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May Infants and Toddlers

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    May Infants and Toddlers

    Happy May everyone!

    Things are fine at the Lily household. Spring is here and we're having a blast playing outside. I realized yesterday how much more comfortable I am letting them play and not hovering than I was last year. DS is certainly getting better about following instructions - especially in the front yard - he stops at the sidewalk and stays out of the street. Of course they are almost four so it's about time.

    DS has been dry at night for ages. DD still gets wet a night sometimes. Of course he doesn't want to give up his pullup and she does! I told her if she stays dry for 7 nights, she can wear undies to bed. And I didn't give him a choice - time for undies. I'd be so happy to be TOTALLY done with pullups. Of course, they are miles better than wet beds in the middle of the night. :)

    We all went to CPK for dinner last night. Sat at a table since my father came too and we had 5 people. Usually we sit in a booth. I actually found they behaved much better in chairs than in a booth - maybe I should rethink my restaurant strategy. :) is everyone?


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    Re: May Infants and Toddlers

    I bet the chairs don't make as fun of a play area as a booth, making it harder to cause a ruckus? :o)

    AFM, DD is crawling all over the place and pulling herself up to her knees sometimes. We're currently having a food fight...pun intended. Girl WILL. NOT. EAT. (solids that is). Last week she started to refuse us feeding her oatmeal or purees, so I started giving her more finger food type things. She did ok for a couple days, now this week won't eat anything! Though apparently at daycare she still eats fine (go figure). She's been subsisting on puffs, cheerios, yogurt melts, and sometimes shredded cheese at home. Any fruit or veggie- she'll touch it, realize it's wet/sticky/slimy and it gets stuck on her finger, and she flings it away. Our dog is having a field day.

    Any tips? I'm thinking it may be more teeth making their way in; she's been chewing on things more recently and drooling more.

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    Re: May Infants and Toddlers


    DD hates seams and we used sleeping naked as the incentive to get out of pullups -- worked like a charm!  She still is wet once in a while (well, not for over a month now, but still, it seems like once in a while), usually after a particularly rough night for the baby screaming and being up.  My theory is the baby's crying somehow messes up DD's sleep patterns or something.  Other than that, getting out of the pullups has been glorious. 

    We're all good.  We had a family wedding last weekend and the kids were great, especially considering how long the ceremony was.  Plus there was a kid there who was practically feral and made my kids look even MORE well-behaved (it's probably bad karma to feel as good about it as I did but oh well, I guess I"m not a good person). 

    I'm loving the lighter, warmer evenings because it means we can go in the yard during or after dinner.  Happy Spring!


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    Re: May Infants and Toddlers

    Summer - you can try "dusting" the slimy stuff with the fine crumbs at the bottom of the cheerio box. And be grateful you have a dog. My DS ate nothing but american cheese pieces and cheerios for months - maybe until he was 12 months old. But I didn't have a dog to eat the stuff on the floor.

    Just keep repeating - I'm offering - it's her job to eat it...or not. :)

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    Re: May Infants and Toddlers

    Summer, no tips but some reassurance that your DD is totally normal with her eating. My DD1 who is 3 now had very erratic eating from about 10 months to 2 years...and it only recently has greatly improved. like your dd, mine ate much better at daycare than at home. Some advice I gor that helped me is that babies/toddlers need to eat one good meal a day and often don't eat their best meal at dinner time bc they are tired and its best to look at food consumption over the course of a week rather than by day. Also keep in mind that babies need to see/explore foods many times before they will form an opinion as to whether they like it. So, as Lily said, keep offering the good foods and let your dog eat them if neEd be!

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    Re: May Infants and Toddlers

    Happy May Everyone! 

    Summer - My sisters baby doesnt like to eat food either and struggles with it too although her baby is 6.5 months old.  She just keeps trying and sometimes he will eat and sometimes not.  Could she be teething?  Ive learned from the girls here sometimes they dont eat because they are teething? 

    DS is going to be 10 months old on Sunday!  I cant believe it.  Still no teeth!  The other night he took a step, he is cruising the furniture and crawling FAST!  Ofcoarse he always goes straight for the dogs water bowl.  He is also claping and waving bye.  I swear he is saying bye too while waving.  Can that be true already at this age?  And the BEST thing that he does now is gives HUGS!!! 

