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May Updates - Infants and Toddlers

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    Re: May Updates - Infants and Toddlers

    Hi Fram,

    I have the same Sony monitor that you have and we use it because we also have to keep the cats out. We never use the "static setting" - where you hear everything. However, the voice activated setting works great!

    Try a different channel or consider returning it because it sounds like your monitor is not working correctly.

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    Re: May Updates - Infants and Toddlers

    We put up a baby gate on the nursery to keep the cat out of the twins room. But yes - she does jump in with me at night.
      I used to turn off the monitor at night because every little sound would wake me - it was a video monitor and the sound was hard to adjust.  I have a Graco now, and I do leave it on because I sometimes leave the nursery door closed so the light doesn't wake DS in the early morning.
    Try another monitor - you need some sleep I'm sure. :)
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    Re: May Updates - Infants and Toddlers

    We have the same monitor. We keep it pretty low, but it's very clear and not staticy. There might be someone interfering with your channel -- have you tried the other channels?
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    Re: May Updates - Infants and Toddlers

    We have a fisher price monitor and like it.  When we first moved DS into his crib I had it beside my bed but like you I was waking up to every noise and I was exhausted so I stopped using it.  We leave our door and his door open though so if he does wake up and cries we can hear him.  I like the idea of a gate...would that work for your cat?

    GL and I hope you get some rest!
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    Re: May Updates - Infants and Toddlers

    We have a phillips advent video monitor and a regular audio monitor.  We got 2 because (1) my husband is nuts and (2) we wanted a video but the sound quality isn't as good and the audio only has a temperature and humidity feature.  It's also on all the time, but there is silence unless she moves or makes a noise.  I love them both and can get you the model numbers if you're interested. 

    And good luck going back to work!  I agree that it's a welcome break in one respect but also really tough.  I'm sure you'll do great though!

    Also, to the ladies who want their LOs to get more socialization at daycare, my 2 cents is that DD has been in daycare 2 days a week since she was 12 weeks old and she has literally just started sorta playing with the other babies.  I think under a year they kind of just play next to each other rather than with each other.  And the friends she had at her birthday were my friends' daughters :)  So don't worry too much until yours are closer to 1 year old.
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    Re: May Updates - Infants and Toddlers

    Fram we have the same monitor and have the same problem. If we leave it on the voice activated setting, it scares me once it turns on! I guess turn the volume way down?  We haven't been using it bc our room is next to DS's.  I also notice static when we have it near the tv/cellphones/computers..pretty annoying!
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    Re: May Updates - Infants and Toddlers

    Please don't laugh - but no I did not try changing the channel on the monitor before I posted!  I was having one of those days where I couldn't think straight and needed someone else to solve my problem!!  Luckily a friend called out of the blue and came for a visit because I think I would have cried all day.  If switching channels doesn't get rid of the static, I'll check out some of your suggestions!  In my own defense, until today I thought the static sound was caused by the fan in her room.  Today I realized I still hear it during her naps when the fan isn't on - duh.
    We could try leaving the doors open to see how it goes.  Poor kitty cat would have to be locked up somewhere, but he'll live.

    Thanks for letting me hijack for a while!

    ETA: I think I described it poorly.  It's not really static - it's dead air.  Changing the channel didn't solve the problem, but turning down the volume helps a lot.  I was too worried to turn it down before, but it still wakes me up.
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    Re: May Updates - Infants and Toddlers

    Hello all,
    Hope everyone had a wonderful mother's day!  Was going to start a new post but I think everyone reads this... so will post here.  A brief update... DS is 7 months this Friday and he FINALLY rolled!  Saturday he was on his belly, which he hates, and boom... over he went.  Startled the heck out of him.  With praise, and a second attempt.. over he went again.  This time quite pleased that he remedied belly time!!  Sunday he was on his belly no less than 5 seconds before flipping.  I'm going to guess he'll never do back to belly as he'd see that as pointless.

    Quick question.  This weekend we had very long family obligations both days.  So DS was totally off his nap schedule.  Out of the house by 9am and not back until 4pm (a Confirmation and a First Communion... yes I've had more church this weekend than all year!).  So DS just cat napped here and there between church, restaurants and other people's homes.  He was pleasant and well behaved both days, but last night just melted down.  We were home by then, so it was just for me and DH (well, really just me).  My question... I know sometimes we have obligations we just can't get out of.  Is this occasional total lack of schedule 2 days in a row ok, and then just expect and deal with a melt down?  Should one of us not gone to the family event (which would have stunk!).  Weekends are tough because there is so much you want to, and need to do... but at the same time I want to keep his 2 good naps intact.  Would just love to hear how others have delt with situations like these.
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    Re: May Updates - Infants and Toddlers

    IPW - I don't know what the "right" thing to do is, but I can tell you that if I were in your situation I probably would have had either me or DH stay home with the baby to try to keep the baby on the nap schedule for at least half the day.  I do try to keep my DD to her schedule as best as I can.  For brother is graduating from dental school in a few weeks and the plan is that I will attend the graduation and lunch after, but that DH will stay home with DD and let her take her morning nap and meet us late at the graduation.

