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May Infants and Toddlers

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    May Infants and Toddlers

    Happy May, Its hard to believe.

    DZ that was a great poem.  Thanks for sharing.  I feel like I can never get stuff around the house done either.   Yesterday it took me 12 hours to get 2 loads of laundry done because there was always something going on.  

    Thanks for all the encouragment about DS head.  We actually got an appt this Thursday at Childrens.  I am glad I did not have to wait long.    I am sure everything will be fine but of course I still want to make sure.  It will work out perfect because I will keep DD at daycare and my dad is going to come with me because DH has to work.   We also moved DS out of the bucket seat over the weekend. I figured if I could do anything to avoid the helmet I would try it.  We bought DD the Graco Nautilus and moved DS into her Britax Marathon.  DD loves her new seat and will not stop talking about it.  DS does not seem to mind the convertible.  Getting them out of the car into daycare this morning was a bit diffucult but Ill get used it.   Ill keep you posted about the appt.

    Regarding the early intervention, my step sister used to work for them so she tested him for me over the weekend and bascially said he is just lazy.  She gave me some tips on how to encourage him so we have been doing that and it seems he has already made progress.   His upper body needs to get stronger and he has been staying on his knees more and pushing way up so that feels great. 

    We received a 1st Bday party invitation for June and it made me think I already have to start thinking about DS bday in July.    We know we are going to have it our house but that is all I know right now.  Last summer my SIL had a HUGE waterslide and litterly the kids were on it for 8 hours so I think I would like to have to have that for the kids.  The only downfall it is like $350 which is crazy but I need to do some research to see if I can find it cheaper. 
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    Re: May Infants and Toddlers

    IPW, that story is so cute!! Quad, good luck at Children's. I'm sure everything is fine, but it's always good when you don't have to wait too long to find that out! The water slide sounds amazing! iIf my little DS could eat cake, I would so bake him one today. He slept 7 hours straight last night! He almost always is up for the day around 6, and he woke up from his 7 hour stretch at 5, so I figured we were done. But then he went back down until 8! I'm not sure if it's coincidence, but we'd been swaddling him with his arms out and decided to put them in for the first time in awhile last night. He definitely moved around the crib less (I've been finding him turned 180 degrees -- head where the feet should be -- lately), so maybe the swaddle kept him from waking himself up.
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    Re: May Infants and Toddlers

    Happy May!
    Quad, good luck with the appointment.  I'm sure it will all turn out well but it will be nice to be reassured.
    LuvRI, our LO had almost those exact same measurements at 18 months.  Now it seems like it will be an eternity until her 2 year appointment and more measurements!  (Not worried at all, I just love to see how she's growing!)
    IPW, that is adorable with the "tank you".  I love that.

    We are doing great at 21 months.  She is really walking/running now, and fewer falls.  We do have thresholds (sp?) between all our rooms, so sometimes they will trip her up if she's excited or tired.  She'll even walk on sand/grass sometimes, although sometimes she wants you to hold her hand.  I'm so proud of her.
    She is SO into "big girls" right now (like 2-5 year olds).  She follows them around on the playground, saying "big girl, hello.  big girl, hello."  It is so sweet.  Of course, if they actually stop and say hello, she gets too shy to actually say hello!  She also picks out the books featuring big girls now, whereas before she was more into the animals in the books.
    Definitely toddler limit testing, but even though it is tiring, I feel like at least I know what it is and why it's happening.  That helps a lot!
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    Re: May Infants and Toddlers

    Medford, so cool on the walking and running... and I would love to see her running after the big girls trying to get them to talk to her.  That is beyond precious!!

    Quad, good luck at the appointment.  If you recall, we did EI for my DS for about 3 months.  He wasn't getting up on his own and couldn't bend over to pick anything up to his utmost frustration.  Whether it was the EI therapy, or his just being a bit delayed and/or lazy, or a bit of both I think, he is now all over the place and completely "caught up" to where others his age (18 mths) are.  Hard to just sit back and let them go at their own pace.  But I'd listen to your sister if she thinks he'll eventually get it with some minor pushing!

    Arcain... for us, swaddle equaled happy and sleepy baby!  You must feel amazing having gotten some sleep!  Congrats.
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    Re: May Infants and Toddlers

    Quad - Good luck on the appointment.  I'm sure that it's just hereditary.

    Medford - So exciting on the walking/running.  Just goes to show that every child has their own pace.