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    Re: May Infants and Toddlers

    Lissa, I am laughing out loud of the image of the "practically feral" child at the wedding!  I was just emailing with my SIL and we agreed that as long as our kids are good in public... we'll take whatever abuse we get at home :-)  Apparently she got quite a bit last night from her 8-going-on- 35 daughter.  DS and I went out to dinner last night (DH was away) and I had an elderly couple stop on their way out saying DS was so well behaved and they'd take him anywhere.  I beamed!

    I also agree about eating... they really seem to know when and how much they want to eat, as frustrating as it can be to us.  DS eats so well at daycare... and will actually eat a vegetable now and then. Its totally monkey-see, monkey-do as he won't even let a veggie be on his plate much less eat it at home.  I knew he had a good lunch yesterday so at the restaurant when he drank his entire glass of milk, 3/4ths of his applesauce and only one small bite of sandwich... I just shrugged (and ate the grilled cheese myself!).

    Love, love, love the warmer weather, especially since I have a child that does not want to come inside!  We need a swing set asap!

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    Re: May Infants and Toddlers

    pugs, it's not too early!  It's not late and there's no reason to worry if the kid isn't saying words like bye yet but it's a totally appropriate time for them to start.  My 10.5 month old has been waving for a couple months now and is definitely saying "bye" when she waves, as of the last few weeks.  She also answers yes/no questions with nodding, which is absolutely marvelous.  Suddenly parenting is so much easier!  I just have to figure out the right question to ask.


    Also, my first didn't get her first tooth until 11 months.  I spent all Christmas that year having EVERY single female relative of mine make concerned brow-furrowing faces and saying things like "really? no teeth?  Have to told her doctor?" She was fine. 

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    Re: May Infants and Toddlers

    As if taking her to the doctor would make her teeth grow in any faster? 


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    Re: May Infants and Toddlers

    I was feeding the 10 month old triplets yesterday when one previously thrilled baby suddenly (half way through the bowl) decided he wasn't thrilled anymore with the rice and kidney beans they were eating for lunch.  He started pushing it out and screaming when the spoon came near. The other two were unphased and still happy and hungry so I offered the unhappy one his turn each time and if he didn't take it the other two got theirs.  Mom came downstairs from putting the 3 yo down for a nap, and I, feeling like a total feeding failure, told her Boy1 ate half as much as 2 and 3.  She laughed and said that happens and that he'd probably eat more the next meal.

    they have 3 babies at every meal...sometimes they all eat everything put in front of them other times they don't, and since they are thriving, mom doesn't seem to stress about it or give them alternatives just to get a certain volume of food into them at every sitting.

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    Re: May Infants and Toddlers

    In response to purplecow89's comment:

    As if taking her to the doctor would make her teeth grow in any faster? 


    No kidding...I have a coworker who didn't get any teeth until she was almost 2...her mom and doctor had even looked into baby dentures (apparently there is such a thing??), but alas she didn't need them and has perfect teeth now!


    Update to the feeding issue- I think we found a resolution. She would always grab for the spoon when we tried to feed her, but she can't feed herself yet, so we gave her her own spoon to hold and play with, and now she lets us feed her as long as she has it. It's cute seeing her try to push her puffs or cheerios around with it, too.

    And she finally says mama! Apparently while I was still asleep this AM and DH was downstairs with her, she was at the bottom of the stairs, banging on the floor and saying "ma, mam, ma" over and over again.

    Sometimes I can't believe the cuteness...she has some soft Sesame Street books with little parts that hang off- one of them is an Elmo bedtime story. One page shows him brushing his teeth, and there's a plush toothbrush attached to the page with a string. Well she picks up the toothbrush and I told her "that's Elmo's toothbrush, so he can brush his teeth- brush, brush brush!" and what does she do but slooowly put it up to her own teeth and wiggle it. Too cute!!

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    Re: May Infants and Toddlers

    I've been told (by whom I can't remember) that baby teeth have a certain "life expectancy" so those children who got teeth early will lose them earliest, those who got teeth late will lose them later than their friends.  For those toothless older babies, you can feed them table foods, they'll gum them and somehow they eat them without choking, their jaws and gums do all the work!

