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May Infants and Toddlers

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    Re: May Infants and Toddlers

    Poppy - I certainly would not sweat one more month particularly since your in-laws have been helping you and you have already tried to make the point so coming down hard right now would probably just harm your relationship. I think most of us grew up with the tv on and we are all fine.  When you are in your new place, you will be able to call the shots and what a relief that will be for you! I think you can ask that there not be adult material on just because they do pick up on a lot at this age.

    For us it is chokables.  My mother-in-law asked the other day if DD could have a carrot stick - ummm No! and gave her two small magnets to play with without even imagining them in her intestines. 

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    Re: May Infants and Toddlers

    Poppy, most of the time, DD doesn't have any TV.  If it's on at my parents' on the days she's there, it's usually golf or baseball, neither of which she even notices are on.  Right now she watches two things: Baby Genius, which is "on Demand" through comcast, and Olivia on Nick Jr.  The Baby Genius shows are mostly just sing-a-longs to nursery rhymes and songs, and each episode runs about 10 minutes.  Olivia is about 20-25 minutes, but that's two stories, so usually we'll only watch one.  We watch them on the days she's been in daycare all day, when we get home.  I'll get her a snack (fruit or crackers or cheese) and a drink, we'll snuggle on the couch and watch.  It really helps both of us decompress from the day...she from all all of the stimulation at school, and me from work.  Then we'll turn the TV off again and read or play or make dinner, whatever.  My parents do the same when she's with them 2 days a week, usually around 5 PM, when she's played out, has already read every book in the house, and just needs to recompose herself.

    I don't think TV in and of itself is's when TV is used in excess.  For me, it gives me 10 minutes on those 3 days to shift out of work mode and back into mommy-mode, and it makes all the difference for what we do in the next 2 hours before she goes to bed!

    Also, don't feel guilt about the things you can't sounds like it's mostly white noise for her anyway, not that she's plopped in front of it for 3-4 hours at a time!  Besides, soon enough, she'll be starting a whole new routine, between the move, daycare, and new you get into your own space and those new routines, you can figure out how and when TV will work for you.
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    Re: May Infants and Toddlers

    Poppy - I just wanted to echo what luv and luck just said.  I agree that tv is not always bad.  Just like everything else, all things in moderation.  I'm not sure what the "right" or "wrong" amount of tv is, but my DD (22 months) has been watching similarly to luv's DD for a few months now.  We really only watch sesame or curious george (and sometimes the wiggles, but only because they come on right after sesame - I just think they are so weird!).  It is on for 10-15 minutes in the morning while she drinks her yogurt smoothie and I'm rushing around getting the last minute things packed for the day.  Same when we get home at night and I'm throwing dinner together.  I think it helps her decompress from the day and gives mom and dad 5 minutes here and there.  After bathtime sometimes we will go downstairs and have a dance party with the music choice channel (she is partial to the solid gold oldies - especially motown!) on if it seems like she has energy to burn before books/bed.  But I don't count that because it is really just like listening to the radio.
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    Re: May Infants and Toddlers

    Poppy - I'm sure she'll be fine. As you say - at that age they often aren't even watching it. And as long as they aren't watching CSI or something that could give her nightmares - she'll be fine. Sesame Street got me through the long winter in Graduate Student Housing with twin 18 month old babies last year! Elmo was our hero. And now?...they couldn't care less about him. Now it's Curious George. We try to keep it to 30 minutes a day - but sometimes they watch A LOT on Saturday or Sunday mornings when one or the other of us is trying to sleep.
    It's just another month or two - your LO will be fine, I'm sure.
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    Re: May Infants and Toddlers

    Love all the stuff about your LOs talking! KAM, that is such an adorable gift! Poppy, I don't know the answer, but I'm curious, too. My DS is still super young, but I'm already feeling twinges of guilt for having the tv on my own shows when I'm feeding him b/c he's just now starting to stare at the moving images. I know it's way too early to worry now (right?) but I wonder when I have to start. I need advice from formula/bottle feeders on travel. DS is 3 months this weekend and we're traveling to Florida for my brother-in-law's wedding in a few weeks. I SO wish I could just nurse DS but we're now on a pretty solid routine of only nursing in the a.m. and pumped milk/formula feeding the rest of the day. I'm going to bring my bottle coolers and ask for a fridge in our hotel room (we'll be there 3 nights), but I'm wondering about the easiest way to deal with bottles when we're living out of a hotel room and on the go much more than usual. Should I just buy bottled water? I hate to do so b/c I know it's not any safer than most tap water and we currently boil water for our bottles (pedi's advice), but am I really going to do that?
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    Re: May Infants and Toddlers