    As for us, DD is 9 months now!  She got sick again last week (bronchiolitis and ear infection) and I took her into the pedi and they were worried about her oxygen levels so they sent us to the ER.  Three nebulizier treatments, one chest x-ray, a catheter, and two prescriptions later they finally sent us home.  What a long night.  Happy to say that DD is doing better now though.  AND, she even ate some pureed cauliflower and milk that I made for her yesterday!!  This is a big accomplishment because my DD won't eat many vegetables (it tasted like mashed potatoes though, so I was quite prould of myself)!
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    Re: May Updates - Infants and Toddlers

    IPW - YAY to rolling over!!!

    Weekends like yours are sometimes unavoidable but what we try do is to get a good morning nap when we have obligations or things to do.  If he has to nap in the car for his second nap I am okay with that but as a side note DS has never shown any negative side affects to having a nap in the car vs his bed.  We know his bed is better but sometimes it is unavoidable and as you said you don't want to start doing things separately.  I think as long as it isn't every single weekend.

    Also, maybe trying to plan out what the day would look like when they are busy like your weekend was this weekend and try to figure out a time for DS to nap and a possible place (even in the car with you or DH listening to the radio or reading a book or even switching off until DS wakes up).  Sometimes our DS is stubborn and won't take a nap in situations like that because it is a new environment and he wants to be part of it but we at least try!  
    If you are concerned about the next time you have two big days in one weekend then maybe just have DS take part in one day and not the other.  Maybe a relative could stay with DS for the day so you and DH can go or maybe one of you does miss out and stays home. 

    AFM, DS is 8 months! It is just crazy!  We don't have another pedi appt. until 9 months but when I stepped on the scale with and without him he is around 20 lbs.  He feels it too!  He has started pulling himself up so when I go to get him after naps and in the morning he is usually standing there in his crib bouncing up and down.  I'm trying to figure out good finger foods to feed him.  He is not a huge fan of puffs but things like bananas are still a little too difficult to pick up and put in his mouth.  When did people start moving away from purees and into more finger type foods?  What are good ones for LOs with no teeth?

    I hope everyone had a wonderful mother's day!
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    Re: May Updates - Infants and Toddlers

    I am also very curious about LLLE's question about finger foods.  My ped said to start my DS on table foods at 6 months.  Seemed way too early for me, so we haven't.  With puffs and yogurt melts, he gags a bit, but gets them down and wants more.  So doesn't seem like he's afraid to eat (just mommy is a bit afraid!!).  But I want him to start using his fingers and using his gums to eat (also no teeth yet!)
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    Re: May Updates - Infants and Toddlers

    It's so crazy how different pedis give different advice - IPW my pedi said not to start finger foods until about 9 months!  She also wants DD to have teeth and be crawling before starting any finger foods.  I think the crawling part just because she thinks that indicates a certain level of development.  So she is 7.5 months and we are just going strong on purees!

    As for the napping, we are running into the same issue.  I have been a bit obsessed about her sleeping from day one, and now with so much going on on the weekends, it's so hard to keep her nap schedule intact.  We have done a similar thing, with letting her get a good am nap at home and then nap in the car.  It's so hard though, cause as we know it can affect nighttime sleep so much if their days are off. 
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    Re: May Updates - Infants and Toddlers

    LLLE -- there's a food blog I like, and she has a section where she gives "recipes" for baby food (not much to them, but I like her approach).  There's a post about good finger foods.  I can't remember all of them, but I know that one solution to the slippery-fruit conundrum is to roll the banana bits in a bit of ground up Cheerios.  Makes them easier to pick up. 

    DD is 7.5 months old, and is so, so much fun.  On Saturday, she started giving kisses, but just for me.  Best Mothers Day gift ever, even if it's killing DH and I feel bad for him.  I don't think she likes his stubble. 

