary?  No... and then it hit, I really don't care how she gets DD to sleep as long as she gets good naps, what bothered me was that it was like she wasn't listening to me.  Perhaps it was because it was a phone call and not in person, but it came off as her brushing my suggestions off and not really listening.  Once I was able to better identify what had bothered me, it now seems so much more obvious how to figure out if my concerns are real when I meet with her next week.  If she still doesn't seem to be listening and is just talking over me... then I'll know that my concerns are real and that we should start thinking about an alternative.  Here's hoping it was just a small miscommunication / me reading into a comment too much.  I am pretty realistic about the fact that it will be an ongoing process of communication/negotiation as DD's needs and skills evolve ... so feeling like my provider is able to listen to me and work with me to come up with a mutually agreeable approach is important to me. 
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    Re: March Infants and toddlers

    KT, thanks. We're trying the Similac Sensitive now, since he was on regular Similac before. I bought some of the Gerber Good Start too in case we don't like this for some reason. I think I will give it a bit longer on the pedi, too. The doc who gave me the oatmeal advice Isn't DS's regular one there, so I'm going to see if she has better advice when we talk to her next. On the pedi note, ours told us to feed pear juice (1/2oz diluted in 1/2 oz water) for constipation if DS has gone more than a day without pooping. It's worked before but now we've done it twice yesterday and he hasn't gone for over 36 hours and seems very uncomfortable. I have a call in to the pedi, but any other suggestions? Medford, thanks for the video -- we'll definitely try that hold! Kar, I totally agree -- I never realized until now how many people struggle with this! ml, thank you so much for saying that. I love DS, but both DH and I are really ok king forward to him being a bit older, eating a little less frequently, and being more interactive. He's really a pretty good baby, and is having longer stretches of happy awake time now, so we see some light at the end of the tunnel, but it's good to know this is normal!
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    Re: March Infants and toddlers

    Boston, it sounds like you have a really good plan. It's great that you were able to break it down to realize it's really about the communication -- that's hard to do in such an emotional situation! Hopefully your dc provider is just not great on the phone and/or needs some time to get to know you before communication can work, but you have good backups if not. GL!
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    Re: March Infants and toddlers

    Yeah, until I had so many friends that bled and who actually cried from pure pain from bf'ing I innocently and ignorantly assumed it was an automatic, simple thing.  Oh, yeah, and mastitis!  Another woman I know actually thought she had inflammatory breast cancer her situation was so bad, and doctors tested her for it so it wasn't an irrational fear.  Thank God it was not cancer but a severe case of mastitis, instead.  But, regardless, she was VERY sick with a high fever and in the hospital from it - she could have even died even though it was "just" mastitis.
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    Re: March Infants and toddlers

    Oh boy, we just got back from 2 weeks of vacation, and I just read through 6 pages of updates.  whew!

    I wanted to comment on some of the flight questions.  We just took DD on four flights in two weeks and she was a champ!  She was 3-3.5 months old during the trip.  Arcain, I think you will be fine with bringing DS to the wedding as a lap infant.  We did that for all 4 flights and gate-checked our car seat and snap n go stroller base if we couldn't bring the car seat on board. 

    On our flights from Boston to the Bay area (Jet Blue, direct 6-hr flights), we did not get an extra seat for her since the planes were packed.  We kept her on our laps and were able to walk her up and down the aisle in the air.  We brought our bjorn on board, which was great to use while walking the aisles, and also for naps - she could sleep against my chest and I had my hands free.  This was especially nice on our red-eye flight home - we both slept in this position.

    Our flights to and from Hawaii (Hawaiian Air, 5 hrs) were nice because when we checked in at the gate, they were able to assign DD a seat since there was open space.  The planes were large, with 7 seats across - three in the middle and 2 on each side.  We had a three-seater and strapped in her Graco Snugride 35 seat in between us.  It was nice since we both had aisle seats and could get up to go to the bathroom to change her or walk her around without the other person needing to get up.  Plus, she could take naps in her car seat.  We still ended up having her out of the seat about half the time, but it was nice to have the diaper bag under her seat, not ours, and have the extra tray table space. 