    AFM, DD is 24 months and boy have the terrible 2s arrived in full force.  Tantrums are the norm now when she doesn't get her way.  We alos have refusal to eat at many meals.  Sigh... but on the bright side she is such fun to talk to and says the funniest things.  I love that she's really talking now!!!  

    DS is 9 months next week and I think he's really near crawling.  He's creeping forward now and starting to lift is tummy off the ground.  He's much better at sitting too, and rarely falls over anymore.  He also loves standing up while holding on to something.  He's so rough and tumble... such a boy!

    Question for the EPers on here.  I mentioned in April that DS has weaned himself and I'm EPing now.  I was wondering what pump schedule other EPers had.  I have been doing every 3 hrs since he was nursing/bottles at about that schedule, but I'm wondering if I could space it out more since he's not nursing?  I'm currently pumping more than he's taking on a daily basis and my freezer is full already!  Advice?
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    Re: May Infants and Toddlers

    Hi everyone.  Hope May is off to a good start for you all.

    Quad - good luck at the doctor.  My DD was seen by the cranio-facial specialists at Children's after she was born.  I'm not sure what department you were referred to, but we had a good experience there (w/ Dr. Meara).  Her doctors in the NICU were concerned that her cone-head shape didn't go down fast enough after her birth, so we had a few visits at Children's just to be safe.  All was fine and it was reassuring to get the all-clear from them.  

    Trouble - I EP'd for 6 months for my DD and never was able to nurse directly so I can offer my experience with pumping.  It is almost hard to remember now, but I would usually pump in the morning, twice at work, as soon as I got home, and then once right before bed.  Probably worked out to every 4 hours or so and I too had a large stash in the freezer.  Good luck.  

    AFM, things are good. DD is 21.5 months. Doing lots of things similar to your DD medford - and always wanting to play with the "big kids" every chance she gets. She was just moved into the "toddler 2" room at daycare, so that will be great for her. Lots of talking - we have lots of little conversations and it is so fun. Tantrums are becoming a little more frequent and a little more intense these days - she is definitely testing her boundaries and exerting her independence! She is also eating a ton these days - maybe a growth spurt on the horizon (?). She is still a peanut, but she is on her own growth curve (much like Luv's DD). On a fun note, we got a swingset for the back yard last weekend and it is fantastic. We were out there for hours swinging, climbing, sliding, etc.  It is so nice to be able to play outside! We also went to Sesame Street Live in Boston a couple weeks ago ... big hit!

    Hope everyone else is doing well.
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    Re: May Infants and Toddlers

    I love reading the updates about older LOs (DD is 14 months).  I say she is walking around talking all day, but your LOS really are talking and not just making noise :o)
    It's awesome though - I can't wait until she uses more words and really talks.  Right now, she still has only a few core words (mama, dada, tickle tickle, mwa, what's that?), but she repeats things all the time.  This morning she said up.

    Arcain - That is so awesome that he slept for 7 hours.  Hopefully mama did too!  The swaddle thing is a great example of why I always recommend trying again and experimenting when it comes to sleep.  Whenever someone says their newborn doesn't like to be swaddled, I recommend trying again.  My DD slept fine without it the first couple weeks, but then she didn't sleep as fine and we tried it again and she liked it.  (But I totally do understand that some babies don't like it.) 
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    Re: May Infants and Toddlers

    Love these updates too. 

    Trouble- I was not an EPer but pumped at work until 11months. At first I had more than I needed like you, but then it started to even out, even if I was pumping the same times for the same lenght.  I had a HUGE freezer stash from when I started pumping and it quickly went when I cut down pumping sessions.  if you can handle pumping every 3 hours for a while, I'd do it and freeze it.  Once you have to start using your freezer stash it goes very quickly. The only thing about a huge stash is you eventually have to start using the old stuff and repalcing it with new stuff.  (I used to freeze Friday's milk, and defrost oldest milk on monday)  Others may have different advice on this, but if I could have done it differnetly, I would have pumped more than I did..  