    My pedi said tap water was fine. But if you're worried then buy bottled water when traveling. And get some of that powered formula in the premeasured pouches - so easy to use.
    No one I knew boiled water for formula. Lots of my friends ran the water through a brita or Zero water pitcher. I used water right from the tap. And my twins did not get sick at all until they were 14 months old (and off formula).

    BTW - bottled water can be "safer" because it's filtered but most of it isn't "better" because it's not mineral water so it doesn't have the extra nutrients and trace minerals that "bottled spring water" is supposed to have.

    My advice when traveling is to do what's easiest. If stopping by a CVS or 7-eleven and getting bottled water is what makes you most comfortable - then by all means do it. :)
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    Re: May Infants and Toddlers

    About the naps...DD who is 3 yrs 4 months today actually, will not nap unless she is in the car, at least with me.  When she is at the babysitter, two days a week, They go in after lunch, she falls right to sleep for at least 2 hours.   She still sleeps in a pack and play there.  The sitter has been trying to get her to move out of the p&p for while so DS can use it but she still wants to stay in there and takes really good naps.   Whatever works I guess.   I got into the bad habit of taking a ride with her to fall alseep and then most of the time I have sucess with tranfering her to her bed.  For about the past week, she will not fall alseep in the car, not sure the issue.  Maybe the naps are becoming a thing of the past. 

    Regarding TV, we let DD watch TV when she wakes up and before bed.  Usually when she is having her milk.  During the day, if the TV is on (im a tv junkie), she usually just goes about her business and plays and basically ignores it.  I took the approach to let her watch TV when she wanted and now, she can take it or leave it.   There are days when she watches more.  I dont necessarily think it is a bad thing.   My sister is really stricty with her sone, she does not let my nephew watch TV and he is obsessed with it.   All he wants to do is watch TV.  I have a feeling if she just would have put it on for him when he was younger he would not obesses with it now.   Same thing with sweets.  When she does let him have it, he goes crazy.  I totally understand where she is coming from, I am just in the opinion that if you let them have something, they are not going to obsses about it.  Does that make sense?
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    Re: May Infants and Toddlers

    Arcain-we boiled our filtered water for formula. When traveling we buy spring water and use that. I agree wtih Misslily-do what is easiest when traveling! We travel this week and will be using the playtex drop in system to save space on bottles.  Enjoy your trip and the wedding!
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    Re: May Infants and Toddlers

    I used Nursery water to make formula but for traveling I'd highly recommend premixed.  It is more expensive but so convenient.  You can get it in a few different sizes and would be as simple as open and dump in bottle.  Or even better if DS is not picky about bottle style, the Gerber bottle tops fit directly onto the premixed bottles.

    Barring that, I'd still get the premixed bottles for traveling and put an unopened formula powder in your checked bag and buy bottle water there.  Just remember to bring one of there segmented containers for pre-measuring powder formula.
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    Re: May Infants and Toddlers

    KAM's husband's Mother's Day gift, plus some comments I read in the 4,5,6 post about not scrapbooking the latest pregnancies, made me try and look back and see what I could pull out of this forum from my updates. The updates are still there if you look back. Here's one that made me smile, how awesome it is to read this and know how far she has come!