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    Re: May Infants and Toddlers

    Puruplecow-- I know, right?  NOT a helpful comment haha.  This time around I was much more relaxed.  I did have a cashier at Target cheefully ask me in broken English how old DD#2 was and when I replied that she was 8 months (at the time) the woman was like "8 month? NO! No teeth!  No, she no 8 month, no teeth!  no 8 month no teeth, 5 month, 6 month, no 8 month"  So older women making judgments about your children bridges all cultures and creeds haha :)

    I think I've heard that too, CT-DC.  One of my friends had a kid whose teeth came in at 3 months.  She asked the doctor and the doctor said that teeth are one of those things that is purely genetic (like eye color).  So parents with early teeth have kids with early teeth.  Parents with late teeth have kids with late teeth.  A pair of parents where one had early teeth and one had late will result in a mix of the two.  After this conversation with her doctor, my friend asked her mother and mother in law about when her husband and her teeth came in.  Apparently she got teeth at 4 months and her husband had a tooth WHEN HE WAS BORN! ahhhhhh!  Such a weird idea.  I'd never heard of that before! Can you imagine? 

    I asked my MIL when DH got his teeth and she was like "he was the third.  I can't remember and I didn't write anything down."  So I guess the solution to stressing out about things like this is just have lots of kid haha. 

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    Re: May Infants and Toddlers

    We're slowly getting ready for the warmer weather in our house.  I love watching the plants and flowers coming up in our yard (since we bought in the winter, it's all a total surprise!), and yesterday we bought a kids-size soccer net and basketball hoop.  DD was even more reluctant to come in yesterday than she was when all we had out there was the swingset (left by the last owners, such a good thing!).  And we bought a new grill over the weekend too. 

    It's amazing to see what a difference a year makes...we went to a party on Saturday with a facepainter, and last year DD wanted nothing to do with it.  This year, she was 2nd in line and soooo excited about it. She sat perfectly still through the whole thing. 

    DS (8 mos) is cutting tooth #3.  He's really starting to get into food now...gumming bananas, beans and avocado, and plowing through Mum-mums!  He's constantly trying to pull himself up into standing position.  And so curious and serious...always looking around at the world, trying to be a part of it. 


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    Re: May Infants and Toddlers

    Summer, ditto to all the eating advice. It helps me to read this stuff again, too, because DS (14.5 mos) is still a finicky eater at best. He, too, does better at daycare, and he will love something one day and hate it the next. We still probably push meals more than we should, but I've had him eat almost nothing at dinner and still not wake up hungry enough times to know that it does even out. It really is better to take the long view.

    Pugs, what is it about the water dish?!? DS learned the meaning of "No!" due to his constant attempts to get at the cat's water bowl. Thankfully, after a month or so he's learned that it's off-limits/gotten tired of it.

    I'm loving this weather, too. DS loves being outside, and I already can't imagine what we did back when it was too cold and snowy to go out.

    We officially have a walker! DS took his first steps a couple weeks ago, and spent most of this weekend walking between DH and me. I cannot get over how cute he looks lurching forward with a huge grin on his face. I'm such a proud Mama! He's also babbling up a storm and saying "Daddy" "Doggy" and "Kitty" a lot. No "Mama," though I know he can say it :-).

    We're working on eliminating bottles, and most recently we stopped DS's nighttime one. I always thought that would be the last to go but he's actually more attached to his morning one. But after a couple nights of throwing the bottle after a few sips, I decided to just see if he could go without. It's going okay, but kind of stressful. The last couple of nights he's been upset when we've put him into his crib, which is very unusual (normally he's really happy to get in bed). He calms down fairly quickly, but I want to go back to saying goodnight to a happy, serene baby! I need to find something equally soothing to replace the bottle in his nighttime routine. Snuggles are out, since he's super-squirmy by this point. All I've managed so far is reading him a story while he empties and refills his sock drawer, but nothing seems to calm him like the bottle. Any tips?


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    Re: May Infants and Toddlers

    Arcain - Does DS have any kind of lovey?  I can't recall when DD became interested in hers, but I think she was over a year.