    AFM-  DS is 12 1/2 months.  His newest word is shoe, pronounced "shooooo" it's super cute and makes all kinds of animal sounds.   He is not walking yet, or even close to it from what I can tell.   
     We went to children's yesterday for allergy testing. Everyone told me don't go to Boston, get an appt. at a satellite office!  I can see why they said that.  It's crazy there!! It's also very hard to see all the sick kids. Made me very grateful that we were just there to see the allergist.  We did skin testing and all the tests came back negative. I was sure soy/dairy would come back positive. He just had a big reaction to yogurt recently (rash, stuffed up).   Waiting on blood test results now.  The thing I am most concerned about is DS getting fats he only has rice milk now and there is hardly any fat it in compared to whole milk. I know the fats are supposed to help with brain development, so it worries me that he isn't getting that... thoughts?   I guess I can try coconut or almond still not as much as milk... 
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    Re: May Infants and Toddlers

    Ajuly, talk to your doctor about types of dairy allergies.  Most are cow based. Which means that goat milk and sheep milk is an option. I drink goat milk regularly [well, several times per week; it's not cheap]. They have full fat and low fat options.  I find it in the dairy case [you used to only be able to  get it in cans several years ago and it was vile]. Teh fresh stuff in the dairy case is actually better tasting than cow's milk, IMO.  It's definitely something to look into.  There's a recipe for yoghurt on the milk's web site [the distributer is Meyenberg]. 

    If your LO can consume non-cow dairy, there is the option of goat and sheep milk cheese.  Which is incredibly yummy.

    There's also avocado for fats.  GL
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    Re: May Infants and Toddlers

    Thanks ALF. When I talked to the pedi she said the allergist would have good sugestions for what he should drink. Then the allergist said go to a nutritionist.  I really don't want to head to yet another doctor we see a GI doc too.  I recently added in goats milk cheese into my diet (still bf). You are right, it's expensive stuff even at Trader J where things are cheaper.  I give him lots of avocado, though most gets fed to the dog these days. :) 
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    Re: May Infants and Toddlers

    ajuly, does he like fish?  Salmon is a great source of good fat, and TJs has wild caught frozen filets that are good, and you can just steam and eat.  You can stir wheat germ into his cereal, apple sauce and whatever else - it's got a lot of fiber and good fat without much flavor.  Olive oil is good for brain development; stir some in with veggies and stuff.
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    Re: May Infants and Toddlers

    Trouble - I was pretty much going to say what ajuly said about continuing to pump every 3 hours, if that's feasible.  But I had issues with supply so my view is biased in that way; I wouldn't risk not having enough frozen when the supply starts to go down.  It sounds like you have plenty, so you might not run into that issue, but I think it's pretty common for supply to decrease (even if slowly) when you are EPing... Correct me if I am wrong EPers!

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    Re: May Infants and Toddlers

    The neuro surgeons office just called and had to cancel my appt becuase the doctor was on call and got called in surgery.  I guess there is nothing I can do but I just wanted this appt to be over with. They gave me the option of still coming in and he might be able to see me but there was possibbly a chance surgery would last a while.  I opted to switch the appt to Wed instead.   I couldnt see waiting there for hours with a 9 month old.  My appt is with Dr Edward Smith out of childrens. 

    Since last week DS all of a sudden is pulling up onto his knees and moving his body around a lot more.  He still is not crawling but can turn in circles while he is sitting or push backwards when on his belly.  It is almost like he heard what the doctor was saying the other day and put his butt into gear:-).

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    Re: May Infants and Toddlers

    Quad, that is awesome he's starting to move.  Maybe he did hear you :-)  That is exactly what happened with my DS.  We started EI with him so immobile and it was almost immediate that he started doing stuff.  In my mind, it made me think he was just being a bit lazy and once pushed slighly, really started to work at it.

    Sorry about your appt.  I would have done the same and rescheduled!
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    Re: May Infants and Toddlers

    July... unless you find a nutritionist who specializes in children and/or allergies... I have not found them worth the time.  I've been to two nutritionists in the past year (once when pg and once when DD wasn't gaining weight and wanted some feedback on my diet).  Neither had any useful suggestions.  You probably already know more about your DS's nutritional needs then they do in my experience.  Maybe there are good, helpful nutritionists out there... but I had abysmal results.  One was out of NWH and the other at UMass in Worcester.  Both gave me photo-copied articles from various magazines/journals and really general advice about portion size and eating a variety of vegetables. 

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    Re: May Infants and Toddlers

    Trouble - I did not EP, but pumped at work.  As DD approached a year, I was able to pump 2x/day and get the volume she needed even though she would take 3 bottles during that time.  So I didn't have to match feeding session for eating session one for one.  But as others have said, there are no guarantees since everyone responds differently to The Pump.  My other advice is to keep giving him older frozen stuff intermittently.  I had a bad experience where some of my frozen stuff turned bad, and it didn't start happening until she was 9 months or so.  Not sure if our freezer was not cold enough or if it was just one of those things.