    We used her Graco car seat on vacation without the base.  We just hooked the seatbelt directly through the seat, and it worked fine. We also did not have a problem bringing breastmilk through security; I just declared it as we went through the line, and they only took it away to test it once.  I forgot to dump a bottle of water before going through security in Hawaii, and they told me I could actually bring it through since we had a baby - wow! Definitely take advantage of the family lines through security - we got to go through much faster, and we also did not have to go through the new fancy machines, but just the regular metal detectors.  I did see a sign that kids under 12 no longer have to take off their shoes, and I saw moms carry toddlers through the machine, and some walk themselves. 

    I nursed her as needed through the flights with my nursing cover, and tried to nurse her on takeoff and descent to help with the ear pressure.  The first flight, we gave her baby tylenol, but since she did so well, we decided not to give her any meds the next flight and she did just as wel, so we never used it again.  She actually slept through the whole descent and landing on our red-eye home.  I was a little nervous with breastfeeding on the flight, wondering if people would make me feel uncomfortable, but no one seemed to care, and one woman even congratulated me on being a nursing mother. 

    All in all, we had a great vacation and DD did much better than we could have hoped.  In fact, people came up to us during and after our flights to comment on how good she was, or how they never heard her, or how alert she was as I walked her through the cabin. I know 3-4 months is a pretty good age to fly, so I have no idea how she will be when she is older, but I hope this gives some of you new moms hope about your upcoming travels. 
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    Re: March Infants and toddlers

    Wow - that was a long post!  Sorry.  I also wanted to weigh in on the breastfeeding vs formula discussion, but I think all my opinions have been stated already.  I am defiitely a BF-ing proponent, but I know that it does not work for everyone.  Like dz, I wish more people would give it a shot first, but if it doesn't work and causes too much stress/pain, then formula is certainly a good alternative. 

    Also, updates on DD - I feel like she has hit so many milestones in these last two weeks.  She can now roll from tummy to back AND back to tummy.  She has started chewing on some of her toys and knows how to bring them up to her mouth.  She's drooling like a maniac and blowing bubbles - I think she is beginning to teethe or at least her mouth is preparing for it.  She also laughs more, smiles a ton, and did great at the beach and in the pool on vacation.  She loves her baths, so she didn't react badly to the water at all.  She knows how to hit the keys on her little piano toy, and how to make the toy on her bouncy seat make music.  She LOVES looking in mirrors (are we going to have a little diva on our hands?) and likes to "stand up" when we hold her upright. 

    Our big issue is still the bottle feeding.  She has only taken an ounce from a bottle, and that was a struggle over a long period of time between screaming sessions.  I go back to work on Monday and DH is staying home with her by himself Mon-Thurs.  He knows it will be a tough week.  I am taking Friday off, and then we both are back at work in April and DD will start daycare full time. 

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    Re: March Infants and toddlers

    So much has been said on the bfeeding issue but I think for me, the hardest part was feeling like a failure when the bfeeding didn't work out. I knew it might not be easy but I didn't expect it to be quite so painful and when it got to the point that I dreaded feeding DS and cried the whole time I did, I switched to a combination of pumping and formula. I was determined to enjoy his infancy and bfeeding was making me completely miserable. What I wish I had seen/read a little more of was that it's ok to not bfeed. I understand that it's the best option but I just feel like the materials I've read push bfeeding to the extent that mothers are made to really feel badly if they don't succeed at it.
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    Re: March Infants and toddlers

    Arcain - Both my girls had HORRIBLE constipation issues.  DS also has had a few bouts so I understand your concerns.  I used, per our pedi's recommendation, Dark Karo syrup in all their bottles (for DS it was mostly because it was easier to give to both than try to remember not to give it to him).  I honestly don't remember how much I started with, maybe 1 tablespoon.  I upped the amount as needed until it worked and then it was just a matter of finding the right balance to ensure things didn't tip in the other direction. Doing the running man with his legs might help him a little. If the constipation gets bad, some minor manual assistance might be needs and I will leave it at that.

    With DD1, it happened when we switched to formula.  It was an awful 4 -6 weeks that has left my in laws and my dad scarred from it.  They were the ones who really had to deal with the crankiness and screaming when she was trying to go.  Once your DS starts solids (if this remains an issue) start with a "p" food (pears, prunes, peaches, peas) and not bananas which are binding.  With DD1 we had to used Miralax more than once to break the cycle and get her back on track.  Even now at 3.5 we monitor what she eats to ensure she's not eating too much dairy or too many bananas.