    Fram, going back was hard, and it's still hard sometimes.  But actually being AT work?  Carnival Cruise compared to being at home with a newborn.  I find it helpful to focus on the easier/good parts, like peeing solo without having to pre-plan the bathroom move, being able to run errands at lunch, not typing one-handed ... stuff like that.  Don't get me wrong, I adore my child, but I like having 8 solid hours where the only sh*t I have to deal with is metaphorical. 

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    Re: May Updates - Infants and Toddlers

    Good call - I will try to focus on the positives!!  It's such a sick joke though isn't it?  You have to go back to work just after the baby starts to be more fun and show personality.  DD is almost 11 weeks and we have a routine - feed, play for 30-60 minutes, sleep, repeat.  She loves the bouncy seat now that she can make it bounce herself.

    IPW - We had a few busy days last week and was wondering the same thing.  Baby girl was only taking 20 minute naps here and there and that is no good!!  Needless to say I learned my lesson and we're taking it easy this week.
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    Re: May Updates - Infants and Toddlers

    We sometimes give the LO bits of avocado or banana from our hand -- easier to pick up than from the tray.  She also adores the Happy Baby sweet potato puffs.  Not sure how different they are than others because they are the only ones we've tried!

    IPW - I just wanted to say that I feel for you.  For me, the hardest part is that she usually is fine and happy during the day while we're out missing her naps -- other people don't see the ill effects.  I'll say we need to go and nap, and my colleagues or extended family look at me like I'm crazy and rigid.  (Or perhaps I am projecting a bit...)
    It made me feel so self-conscious that I didn't really try to force the issue, but now we are having night terrors if she doesn't nap (as I've probably mentioned a thousand times!) so we're going to get those darn naps no matter who thinks I'm rigid!
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    Re: May Updates - Infants and Toddlers

    IPW-We really try to protect the nap/sleep times with the exception of special events such as major holidays or family events.  With DD, one day doesn't throw her off.  I know from daycare when she's had two days of not napping well, she doesn't sleep well and it takes awhile for her to get back on track.  We haven't had two consecutive days in which we had things plan that would disrupt the schedule.  I'm guessing that if we did, we most likely would have DD stay with the grandparent from the other side during the service and get her in time for the more social part of the gathering.  Weekends are hard because there is so much that we want to do. I try to remind myself that it will end soon enough when DD transitions to one nap around 1 y.o.

    Memes-I'm sorry to hear that DD is sick again! I feel your pain.  DD just recovered from wheezing and ear infection last week.  Pediatrician suggested that we neb her when she is sleeping and that helped alot.  I'm hoping that the cold season is over with the nicer weather.

    Fram-Going back to work is such a catch-22.  DD and I were finally starting to get into a routine and then I had to go back to work.  I agree with GC, I love my DD however on most days its nice to have work to help put everything in perspective.

    AFM-DD is 9.5 months and doing great.  She had her 9 month appt. today and she's 29.5 inches and 19 lbs, 16 oz.  The pedi was joking that she had the body of a supermodel (i.e. long and thin).  She definatley got that from my husband, lol!  She started crawling last week but is more interested in being on her feet and is trying to pull herself up whenever she can.  She's been babbling for quite a while and will often repeat sounds when we are talking as if she's saying what we are saying.  For example, she'll say "ha" when I tell her to say "hi." 

    We are slowly adding more finger foods.  She loves the puffs and yogurt melts from Happy Baby.  She's also had steamed carrots, cheese, bread, and blueberries.  We've tried bananas but they were too slippery and I am too lazy to coat them with cereal. 

    We're finally getting consistent naps at home and at daycare and sleeping is going well.  She typically sleeps for 9-10 hours before she wakes up for a quick snack.  I need to wean her from the last feeding...just haven't gotten around to it.
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    Re: May Updates - Infants and Toddlers

    The pedi told us at our last appt. that we could start finger foods and to transition to a sippy cup.  Like others I think I am more nervous than DS is.  He seems to be doing fine with it.

    He likes bananas and I like the cereal idea.  Happy Baby isn't a brand I had heard of I will have to check it out.  The gerber puffs have sugar and some stain! We got an organic brand (can't think of the name) but DS doesn't really like them which I don't blame him they are so bland.  I was thinking of trying cheese.  The yogurt melts we haven't tried yet but that is another good idea! Thanks all!

    Thanks for blog recommendation GC! I will definitely check it out! 

    The teething long does it take?  DS is now rubbing his gums with his tongue constantly but it doesn't seem like he really is ever going to get teeth.  Of course I feel like anytime he is cranky or off I blame teething because I can't come up with anything else!