    Ajuly - I agree that children's in Boston is crazy!  but it also kind of warms my heart to see all those doctors/nurses/workers who are doing so much for kids.
    As a side bonus, both times we've gone there (to orthopedics), DD has gotten carsick.  Last time was kind of hysterical because we had to pull off near Fenway to calm her down and clean her up, and she was standing on the sidewalk waving at all the people walking by as I crouched in front of her wiping her jacket.  Ah, good times!

    Quad - good news on the moving!  Our LO was a late mover and we had EI like IPW did.  She also has a big head (like, head 96% and body 10%) and I think it's harder for the big head kids to move around.  They're top heavy!  :)
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    Re: May Infants and Toddlers

    Quad, that's great that he's starting to move! Sorry about your appointment, though. I am feeling awake and alert this morning bc DS slept through the night. I don't mean the 6 hour technical sleeping through, either. I mean 8 hours from bedtime to morning! Ok, so mama did stay up a bit later than him to catch the end of the Celtics game and thus only slept about 6 hours, but it still feels good! I know not to count on this happening regularly, but it's still an awesome milestone! Very random question: I washed some bottles and my pump parts in the dishwasher last night along with some stuff that had chili and tomato sauce on it, and now the plastic has those red stains you see when you store tomato based stuff in plastic ware. The stuff is otherwise clean, but should I be worried that tomato juice is somehow going to seep into the milk? If it does, though, would it be so different from what he gets when I've eaten that stuff? I feel so stupid asking this but the Internet yields no answers relating specifically to baby bottles on this topic :). Anyone had the same experience?
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    Re: May Infants and Toddlers

    I had bottles turn red from tomato sauce and I didn't think a thing about it. After a few more washings it seemed to fade away too.
    I did try and rinse the plates a bit better if we had spaghetti dinner after that - but only because I hated how the stuff looked. I'm sure it was otherwise clean.
    If you're worried I'd get the steamer sterilizing stuff. I had bags from Medela for the pumping stuff and a big tupperware type thing for my Dr. Brown's bottles.
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    Re: May Infants and Toddlers

    Ajuly, I know this probably isn't helpful b/c it is real "food", but my son's schoolmate had the same allergies (grew out of both dairy and soy by I think 18mos or 2) and parents did supplement with a non-dairy/non-soy formula-like drink like a pediasure or an ensure or something, just wasn't dairy or soy based like the mainstream ones.  He was BF as an infant like yours, but they did also supplement.  Of course, they kept trying various tablefoods that they could and tried to get expand his tastes, but at that age, getting a LO to eat variety can be tough and the supplement did help them wtih some nutritional back up as he was moving off BF and onto table food. 
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    Re: May Infants and Toddlers

    Yeah, my stuff also turned red, I think sometimes plastic just does that in the diswasher and it's not even tomato related, but I could be wrong.  It hasn't had any affect on my kids that I know of, but I do handwash everything now.

    AFM, DS (9 months) is almost officially crawling!  He army crawls forwards now, can push up to a sitting position from his belly, and started clapping!  He even stole a shaker from a 13 month old at Music Together yesterday!  He's getting to be so grown up!  He's also doing a lot better on his bottles now - we switched to a medium flow nipple.  We had been using slow flow because we didn't want to make it too easy since he was still nursing, but now that he isn't, we switched.  I think he only has the attention span to feed for like 10 minutes, and with the medium flow he can get a lot in 10 minutes!   

    I'm hoping I last EPing, but it's hard!  My nipples are so sore.  I can't figure out why because I was pumping after most nursing sessions too, so it's not like I'm really pumping that much more now.  Maybe I need to break out the APNO again?! Also, I do feel like my supply is slightly dipping.  But that could just be because I can see supply variations so easily now that all I do is pump.  3 more months....

    DD is ...well... 2.  She had her first time out yesterday.  We need a naughty chair or something.  We put her in DS's PNP in the living room without any toys because she kept putting her feet on the kitchen table during lunch when we told her not to.  Not sure if that worked because she managed to grab a book off of the table next to the PNP.  

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    Re: May Infants and Toddlers

    Trouble - I've been primarily pumping for a few months now.  (My daughter, 10.5 mos has gone through a nursing strike, a month-long stuffy nose and a few other issues that have lessened her interest in breastfeeding; plus I work out of the house full time).  She still nurses morning and night, but will refuse me about 50% of the time and often only nurses for 2 or 3 minutes, one side, before she's satisfied. So the primary demand, for me, has been the pump.

