Mother's Helper - am I out of touch?

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    Mother's Helper - am I out of touch?

    I posted an ad on for a Mother's Helper (different from a nanny because I will be home with them) for my 6 month old daughter.

    I offered to pay $10/hr and I'm willing to hire someone for up to 30 hours per week, thus that's $300/week - which if it were full time (40hrs) that would  be $400 -and at that rate I would be paying nearly as much as a daycare center.

    I've had one person work for a week, and she was pretty good but left me to take (most likely because it paid more) a full time job caring for special needs twins... and then I had two people I was supposed to meet with just never show up or even call me to cancel.

    Is $10 too little? I can't really see paying more, especially for one child.

    I've heard that the people that work at the day care centers only get paid $9.50/hour so I'm thinking I'm being reasonable...

    I'm just wondering if I'm doing something wrong or if it's just a matter of finding the right person and I just need to give it more time, its been just about a month since I started this process.
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    Re: Mother's Helper - am I out of touch?

    I think it sounds totally reasonable. Have you considered craigslist? We got a very good response to our ad for a babysitter, and we're paying less than you.
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    Re: Mother's Helper - am I out of touch?

    You can also check  Many of their caregivers have had background checks done and it lists their qualifications and experience.
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    Re: Mother's Helper - am I out of touch?

    Benice, if you are near a college or university, contact their career center.  Of just swing by and post flyers on the doors of the bathroom stalls.  There will be tons of people in the nursing/ed fields who will do this for extra money.  I think $10 per hour, where you are going to be around, or just out for short errands, is perfectly reasonable. 
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    Re: Mother's Helper - am I out of touch?

    $10 is completely reasonable.  We had people flake out on us like that when we were looking for someone for one day a week.  I've heard from moms in my MOT group that there is much less professionalism among people looking for part-time vs. full-time.  So...unfortunately, you just have to keep looking.
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    Re: Mother's Helper - am I out of touch?

    I think $10/hr is reasonable.  Jobs that doesn't take specific training or certifications attract a high number of flakes, unfortunately.  I love ALF's idea of looking at a college's career center if possible.
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    Re: Mother's Helper - am I out of touch?

    If the mother's helper you are looking for is supposed to just take care of your baby, $10/hr is a great hourly rate.
    But is you expect her to do house chores (cleaning, laundry etc.) for you, I think it may be too low. The going rate for cleaners are $15.00 to $20.00/hr these days.
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    Re: Mother's Helper - am I out of touch?

    Benice, I think the rate is fine.  Part of me is wondering if the 30 hours is getting you the wrong pool of candidates, though,  Someone who works 30 hours for a daycare (at least my daycare) would be benefitted and working above the table.  30 hours is pretty much a full time job.  You may be hitting a pool of people looking for full time (40 hour employment) under the table or over the table, so I'm wondering if your hour commmitment (Not being 40) or the fact that it isn't a full, benefitted job may be working against you.  Conversely, people looking for flexible schedules, like students or maybe moms with kids in school for part of the day, may find 30 hours to be too much of a commitment.  If someone is working 30 hours for you, there's little room to work anywhere else and supplement their income up to 40 or more hours if they want more.  Or for students or moms with their own kids, it may be too much time to juggle with their own schedules.  I might suggest advertising it as a flexible position, and try to find 2 mothers helpers splitting the shift more.   
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    Re: Mother's Helper - am I out of touch?

    You are absolutely right in your observation. 30 hours (24 hours and more) are not part time according to the labor laws, and would have to include benefits such as healthcare, disability ins., workman's comp etc.
    Some companies just hire part timers so they don't have to offer those benefits. IMO not a very nice way to run a company, but they are w/i the law to do so.
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    Re: Mother's Helper - am I out of touch?

    Benice, I have a friend that was looking for something very similar to this, looking for someone to take care of the baby while she worked in her office.  She had a very hard time simply because it was a "mother's helper" job and not a true nannying job.  I used to nanny, and as much as it is nice to have the mom there to ask questions when I had them, it is hard because you also feel that some one is constantly watching you or listening in.  Just a thought, it may not be the pay or the hours, just the fact that you are home.   Good luck in your search.
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    Re: Mother's Helper - am I out of touch?

    I know it's not ideal, but college will be out pretty soon, and you might have an easier time getting someone to commit to the'd get about 3 months out of that person, and then you'd have a better idea of what you really need and what might be possible.

    What others mentioned about this kind of position needing to be flexible is also a good point...the idea of having an teenager after school (say 3-6) might be another starting point and would get you 15 hours a week, expecially if you'll be in the house.  A teenager might also be able to start now with shorter hours and do more time come summer. 

    Good luck! 
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    Re: Mother's Helper - am I out of touch?

    I think the rate is more than reasonable but I think whomever said you're hitting the wrong pool of candidates, needing 30 hours/week is probably right.  People who have that much free time are looking for a full time job and probably need to make more $$ overall.  What you really want is someone who has something else going on (eg. a full time student) but who just wants a few hours of work per week.  I've had really good luck with the high school student that comes to our house a few days a week.  I pay her $7/hour and she's usually here for 3 hours at a time (2:30 - 5:30).  I wouldn't leave her home alone with DS (yet?) but it's GREAT having her here to entertain him, change him, feed him, etc so that I can get a few solid hours of work done.  I also have her do things like wash bottles & fold baby laundry when he naps (which he usually does for at least one hour when she's here).  I haven't asked her to do any non-baby household chores, but I feel ok asking her to do those things (and she's such a sweetheart she jumps right to it).