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    Re: May Updates - Infants and Toddlers

    Am a bit behind, but loving the updates!  All the talking, rolling, eating... it's great!

    GC - love smittenkitchen, and didn't even know she had a baby section!  Will definitely check it out (i'm obsessed with her crisp salted oatmeal white chocolate cookies)

    IPW - I don't have a lot of advice but wanted to empathise.  we have the same issue with outings interfering with naps.  We're trying to do what people have said - get a morning nap then try to time the car ride with another nap.  That said, we spent all of Easter panicking about the fact that she wasn't getting her naps.  Fun!  and she was mainly ok, just a little cranky in the evening.  But we've had enough of the full-blown meltdowns after a day or two of bad naps to be sufficiently terrified.

    Fram - good luck with starting work.  My experience has been up and down - the first couple of months were hard because I missed her and because I was trying to catch up and get back in the groove of things from having been out so long.  It got a little easier, then I was hit with some kind of delayed post-pardum stuff and it got hard again.  But if I hadn't had that, I think it would have gotten progressively easier.

    As for us, Zoe's been able to roll over for a while now, but has *just* started doing it in her crib and now wakes up about once per night screaming because she accidentally rolled onto her belly.  Poor thing!  So that's fun.  Otherwise she's great.  No teeth yet, but seems to be constantly teething (like LLLE). 

    Sleep question - she used to take at least one hour+ nap per day, and now she's really only doing 30 minutes at a time, about 3 times per day.  This seems to be ok for her, however she's exhausted by about 6:15pm and needs to go to bed then.  Selfishly, that only gives me like an hour with her, and I wish she could stay up until even 6:30 or 7.  But the nap times might not matter - it might just be her rhythm.  Anyone have experience with this?
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    Re: May Updates - Infants and Toddlers

    Poppy - DD is cooked around 6:15 - That is when we get ready for bed and usually down between 6:30 and 6:40.  I think your DD naps are a little too short probably but not sure that this would change her bedtime anyway. 
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    Re: May Updates - Infants and Toddlers

    Hang in there, all you nap challenged mommies!  Before you know it, you'll be down to one nap a day or even maybe able to skip it!  We have 2 birthday parties on Saturday, one about an hour away from 10-12 and one literally around the corner from 12-4.  I'm banking on DS falling asleep in the car after party#1 and then will put him down for a nap then one of us will take DD to the other party and hope that the sugar and adrenaline (there will be a bouncey house!) keeps her sane for a few hours.  DS and the other will join when he wakes up.  I think you just have to take each situation as it comes.  LO's are changing in their needs all the time and each situation will be different.

    IN other news, DS was making a lot of noise after I put him down last night, so I went in to check on him.  (I should note that he has not rolled over back to front yet... he's 9mo and can crawl and cruise and almost get to sitting from laying on his back, but no rolls)

    Anyway I get in there, and there he is, up on his knes, trying to pull himself to standing in the crib!  He looked  ever so pleased with himself!  He was laughing and then started moving all around the crib, like he just realized he could do such a thing!  SO cute! 

    Then, funny thing this morning, it was like he totally forgot he could do all that, and he was just laying on his back waiting for me to get him
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    Re: May Updates - Infants and Toddlers

    DD was reaching for/touching the koala on her bouncy seat today.  Isn't it funny how these things are so exciting?  She has touched the toys before, but wasn't deliberately reaching for them like today.  I find myself worrying (just a little) about little things about daycare - like what if the bouncy seat doesn't have anything dangling??  She likes the dangly toys!  I swear I will buy them a new one lol.

    Did any of you have your daycare provider swaddle the baby for naps?  I figure she has seen it all in 20 years, but I can't help but worry about these things just a little bit.
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    Re: May Updates - Infants and Toddlers

    Hi All,

    DS is 3 months and one week old and i'm one week back to work so far... the first couple days were hard but he was with my mom one day and my cousin the 2nd day so he was still at home which was nice.  So far this week my husband has been home with him and today I am (I negotiated to working from home on Wednesdays to see how it goes and so far this is the 2nd one and it's going ok.  he's been taking two good naps a day!).  I miss him so much when I'm at work but now that I'm getting a little more used to it, I am finding the adult interaction and brain stimulation nice..  I was missed at work too and promoted while i was gone which really helped with coming back! 