    In Response to Misslily had her twins!:
    I had the twins last week.  Was able to deliver since DS flipped vertex at the last moment. Each slilghtly over 6 lbs and came right at week 37. Everyone is happy and healthy - I'm now the proud and exhausted mom of a beautiful baby boy and baby girl. Details to follow some day.... Best to all Lily
    Posted by misslily

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    Re: May Infants and Toddlers

    Thanks, all. I'm going to ask my new pedi about boiling water for bottles. As I've expressed before, I've not been thrilled with the last one's advice on some things, but I've heard it depends on where you live. We're in Wakefield, where babies seem to come with every house, so I'd be surprised if the water here is a problem. We're just cautious. Premixed formula may be the way to go for this trip. I guess I can suck up the expense for a few days, and I'll be bringing my pump, too. What are TSA regs on formula? I guess I could just look at their website to see, but I'm being a bit lazy :). I don't want to jinx myself, but DS (12 weeks on Mother's Day) is seriously NAPPING. The most I usually got were 30 minute catnaps before, but this week, in addition to sleeping through the night for a week now, he's started taking 1-2 hour morning and afternoon naps. I hope this keeps up -- I am one happy mama! Quad, that's interesting about your sis. I think it's definitely possible to limit things so much that they become forbidden fruit, and kids don't have the chance to practice any self regulation. I think I'll take more of a middle road when the time comes for this stuff.
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    Re: May Infants and Toddlers

    Hello All!

    We just returned from our trip.  Wow, can you say exhausting?  It is certainly harrowing to fly with an infant and a toddler due to all the stuff they need!  The flights were very easy, it's just the stuff and carting it through the airport, on and off the plane and through security (car seats, diaper bags, pump, food, etc., etc).  Not something I want to do again in the near future!  EPing was a PITA too.  I even had to pump on the plane.  Having no fridge in the room was super stressful too, but we figured it all out and had the best time seeing my family.  So it was worth it :)

    Poppy, re: TV I try to think of it this way, DS is getting TV well before 2yrs because DD watches Thomas the Tank Engine and some other PBS shows.  But what can I do?  So if it's okay for the second child, it's probably okay for the first.  If that makes any sense.  I don't know.  I'm still exhausted.

    ETA: Arcain, you can bring anything on board planes when traveling with a baby.  Tons of baby bottles, bottles of water... formula powder, a weeks supply of food... anything.  I just traveled and basically took my house with me on the plane (or at least it felt that way!)

    And Happy Mother's Day to all!  I got the pandora bracelet that you all recommended in another thread and I juat love it!! :)
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    Re: May Infants and Toddlers

    Poppy, I'm in your camp when it comes to TV and kids.  DH and I don't watch TV during the day while she's up and I don't actually really watch much in the evenings either.  I'm just not a TV person.  On Sunday mornings when DH wakes up with her they watch Nature shows on Netflix instant together sometimes but that's it (Saturdays are my day and we go grocery shopping).  Once a week when she's at my MIL's she watches PBS for 4-6 hours straight.  My MIL claims she doesn't watch it, she just plays with it on in the background.  We know that this is not true (even if she is playing, she is also absorbing the TV) because she will gleefully list all the things she watched and what happened to the characters when she comes home.  Also, she's off-the-WALL crazy hyper in the afternoon because she hasn't been running around as much as she would at school or when she's with my mum.
    But free childcare is never free and we figure once a week is fine.  Plus, it is PBS and she's getting something out of it.  My MIL is a BIG TV watcher, so this is actually a conscious effort on her part to be good.  Otherwise DD would be watching Maury and soaps all day, which would not be ok with me at all.  We tried a few times to explain that DD should watch an hour of TV (Sesame street, something like that), then just play or do something else.  We were pretty clear but nothing changed. 
    We're at peace with it now.  DH watched TV his entire childhood, mostly stuff that was too old for him since he has 2 older brothers, and he turned out ok.  I swear, he has a sense of humor thanks to all the TV he watched (didn't get it from his parents, that's for sure haha). 

    I do think that when I have the baby in June we will be watching Sesame Street every morning so I can nap/doze a bit while DD is engrossed.  When the summer olympics are on we'll probably watch some of it too, to distract DD from her desires to play outside when the baby and I have reached our heat/sun quota for the day.
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    Re: May Infants and Toddlers

    Thanks, everyone about the speech and 2 year olds. It is a relief to know that this is not unusual for toddlers to be difficult to understand and mangle words (the teachers at school seems to always know what all the kids in his room are saying, but I guess that is just because they spend all day with them, not because the kids are pronouncing clearly).