    With the twins, issues started earlier probably because they were supplemented starting at birth.  This time I knew what to do so it wouldn't get out of hand and after confirming with the pedi I started adding Dark Karo syrup to all their bottles. Knock on wood, constipation is not an issue for DS but like I said even at 18 months DD2 has a rare flare up.

    I really, really hope that your DS doesn't continue to have issues.  But if he does I hope this info helps.
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    Re: March Infants and toddlers

    Arcain - my DS was super gassy and would get fussy because he was so uncomfortable. I pumped exclusively for the first 5 months - it was hell. DS didn't latch on well and would get himself too hungry to be patient enough to really try it and learn how. So I just pumped and pumped. It was the worst since you don't quite keep things as stimulated as if there was a baby latched on, and it was a TON of time/effort. The only nice thing was that other people could feed him bottles as I sat there and pumped for the next feeding! When AF came back full force my supply dropped dramatically and it was pointless to stress out as much as I was. We used the Enfamil Gas Ease formula and DS seemed to do pretty well with it. You can also try the Mylicon infant drops. It is the same medicine that is in GasX and is completely safe, even for the littlest guys. We did a lot of lower belly massage to help things as DS wouldn't sit still long enough if you put him over your knee or even in the football hold.
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    Re: March Infants and toddlers

    LCGCMomma, bless you for pumping exclusively for 5 whole months!  I just learned from my friend expecting (total surprise) triplets (who is researching how she's going to bf them all) that you're so right - latching on causes your supply to be more able to meet demand far longer than pumping does.  She and I, anyway, always thought as long as you were expressing milk it wouldn't matter how (and she bf her first child), but it does make a big difference.  I can't believe you pumped exclusively for that long given what her "So, You're Expecting 3," book said about it - truly a Superwoman feat.  I hope you don't remotely feel bad for stopping when you did after AF decreased your supply even more.  It had to have been literally impossible at that point, and you'd already beaten the odds and gone to extreme lengths to do it as long as you did under those conditions!
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    Re: March Infants and toddlers

    Kar - I'm pretty sure someone in my MOM group exclusively BF although I'm not sure how. I know that they run a breastfeeding multiples workshop if she is local to the South Shore area.  There next one is on 4/15.
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    Re: March Infants and toddlers

    Kar - thanks! I did have a little Mommy-guilt over not being able to just bf him in the first place, especially since he was my first. I did not want to feel like a "quitter". But in all reality, it was sooooo much more stressful to be worried about it. I got really excited at first b/c my colostrum came in fast and I thought that I was going to do well with bf. But after a day and a half at home and seeing lactation in hospital and at home, my DS still hadn't eaten really. So we gave him some premix formula that the hospital sent us home with so that he wasn't going to starve and pumping began. It took about a week for me to give up on the tricks of trying to pump AND get him to latch a little. I wanted to do it for as long as I could, but we women are only human (despite all other thoughts that say we can do EVERYTHING). I thought 5 months was better than no months, and we switched to half and half while my frozen supply was used up and it was done.

    Formula is a LOT different now that it was when our parents were having kids. If for any of the many reasons that bf doesn't work out, there is really no shame in it. I am glad that I gave it a real try and I was glad that the pumping was successful for me for as long as it was. I am now expecting #2 at the beginning of October and I hope to try bf again. Maybe with a different LO will be a different tempermant and more patience to learn how to do it. If not, back to pumping and supplementing as needed.

    I have no idea how people do it with multiples - feeding one guy was enough!

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    Re: March Infants and toddlers

    dz, thanks for the well wishes for her, so nice.  Indeed, it can be done, according to her triplets book, but only if they all latch well and early; if they don't and she has to pump she won't keep up her supply enough to feed three preemies.  But, she's ready for anything, I think, and is poised to do her best but accept whatever happens.