    I love this weather too - not too hot or sunny, but nice enough to be outside for hours.  The past two weekends we went to the park both days.  Yesterday, my parents came to visit and we ate on the deck while DD happily played away.

    Am I crazy to think that two sips of Pepsi could be why my poor DD would NOT go to sleep last night?  I SWEAR I do NOT give her soda, but I think DH gave her a sip of his drink and then when I wasn't looking she took a sip of mine.  This was around 5:00.  I left her room at 7:45 and she did not actually go to sleep until almost 10!!  Kept calling me back and and asking for more and more songs.  The only thing I could think of was even that small amount of caffeine was enough to keep a 2yo up.

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    Re: May Infants and Toddlers

    So far he hasnt choked on anything I have giving him to eat since he has no teeth. (knock on wood)  He gums his food pretty well.  Im not really that worried about it.  I guess less time for cavities :)

    Question for you ladies.  How many ounces of breat milk or formula does your baby intake a day?  DS is 10 months old and pumping is my part time job. lol   I am so ready to be done but know I have 2 more months to go until he is ready for whole milk.  Also for anyone who breastfeed how did you wean?  Im nervous about my b00bs hurting!

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    Re: May Infants and Toddlers

    Happy May everyone - my new favorite month!


    I was one of those kids who didn't have any teeth until well after 1 year old, and like CT and Lissa said, they refused to fall out when I was older. I ended up having several of them pulled, but probably could have just waited it out. This was in the early 80s, who knows what has changed. The funny thing is, I have great memories of having those teeth pulled. The "gas" they gave me was awesome.


    Do I need to worry that DS, almost 9 months old, has shown absolutely NO interest in crawling or pulling himself up? DD was crawling by this point. He sits up find, bends forward and side to side to grab stuff, has great fine-motor (can point at things and has the pincer grasp down), but I'm wondering if he is lacking some gross motor strength. His 9 month pedi appointment is wednesday, but thought I'd implore you all for thoughts as well. :)


    As for DD, she has taken to sleeping with us and we're not sure how to handle. Like clockwork, between 12-12:30 every night she wakes up and wants to sleep with us. Sometimes she'll just come in, sometimes she'll call to us. If we try to get her to stay in her bed, she starts to have a meltdown, which we do not want to deal with at that time of night. Luckily, we have a king bed, so we all fit. sort of. except when she tries to sleep horizontally. Just not sure if it's a phase that will peter out at some point, or if we're encouraging bad habits. She's 2.5. I admit, it's awfully cute to have her snuggling with me, but I don't get as good sleep as when she's not there.

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    Re: May Infants and Toddlers

    Poppy, DS wasn't crawling until after 10 months, and I think it was a good month or so later before he was pulling up. Always worth asking the pedi if you're worried, but I think he's still well within normal range. At least it doesn't sound like he's frustrated by it -- probably just hasn't gotten around to it :-).

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    Re: May Infants and Toddlers

    Love the stories about the baby teeth - Lissa, your Target story made me LOL.  My DD (9 months) has four teeth.  The two bottom ones came in first, which I think is normal.  Then she got her two fangs on top.  It's been about a month now and no signs of any other teeth, so I have thsi adorable vampire baby on my hands.   My MIL recently informed me that my husband had the same thing. Ha ha ha.

    Arcain, congrats on your DS walking!  So exciting and perfect timing too for this summer.  You guys will have a blast at the playground once he becomes a bit more steady.  I think your DS will adjust quickly to his "new" bedtime routine and will go back to his serene ways once he matures a little more. In the meantime, could you buy him a few quiet toys/activities you play with him before bed? Something that he woudln't get to play with during the day so it would signify bedtime? Maybe a very simple puzzle that he could sit down and learn to do? 14 months is a tough age, really the beginning of toddlerhood, and I know he probably has a very small attention span at this point.  I think you will notice him paying more attention to your reading him a book over the next few months.

    Poppy, my DD is 9 months and also isn't really crawling.   She also doesn't roll over very frequently (although she has done it on occasion).  But she sits up like a champ, has great pincer grasp, feeds herself, etc.  I'm not super worried although my other DD was definitely crawling and pulling up on things by now. Funny how siblings can be totally different. 