    I've definitely had the sore nipple issue.  Pumping as much as I have really esacerbates soreness.  A couple of things I have tried:
    1. Make sure you have the right size flange. Even if you've been pumping for a year, your size can change and you can have different size flanges for each side.  If you are too small OR too big, it will cause soreness. 
    2. A lactation consultant recommended coconut oil (she said to make sure it is organic as minute quantities will get into the breast milk) on the nipples when pumping.  I guess the extra lubrication can alleviate some issues.  I bought some, but never ended up using it, so I can't speak to it specifically.
    3. I have to make absolutely certain my nipple is perfectly centered within the flange or I will have pain.

    I've had my supply dip and recover a number of times since November or December.  I've tried everything: oatmeal, lactation cookies, increased fat consumption, increase calories, increased pumping sessions, and rented hospital grade pump.  For now (knock on wood), I seem to be keeping pace with her demand. But the best thing I've done was to start getting up early to do a long pumping session (30 minutes) before showering (and then breastfeed her, when she wakes, after my shower). 

    Not sure if this offers you any information you didn't already know, but thought I would post, just in case.

    Good luck!!!
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    Re: May Infants and Toddlers

    Our bottles (dr. Browns) turned read after a while in the dishwasher...DS suffered no ill harms from it. Our Avent bottles for DD have been fine so far. I wouldn't worry about it, might give it a few hand washes, but that's it.

    Well DD (7 mo) is really trying to crawl...keeps ending up across the room going backwards. Should she be sitting near somethign she immediately tried to pull herself up. I'm so not ready for her to be moble!

    DD also started to clap this weekend, and do hand close wave facing her. She is so facinated when she does it. Soo cute!

    We got the Good Nite Lite for DS to keep him in bed in the AM...we're having a tough time with it since DD has been getting up earlier to eat than normal. It's hard to explain to a 3 year old that he has to stay in bed while some of us are up and about to get DD fed...though we have been going back and staying in his bed until the Moon turns into a Sun. And the one night he stayed in bed when he woke up at 1:30-he just started to yell for me...So, so far we haven't had amazing success.

    But we leave soon on our big trip to visit the inlaws...I'm starting to get nervous about the trip and packing everything.

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    Re: May Infants and Toddlers

    Trouble, funny you mention the time out.  I keep wondering when DS is old enough to understand that as I think that is a great tool.  This past weekend while I was holding him, he hit me in the face.  Not really hard at all, but he was upset about something and I don't want to start tollerating any kind of hitting.  The first time I said "No hit" loudly and he did it again, so even though we were outside in the yard, I put him straight down onto his bum as I said, "No hit, you sit on your bum, No hit".  The next day I did the same exact thing.  I remember doing the "sit on your bum" thing about 2 months ago when he bit me.  He bit, I yelled and I put him right onto his bum.  Thankfully, he hasn't done it since.  This weekend, both times he got back up, looked up at me with these big sorry eyes.  I figure even if its not the right way to do it, if I'm consistent, hopefully he'll get it.  Hopefully :-)

    And congrats to your and Kam's almost crawlers!!!

    Oh, question.  How hard is it to knock out a baby tooth?  Or loosen it/them?  DS started climbing this weekend (oh joy).  Up on two of our ottomons.  One he fell off of (before I could get him off) right onto his nose and mouth (since he never crawled, he often does not put out his hands to catch himself).  His two top teeth got bloody... right in the gum line.  They don't feel loose, but he won't really let me get in there.  He ate dinner normally... so should I just assume everything ok?

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    Re: May Infants and Toddlers

    Trouble-I think DS should be fine with his tooth. DS has knocked his teeth many of times. One time he bled, but I "think" he just cut the skin that attached the upper lip to the gum line-lots of kids do this! Having said that I do know two friends whose sons have knocked teeth out around age 2/3. So they can knock out fairly easily.
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    Re: May Infants and Toddlers

    Trouble... if you are still worried about your supply, I've gotten really good results from having oatmeal (old fashion) with ground flax seed and brewer's yeast.  About a tablespoon of flax (found in the organic section of the grocery store) and a teaspoon or so of the brewer's yeast (bought online).  I usually add some brown sugar for taste too.  I've gone from not really keeping up with 12oz a day and having to use some of my frozen stash through the week for daycare bottles to being able to send 14oz for an extra 1/2 bottle for DD's growth spurt.  I make the oatmeal as soon as I get up in the morning, as I'm packing bags and coolers, let it cool down while I get DD up and dressed, and then eat it while I'm nursing her.