    We are kind of in limbo for a couple weeks until my DH is off for the summer (he is a college professor) so we have diff people watching him 2- 3 days a week until he is fully off - my cousin, my mom, and a friend for the most part.  I know the inconsistency must be hard on him but we didn't want to start daycare yet jsut for a few weeks..  He'll officially start daycare 3 days a week come mid August and we found a great home day care that I'm excited about.  And Fram - I asked her about the swaddle and she said yes, that she likes to swaddle them for their naps so I'll probably give her a swaddle blanket but also a swaddle me or a miracle blanket to keep there.  Although by the time our DS is there he'll be over 6 months so he may not need the swaddle anymore...  she did say though that under 6 months she always swaddles to start and that they do better.  She also has a white noise machine in the room which is good too as my DS seems to need that as well! 

    He's so much fun right now.. smiling big, trying to roll.. it's so funny.. we watch in the video monitor and are amazed.. this little sausage rolling back and forth (he looks like a sausage all swaddled up).  he breaks his arms out of the swaddle each morning or in the middle of the night too but he sleeps pretty good in 5 and 6 hour stretches.. one night he went 9pm to 6am.. i was shocked.. that was 2 weeks ago though and it's never happened again.  The longest we have gotten since then was 9pm to 4:30am..  we've been able to get him down around 8/8:30 this last week which is nice.  He's just starting to reach for toys and stuff and he's become a crazy drooling man.. we have to put a bib on every day now!! 

    speaking of DS - gotta run as he just rose too early from his nap! 

    It's great to read all these updates with everyone!! 
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    Re: May Updates - Infants and Toddlers

    I can't believe how fast and wonderfully our babies have grown! I love hearing all the updates, still trying to catch up on this thread!

    DD is just the best baby, is very adaptable and flexible but I am trying to maintain some consistency and habits with her in her naps and bedtimes.

    Because we never know where she is going to be for naptime, the standard lately is that she naps in her car seat (yes, at 8 months). Whether she's at my moms, my MILs, home or in the car, between 9 and 10 we put her in the carseat with a bottle for nap (no, we don't let her sleep with the bottle, it just gets her focused enough to relax and sleep). Same in the afternoon between 2-3. She's not a great napper and we find the carseat is tight and warm enough to keep her asleep for a longer period of time than the crib. 

    But she is growing so fast and funny every day. On mother's day she ate her first "solids" (those Happy Baby Green melt in your mouth puffs) and she pulled herself up into a standing position in her crib. She literally had the hang of crawling on all fours for 3 days before she's started pulling herself up. She has trouble getting down from the standing position and has hit her head on the crib rails a few times. I don't suppose their is anything I can do about that? 

    I've noticed their is alot going on physically, and the language has taken a backseat at the moment. When is it realistic for me to think about hearing "Mama?" I am looking forward to it!

    PS - Seriously? b@nged as in b@nged her head is a banned word? Oy!
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    Re: May Updates - Infants and Toddlers

    ajuly - This is so random, but I've been meaning to tell you I've noticed a BO smell lately when breastfeeding... DD has been going without the shield fairly often and I get this wiff of BO.  It's so weird!!  The only difference is the shield is not there, so why would it smell??  It's very faint, but perplexing nonetheless.

    This is from the end of the April thread... still curious...
    About diaper changing... It sounds to me like some people would change diapers even when they weren't wet?  I only change her in the middle of the night when she's wet, which she usually is.  But at some point she may be more alert and it might be best to skip that?

    One more random thought.  I realized we probably need a new monitor.  It's worth a try.  We have the Sony monitor (as I mentioned before - thanks again).  When we turn it to the voice activated setting, it doesn't transmit all of her noises.  If I listen in, I can hear her making noises and then I switch to voice activated and nothing.  What if she were choking??  I hope I can return it without the box.  Damn you DH for throwing out the box!!
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    Re: May Updates - Infants and Toddlers

    Fra- there must be sweat glands on breasts.. I don't notice it all the time, actually i usually only notice it after the first a.m. feeding.. strange..  
    Also, I change DS in the middle of the night only if he is wet, which like you, he is. Or he p00ps..which really throws a wrench in getting him to go back to sleep quickly at 3am!  I can't imagine changing him if he is not wet or dirty, diapers are expensive!  I also only try to change him when I get him out of the crib, not after the feeding. 

    AFM-DS will be 1 mon. on Wed.  He is 9 1/2 lbs and is eating every 2-3 hrs. At night he tends to go closer to 3 (thank goodness).  I know I shouldn't compare but I have a few friends who their babies were sleeping 4-5 hrs at a time at this point!   I've been pumping and DS gives him a bottle about 2 oz once a day, should he get more?   When should I expect him to start sleeping (eating) for longer stretches?