    If you could make do with more like 15 hours/week, you might try calling the guidance counselor at the nearest high school to recommend a responsible teen girl who might want a few hours work a week after school.  Or ask/see if there are any teen girls in your neighbourhood?  What's doubley nice about my helper is that I figure in a year or so, she'll be able to watch him at night, as well... I'm sort of "training her" right now.

    Good luck!
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    Re: Mother's Helper - am I out of touch?

    I think what you want is reasonable, and the pay.
        Depending on when you want the thirty hours, you may need to split it.   20 to 24 max may be good for a mother of school age children, in elementary until 3pm.   2:30 or later, up to 3.5 hours a day Max,  may be good for a high school  kid, or even 8th grader with you home.

    A few years back, when staying a short time in a work for reduced rent in N. Andover,  I had a terrible time hiring someone for yard work, cleaning out the possessions, attic and cellar of the unit next door where an elderly person had been in a nursing home for several years, so relatives finally wanted someone on site to get it cleared.

    What pool my ads were reaching was the problem.   Kids in Andover, that part of N. Andover and adjacent N. Reading, clearly had too much idea of their self worth, or too much spending money.

    Offering $15 an hour, and 12 for 2-3 hour stints for 12-115 year olds picking up brush,  the 14 year olds would say, I'm not giving up an afternoon for just $30, 2.5 hours of work time!  "Barely Gas money!"

         If they did take it, they figured time on the phone, with 1 hand busy and a mower turned off, was fine.

        High schoolers wanted $18, though the nearby McDonald's paid 8 - 8.50.  Some  came over, asked if they could   do it just Sundays, since they had sports and things.  Fine with me.  But then they wanted  time and a half or double time for Sunday work.
    27 to 36 an hour!

        As soon as I gave up and followed a  long time resident  neighbor's advice, advertised in Shawsheen, the less affluent part of Wilmington, and near Merrimack college, with school bulletin boards,  I had a steady, reliable few,  who could always get another pair of hands when furniture moving was on a day's agenda.   Simple maintenance, like sanding,  painting 1 story outbuildings and porches,  digging to divide bulbs,  remove or relocate shrubs-  all eager to work.

    I think you do need to get under 24 hours to get someone regular so they do not leave for full time pay or benefits.

    I also think you need to check on the pool your ads reach.  A local actual bulletin board where mothers or high schoolers see it,  even in a local church or high school may help.

    Up here in N NH,  neighbors and family with kids do very well starting a teen with stroller walks, in the house or yard child care,  no housework beyond unloading a dishwasher or folding laundry during baby naps.

    I started that way and then as the child or usually children got older, was an in-demand babysitter.

    Most families like to have 2 people who are highly familiar with their children, for a period of months, who later do a few evenings, or a weekend afternoon, on a regular basis.

    A fixed Mother's hours person for someone with school kids would be the anchor, and most hours, I would think.
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    Re: Mother's Helper - am I out of touch?

    That was the thing, I tried asking for only 2-3 days per week 4-6 hours at a time and didn't get much feedback... so I just recently changed my job description to say "up to 30 hours per week" because it seemed that people wanted more hours.

    I remember being a high school senior (granted that was 11 years ago) and getting paid a measly 6 bucks per hour to babysit 3 kids!

    I have a lot of high school and college girls apply - I guess I could see if someone could do 3 hours on the days that I want to be home, but what I really need is someone to come into work with me (I bring my daughter to my office) and that has to be during school time hours. With the college girls I need to wait till May when school gets out.

    I have one girl that just applied who wants to do 4 days per week (she already has someone who only wants her for Fridays) so maybe this will work out.

    It really bums me out though when people don't call or email to cancel an interview... especially when I can see on their profile that they logged in recently so it's not like they died or something...

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    Re: Mother's Helper - am I out of touch?

    Isn't it amazing that with all of people's insistence that instant communication be available everywhere,  people still can't manage to RSVP to invitations,  or cancel appointments if no longer interested.   Me  Me   Me society.
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    Dad's helper

    I am in the same boat---
    home with 14 month old twins, we had an au pair that wenbt and got married, so now looking for someone to help me out, so I can get things done around the house/run errands...
    contacted over a dozen at, got 1 reply...

    what to do?
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    Re: Mother's Helper - am I out of touch?

    BeniceBoston -
    Have you considered hosting an AuPair?  My family has had Au Pairs through Cultural Care for years.  It is not much more per week than you are already paying.  The average cost is $340/week per family (not per child) and the Au Pair can work up to 45 hours a week.  You can be very flexible with the hours that you ask them to work.  If they only work for 30 hours during the week, you would have some time to have date night on the weekend.

    Dad's Helper -
    It sounds like you had a bad experience with your AuPair, but I think you should try to host another.  It sounds like you sure could use some help with those twins :-)

    You can each visit their website at

    Let me know if you have any more questions!

    Good Luck!