    As for TV, for us, moderation seems key. For a while, he was into thomas the tank engine and Mater's Tall Tales for evening time, but he seems to have forgotten about that now... unfortunately because he has found our iPad and loves this one app on it but even with that, if we let him play for like 15-20 minutes, then we can usually turn it off and redirect him to something else like his trains (planes, cars) or outside when weather permits. We found he usually tends not to get worked up over something like TV or iPad or the park when it is time to leave it as we let him do the activity for like 20 minutes and give him a warning that it will be turned off or we need to go home soon.

    Football season tends to be different, we did have NFL on a lot on Sunday, but DS would just ignore it as background and do his own thing. So we did not worry about it then, as he was ignoring it and we would still play with him or read to him. I figured since daycare has no TV, once a week was not going to make much difference especially when he ignored it. It may change as he gets older... we will see.
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    Re: May Infants and Toddlers

    Hi everyone!  Hope you had a wonderful mother's day!  DH can't do daycare pickup for a few weeks, so things are hectic and I feel really pressed to be super duper productive so I can run out the door to get to DD's daycare on time.  Other than that, things are good and DD is adorable.  She seems to be understanding more.  Sometimes if you say something like, Time to change your diaper, she'll head into her bedroom.  Who knows if she understands or it's just coincidence :o)

    Poppy - I try to limit TV watching as much as possible.  DD is almost 15 months now.  She doesn't really watch TV, but sometimes it's on, if that makes sense.

    During the week, daycare says that PBS Kids (?) is only on in the am during drop off, so DD is exposed then.  DH does pick up and I'd say 75% of the time he has the TV on when I get home from work, so it's on in the background for an hour or less and then I turn it off when I get home.
    On weekends, I will usually watch one show first thing in the morning while we chill on the couch, drink her milk, and start playing.  But then the TV is off all day until DH gets home from work and sometimes has it on in the background for an hour or two before she goes to bed.
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    Re: May Infants and Toddlers

    ML - that's so funny!

    As for the TV - we watched football when the twins were little, but this year when they were 2 if we turned it on, they turned it off. They weren't interested and didn't want us watching either! It was super annoying at first. I ended up recording the games on the DVR and watching once they went to bed.

    And Arcain - don't know how I managed to forget to mention the premixed fornula. I loved that stuff and used it A LOT. I hated making enough formula for two babies - it was a huge pain. I used to buy those 32ounce cans of Enfamil all the time!
    When we'd go out I'd get the smaller 8oz cans or the 6oz bottles. The best part is that you can go ahead and serve at room temp - no cooling or heating required.
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    Re: May Infants and Toddlers

    This has me thinking: what were your rules for TV growing up? 

    I remember being so annoyed with my parents, because we really didn't watch much tv at all growing up.  Even throughout elementary and high school, no TV on weeknights...only exception was the Cosby dad loved that show, so it was the only time the TV would be on, and we could watch if homework was done, showers taken and pjs on.  Saturday morning cartoons were really the only other thing we watched.  Otherwise, we always read at night..and I still usually will read just before bed. 
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    Re: May Infants and Toddlers

    Thank you, thank you, thank you all for putting up with my neuroses that have been steadily growing over the past 8 months, and for talking me through all of these things.  I don't think I would have gotten through this time with any semblance of sanity if I didn't have you all to bounce these things off of.  I can't thank you enough.

    I feel better about the TV thing, just reading your responses.  First of all, LIL, I can't believe you're responding to my piddly post when you are about to give birth!  Although, if you are just sitting around waiting I can't think of a better distraction than these boards!  And you're absolutely right, it's probably not worth bringing up at all at this point for both important reasons you mention.  Misslily - your post cracked me up.  No football for mom and dad!!

    I'm glad to hear some of you have your decompress-with-tv time.  That's primarily how I personally use TV from time to time.  Sometimes DD is just exhausted from her day and really chills out watching a 10 minute Pajanamals or Kipper or something (love those 10 minute shows).  And it helps me, too, especially after a long day.

    I've been wondering the same thing as some of you - at what point does denying a child something that is perceived to be "bad" for them (TV, junk food, etc) turn into an obsession on the part of the kid?  My coworker and I were talking about this today.  She wasn't allowed any TV as a kid except after dinner, and she ended up totally tv-crazed.  And her limitation wasn't even as extreme as some I've heard of!  I personally think TV has its merits (pop culture, sense of humor, as Lissa mentioned, to name a couple) and am not fundamentally opposed to it, I am mainly concerned about this <2 year old timeframe.