    LCGC, I'm glad you worked through the totally undeserved guilt and are happy, now - you deserve it.  You went to superhuman, heroic lengths, and you're so right about formula being far superior to what it was when we were babies.  And, all babies are different - LO#2 might not have any trouble at all.  Hoping that's the case!
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    Re: March Infants and toddlers

    In Response to Re: March Infants and toddlers:
    I am now expecting #2 at the beginning of October and I hope to try bf again. Maybe with a different LO will be a different tempermant and more patience to learn how to do it. If not, back to pumping and supplementing as needed. I have no idea how people do it with multiples - feeding one guy was enough!
    Posted by LCGCmomma

    LCGC--My DS#1 was born with a tongue-tie that wasn't corrected until he was 4 weeks old. He never learned to latch and I ended up EP'ing for a full year (through the luck of a generous supply and sheer stubborness). I was SO worried about BF'ing with DS#2. It was my biggest worry about having a second newborn. I just knew I couldn't go the EP'ing route again, especially with a toddler as well. Luckily, #2 is a champion latcher and BF'er. I won't lie--it took a little while to get into a groove and learn because I had never had the experience with #1. I saw an LC right away just to make sure that everything was fine and for some reassurance. I just wanted to give you a little hope that you can have a completely different experience (for the better!) with #2. I hope you have the same experience, too.
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    Re: March Infants and toddlers

    Jen - Welcome back! That's awesome that DD did so well on the plane, and that she's had so many milestones. GL with the bottle feeding. My cousin had the same problem, and her pedi told her that basically she needed to let her DD get hungry enough that she'd have to try the bottle. My cousin was only back to work for 4 hour shifts so her DD would basically wait it out until mom got home. The pedi said she might be willing to miss one feeding but wouldn't miss two. If you're back to work FT, it sounds like she'll be forced into that situation, so I guess GL to your DH for powering through it until she takes the bottle! Hope to see you at Baby Cafe soon!

    TC and LCGC - Thanks for sharing your experiences with bfing. All the books and classes led me to believe that there might be minor issues but that if I really want to do it (i.e. if I'm a good mother), I will be able to. I'm so glad I have these boards (and some very understanding LCs I've talked to) to confirm that it can be much more difficult than that. I'm still trying, though I'm not at all optimistic that DS will ever be exclusively breastfed. The most I can do right now is keep trying and pumping, but I'm being careful to not let it overtake my enjoyment of DS, and I realize I might have to let up a bit later down the road. It's a delicate balance...

    DZ - Thanks for the constipation advice. I'll ask my pedi about the Karo syrup. We were having luck with the pear juice but we're in another "dry" spell at the moment despite giving him some earlier, so I may need some other tricks! I really hope it doesn't come down to the manual assistance, but I know it might -- eek! Without being too graphic, do you mind if I ask if your kids were having normal-looking movements when they finally did? What baffles us with DS is that what comes out looks just like it's supposed to, so we're not sure what's making it so hard for him to get it out...

    Kiwi - That's awesome that your #2 is doing so well with bfing -- it gives me hope no matter what happens with DS! I have found myself wondering what might happen with the next one. My cousin has a 2 year old and a 3 month old and had been doing the same bf/pump/supplement routine as me but had to give up b/c she just didn't have time with another kid around. I think if I had an older kid at home right now I would have had to resort to formula only by this point -- as it is I've spent virtually all day feeding DS today (doesn't help that he's cranky from the gas/constipation. Agh!

    I'm starting to wonder about sleep patterns. DS is 5 weeks now and does a lot of fairly short catnaps during the day and 3 hour stretches at most during the night. I know this is normal now, but I'm wondering if I should be starting try and build some napping habits for the future. He fell asleep after eating this afternoon and I decided to try and put him in his crib to make it like a real nap (I usually just put him in a sling or his pack n play when he falls asleep during the day) but he fussed so I got him out and am just wearing him in the Bjorn now. Should I be trying to put him down for real "naps" at this point or will that come naturally late? FWIW, this might be a bad day to judge what will be normal, given the aforementioned crankiness :-).
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    Re: March Infants and toddlers

    Thanks Kiwi, I too appreciate knowing that #2 can go differently!  All in all, things went pretty well with DD, but we had to use a nipple shield because she couldn't latch well for the first few months.

    AFM - DD is really really walking now!!  She has been able to walk - like all the way across a room - but wouldn't always do it.  She still crawls a bit, but this weekend she was all over the place walking this way and then changing direction and going that way.  Shoes on, no shoes on.  So cool! 
    She also seems to be saying "What's this?"  That is probably a stretch, but her voice is definitely going up at the end to signal a question.

    Jennifyr - Good luck going back to work!
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    Re: March Infants and toddlers

    Arcain - Does he seem truly constipated, as in super uncomfortable?  (I apologize if you already said that but I didn't get to read everything.)  When DD was that age the doctor said it was totally normal to go several days without pooping.  I think they had said to call if she went more than 5.