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    Re: May Infants and Toddlers

    Rama - your fang baby must be the cutest thing!! 

    DD will also be 10 months this week.  She's had her two bottom teeth for about a month or so, and since last Sunday has cut the two top middles, the next two beside those, and one fang is starting to poke through.  She's getting brave balancing and has started to let go of the furniture, so I think she's about ready to walk, too.

    Pugs, I'm right there with you!!  DD is still averaging about 28-30 oz of bm a day.  I thought that seemed like a lot, but her pedi didnt seem to think so.   She also has baby cereal and pureed fruit for bfast, table food for lunch and dinner, plus puffs, cheerios, etc for snack.  Part of me is ready to be done pumping, but I am seriously considering going past the 1 year mark. 

    Summer - babies are funny with food.  DD randomly gave up eating pureed veggies one day.    Just flat refused. Fast forward two months and she can't get enough - but only as long as we skip the spoon and squeeze them right from the pouch into her mouth. Whatever it takes, I guess. 

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    Re: May Infants and Toddlers

    Thanks Fram and Rama. DS isn't attached to any particular lovey yet, but he has fun with stuffed animals. I like the quiet toy idea, too. The thing with playing in his room is that he is beyond obsessed with his drawers. The second I put him on the floor of his room he makes a beeline for the bureau and starts taking out all the socks and putting them back. It's quite funny and he loves it, though it's not a very low-key activity...not to mention that no matter how slowly I try to transition him, he throws a fit when I close the drawer and pick him up to put him in bed. In any case, I'll just power through it and keep trying. We're working on getting used to the toothbrush, too, so hopefully soon that'll be a bedtime signal.

    Rama, your "vampire baby" sounds so cute :-).

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    Re: May Infants and Toddlers

    Poppy... my DS never crawled.  I remember being so worried about it.  He also had what appeared to be some gross motor issues (couldn't get up or down on his own, but walked full out at 10 mths if you stood him up).  We did therapy and such... and I now am a firm believer they just mature at their own pace.  At 2.5, he still is a horrible crawler.  If he wants to crawl to something quickly... he's bad at it.  But can jump, run, climb, balance, etc with the best of 'em.  Hard to not compare, but he'll be fine since it sounds like he's sitting and reaching and such.  All good stuff.

    I asked this on the other month's board so I'll ask again here.  How do you teach your child to spit out toothpaste?  DS constantly swallows both the paste and the water to rinse.  I'm at a loss how to teach this since I'm clearly failing with my demonstrations.

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    Re: May Infants and Toddlers

    Fram, I was sensitive at that age to any caffeine and still am, actually; my vote is, yes, it could explain it.

    ETA: the mini cans of coke are 7.5 oz.  I had one for a migraine at 3:00 recently, and I laid wide awake for 2 hours after we went to bed.  I'm usually (99% of the time) asleep within 15 minutes.  I can't have any caffeine after noon and never could.

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    Re: May Infants and Toddlers

    Arcain - DD was obsessed with her socks too at that age! It used to crack me up. She would do exactly what you are describing. She'd also do it with any pile of clothes (which became tiresome when I was trying to fold laundry). She's over it now, but the phase lasted a while. I can see how it would be distracting at bedtime! Can you try to do bedtime stories, etc., somewhere else (like your bed or a rocking chair somewhere) then transition him into a dark bedroom, right to the crib?


    I too love the image of the baby vampires. I love it when those first baby teeth show up in pictures. Are they behaving during breastfeeding? That was when DD started biting me and I had to stop nursing. So far DS hasn't bit too hard... but he doesn't have those top teeth yet.


    Those of you who are pumping still at 9+ months - do you find your supply is still good? I don't know if it's stress, biology, or just that I'm not pumping enough, but as of 6 months I only get one ounce or so every time I pump. So we need to use a lot of formula. Just curious about others' experiences.


    Thanks for the info about the crawling. Intellectually I know every baby is different and there is a huge range, but it's hard to not compare/wonder....


    IPW - I am right with you on the toothpaste/spitting. DD actively refuses to spit. I think she just likes the taste. My demonstrations are failing too. I just put very little toothpaste on and hope for the best.