    One more little life-with-inlaws quip and then I'll stop:  My FIL has 3 TVs in the house he can watch.  He likes to watch the morning and evening news on the living room TV - right in the middle of all of the activity going on in the house.  So, since he's in the middle of everything, if there is ANY noise on the first floor of the house he turns the TV volume up.  So, of course, then we (usually in the kitchen) have to SHOUT to be heard, which then makes him turn up the tv LOUDER.  DH and I were in hysterics over this daily occurrance last night.  DD will be in her high chair screeching, and the tv just gets louder and LOUDER.  At this point it's just funny.
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    Re: May Infants and Toddlers

    Hi All! Twin here. It's been a while since I've posted, but I try to catch up here and there. There just aren't enough hours in the day to do everything. I have a question about Fenugreek. I'm going through my freezer stash like crazy. I can't keep up. DD takes 3 4oz bottles now. I'm lucky if I am getting 8oz, that is pumping 3 times at work and what little I get after she nurses in the morning. Have any of you use Fenugreek? Did it work? Where did you get it from/what brand? I'd like to try it. When I came back to work I was pumping about 12oz. After a month or so back I stopped pumping in the morning because I was so tired. I am kicking myself now. Thanks!!!!
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    Re: May Infants and Toddlers

    I was not denied TV in any way, shape, or form and I still ended up TV crazed LOL.  You know, I think everyone just has to go with their gut.  For now, I want DD to watch as little TV as possible, but that will evolve.  I fear that my 14 yo nephew watches way too much TV and spends way too much time on the computer... and yet he still makes honor roll, so something is going right.
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    Re: May Infants and Toddlers

    Twin.. I was having trouble keeping up with DD when I first went back to work, but have had really good luck with a bowl of old fashion oatmeal in the morning with a tablespoon of ground flax meal (has to be ground, not seeds or you don't absorb it) and 1-2 tsp of brewer's yeast (could only find online).  I went from getting ~1.5oz per pump session to well over 2oz.  I was also able to space out pump sessions a bit and still get just as much.  I have ~20 4oz bags of milk in the freezer as a buffer, but it certainly wont last long if I don't come out approximately even each week ... so I've been borderline psychotic about making sure I pump enough. 
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    Re: May Infants and Toddlers

    Thanks bostongrl. When I went back to work in January I had 90oz in the freezer. I haven't counted in a while because I know it will just up my stress about the whole thing but I'm guessing I only have about 30oz left (and that would be a lot). I found a recipe for lactation cookies that people have raved about, but haven't found the brewer's yeast and ground flax yet. I figured I'd have to go to Trader Joe's to find it and the closest one is 45 minutes away.
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    Re: May Infants and Toddlers

    AlmostHere, you can get those things delivered to your doorstep from Amazon and even though the free shipping option (on most items) says it will take many days, it usually comes insanely (impossibly?) fast.  
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    Re: May Infants and Toddlers


    I was able to find brewer's yeast at my local Vitamin Shoppe. You might have luck at GNC as well. I have found ground flax at Shaw's, Roche Bros, and Whole Foods.

    Good luck. Stressing over supply is one of my least favorite parts of BFing. Irrationally, I feel every dip in supply is my fault in some way.
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    Re: May Infants and Toddlers

    Kar - Maybe I will look into the premade ones. I just thought they were insanely expensive when I could easily make them at home. Thanks for the suggestion. Free shipping helps.

    Kiwi - I will check Shaw's for the ground flax. Thanks! I think I have a vitamin shoppe the next exit up from work. I will check that out too.

    I am just kicking myself for stopping the morning pump. I've contemplated pumping after DD goes to bed, but she goes down usually between 9-9:30 and I barely stay awake to get her to bed. I try to pump for 20 mins at each pump session at work so hopefully that helps. I need to get better doing it on the weekends. I stopped that two weeks after I went back to work. I needed a break. DD nurses on a different schedule than the bottle feeding.